Best Youth Baseball Gloves Reviewed in 2018


In today’s America, baseball is one of most families’ favorite hobbies as the game can be enjoyed by both adults and kids alike.  Teaching kids this game is an excellent way of encouraging them to be fit, play sports, learn sportsmanship and be a team player. However, something you require before you can play this very interesting game with your children is a baseball glove. If you want to improve your kid’s baseball playing skills and performance, it wouldn’t be enough to just tell him or her what a baseball glove is. You actually need to buy the best kids baseball gloves or best youth baseball gloves for your little budding baseball player as these gloves can be the difference between a great performance and a poor one.

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While a baseball glove surely isn’t a substitute for skill, a good-quality baseball glove will go a long way in improving a player’s overall on-field performance. A well-built baseball glove will last for several seasons, aiding the development of the little athlete’s muscle memory with each fielded ball and catch in the process. Kids’ baseball gloves are in so many ways different from adult baseball gloves. Since it’s a kid that will be playing with these gloves, they are usually lighter, smaller, and simpler to control. When your kid is just beginning to learn the sport especially, these gloves will make moving their arms and catching the ball easier compared to an adult baseball glove.

For most parents, it is very difficult to purchase the best baseball gloves for their little kids. You need to keep its material, build, quality, size and price in mind. Also, you must ensure you are getting what you are paying for so that your child will be able to play as much as he or she can with no limitations. However, there are so many products on the market and all these brands and companies are calling themselves the best, which can be quite confusing. Don’t worry though, as we will be tackling this issue in this article so you can rest easy knowing you know all the details you are required to know prior to your purchase.

Reviews of the Best Kids Baseball Gloves

Selected based on strong criterion such as features, materials, and performance, below are the best kids’ baseball gloves you can buy for your little aspiring baseball player.

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1.Rawlings Youth Players Series 9-Inch Glove

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The first product on our list is the Rawlings Youth Players Series 9-Inch Glove, which is an ideal option for right-handed throwers. Measuring just 9 inches, it is easy to see that this incredible glove is specially made for the little hands of kids and youth. While this glove comes with basic features, it is almost flawless when it comes to performance. The closure system is enhanced by the soft flexible shell material. In addition, this glove comes with other elements that improve on-field performance, like the Velcro strap, slanted basket structured web, deep pockets, and well-padded inner lining.

Furthermore, when it comes to the construction, the Rawlings Youth Players Series Glove isn’t made with hard-quality leather. This glove is made with soft material, which means breaking in is sufficiently easy. However, this doesn’t mean the gear is made with low quality material as it is actually made with high-quality material. Also, the Rawlings Youth Players Series Glove is very durable as it come with a foam material ball.

The Rawlings Youth Players Series Glove needs no breaking in, which means it is sufficiently soft, something beginning baseball players will appreciate. The structure of this excellent glove brings a lot of vital factors into play, like flexibility, easy closure, durability, and strength. Therefore, this glove is highly recommended to little inspiring baseball players. The only con of the Rawlings Youth Players Series is that it is oriented for right-handed throwers only, making it a wrong choice for left-handed throwers.


  • Very durable and flexible.
  • Soft inner lining brings superior comfort.
  • Requires no breaking in.
  • Is made with soft material.


  • Extremely small size.
  • Right-hand orientation only.

2.Wilson A360 Baseball Glove

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The next option on our list is one of the most diverse, most-multifunctional options on the market, and it is the Wilson A360 Baseball Glove. With the size ranging from 10 inches to 12 inches, this excellent glove is ideal for both right-handed and left-handed players. In addition, the conventional workmanship is the attribute responsible for the incredibility of this glove, making this glove ideal for any base or fielding position.

Furthermore, when it comes to the construction of the Wilson A360 Baseball Glove, its design isn’t all-leather. This glove is half-leather and half-synthetic, making you have the option to enjoy the best of both worlds. Therefore, this excellent glove is both flexible and durable, which means it would serve you comfortable for a long period of time. Without no doubt, this glove is a great choice for both beginners and first time players. It’s a generally useful kids’ baseball glove and it’s totally affordable.

Furthermore, due to the excellent combination of synthetic and leather material in the manufacturing of this baseball glove, breaking in it wouldn’t require a lot of time. However, this glove comes with all the necessary features you might be looking for, such as extra padding, deep pocket, Velcro strap, and comfortable fit, which is the most important thing about it. The Velcro closure, particularly, is the best thing about this glove as it enables you to make adjustments on that strap if the glove gets excessively loose.

However, this baseball glove comes with a drawback, despite all the good things about it. The primary drawback of the Wilson A360 Baseball Glove is about the quality. The material used in the manufacturing of this glove are quite thinner than expected. However, the overall quality of this glove is great.


  • The glove is very durable.
  • ​It is flexible and lightweight.
  • It is very comfortable to use.
  • The pockets are very deep.


  • Lacks optimum stiffness.
  • General quality is quite weak.

3.Franklin Sports RTP Teeball Performance Gloves

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If you are looking to buy an affordable youth baseball glove without compromising on quality, then you might want to look at the Franklin Sports RTP Teebal Performance Gloves. These gloves are affordable, yet high on quality, which is something not often seen in most baseball gloves.

This gear feels comfortable and easy on the hand, due to its lightweight PVC shell material build. Also, that means you wouldn’t have to encounter a long, painful break in period. Also, the hand orientation of this excellent glove is for both right-handed and left-handed players. In addition, this Franklin Sports RTP Teeball Performance Glove has so many things in common with adult versions. When it comes to quality, you can’t really differentiate this glove from adult gloves.

However, the primary difference is in the equipment’s feel. This means that the quality of this glove is tough, but it has a softer and smoother feel. The fit and size of the glove are excellent. The size, especially, enables you to catch balls better. Therefore, if you are looking for an ideal baseball glove for regular practice, you can’t go wrong with the Frankling Sports RTP Teeball Performance.

Furthermore, the PVC design of this glove is really excellent, providing lightweight performance. Also, it has a great wrist closure design, which allows for supreme comfort and maximum adjustability, all that without requiring the long and painful breaking in period. However, the wrist closure system isn’t fitted with Velcro, unfortunately. It instead has lacing, which has a high tendency of easily breaking when tightening.


  • This glove is tough, but sufficiently soft.
  • It perfectly fits little hands.
  • Includes high-quality foam ball.
  • Highly durable.


  • The wrist strap isn’t equipped with Velcro.

4.Louisville Slugger 11-Inch FG Genesis Baseball Infielders Gloves

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The Louisville Slugger 11-Inch FG Genesis Baseball Infielders Gloves is another reasonably priced baseball glove on our list. Louisville is one the oldest glove brands in the world, therefore, it is one of the most trusted. When it comes to youth and adult gloves, there aren’t, Louisville does an excellent job. Since this particular glove is made for youthful players, it has a unique design and the gear’s back part comprises of nylon mesh. Opening and closing of the glove becomes easier when such material is used.

As far as the design is concerned, the Louisville Slugger 11-Inch Genesis Baseball Infielders Gloves is built with high-quality Buffalo leather. In addition, the glove is lined with a special super-soft material, which provides the kind of comfort required during gameplay. However, the mitt is completed with the priceless Velcro closure, which means it will be easy to make quick and easy adjustments. As a result of the Velcro closure as well, breaking in the Louisville Slugger 11-Inch FG Genesis Baseball Infielders Gloves is very easy.

So, the Louisville Slugger Youth Baseball Gloves is a very excellent glove in many ways. It doesn’t require you to go through the painful, long breaking-in period, it is comfortable and easy to squeeze, making it ideal for little hands, and it is made with high-quality material, which means durability isn’t an issue. Also, this glove looks and feels good as well, and it is also very flexible, which improves on-field performance. The main con of this glove is that is very small in size, which is probably the only primary con of the prouct.


  • Durable and strong construction.
  • Comes with a back mesh
  • High-quality material
  • Easy to break in
  • Comfortable and easy to squeeze.


  • The sizing is smaller than expected.

5.Rawlings Players Youth Glove Series

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The Rawlings Players Youth Glove Series is one of the most popular youth baseball gloves on the market at the moment, and rightly so. These gloves come in 4 different sizes, four different color options, and they are also available for both left-handed and right-handed players. Furthermore, you will instantly notice the pocket-friendly price tag also. Also, the Rawlings Players Youth Glove is made with high-quality materials, which means it has a flexible, soft shell built between the index and thumb finger. This kind of structure makes catching the ball easier.

When it comes to the webbing, it is slighted slanted and basket-shaped. As a result, the pocket size is increased, and that consequently helps the catching of the ball with ease. Also, you will like the fact that this glove as a Velcro closure, which means the glove doesn’t have issues associated with adjustability or fit. However, the most impressive thing about this glove from Rowling is the reflective blinding which creates a thin area between the player’s fingers. As a result of this, you are able to catch every ball and surpass your own expectations.

Furthermore, this incredible glove consists of a flexible inner lining, which means the Rawlings Players Youth Glove can be worn by both infielders and outfielders. This glove is ideal for both positions, which is really impressive. In addition, rather than using leather material for this glove, the manufacturer opted for a synthetic material. While the latter definitely offers more flexibility, long-lasting value is guaranteed with the former. Therefore, you should understand this trade-off before buying.


  • Totally comfortable to use.
  • ​Huge, deep, huge pockets.
  • Pliable and soft shell for easy closure.


  • The glove is excessively stiff at first.

The material lacks durability.

Factors to Consider When Selecting the Right Kids Baseball Glove

If you want to choose the best youth baseball glove for your kid, there is a couple of considerations you must make. Read on to see some of the most important considerations.

Baseball Glove


The size is always the most crucial consideration to make when purchasing a baseball glove. If you purchase the wrong baseball glove for your child, his or her play will be in ruins before even getting to the field of play. Based on the player’s position, various sizes are recommended as it’s designed so that your child will have an optimum performance. Based on the position of the player, check the size chart below to have an idea of what your child needs.

Age Catcher First Base Pitcher Outfield
Under 7 29.5 – 30″ 11.5″ 8-10.5″ 9-10.5″
8-10 30-31″ 11.5-12″ 10.5-11.5″ 10-12″
11-13 30-32.5″ 11.5-12″ 11.5-12″ 11.75-12.75″
Over 14 32-34.5″ 12-13″ 11.5-12″ 12-13″



The material is also one of the most important factors you must consider, and to buy a glove made with high-quality materials, make sure you purchase from a trusted brand. Majority of gloves for baseball are constructed from plastic materials. Kids’ baseball gloves are made with little fingers and closing them is easier compared to gloves for adults. Majority of kids baseball gloves aren’t constructed from high-quality leathers as kids will outgrow their gloves in the nearest future.

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Most times, all a youth player needs will be a generic glove (catchers or first base will require a special glove in some cases though). When the competition becomes tougher, then position of the player can also determine the kind of glove you need to buy. There are some gloves specially designed for catchers, first basemen, pitchers, infielders, and outfielders. Outfielders commonly wear bigger gloves to help them catch fly balls and in line drives.


There is only one general rule when it comes to padding. The nearer a player is to the opponent’s batsman, the more protection/padding he or she will need on the baseball glove. Having said that, it is certain that outfielders only need light padding, whilst infielders require heavy padding.


If you are nearer to the batsman of your team, the grip is the most important thing for you, of course, besides padding. The infielders are the nearest players to the batsman, and their position needs them shifting the ball from the catching hand to the throwing hand, and all that in a very quick way. Therefore, a strong grip will help do the job quite effortlessly in those circumstances.


Purchasing a high-level baseball glove can be very expensive. Buying an expensive high-quality glove for a fully grown high school player might be a great move, but buying such glove for extremely young players, those in tee ball in particular, is quite unreasonable for a few reasons. Of course, it will be very stiff and will require breaking in, which will take some time. Generally speaking, the younger the baseball player, the less games and practices the team is going to have. It doesn’t bode well to invest heavily on a baseball glove if the glove will be outgrown by the child the following year. Here is a video about youth baseball glove.

Our Top Pick

For our top pick, we totally recommend none other than the Rawlings Players Youth Glove Series. Without any doubt, this excellent glove ranks as the best kids’ baseball glove for many reasons. It comes with a soft, pliable shell and a basket web structure, which makes room for quick and easy closure.

In addition, it has a soft, flexible lining inside, which is a great reason why you might want to opt for this particular option. Besides, this glove is game ready, which means there is no need for you to stress about breaking in. Therefore, this excellent glove from Rawlings ticks all the required boxes and is sure to improve your kids’ overall performance.

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