Brown Vaginal Discharge: Top 10 Causes & Questions Explained


Help! I have brown stuff coming out of my vag! Is this normal?

We often get questions like this from alarmed readers. Of all the things women experience throughout their reproductive years, brown discharge always seems to be the most concerning.

While brown discharge, brown spotting, can be a sign that something’s wrong, it’s perfectly normal in most cases.

The first and most important thing is not to panic. The second is to educate yourself to better understand what this discharge is and what’s causing it. We’ll cover some of the most common questions about brown vaginal discharge, so you know what’s going on with your body and whether a visit with the doctor is warranted.



Brown Vaginal Discharge


What Does Brown Discharge or Brown Period Blood Mean?

Basically, below are the most common 10 reasons or conditions.

Q1: Why Is My Period Blood Brown?

Why are you seeing brown discharge in the first place? Dark vaginal discharge occurs when a little bit of old blood mixes in with your normal discharge. The reason why the blood is brown is because of its age. As blood moves through the body, it ages and begins to dry. Old blood is brown, whereas red or pink blood is fresh.

Q2: Why Is My Discharge Brown?

Brown vaginal discharge on underpants

What causes brown spotting? There are 7 possibilities including:

  1. Ovulation: Sometimes, when an egg is released during ovulation, a little bleeding occurs. This blood mixes in with your normal vaginal mucus, so your discharge might be a little or even a dark brown.
  2. Endometrial tissue: In some cases, this discharge is just old tissue that did not pass during your last period. This tissue may remain in the uterus for quite a while before it passes, which is why the discharge is brown in color.
  3. Perimenopause: Just before menopause, your body’s hormone levels are rapidly changing. It’s not uncommon for women to see brown, pink or even yellow discharge during this time.
  4. Birth control: Birth control can cause irregular periods and spotting or brown discharge.
  5. Pregnancy: Implantation can cause your discharge to look brown. It may also signal a problem with the placenta.
  6. Miscarriage: Some women will see dark brown blood or discharge during the early stages of a miscarriage.
  7. Disease: Certain diseases can cause your discharge to turn brown, such as bacterial vaginosis, PID (pelvic inflammatory disease), cervical cancer and certain sexually transmitted diseases.

If the discharge carries a foul-smelling odor, there is cause for concern and you should see your doctor right away.

In most cases, brown-colored discharge is nothing to worry about, but if you’re pregnant and seeing a lot of fluid, it may be time to see your doctor to make sure that you and your baby are healthy.

Q3: Why Is My Period Brown?

Brown blood during period is also perfectly normal. It may be alarming to see dark brown or even black blood, but this is nothing more than old endometrial tissue being passed.

While your body does its best to shed its uterine lining as efficiently as possible, sometimes tissue gets left behind. Brown period blood is simply old blood from old endometrial tissue that took a while for your body to pass.

Q4: Brown Discharge Before Period – What Does It Mean?

Brown discharge before a period is not as common, but it can happen. If you’re seeing this, a number of things may be occurring.

  • Your body may be passing old tissue in an attempt to clean out your uterus, may be a week or two weeks, before your period.
  • You may be pregnant.

In some cases, dark brown discharge is one of the first signs of pregnancy that women notice. If you’re expecting your period, but all you’re passing is dark discharge, you might be pregnant. Consider taking an at-home pregnancy test or seeing your doctor.

If you know for certain that you are not pregnant, there’s likely nothing to worry about. The discharge should pass. If it does not, see your doctor to check for infection or an STD.

Q5: Brown Discharge After Period – Is It Normal?

Brown discharge on finger

Yes, for the most part. Brown menstrual blood or discharge is very common after a period. It’s just the body passing old tissue that may have been left in the uterus for a few days. As mentioned previously, the blood or discharge looks brown because the blood has aged. Old blood is brown.

Of course, brown vaginal fluid can also be a sign of something else, such as:

Because of the timing, it’s highly unlikely that the brown-colored discharge you’re seeing is implantation bleeding. If it’s occurring right at the end of your period, your body has yet to ovulate, so implantation (or fertilization for that matter) could not have occurred yet.

If you’re seeing this discharge shortly after you’re expected to be ovulating, then it may very well have been caused by implantation. But you’ll have to wait until your expected next period to take a pregnancy test.

Q6: Why Do I Have Brown Discharge Instead of Period Blood?

If you’re expecting your period but are only seeing brown discharge, it’s perfectly natural to be concerned. There are several things that could be causing this:

  • PCOS: Women with PCOS may have what’s called anovulation, which occurs when the body fails to release ova for three months or more. Many women with PCOS simply have brown-colored discharge instead of their period as a result.
  • Pregnancy: Implantation can also cause light bleeding, which may manifest as dark or light brown spotting.
  • Spotting: Sometimes, this discharge is just a sign that your period will start soon. If your cycle is irregular, you may assume that your period should have started when menstruation is really a few days away. In this case, it’s normal to see light spotting or blood-tinged discharge.

If the discharge continues and your period does not start, take a pregnancy test. If the test is negative, see your doctor right away to make sure you don’t have an infection or a sexually transmitted disease.

Q7: Is It Normal to Have Brown Discharge on Birth Control?

It can be. Birth control alters hormone levels in your body. Because hormones are responsible for the onset of menstruation – and ovulation – it’s no surprise that many women experience spotting or brownish-colored discharge when they’re on birth control.

Talk to your doctor about what you’re experiencing. You may need to alter your birth control, or there may be another underlying issue.

Q8: Why Do I Have Brown Discharge After Sex?

Unhappy woman sitting on bed

It’s perfectly normal to see discharge after having sex, and sometimes, a little bit of blood mixed in with this fluid.

When you’re aroused, the body produces more fluid to keep the vagina lubricated and to assist in the sperm making its way up to the egg. You might see more discharge around the time of ovulation, and if bleeding occurs when the egg is released, it may appear brown.

You might also have slight bleeding from rough intercourse, which can cause your discharge to turn brown.

Q9: What Causes Brown Gooey Discharge?

Brown mucus discharge can occur for a number of reasons. It might be a sign of ovulation, or if you’re in the third trimester of your pregnancy, an early sign of labor.

During the third trimester of a pregnancy, many women have brown mucus or discharge. A placenta that is lying low in the uterus or a placenta that separates from the uterus (partially or completely) may cause you to pass brown, gooey mucus. Dilation can also cause you to pass brown cervical mucus.

Brown, gooey discharge may also be a sign of a hormonal imbalance. This might be caused by your diet, birth control or even stress.

Gooey mucus might also be a sign of ovulation or an STD.

The bottom line? See your doctor if you’re passing gooey or stringy brown discharge.

Q10: Is Brown Spotting a Sign of Pregnancy?

Dark brown vaginal discharge or spotting can be a sign of pregnancy. When a fertilized egg implants itself into the uterine wall, some bleeding might occur. When this happens, women may have brown spotting or dark vaginal discharge.

Brown Discharge During Pregnancy

So, you are finally confirmed that you got a baby. Wow – congratulations! But lately, you’ve been getting this unusual brown vaginal mucus. Should you call your doctor, or is this just another symptom of pregnancy?

However, discharge is common throughout the menstrual cycle, and is typically no cause for concern (provided you have no other symptoms). But we’re going to focus on discharge during your pregnancy, which can sometimes be concerning.

Brown Discharge in the First TrimesterPregnant woman 1st trimester

Seeing brown discharge in the first trimester of a pregnancy can be especially concerning. Most women are naturally concerned that this type of discharge, tinged with blood, is a sign of a miscarriage.

The good news is that in most cases, brown discharge is nothing to be concerned about – even in the first trimester.

There are many things that can cause this type of discharge early on in a pregnancy.

  • When a fertilized egg attaches to the uterine lining, it can cause light spotting. If the blood takes some time to leave the body (which is common), it may appear as brown discharge because the blood is old.
  • The cervix is extra sensitive during pregnancy, and slight irritation from sex or an exam can cause spotting. That spotting may mix with your normal discharge to make it appear brown in color.

Brown discharge is common in the first trimester, and is typically no reason to worry. But if the discharge continues or the flow of blood gets heavier, call your doctor or midwife right away.

Brown Discharge in the Second TrimesterPregnant lady

What happens if the discharge appears in the second trimester of your pregnancy?

Spotting is common throughout pregnancy, and is typically harmless for both you and the baby.

In the second trimester, brown discharge is typically the result of irritation of the cervix. Routine pregnancy exams and sex can irritate the cervix, which can cause light bleeding. The blood then mixes with your usual discharge to create brown-colored discharge.

While usually harmless, brown discharge may also be an indication of an infection that requires prompt treatment, such as:

Yeast Infection

Yeast infections are extremely common during pregnancy, and can cause changes in discharge. Symptoms include:

  • Thick discharge that looks like cottage cheese
  • Redness, itching and burning
  • Painful urination and intercourse

If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms above, see your doctor right away to find the best treatment option for you.

Sexually Transmitted InfectionSexual Health, word cloud concept on white background

Pregnancy does not protect you from contracting an STI (sexually transmitted infection). If you or your partner have been having unprotected sex with different partners, it’s important to get tested and see your doctor right away.

Sexually transmitted infections can cause the following symptoms:

  • Discharge that looks like pus
  • Burning during urination
  • Green or yellow, foul-smelling discharge
  • Inflamed labia

STI can affect the health of the fetus, so it’s important to seek treatment as soon as possible.

Brown Discharge in the Third Trimester

Discharge is also common in the third trimester of pregnancy, and can be tinged with old blood to make it appear brown in color.

Just like in the first and second trimester, brown-colored discharge can be the result of irritation in the cervix. Exams and sex can still cause light spotting even in the third trimester of your pregnancy.Pregnant woman 3rd trimester

But this type of discharge can also be a sign that you’re about to go into labor.

A few days or weeks before labor, you’ll lose your mucus plug. The mucus plug is a glob of mucus that plugs, or seals, the cervix to protect the baby during pregnancy.

Around the time you lose your mucus plug, you may experience “the bloody show,” which is mucus-like discharge that is brown or pink in color.

Losing the mucus plug means that your cervix is softening in preparation for labor and delivery. The bloody show is a sign that the blood vessels in your cervix are starting to rupture as it dilates.

Once you experience the bloody show, you’ll likely go into labor within the next few days.

When to See a DoctorFemale doctor's hand holding a stethoscope

While brown discharge is often harmless, even in pregnancy, there are times when it’s a sign of complications, such as:

  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • Miscarriage
  • Issues with the placenta
  • Infection in the uterus or placenta

If you experience any of the following symptoms along with your discharge, see your doctor right away:

  • Blood that turns red, or gets heavier in flow
  • Blood that turns gray in color
  • Cramping or tenderness
  • Uterine contractions
  • Back pain


      • Am i pregnant ??? i’ve took a postoner 2 aftwr having unprotected sex !! could this means i have a miscarriage ? my period tense to pain alot of cramps but im not feeling anything when my period came down and its brown blood !!!shpuld i be worried

  1. My vaginal discharge color black and pink and after water what is it? bAd or not? I am just worried because its stinks so bad I’ll never tried this before

  2. HELP:
    I have a light colored discharge from my vagina.
    I am 73 years old and have not had a period since I was 45
    Please help, I am worried.

  3. I been on birth control since 2014 the year my son was born I have the one that goes in your arm haven’t had my period at all I was told that I wasn’t going to have the period am noticing brown spotting that normal?

    • Same here.
      I have the same birth control under my arm.
      It’s been two days now I have noticed this dark brown discharge……and I’m a bit uncomfortable around my under tummy…. OK confused

  4. I got birth control (nexplanon) on January of this year and ever since I got it I’ve been having brown discharge it’s been about 5 months and it still hasn’t stopped I’m getting a little concerned about it. Does anyone know anything that could maybe help?

  5. I am 14 and I have never got my period yet , but I have been getting white discharge for nearly 9 months now , and this morning I woke up and I noticed that the white discharge is a dark brown colour and it stinks really bad , although my white discharge always stank really bad aswel , when I first saw it this morning I thought it was my period , but it’s defiantly not a period , what is it ? I’m very worried

  6. Instead of commenting on this post, alot of the women commenting should probably see a doctor asap, They’ll give you much better advice than someone sat behind a keyboard

  7. I am 28yr planning for 2nd child. Before 8months I cenceved but after 2 month brownish discharge started n it leads to miscarriage . After this mis my period are 4-5days late always this month I again conceived but after 12 days again brownish discharge with mucous started which last for 2 days plz tell me why this is hapnig to me ?

    • I had this happen at 20 weeks gestation. I simply wasn’t healthy enough to be pregnant at the time. maybe try a high nutrition diet before attempting to conceive for about 3 months. Just a thought

  8. I’ve been feeling very nauseos recently but i always thought that it was because of my anxiety, but today i went to the bathroom and noticed Brown discharge in my underwear, I freaked out for a second and blew it off. Then i went to the bathroom again and it was on my underwear again, so I started thinking, Its been a month since I’ve got the depo shot, i havent got my period since & my boyfriend cums in me everytime we have sex, which is like 2x a day. Now im really worried but i was thinking that maybe its because i havent got my depo shot? I dont know, i really need answers.

  9. After i misscaried last jan.i took depo provera (birth shot)since i wasnt menstruating with this..i change my birth control to birth pills..i almost finished the 2nd table of on placebo now..but i just notice this thing when i started the brown pills..i passed brown dischage last its sat i also passed brown u think i will have my mens soon?im worried..i just wanna get my period so i can change to iud..please help.

  10. I haven’t had my first period yet but yesterday when I wiped my vag there was a little brown stuff and some today too, what does this mean?

  11. I was diagnosed with chlamydia a few days ago when I went to see a doctor. I got meeications which they say would cure this disease. I got vaginal pills for 3 nights, another to pill which was to be taken 7 hours apart and another to be taken after lunch. My medications were finish a week ago or so but I feel lower stomach ache and now I see brown discharge. I am confused.

  12. I had my period may 31 my cycles are clock work for the past 2 days i have had brown to red spotting mild cramping no pad necessary. My period is not due for another 10 days. Could this be from ovulating. This is the first time i have had this

  13. I have dark brown coming out but when i wipe my vagina , it comes out to be red blood and i even have cramps. what does it mean ?

  14. i have a question, I’ve been getting my period for the past few months on the 20th of each month, usually have it for 5-7 days, this month in july, i only had dark brown discharge for 3 days, its now july 29, i have taken 2 PT, Both came back negative, what could this be? I’ve also been having a lot of discharge, clumpy white/yellowish discharge, possibly YeAST infection, what should i do,

  15. Hello i am 31 with 2 children. I have for 14 years only had 1 partner. I have been having left side abdominal pain for about 6months. It stayed for 2 months continuous pain. It now comes and goes and comes with nausea and recently lower back ache. My periods are coming heavy but when i dont have my period i have a thick heavy brown discharge. I feel more & more nauseous! Sometimes i get an urge to push when i urinate but ut ruled out and doctor felt my tummy breifly saying its ok. 10 years ago i was infected with HPV followed by CIN3 now i have a polyp tho i dont think is could possibly cause these symptoms and am wondering could a cyst have been missed when the doctor examined my tummy? Atm i am extremely nauseous even though the pain has subsided from earlier this evening. Can u guide me please. I am afraid il be sent away with no answer’s again! I no something is not right. Many Thanks Sian

  16. i am 43 years old and have had the same sex partner for 2years i am getting a brown blood after my period at least for 3days after i am very worried because we are trying to have another child but i don’t have cramps with it just need to know if i should be alarmed

  17. I have milky white discharge, no itching and mild odour, sometimes it gets really heavy and sometimes it gets thick am not comfortable with it, wot do you think

  18. Hi I’m planning to have my first baby and I had discharged dark brown from Saturday so its 4days I have got it could I be pregnant………….feeling tired now and then mood swings sometimes at night I feel to throw up but nothing comes out. My breasts feel sore and also I press them where abit of water came out.

  19. I just had dark discharge and the next day I had brown one.I was in period 10 days I likely pregnant or am stressed or something else? Please help me

  20. I was 1 day late and then had water pink blood first late day, 2nd day it turned red but it did not fill up my pad , third day it was red still then stopped before the evening. Now i have stinking discharge. Can anyone help

  21. I just missed my second period. And I have a regular period every month, so its new to me. The first period I missed I just had spot for two days. But neausea, back pain and nipple pain and tenderness. I took 3 tests and all said negative. Could I be pregnant? And my discharge was a lot at first , but now its brown.

  22. During sex I. Have brown discharge come out and it smells like old blood and I just had a bby to July 30 I don’t know if its old back up blood what is it help

  23. Hi everyone , I’m 20 years old i just started taking Duromine which is a weight loss prescription like a week and a half ago. My period cycle has always been 28 days or just one day late. This month all i got was 4 days of lots of brown discharge exactly the same time my periods are suppose to be due. 7 days have passed the brown discharge is now back to white discharge. I did a pregnancy test. Its a negative. I called the doctor he said its not the tablets duromine shouldn’t cause me to miss my period. i didn’t over exercise. i have never had this issue before. im not ichy or burning nothing like that. This for me is really abnormal. I’m freaking out. I was cramping but i wasn’t sure if that’s a side effect to my duromine tablets. Has anyone had this issue ? Brown discharge for 4 days straight exactly when your periods are suppose to be due ?and i never got my period. the brown discharge had no blood in it. I have never missed a period like ever in my life. i have a period tracker. Please anyone ?

  24. I’m experiencing pain in my vaginal area I guess around the vulva. On the inside there is a lump about the size of my pinky finger tip. When I’m laying down I don’t really feel it, but if I’m sitting or walking or standing I get reminded of it quite often. I thought I was about to start my period, because I had brown blood when I wiped, but then it was a really dark brown and no blood ever came. I don’t know what this could be though.

    • Hi!…. was just wondering if u had any of your ?’s answered …. I am going thru the same thing….. feel something inside and the nasty discharge…. now I’m getting older and spoke to my primary dr and she said sounds like I’m perimentalpaudal…. which could be… I’m just nervous and always freak out when I have to go to gyno so if you have any answers it be much appreciated :-)… thank you for you time!!

  25. My period was onot October 11 and on 15 I had sex after then I was having brown discharge.. now it’s October 27 and I have sticky brown discharge…is it normal what does this mean I’m scare ???

  26. I didn’t have my menstruation for almost three months now, then I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend two weeks ago but I took emergency contraceptives an hour after that. Then now, I have this brown discharge and I’m really freaking out because this might be an implantation bleeding. Please help.

  27. After having sex, I had dark brown discharge (no odor, no cramps) instead of period by October 28 to November 3 and thinking it was all came out while having sex. Nov 4 all clear and Still got no period. What does this mean? Anyone? My Boyfriend and I got so worried. ????

  28. I have came of my depo injection about a month ago and after intercourse I’m getting brown discharge it definitely isn’t my period I haven’t had a period since coming of the injection please help!!

  29. I have dark brown not liquid discharged and I have never had a period also around my vagina is red cut and sore and it hurts to wee what do I do I’m 12

  30. I am 16, I’ve been on the depo shot for 2 months now, my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex and he came inside of me. After that, I started bleeding brown or it’s brown discharge. I’m not sure, but it’s pretty heavy and I’m scared of what it is. Could you please tell me what I’m going through and if it’s bad or good?

    • If you are scared then you need to go to the doctor. First off…the depo shot does not protect against STDs!! So having unprotected sex is not a very good risk to be taking. Protect your body because you can only get one in this lifetime. Get to the dr and get checked.

  31. I have had my tubes tied for 4 years and recently had a two day menstruatal two weeks later I am having lower back pain( been having since epidural) and brown discharge.
    Did I get pregnant?

  32. I’ve just started my monthly period and as it was starting brown discharge came out but the morning after I came on heavy on my period.
    Is that normal??

  33. I’ve I been on the depo shot since 2013 after having my only child and I decided to come off it January 2016. My menstrual cycle came on normal in June 2016 and the other months after. I know I did a lot of stressing after my cycle was over in November so when my cycle came on at the beginning of the month of December, it was a dark brownish discharge so dark that on my pad it looked as if it was black but now it is back on the 27th of December still appearing how it did the way it was from the beginning of December. I would have a few cramps the first day and it really usually only last about 4-5 days. I know I am not pregnant so what does this mean?

  34. I haven’t had sex since last February so I’m not pregnant.
    But I have light brown spotting currently and I got off my period last week. Im ovulating right now but I’ve also been sick and under stress. Could this cause be causing it?

  35. I was having problem of bleeding brown blood since last year,and I still menstruate normal,these blood don’t stop…I want to know what causes these…I visited clinic and they say its normal without any test…I really need help because its being a long time experiencing these.

  36. Hi my gf and i had sex a few times without protection but i nvr ejaculate but might have precum….she is having pcos and tdy she said she had light brown bleeding…can she be pregnant?????

    • It is a possibility; you should have her take a pregnancy test just in case! and unless you are ready to be parents i suggest birth control ^-^

  37. For some time I have been having a brown discharge before my period it startshould one week before..And when the period starts it sometimes heavy, can this be alarming.

  38. I was on depo for a year and stopped taking it July 2015, I started my regular period January 2016 and my period was supposed to come February 4 but February 5 I started having brown discharge n cramps in my lower abdomen n I’ve had constant headaches n moodiness since then, today makes 7 days. Could I be pregnant? My spouse and I really want a child but I have pcos

  39. I’m 28 with pcos and have been having brown discharge for about a week with cramping I don’t have regular periods at all anyone know what might be going on?

  40. I’m 25 and I’m pregnant 11week now, last 2week ago, I was heavy bleeding and I went to Dr. He gave me medicine for stop it… he tell that in 24hours must stop bleeding… but almost 2week… no red or pink colour bleeding but still coming out brown colour n dark brown colour liquid.. I’m so scary… can it be normal or abnormal…

  41. I have the mirena IUD for birth control and I am experiencing a light brown discharge. It doesn’t have an odor at all, but I’m concerned mainly because of all the lawsuits out on this type of birth control.

  42. I had my period last week but my vagina burns and my discharge is the color of milk chocolate- I’m a virgin so I am sure its not an std.

  43. I am having brown discharge for almost 3 weeks now but not so much. I should also have my period by now but its not yet coming. I have irregular period that’s why I dont know when it should come. I took 4 PTs all came out negative. What might be causing this?

  44. I have a very irregular period, it only comes maybe 4-5 times a year. I haven’t had it since October 2016 and right now I am having a brownish discharge. It’s only a very light spotting that tends to go away. I’m 17 years old, so I believe that this is beyond the “irregular period” stage and am a little concerned.

  45. I have been brown discharge for about 3 days. I was on birth control sents 2014 but stopped at the first week of September of 2016. I was on the shot until July 2016 then I changed until the pill. I’m worried. I havent had a period sents the one right after I stopped the pill.HELP

  46. i just had little dark brown bleeding after 10days of my period. So my concern is on that i can still have periods after this bleeding coz i m 9 days late from usual day and i didnt have any sex?

  47. I have been having this brown discharge for some months now but I do have my periods but they are irregular. its almost a year been trying to have my 1st baby but no luck ,been to doctors but I don’t see any changes, plzz help.

  48. i saw my period 16 last month normally and this month on 15 i had my menstrection pain but the blood was not flowing like other months 1day it was coming out small 2day the same then 3day it look as if its going but this time the color is red in the beginning it was light red then on 5day it goes down plz i need ur advice and direction

  49. Im 12 years old and I havent gotten my period yet and last night i went to pee and there was dark brown discharge on my underwear and a tiny bit of blood and i thought it was my period so i put a pad on and checked this morning and there was only dark brown discharge but no blood…WHAT IS IT!!??

  50. I skipped my last period by switching to a new pack of birth control and now the week before my period I am having brown discharge. I am also having some itching and soreness down there. What does this mean?

  51. I had my period a bout 10 days ago..But for the last four days I have been getting a runny brown discharge..It’s very smelly and I can’t control it when I get up to go to the toilet at night it runs down my leg leaving a brown streak..I’m having to now where pads..I also feel sick and have abdominal pains..Should I be worried??

  52. I just saw brown discharge. I’m wondering if I’m pregnant, also had fluttering and mild cramps yesterday. Period is a few days late too. Not sure what to think right now.

  53. I am pregnant, am in my first trimester always see little light brown discharge sometimes it smells and sometimes it doesn’t. Pls what does that implies

  54. I had my last mensus on 2nd April.
    Past few days starting from 24th I’m having dark brown tick discharge with some dark blood stain. I tested my pregnacy n showed negative. Kindly advise so worried anout this

  55. I haven’t had my period for the past six months, I’m not on any kind of pills or whatnot, and I’m only 14. But two days ago, I noticed a brown thing floating in the toilet after I peed, it countinued till today, and there is also a pastel-coloured brown, maybe darker smudge in my underwear since two days ago. I really hoped it was my period that I had missed for so long, and I need advice. Last week my friend from church was diagnosed with cancer in her uterus, it was already in the third stage when she went to the doctor’s, and she’s only 16 and also missed several periods before being diagnosed… I’m freaking out now. Please help me.?

  56. I just had my period about 2 weeks ago and just yesterday I started spotting of a brownish/red discharge? kinda if I were to have ended my period… or a signal I was going to start? I haven’t had any cramps from what I could feel… or any changes. just this werid spotting? I’m taking a pill called ortho micronor

  57. I’ve been having light brown discharge for a couple days now and I’m a week late but I’m on birth control pills! And when I wipe there’s blood but not enough to wear a pad! What’s going on?!

  58. Hello actually i got a brown discharge so i assumed it as my periods but no blood comes out or neither do i hv cramps or back pains as ussual. Is t really my periods?

  59. Hi, I have brown discharge that is kind of sticky and it smells like moldy bread…I can not tell if it is a yeast infection or pregnancy because I also have sore nipples,nausea,and my stach feels a little firmer. Please help me,I am panicking and need to know what to do

  60. I had a teeny amount of brown discharge there but was worried if it was anything. When should I start panicking? I had back pains but this was because I was lifting boxes but there’s a smell unless I’m dreaming. Help!

  61. Hi, I haven’t had my period for about 4 months all I have is cramps. I had a test done at home for pregnancy about 2 weeks ago and it was negative. Just yesterday and today I’ve noticed brown discharge. What could it be?

  62. I had my period for 1 day and then I got a pinkish discharge and now I have a brown discharge for 8 days. I am only 15 and am not pregnant. I do not feel any other symptoms such as pain. help!

  63. Hi I’m 38 yrs old and my tubes has been tired for 14 yrs now. Recently noticed a light brown discharge on top of the fact that my cycle was 2 wks late last month. Could I have ectopic pregnancy happening right now?

  64. I’m only young 13 to be exact and have gotten brown discharge I’m not sure what it is or what to do as i am an awkward person when it comes to talking about this stuff and am freaking because I don’t know what to do. Got into shower to clean my self now is like a watered down blood what shall I do

  65. my name is addis am 23 my last month period was comes after 3 month on 16th aug know it comes 15 sep not even complit one month and its look likes implantation bleeding is brown and not flow that much like my period am i pregnant?

  66. Hi! I just have my period last September 5 until September 9 and after that, I already experienced brown discharge up to this date. It was like watery brown like liquid. I am using pantyliner everyday and 1 is not enough. I am replacing one in the afternoon since it was already full. Its kinda scary and I’m slightly freaking out. Could anyone help me about this? Thank you.

  67. I’m trying not to think the worst. Between webMD and google it’s hard to say what’s going on. It’s normal for me to have brown discharge after my period, which eventually clears up back to a milky or clear discharge. That being said my period was about two weeks ago, and I already phased out of it. Tonight though when I went to the bathroom there was dark brown discharge when I wiped. Upon further investigation there was a rather large chunk of tissue-esk stuff. Dark brown, definitely old blood- but this has never happened. Some websites are saying it’s just left over, other are pointing towards cervical cancer… I’ve had cysts in the past, and an ovarian surgery to repair my left ovary from one rupturing inside.
    I feel anyone has any idea.. please help. I’m 24, with little means to pay medical bills.

  68. I’ve been spotting brown discharge allso for a week now I’m concerned about it because many years ago it happen to me and it was a miscarriage so I’m worried.

  69. Hi. I just had my period ,when it was over I’ve had brown discharge for a week now. My period ended last week . What’s this mean.

  70. I recently lost my, just under a week ago i think and i bled ALOT! my issue is, ever since that night I have had a light brown discharge, it hasnt stopped and im a bit worried, idk what it is or if its normal

  71. I havent had a period in 9 months (no pregnant) and Ive had TMI a kind of gooey brown discharge around 6 months late and now Ive had watery brown discharge. Ive also got very senaitive nipples too…
    I wonder if this is my period coming back to me!

  72. I thought I had gotten my period cause blood was coming out but it was dark brown and very light & it went on like that for a week then I started noricing I was having dark brown discharge & that went on for another week & today I started bleeding & idk if something’s wrong with me or what (im 17)

  73. Comment: really confused, for 3 month nw I ve not seen my period I mean real blood. is just DAT on my normal period days I will see brown discharge after d period days it will become normal white discharge what is d issue?

  74. I’m a week late for my cycle but today I started seeing brownish color when I wipe so I put on a pad thinking I was starting my period this am. But then all day my pad only had one small brownish color on it and only when I wiped it was light red. And I don’t got cramps or cold or sore legs as those are early sign of my cycle. Only thing was slight lower back pain. Bleeding is not heavy just when I wipe as when I usually start my time by evening my flow is heavy. Could this be a sign of pregnancy?

  75. I just want to if it is normal for someone to have period but its like liquid poop and I have looks like string or paper in the toilet and sometimes I have blood when I wipe but that’s the only time I see blood and it’s not all of the time and it smells as though I’m on my period

  76. I had a tubal surgery so I could not have children back in 1991.Im 48 years old. I’m 18 days late for my period and have brown spotting. What is the chance that I could be pregnant?

  77. Comment: please I have not see my period for about 1m now..
    and I’m not feeling anything like pregnant..I want to know what could be the cause

  78. Please help!!( is kind of gross) I have not started my period yet…… or i have. I am about to be 14 and just got brown blood which my sister said was pefectly normal. Then over the first night of which i think was my first period night, nothing was in my pad in the morning. So, i went to use the restroom, a little bit of brown gooey stuff was in the toilet. Then i wiped, and red blood was just everywhere. I cleaned up and got myself situated. Like an hour or two later i went in the bathroom and there was only a little bit of blood in my pad. Make an even longer story short, i was doing that throughout the day, and kept finding really dark, thick gooey stuff in my pad and when i wiped. There started to be quite a bit if this. So….. is this normal, im kind of trippin out rn.

  79. I had a sex along 1 month ago .. but he discharged the semen outside the vagina … but I dn’t get periods this month ..after 10 days of exact periods there’s only brown coloured discharge from 3 days … i also checkout pregnancy test it come negative… is there any need to worry

  80. I had the coil fitted after I give birth to to my daughter and now I am losing brown discharge and it smells what can I do about it thank you

  81. Hi…I am 21 years old, I had brown discharge instead of my period, the brown discharge comes instead of my periods and its really bothering me, I have no pain at all not even an abdominal pain…but just worried, I need your help pls

  82. Hi im 24 and ecpecting my period in 7 days.The past 3days ive had some brown discharge (a little gooey)no pains or itchiness or smell.Help..

  83. I have black/brown mucus discharge week after periods and last till new circle starts from past two month.. is this normal? No pain, itchy ness or smell in discharge

  84. No i have never started my period (im 11 years old) and i have had brown “stuff” happen it did hurt in the day and i saw and paniced i dont now what it is

  85. Hi, my girlfriend hasn’t seen her period yet rather this brown discharge going on for the last one week, complains of stomach pain. Although she was once on birth control and have irregularities in her period, refused to do a pregnancy test yet, please i need answers and what to do?

  86. so I’m twelve, and I have weird brown crap coming out and its scaring me. I’ve only had my period once. I’m scared. I’m scared to ask my mom, much less my doctor.

  87. so I’m 12 and I have weird brown stuff and its scaring me. I guess I’m sorta stressed but not really. I don’t wanna ask my mom, much less my doctor. What do I do?


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