8 Best Crayons for Toddlers for Your Toddlers


The modern-day parent must train their kid on creativity skills. The urge to draw from imagination starts when a toddler is between one and three years of age. That is why you were allowed to scribble on the walls, and it’s your time now to let the kid express what he or she is thinking. However, kids have a habit of throwing everything into their mouth, and the crayons are not an exception.

Most of the commercial crayons for babies contain paraffin in their wax. Since it is a petroleum byproduct considered as moderately toxic, all moms will have to re-think their decision on buying such crayons. That is why there are non-toxic crayons for toddlers who will bite everything at their disposal. They are free of all the scary elements that you might imagine your child ingesting such as asbestos or mercury.

Crayons for Toddlers Comparison Table

Crayon Products Shape Number Of Pieces
JNW Direct Colored Pencils Pencils 48
Honeysticks 100% Pure Beeswax Crayons Cylindrical, candle shape 12
Stockmar Beeswax Block Crayons Rectangular blocks 8
Moore: Premium Art Color Pencils Set Pencils 46
Crayola My First Palm-Grip Crayons Egg-shape 6
GiBot Toddlers Crayons Palm-Grip Crayons Cone-shape with a wide base 12
Multi-Color Rainbow Crayon Set Long, flat with rounded edges 7
Crayola Bathtub Crayons Cylindrical, candle-shape 10

Best Crayons for Toddlers’ Product Reviews

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1.JNW Direct Colored Pencils

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First one on our review goes to JNW Direct Colored Pencils that are fit for all ages, toddlers and adults alike. The arrangement of the pencils in the holding case is adorable, and each of the 48 pencils has a color name on it. It is a great way to start a child’s imagination and with all the colors available, guiding them becomes necessary. The kit paves the way for easy access to each pencil or tool. Apart from the many pencils, you also get a metal pencil extender, a sharpener, eraser and the portable case. There is a guideline to start drawing, and the case fits in school bags so it will be easy for any user to transport it.

During first use, it might be hard to draw, but that gets easy after continued use. Regardless of the output, the kid only needs a little pressure to draw on any paper.

What parents say

“I purchased this set so that my little one can have something to draw with and I can also use them for my coloring lessons. I’m glad to have spotted this since I don’t have to buy a separate set for my kid and I like the output on professional work. I’ll order another one when this one is over.”

2.Honeysticks Pure Beeswax Crayons

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Next one is something that you and the kid will love – the Honeysticks 100% Pure Beeswax Crayons. All the way from New Zealand, here are non-toxic crayons made out of beeswax which means they are edible crayons for toddlers to draw with and safe to ingest when they decide to do so. They are cylindrical in shape and look much like a candle, and the size is large enough to stay for long and yet suitable for small hands to scribble on the bathtub walls as they bath. It is the shape and size that renders them as unbreakable plus the kids will love the smell coming out of them.

You get 12 colors from the package which is enough for small toddlers to express what they imagine on paper or art board. As a start, you can color the free PDF that comes with the purchase. If you are not satisfied with what you purchase, the company has a 100% money-back guarantee. On the other hand, this is what many parents would prefer for their toddlers.

What parents say

“I bought this for my almost two-year-old son since I was worried about how he feeds on almost anything. With toxic crayons all around for the elder sister, I had to think of something fast, and thanks to this beeswax crayons, I found the perfect solution. If you have dogs, make sure your kid plays with them at a safe distance since the canines like the smell and will grab some too.”

3.Stockmar Beeswax Block Crayons

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Another package made out high-quality beeswax is the Stockmar crayons that comes as cuboid chunks. What makes the German product great is that they are large crayons for toddlers who cry about sharp pencil ends breaking but still want to color the world. The rectangular shape enables them to hold in any way and draw using the edges. Drawing brings out the bright colors thanks to the binding pigment in the wax which brings out the transparency projected by watercolors. Whatever the child scribbles is washable, but when used by a professional artist after melting, they don’t come off. That makes them a perfect coloring tool for elaborate drawings.

All blocks give you eight colors to choose from, and they are all stored in a reusable tin that is also small enough to pack in a school bag if they are attending the kindergarten. One thing though, due to choking hazards, these crayons are recommended for children above three years of age.

What parents say

“We loved them since they are big and rectangular in shape. They are still suitable for little hands since our four-year-old son proved that he could work with them. After we saw the output, I recommended them to a friend who was looking for high-quality crayons for some drawing work. So we would say that the adults can also use them.”

4.Moore: Premium Art Color Pencils Set

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Another one from Germany goes to Moore Premium Art that comes with 48 pencils to color with, all packed in a washable canvas that holds each pencil for easy transport plus any other accessories necessary to put color on paper. Due to the numerous colors represented, it is advisable to get this for an older kid who has an interest in drawing or for adult-oriented functionalities.

What makes suitable for the kids is the safe materials used in construction plus they will get a chance to color using high-quality tools meant for the professionals. Apart from the pencils, you also have a German metallic sharpener and a paint brush too for watercolor effects. It is a set that you can coach your child with and also use it for drawing illustrations or dedicated artwork. The thick colored pencils make sure that you don’t get dull coloring when the final picture is being presented.

What parents say

“I bought it for my two kids, 6 and seven years of age. They love to draw what they are taught in class so I thought that sharpening their skills needs the right tools so that they can learn from there. Since my neighbor’s four-year-old likes to join during the weekends, using the crayons was fun for her too so I guess they could end up as an excellent set for smaller kids.”

5.Crayola My First Palm-Grip Crayons

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If you are looking for jumbo crayons for toddlers who want to make their first mark in drawing, My First Palm-Grip Crayons gives the little hands something to work with as they express their imagination. The egg-shape is excellent for toddlers who are learning to hold items, and there are six colors to choose for the fun of it. Whatever is drawn is washable on tiles or walls, and the size makes sure that your child has a drawing tool designed for longevity.

The crayons are also made from non-toxic elements that deem them safe for kid use after passing the AP certification. So, you should not worry when the toddler puts some of it in the mouth as they color. Go ahead and promote the sprouting creativity by using these masterpieces and you will not be disappointed.

What parents say

“It might not be as solid as you expect it to be but the package does an incredible job in paintwork. The egg-shaped crayons might also be larger for a one-year-old, but my daughter has no problem with that. We were also able to wash the tiles after she colored them while bathing and on the carpet too. After some time, I’ll purchase the rectangular ones since I have seen her getting them from her friends when they meet. Otherwise, the egg-shaped will be around for now since there is no protest yet.”

6.GiBot Toddlers Palm-Grip Crayons

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Now, if the large crayons for toddlers are not working well for your kid, here are GiBot Palm-Grip Crayons whose cone shape with a broad base provides the best holding mechanism for toddlers. With such ergonomics, the small hands can hold and paint without straining. As they draw and paint, the crayons are in 12 basic colors which gives the child a chance to think and develop cognitive skills as they select what they are going to use for the shade.

Since they are kids-oriented, the materials used in construction are non-toxic, and CE approval certifies that. Each crayon has a hole on both ends (the upper one is smaller) to prevents choking possibilities in case they swallow it. What makes them a favorite for parents is because they are washable crayons for toddlers who like to jot anywhere. Using hand soap is enough but if it doesn’t work, other available remedies will.

Apart from using them as the first coloring tools that your kids will use, they can also be used as the future intelligence building blocks.

What parents say

“It is not easy to find something that your child can work with, and these crayons went way ahead to make that possible. They are excellent for small hands. They are also safe since I have not had any complaints from my daughter after some drawing lessons. One thing though, try to prevent the kids from throwing them since they break into sharp little pieces which could be hazardous to children.”

7.Multi-Color Rainbow Crayon Set

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Now, if you want something versatile, that does not resemble the usual, here is a rainbow representation that features seven crayons for the rainbow colors. The Multi-Color Rainbow Crayon Set gives your child the ability to dream and reveal using the most abundant colors of the world. That tree or house he or she is about to draw can have all the colors that give the picture a fantastic look.

We all loved the rainbow when we were young. If you didn’t get a chance to paint with such colors, don’t deny your kid the same since this flat crayons represent the sun and shower manifestation. You can purchase this set and present it as a gift to a kid’s party and wait for the fun and applause. For a smarter move, include some papers so that they can paint on them instead of looking for a surface to express their joy.

The crayons are safe for child use since they contain high quality but non-toxic materials. No asbestos, lead or phthalates. They are also large enough for the kids not to attempt any swallowing, but the size does not prohibit comfortable holding ability. After drawing, the paint can be washed easily on the skin and clothes. Since crayons are known to be fragile, the packaging ensures that transportation does not compromise the shape and quality of the markers due to movement, pressure, and heat.

What parents say

“This is an ultimate way to let your kid express his or her designs. My son loves it, so I settled on this one. He doesn’t have to figure out what to use for painting since the colors are well defined. It’s also washable after painting the bathroom walls so, parents can worry less if they have these crayons for their children.”

8.Crayola Bathtub Crayons

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Last but not least on our review list is the Crayola Bathtub Crayons which are washable and your kid has something to keep them busy as they shower. With ten crayons in the package, all concealed in hard plastic for preservation measures, your three-year-old or above will have retractable crayons with a variety of colors to draw on the bathtub walls and wash later after the bathing session.

Kids always want something to distract them so, at such a young age, bath crayons for toddlers can save you from the nagging. For safety purposes, you should buy these crayons for children above three years due to choking possibilities. Some parents have complained about staining the bathtub even after washing. If that is the case, you can use cleansers such as Mr. Clean Magic Eraser or whatever cleanser that you land and works. Otherwise, water and soap should do the cleaning without much hassle.

What parents say

“Our two kids loved to use them while in the bathtub, and I was glad to have finally found something that will keep them silent as they shower. One thing we noted though, was that they are extra soft to the touch and they break easily after some time of use in the water. The joy ended when they finally broke, but they were excellent while they lasted. The coloring is also okay, but you have to apply some pressure for better results.”

Safe Elements in Non-Toxic Crayons For Toddlers

Before we look at the products, here are three types of waxes that are suitable for making safe crayons for toddlers to work with. By that, we mean the toddler can draw with them, and there is no harm when they decide to take a bite.

 Best Crayons for Toddlers

  • Carnauba wax: It comes from the Brazilian palm tree leaves. It is the hardest type of wax used in crayons which could imply easy breakage after using for a while.
  • Beeswax: It’s derived from the honeycomb. It is sticky in nature but crayons from pure beeswax smell great.
  • Soy wax: This one is from soybeans, and it is the softest wax of them all. The generated soy wax is selected from non-GMO sources and may have some pesticide control measures in its making.

When your baby grows older, you will switch to paraffin options since it performs better than the natural wax. It becomes essential if your child has the inner Picasso in him and the junior crayons cannot be used for intricate work. In the meantime, they are the best materials to make crayons for toddlers.

Choosing the Best Crayons for Toddlers

Now that you have some crayons and markers for toddlers to look for when the kid comes into question, what you should ask yourself is how do you go about selecting the best for your kid? First, our choices are suitable for young kids since they are all made from non-toxic materials with the relevant approval. Check the materials used to make the crayons and compare with what we mentioned before the reviews.

Second, you need to know what your child is capable of at the time they are all about painting. Some crayons are large while others are small. Some packages come with the naked crayons while others have pencils. For toddlers between one and two years old, the jumbo crayons will serve their purpose. Older kids can use the pencils or the large crayon pieces. For the big ones, make sure that your child can hold them since their hands are still small.

Lastly, make sure what you go for can be washed whenever the children make the walls, clothes or their skin dirty. The easier it is to clean, the better.

Have we missed anything in the review? Feel free to comment below, and we will be glad to hear your thoughts.


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