10 Best Toy Cars for Toddlers & Babies in 2018


Decades ago, a toy car had one purpose – to play with it. But toy cars have taken on a new dimension. The toddler can still maintaining classic idea of pretending to drive, but now they double as education tools. This review will feature some of these if they pass the test.

This is our opportunity to serve you. Finding good toy cars and trucks for toddlers, can be difficult and exhausting. So we’ve done the work for you, and we hope that our efforts here will be of assistance to you.

We’ve made a thorough search, and we’re glad to give you our objective point of view during the course of the review. We will be fair and honest – sometimes we might be brutally honest – but the goal is to give you an accurate picture of what’s out there. So now we present to you our review of the ten best toy cars for toddlers.

Reviews of the Best 10 Toy Cars for Kids

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1. Vtech Drop & Go Dump Truck

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Vtech offered our #1 winner, the Drop & Go. It is designed for ages 6 months to 3 years, and to help them develop motor skills.

What we liked is that the toddler gets taught whether it’s dropping 3 colorful “rock” into the round hole on top, pushing 3 buttons that through audio teach the toddler colors, numbers, phrases, and even tools. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons.


  • Colorful
  • Tough
  • Teaches many things
  • Price


  • Minor pinch hazard under the bucket

To Buy Or Not To Buy

Other than the pinch hazard, we really couldn’t find anything wrong with it. Great toy

2. Mini Automoblox

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The Automoblox made our #2 spot. This toy car, has interchangeable parts making each car customizable. The toddler can learn how to fit things together, a great teaching tool. One thing we liked, that we’re sure kids will like is how cool  these cars look!

Let’s see the pros and cons on this products.


  • Easy to assemble
  • High quality wood parts
  • Customizable


Plastic pieces can be broken easily

 To Or Not To Buy?

This product was almost 4 times the cost as our winner. Otherwise, a cool toy for a toddler.

3. Fisher-Price Little People Wheelies Stand ‘n Play Playset

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Fisher-Price has been a leader in the toy industry for decades, and their Stand ‘n Play playset is our #3 winner.

We loved the racing variety available. Twisting and turning, tunnels, an elevator and a car lift make it a mini car shop. It makes all kinds of noises sure to keep the little guy entertained. Here are the pros and cons.


  • Sturdy
  • Safe
  • Lots of variety


  • Price
  • Bulky

To Buy Or Not To Buy?

The price was a bit much, and it was bulky, but if you got the bucks, and you believe your toddler will have a ball with it, give it a go.

4. Vtech Turn and Learn Driver

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Pardon us for forgetting that girls like cars too! The Turn and Learn takes our #4 space, compliments of Vtech.

While technically not a toy car, this toy combines a driving toy with a learning toy. They get to learn about animals and vehicles while pretending to drive, complete with loads of sounds and music. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons.


  • Very engaging
  • Lots of teaching aids
  • Price


  • Didn’t last

To Buy Or Not To Buy?

This would have been a great toy if it had not failed after a short time, because the price was not too bad.  Maybe we’ll go back to toy cars.

5. Lewo Big Ramp Racer Boys Car

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We now get into wooden toy cars for toddlers. Kids love to take things apart and put them back together. The Big Ramp got our attention for this reason. It encourages motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Now let’s see the pros and cons.


  • Encourages motor skills
  • Encourages hand-eye coordination
  • Engaging


  • Fits Lewo’s cars only
  • Cars break easily – potential hazard

To Buy Or Not To Buy?

The idea behind the toy is great. Unfortunately, it fell short in one area that we just couldn’t overlook. The cars cannot take abuse. They break easy and those small pieces could pose a choking hazard. We cannot recommend this toy.

6. O-Ball 1-Piece Rattle & Roll Car

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Though this is our #6 entry, there was one thing we liked about this toy. This is not just one of those small toy cars for toddlers – it serves as a teether! It’s large enough to eliminate any risk of a choking hazard and when they’re done “chomping,” they can go back to rattling and rolling. Here are the pros and cons.


  • Perfect size to grasp
  • Wheel doubles as rattle
  • Made of rubber-like material perfect for teething


  • Cannot choose your color when ordering
  • Plastic seems to crumble off – potential hazard

To Buy Or Not To Buy?

While the price can’t be beat, doesn’t beat the crumbling plastic. Don’t buy this.

7. Green Toys Dump Truck

[amazon box=”B001Q3KU9Q” template=”vertical”]

The Green Toys is our #7 pick. This toy is designed to help a child with motor skill development, both gross and fine.

What we liked was the teaching aspect of this toy, and that safety was on the minds of the manufacturer.

So how did this toy do in the way of pros and cons? Let’s check it out.


  • Great teaching element
  • Easy to clean
  • Safe from harmful chemicals
  • Price


  • Noisy
  • Cheaply made
  • Materials don’t last

To Buy Or Not To Buy?

Here again is a good idea that was messed up by some oversights. You can find better products at the top of the list.

8. Holy Stone Cartoon Race Car

[amazon box=”B00N3HL6F0″ template=”vertical”]

For a remote control car, we thought this could have been a top pick. It is designed as a “Remote Control 101” for kids, one thing we liked. Through the use of a very “toy-looking” controller, the child gets introduced to how a remote control car works, which has a great deal of educational value, including hand coordination.

Let’s take a look at this products’ pros and cons.


  • Durable
  • Teaching aspect
  • Price


  • Radio interference
  • Failed after short time

To Buy Or Not To Buy?

Despite the price and the teaching aspect, no one wants a toy that fails after just a few hours of operation!

9. Pull-Back Vehicle Set

[amazon box=”B00EX5K1GG” template=”vertical”]

The Pull-Back is a soft toy designed for developing motor and sensory skills. We liked that these are very easy for the child to grab, but impossible to swallow.

All the child needs to do is grab one of the four stuffed vehicles in the set, pull it back on its wheels and let ‘er rip!

How about the pros and cons? Let’s check them out.


  • Soft, lightweight
  • 4 cars in set
  • Colorful


  • Fabric – potential for bacteria; wash often
  • Price

To Buy Or Not To Buy?

We loved the concept, but price was too high, and unless you don’t mind “washing your toys” often, look at something else.

10. Kid O Go Car Early Learning Push & Pull Toy

[amazon box=”B0039X725Q” template=”vertical”]

The Go Car was surprisingly the big loser in this review. We say that because the toy had such simplicity, that we didn’t think we would find anything wrong with it. But we did.

We liked the round shape, which makes it easy to clean. And there were no sharp corners that could injure a toddler.

That was about all we can say good about it. Take a look at the pros and cons.


  • Safe round shape
  • Easy to clean


  • Headlights come out – choking hazard
  • Moisture trap inside – mold hazard

To Buy Or Not To Buy?

With two potential hazards, there’s nothing that can make us overlook that. No wonder it’s our loser.

Criteria Used To Evaluate The Best Toy Cars For Toddlers – 500

Things To Consider When Selecting Toy Cars For Toddlers

First concern should be safety. Sometimes the coolest toys come with the worst health select a toy car for toddlerrisks. Some fabrics can become bacteria traps. Some plastic toys can trap moisture and potential mold. Sharp corners can injure your toddler. Small pieces that fall off of a toy can be a choking hazard.

If you take note of anything potentially dangerous that the manufacturer should know about, let them know. They may not all be as conscientious as you are, and maybe some won’t even care that much.

Tell them anyway. At least you can walk away knowing you tried to make a difference.

Don’t let coolness take precedence over your child’s health and safety. It may be tough for a child to let go of a cool toy, but the temporary pain for them is better than a long term pain for you later.

The Different Types of Toy Cars For Toddlers

Toy cars and trucks come in plastic, wood and even some are fabric, like a stuffed toy, with mechanical framework inside.

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Should I Buy Toy Cars New or Used?

It’s one thing to accept a toy as a gift from someone you know and trust. It’s another thing to buy a used toy. As the old saying goes, you don’t know where it’s been!

The best, safest option is to buy a new toy car for your toddler. The chances of receiving it contamination-free are much better.

Why You Should Pay Attention To Toy Cars For Toddlers?

The answer starts with one word: toddler. Some have purchased a toy and had no problems for a while. Then a part of it breaks off, or some paint chips off, or maybe a pointed corner of the toy car accidentally pokes your child in the eye.

It happens. There are more and more reports of parents discovering questionable or obvious design flaws that have caused some light to moderate harm to their child. On rare occasions, they have turned more serious. It’s not worth the risk to blow that off. s

But if any of it seems to lend itself to design flaws or oversights on the part of the manufacturer, tell them. They have a responsibility to you and your children to design, make and sell safe toys. Don’t take that lightly.

How Do I Clean a Toy Car?

If you have a plastic toy car, most of them will clean up with warm, soapy water. Some have used anti-bacterial hand cleaner on them, but be careful. If your toddler puts the toy in its mouth too soon, they could be greeted with an unpleasant taste.

If you have wood products, stick with soapy water, and just let them dry long enough before returning them to the toy box.

In the case of fabric, if it’s removable, take it off and wash it as often as you can. Certain fabrics can be easy bacteria breeding grounds. And today’s bacteria is nothing to mess around with. Protect your child.

Other People’s Opinions

There were some high points and some low points in our quest for the ten best toy cars for toddlers. Experiences with each product were as wide apart as the rising and setting of the sun.

But when you find a truck load of 5-star reviews on a product, there’s always a tendency to select baby toy think that going with that product is going to work for you. Very often, this is not the case. Someone could buy the same product, on the recommendations of other buyers in the reviews, and it becomes an absolute nightmare.

At the same time, someone finds a product that has enough negative reviews to chase them away, but maybe the price is right. So they figure they’re stuck and they buy it. And lo and behold, it turns out to be a hit!

Funny world isn’t it? Well, maybe you’d like to see what other people’s opinions are on our winner, the Vtech Drop & Go. Well here are some random comments.

Consumer 1: “This is a great toy for my 1-year old boy!”

Consumer 2: “After a year of play and countless drops it’s still going strong.”

Consumer 3: “I purchased this for a 1-year old girl and a 2-year old boy, and both of them love this truck.” Here is the video about kids toy cars.

Our Best Choice of Toddlers Toy Car

Our winning toy car for toddlers was the Vtech Drop & Go. It ticked all the boxes that parents would look for in a toy car. It was colorful, tough and a great teaching tool for the price.

We learned something interesting in this review. We went in with a bit of a preconceived notion that toy cars would be hard to mess up. But we were wrong.

Like any product manufactured, anything can go wrong. A lot of things are purely coincidental, and are of no fault to the manufacturer. Other times, it could be something overlooked in design, or maybe something was assembled incorrectly. We see this all the time, no matter what type of products we review.

All of this hard work was done in your behalf, though. And we hope this review educates you and prepares you to make a good choice in a toy car for your toddler.

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