Cutting Your Little Boy’s Hair – for Shear Fun!


There are heaps of the most gorgeous pictures of hairstyles and haircuts for little boys; it really is quite hard to choose which one you love best. And when it comes to your little cowboy, you want only the best for this little boy growing up to be a man and wanting to be the coolest dude on the block. Lots of little boys know exactly what they want before even their moms have a say! But for those who get Mom’s guidance in such matters while they are still small, there are some delightful cuts and styles that you can he can look at together, and even choose.

4 Types of Little Boy’s Hairstyles

For your little boy, there are a few types of hairstyles that you can think about, that kind of fall into a few categories such as long hair styles, clean cut styles, curly hair styles and surfer-look styles.Cutting Your Little Boy’s Hair

1.Long hairstyles: To add texture to long hair, the hair might be better off being cut with a razor and not a scissors. This is hair that is usually past the ears and with a fringe that kind of ends over the eyebrows. A little boy with long hair looks great, but long hair should preferably be avoided on boys whose hair is either very, very curly or dead straight.

2.The clean cut: If you want your little one to look all clean and cool, a clean cut haircut will be ideal. For those boys with thinner hair, it is fantastic because the hair tends to lie flat as well. Wavier type hair also benefits from the clean cut style but best of all, it’s so easy to maintain. Usually the hair is cut with clippers on numbers 1, 2 or 3. This gives the hair a bit of length at the top whilst the bottom part is very short and clean cut. It’s normally worn parted at the sides. You can always add some mousse or some gel which will give clean cut styles some hold as well.

3.Surfer type cuts are for boys with longer hair that is either fine or wavy with a bit of texture. The hair is normally layered or tapered around the child’s neck and his ears, with longer hair on top. This hairstyle needs to be quite shaggy, so just make sure that the hair isn’t cut into too short layers. If your son’s hair is very straight, this wouldn’t be the style for him.

4.Curly haired kiddos:Cutting Your Little Boy’s Hair If your little boy is blessed to have beautiful soft curls, don’t cut them off! Just polish him up by cutting it nice and clean around his neck and ears. The sides should be about an inch long say, with the top being about 2-3 inches long over his head. With a mop of curly hair, there is a good chance that your little boy’s hair could become wild and unruly when there is rainy or humid weather. Don’t let the weather dictate how your little boy’s hairstyle is likely to turn out for the day. Today you get gels especially designed for little ones, like No More Tangles. This is a leave in conditioner to keep your little cowboy’s hair under control while he is busy conquering the world.

Remember that different haircuts will turn out different on different shapes of heads. But you will know your little boy like nobody else does, so you will know exactly what he suits and choose the right hair cut for him.

Of course we are also going into a brand new year soon, 2018, so it is also worth checking out what is trending for little boys and their hair.

Maintenance and comfort-wearing of some of the trend styles are also important points. It is important to realise that a little boy doesn’t have the skills to care for his new hair style and maintaining it properly. So it is important that the style or cut chosen should make him feel comfortable and also be easy to wear for him. Little boys are often involved in physical activities where they can sweat and get their hair ‘messed up’ so that is another reason to ensure that he has the right haircut. A good hairstyle is as a result of a good hair cut!Cutting Your Little Boy’s Hair

Some little boys have their idols too, some of them idolise movie stars, famous sports idols or rock stars that they want to copy, they want that hairstyle or that cut!  This link helps you by considering things like hair types, face types, even personality. It might just be a once-off hairstyle because he is attending a themed party, and that means the right cut and hairstyle are on order!

Whatever he wants or whatever you want him to have, there are heaps of places to find the perfect haircut that you son will love.  Whether he wants to look slick, classy, sporty, cow-boyish, the surfer look, it is very possible.  You don’t want to make any mistakes if you don’t want to go to a professional hair salon, you need to do it right!

General Maintenance Tips for the Hair

♦  Don’t get all knotted upCutting Your Little Boy’s Hair

Thick hair and thin, fine hair, even curly hair, when it has to face the elements out there, can get all tangled and knotted up on some days. You need something that combs through and detangles easily. Consider using one of the 2-in-1 shampoos that has both the shampoo and conditioner in it, especially designed for little kids. They untangle and un-knot. Try and shampoo the hair in the direction that it falls.  There are even detangling sprays and these can be used on wet or dry hair. You can use this even on days when you are not washing your child’s hair, preventing knots before they even start. While all the baby and kiddo shampoos do claim to be tear-free, try your best to avoid getting these products in your child’s eyes, because sometimes, they can still sting.

♦  That cowlick can be tamed!

–       Blow-dry his hair smooth from his roots right down to the ends. Use a close-bristled brush for this.

–       Usually a cowlick ‘improves’ when the hair is a bit longer because the extra bit of weight will keep it down whilst the extra hair covers the cowlick.

–       A style gel or a styling cream will also help with sticking it down. If your little boy has a spikey hairdo, then you can even play a cowlick up, blending it in with the other spiked up strands of hair.

Be Confident With Your Cut and Style, Because There Will Be Comments From All SidesCutting Your Little Boy’s Hair

Whatever ‘unusual’ style you or your son chooses, or if he wants to have his hair long, remember that there will be mean comments that will come his way and he will need to be able to handle those. He will hear “Why do you want your hair long? Do you want to look like a girl?” Even grandparents will say, “Get that hair out of your eyes!” Strangers will look and wonder about his or his parent’s psychological status. Maybe this little boy’s parents wanted a girl!  It is true that many hairstyles do reveal a little boy or his parent’s true identity. He needs to know that wherever he goes, people will have their opinions. As long as he knows that no matter what his hairstyle is, he will always be the best person he is, and that is being just him, no matter what kind of hairstyle he wants to sport!


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