Bump To Birth: Holistic Guide to Help You through the Process


Pregnancy is one of the most amazing facts of life, if not the most amazing. Mankind cannot get to the end of knowing what is involved; we can only keep trying. It is a fantastic feeling to feel life moving inside you; there are not enough words to adequately describe the feeling.

Pregnancy can bring happiness, and most times it does. But it can also bring negative feelings if not handled properly. There are so many joys and thrills involved in the pregnancy journey as well as many dangers. Therefore, people through the years, have sought (and are still seeking) for ways to make the journey, as well as the birthing process, safer and more painless.

Deep researches have led people to veer off the path of science, as we know it, into natural methods and remedies, not just for pregnancy ailments but also for every other sickness. Hence, this book, Bump to Birth: Holistic Remedies for Common Pregnancy Ailments and Natural Childbirth looks to solve the normal ailments and pains that come from being pregnant or giving birth.

However, there are different things to consider before you make up your mind if this book is meant for you or not. Curiosity may drive you to take a look at it and that’s alright. But its purpose must be determined before it can be put to good use.

What Does the Bump To Birth Book Cover?

The journey of pregnancy is usually fraught with different ailments, hormonal imbalance and body changes like aches in the lower back, morning sickness, serious fatigue, hemorrhoids, stretch marks, cramps in the legs and, sometimes, debilitating fear. There are many medications that are provided during prenatal care that are meant to take care of most of these ailments but sometimes, a lot of times even, they tend to be ineffective. This book arms you with useful information that will empower you to take control of your life during pregnancy. It covers the following (and more)…

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  1. How to prevent miscarriages by learning two homeopathic remedies and a special tea recipe.
  2. Why posterior or breech baby positions shouldn’t lead to a C-section if you learn some of the secrets shared in this book. You can turn them safely.
  3. How to avoid stitches and “after pains” that many mothers have to deal with due to perineal tear?
  4. There are vitamin forms that might cause more harm than good. Do you know them? This book shows you the wrong and right form of a particular vitamin for you as a pregnant mom.
  5. A smoothie recipe that will eradicate the need for stool softeners. If you want to say goodbye to pregnancy constipation, this will do it for you.
  6. How to use homeopathy, herbs and foods to avoid the use of antibiotics for yeast infections and UTI.
  7. Do you know that you can make your labor shorter by eating a particular food? Well, this book shows you what food to eat for this purpose. Also learn how to cope better with labor pain by using acupressure, homeopathy and certain herbs.
  8. Don’t want to deal with stretch marks that come with pregnancy, you’ll learn an effective remedy that works while you’re pregnant and after you’ve given birth.
  9. There are supplements that might cause constipation. This book shows you a natural supplement that’s great for you and doesn’t cause constipation.
  10. If you are sick and tired of dealing with morning sickness, you’ll find a special tea recipe that will get rid of it.
  11. Don’t want to use Pitocin? You’ll learn a number of remedies that will help you induce labor naturally.
  12. Some women have difficulty sleeping during pregnancy. You can say goodbye to that with some remedies shared in this book.
  13. There are foods that boost the supply of breast milk. This book shows you a good number.
  14. It explains the option of having your child at home, if you are a fan of that or if you are adventurous. Women who use this water homebirth method enjoy it, even though it is not popular. This book shows how safe it is and what to do, including what not to do, if you choose to use this method.

This e-book offers an alternative source of wellness and wholeness for pregnancy and child birth. It touches on the use of herbs, aromatherapy, acupressure homeopathy, diet, supplements and even crystal therapy to take care of common problems your body might encounter during pregnancy; giving you a non-stressful, enjoyable, joyful and memorable pregnancy journey and birthing experience.Bump to Birth Book reviews

Just so we are all on the same page, let’s take a quick look at simple definitions of some of the things we mentioned in the last paragraph…

Homeopathy is a form of alternative medicine where small amounts of natural herbs are used to treat an illness or health condition.

Aromatherapy is the use of aromatic oils from plants and other substances to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of a person.

Acupressure is acupuncture with some level of pressure.

Crystal therapy is a form of alternative therapy where gems are placed in strategic points on the body in order to draw out negative energy.

What to Consider Before Buying this Book?

It is important for you to note that this book is not meant for just about every pregnant woman or those expecting to get pregnant soon. It is not your everyday, off-the-shelf book on guidelines for pregnant women. Yes, it can cater to all pregnant women but not everyone would appreciate it or even adhere to its rules.

  • Are you a fan of holistic methods? Depending on what you believe in, this book may or may not be for you. Some women are firm believers in contemporary medicine, stating that outside of it, there is no help. Another group of women can be swayed any way, as long as it gives good results. Yet another group depends solely on holistic methods because it has given them what they need, without stress.
  • If you would rather avoid every possible chance of having a medical intervention, you may want to consider looking at this book. It offers a natural approach to childbirth which totally cancels out the chances of taking drugs like Pitocin in order to go into labor.
  • Are you trying to get pregnant or are pregnant already and want to cover every base? There is no harm in learning all about the pregnancy journey and childbirth using contemporary medicine as well as alternative medicine. Knowledge is power.
  • Just note that all the ailments of pregnancy can be taken care of using the guidelines in the book. It’s not that your doctor cannot give you what can take care of them but most times, they don’t cover all the bases.
  • Actually, the book is affordable. However, price usually depends on the value you place on a thing. But for the topics it touches, the price is worth your while.

Do the Guidelines and Methods Work?

Bump to Birth offers a myriad of alternative remedies to illnesses which pregnant mothers have to go through and the birth pangs during childbirth. As has been mentioned before, homeopathy, aromatherapy, crystal therapy, dieting, use of supplements and herbs are some, if not all, of the remedies in the book.

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But do they all work for pregnancy, as the author claims? Crystal therapy uses crystals and gemstones like peridot, quartz crystal, amethyst, black onyx, malachite, larimar and carnelian to soothe, motivate, give courage, remove fear, increase positivity and strength and increase your general sense of well-being as well as eliminate negative energy in a user.

A pregnant woman usually feels irritated, tired and generally unsettled. But with the use of gems in crystal therapy, there would be an improvement in her well-being. Over the years, midwives and healers have used them to aid pregnant women through the journey of birthing, to give support and relax them. And they have been shown to work.

However, it may not be advisable to depend solely on this form of therapy while you are pregnant, except you are a crunchy mom who has all the faith in a holistic approach.

Aromatherapy can be therapeutic. Even though scientists are not certain yet how the essential oils used in this form of therapy works, it is a well-known fact that good smells have a way of improving your mood. They go to the pleasure-center of your brain and release endorphins which make you happy and relax you. Pregnant women need that. They need to constantly be rested, physically and mentally.

Aromatherapy could ease nausea, heartburn and even constipation in pregnant women. But not all essential oils are good for you if you are pregnant. Even though some maternity hospitals use aromatherapy, they know which oils to use. The wrong ones could affect your womb or your unborn baby.

Homeopathy is said to regulate contractions and give a calming effect during labor. Little amounts of the causative agents of these pregnancy ailments are used to keep you balanced, relaxed and calm all through the journey. Because of its nature, homeopathy does not interfere with conventional medicine and can even be used alongside medication prescribed by your doctor.

Diet or nutrition cannot be overemphasized for everyone, especially for the pregnant ones. Bump to Birth offers a detailed guide on what to eat, when to eat what and so on. Not all foods are good for you during pregnancy. And there are some recipes that can help take care of morning sickness alongside some other pregnancy discomforts.

Bump to Birth Book Review

Whatever you eat gets to your baby through the placenta. So you need to be careful to avoid foods which may be harmful to your baby. And you need to keep yourself healthy, too. It goes without saying that healthy eating or dieting works for the journey to childbirth.

Bump to Birth gives some very useful tips that you can use often while you are pregnant to ease stress, irritation, discomfort and help you relax and be calm. Let’s give you a peep into some of them:

  • Be active. Don’t give in to the temptation of reclining or sitting for prolonged periods. This would give you cramps and hurt your back, as well as cause your legs to get swollen. You need all the exercise you can get while pregnant because in the end, it will make for an easy delivery.
  • Rest. Yes, you need to be active but that does not mean you should overdo it. Take naps at intervals and put your feet up. Don’t stress yourself out unnecessarily and don’t push yourself to the point where you would need to be prescribed bed rest.
  • Let your partner support you. There is no point in doing it alone. You can’t afford to underestimate the importance your significant other would play in rubbing your back, helping you pick things up, running a bath for you, going on errands for and with you, to mention a few.

If you don’t have a significant other, be sure to have a friend or someone dear to you close by, in the event there is an emergency or just to help around the house occasionally.

  • Be sure to acquaint yourself with other mothers, expectant or otherwise, around you. An active support group works wonders and you would learn a lot from it. Even if there isn’t such a group around you, find one online and join it.

What Are the Advantages of Bump to Birth Book?

  1. It is affordable. You know, most low priced things are considered to be inferior. But not this. A lot of eBooks come expensive. You don’t have to worry about having to break the bank before you can buy it.
  2. Side effects are non-existent. As long as you stick to the prescribed doses and guidelines, you will have a home run. It is all natural and aimed to make you better, not worse.
  3. Helps with postpartum depression. This doesn’t happen with every mother after birth but if you do prepare yourself before and during pregnancy, you wouldn’t have to find out.
  4. It gives you all it claims. All the methods, guidelines and remedies which are detailed inside the eBook give the results it claims.
  5. And if, for some reason, you don’t get the results you looked forward to, you will get your money back.  It has a money-back guarantee.


There isn’t much negative feedback out there on this eBook because there are several useful guidelines even for those who don’t plan to have a homebirth. And again, even if you are a firm believer in mainstream medicine, some steps in there can come in handy for minor ailments. So there is something for everyone, things which have been tested and trusted.

The only negative thing that might stand out is not tied to the book itself but to the journal for first-time pregnancies. Some complain that it starts at Week 9, not earlier while others say that it has too many details and they don’t have that much to write.

Who Is the Pregnancy Baby Book Best for?

  • If you are a crunchy mom or you are willing to try something new and natural, this is for you.
  • If you are tired of conventional medicine or you look forward to having a home water-birth, this book is for you.
  • If you are looking for ways to take care of normally-occurring but uncomfortable pregnancy ailments which do not involve mainstream medication, you would do well to buy this book.
  • Even if you want to give birth in the hospital but want to avoid any form of medical intervention, it is best to read this book.

Would We Recommend This eBook?

Yes, but we think it’s best for those who believe in alternative methods of birthing and are comfortable with treating pregnancy ailments with holistic remedies. As has been said before, there is something for everyone and the methods have been tested and trusted individually by lots of people. They are generally safe when done right.


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