5 Best Toy Storage Box to Buy in 2018


If you still have toddlers and young kids then your house, at different points in the day, must certainly resemble a military obstacle course. It seems like a cardinal rule in “kiddom” that in every part of the house where they go through, toys must be strewn about. It’s like they are deliberately leaving a trail for someone to find them or something. Anyway, if you intend to keep your sanity (and keep from seeing a chiropractor, if we might add), then you need to get your kids a toy storage box.

Now, it’s not just about keeping the house organized, and keeping everyone safe. It is about teaching your kids responsibility… As well as saving a couple of dollars on the side. Of course, it doesn’t matter that it was their carelessness that put the toys in a position where they got smashed. The replacement deal is entirely your business. And toys are getting more expensive by the day.

Enter toy storage boxes. They are nifty, efficient, and come with many great features. Our table gives a quick comparison among the features of our favorite five toy storage boxes. If you’re pressed for time, you could quickly go through them and you’ll be fine. But right after this table is a comprehensive review of each of our top five toy storage boxes of 2018. Let’s get to them, shall we?

Toy Storage Box Brands side-by-side Comparison

Disney Frozen Collapsible Storage Trunk Songmics Lift Top Wooden Toy Box Katabird Storage Bin for Toy Storage Tot Tutors Kids’ Toy Storage Organizer Kousi Portble Kids Multifunction Cube Toy Storage
Dimensions 30 x 16 x 14.5 inches 29.9 x 15.8 x 18.9 inches 22 x 12.5 x 13 inches 34 x 11 x 31 inches 44 x 15 x 44 inches (cubes” 14 x 14 x 14)
Material Canvas Wood Fabric Wood/Plastic Plastic
Color Pink Dark brown Blue Primary colors (red, yellow, green) Blue


Most Popular Kids Toy Storage Boxes Review

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1.Disney Frozen Collapsible Storage Trunk

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Here’s something the girls will go completely bonkers about. In fact, you won’t have to always have to nag before your girls organize their toys into this box. It’s a really eye-catching collapsible toy storage box. This means that it not only looks good, you can also fold it down and store when it’s not in use. Saves you some useful space!

The box is also very lightweight itself. So, even when loaded with toys, it’s still relatively easier to move around when compared to many other toy storage boxes. In fact, your kids would be able to move it themselves without much help from you.

It’s also a huge plus that this toy box is made of canvas material. So, it’s soft, and child-friendly. There are no sharp edges that could hurt your kids while they play. And you can rest easy knowing that your kids are safe, even if they manage to get the box tumbling down (you do know that it’s not beyond them, right?)

What We Liked About It: of course, we are completely enamored by the Anna and Elsa design on the box. Who wouldn’t be?! We also loved the fact that it’s a collapsible toy storage box which means the box is lightweight and can be folded and kept when not in use.

What We Didn’t Like About It: The walls are really thin so the number of toys you can store in this particular box is limited. Plus, you can only store certain kinds of lightweight toys.

2.Songmics Lift Top Wooden Toy Box

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Wood is always elegant and for those looking to get a toy box that properly expresses their tastes or something that complements their home decor, here’s an idea. Get a wooden toy storage box. And we’ve got just the one for you: This beautiful dark brown wooden toy box from Songmics. We love how this toy box serves its purpose very well without looking childish. This means that it won’t look out of place in any part of the house, even in the living room. It’s simply classy.

The top lifts up to reveal a roomy space where your kids can store their toys away from sight. And because we don’t want your kids risking any accident to their fingers in the course of lifting up the lid to store their toys, the hinges were designed to close really slowly as against banging shut.

If you’re afraid that a wooden toy box will take up a lot of space in your living area, then you’re wrong… at least on this count. The box is compact enough to take up only as much space as necessary, leaving our space feeling large, roomy, and uncluttered.

This box is so super, it can even double as a storage box for shoes and clothes.

What We Liked About It: Duh, it’s wooden so it’s really classy. Secondly, we appreciate the effort on the part of the manufacturers to make this toy storage box so safe that its hinges close really slowly. Plus, this is one toy box that will not look out of place in any part of the house.

What We Didn’t Like About: As with all wooden products, this box is a bit expensive.

3.Katabird Storage Bin for Toy Storage

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Here’s another collapsible box for your viewing (and purchasing) pleasure. This time, it’s something more versatile as it works for girls and boys alike. Its hippo design is just so cute and adorable. And with your kids’ love for animals, they will only be too excited to welcome this toy storage box into their work space. The materials used to make this box aren’t flimsy even though the box is collapsible. This does not mean that kids can conveniently climb and sit on them, though. But then, that’s not the plan.

This box comes with a lid as well which shuts the mouth of the box and keeps the toys out of sight. We really applaud the fact the box is so well made that a toddler can handle things on their own. The lid isn’t so heavy that it could fall off when lifted by a child’s curious fingers.

And that’s not all this wonderful toy storage box can do. It also functions as a really efficient organizer. You can store almost anything in it from toys to children accessories. The box also comes with sturdy hands to make lifting and moving a lot easier. Thankfully, it’s not a heavyweight box. In fact, the box is lightweight, so, life’s easy.

What We Liked About It: It’s so adorable with its hippo design. Plus, it’s altogether lightweight and functional. And, it’s great for boys and girls alike.

What We Didn’t Like About It: No matter what the manufacturers say about the lid, the truth is that it could have been sturdier.

4.Tot Tutors Kids’ Toy Storage Organizer

[amazon box=”B000067PTO” template=”vertical”]

We’ve got to give it to these guys, they got the organization part of this thing right. The primary reason we love this storage box from Tot Tutors (well, it doesn’t exactly look like a box) is that it gives a most organized look and appeal. Each toy type can have its own plastic bin. And there are 12 of them with additional ones sold separately if you need more.

The plastic bins are rugged and the wooden frame is also solid and durable. Altogether, you’re going to be using this product for a very long time to come. It cleans very easily too. A simple dusting or wipe down will almost always work in all cases. And there are dozens of color options to work with. This one is the primary color collection. If you want to teach your kids to stay organized, then don’t pass up on this organizer from Tot Tutor’s. It might not be a storage box, but it sure does wonders in the toy storage and organization department.

What We Liked About It: It presents a most practical and efficient storage and organizational solution.

What We Didn’t Like About It: Although the wooden frame appears sturdy, the plastic bins appear to be a little too thin and prone to early chipping.

5.Kousi Portble Kids Multifunction Cube Toy Storage

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Mums sure can do it all. Apparently, so can a few toy storage products. For instance there are toy boxes with book storage as well. Yep, there are. And this product from Kousi is one of them. The toy storage is totally adorable with several designs of the cutest animals adorning the front of the structure. It comes with 9 cubes which can be used to hold toys, books, clothes, and other children accessories. And guess what? Each cube can hold up to 22 pounds each! That’s amazing!

The storage structure is very easy to set up and hardly takes a long time. Once set up, it can easily fit into any space. Also, it’s pretty easy to clean and is quite sturdy and solid on its feet.

What We Liked About It: It’s really adorable and can store quite a number of different things at the same time, not just toys.

What We Didn’t Like About It: Don’t count on this thing to hold very heavy stuff. It’s only made of plastic after all.

Picking the Best Toy Storage Box

Best Toy Storage Box for toddler

There are a few things to consider when going for a toy storage box. You’d want to consider the material – fabric, wood, or plastic. Cloth/fabric/canvas might not be as strong as plastic or wood, but it’s ultimately safer for kids since the chances of getting hurt with a toy box that’s made of cloth/fabric/canvas is very low. Wood and plastic can be tricky especially if not carefully produced. If you go for wood, please ensure that the lid, if it has a lid, closes slowly rather than banging shut.

You also want to consider your space. If your house is already looking quite cramped, then you might want to invest in an organizer instead. This will save you some floor space since you’ll be able to store more than just toys without adding an extra item to your space.

Finally, keep things interesting for the kids. Children love colors and animals, and cartoons. So, if you get them a toy box with designs from any of the aforementioned categories, you’ll see how much easier it would be to convince them to clean up after themselves.

Other People’s Opinions about Buying Kids Toy Storage Box

We don’t know how the kids loved the Songmics Lift Top Wooden Toy Box but you can be sure that many parents loved it. It’s a large toy storage box, and more importantly, it fits easily into the home décor.

It appears the Disney Frozen Collapsible Storage Trunk was an instant hit for most girls as loads of customers were either getting this for their daughters or granddaughters or otherwise gifting it to other little girls.

Our Favorite Toy Storage Box

For the purpose of this review, we have to go with the Katabird Storage Bin for Toy Storage. It’s large, it’s cute, and it stores a whole lot of stuff. Since it’s not gender-specific, it works for boys and girls alike. And that hippo design? Cuteness overloaded!


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