10 Best Scooters for Toddlers in 2018


Does your kid dread that daily, boring walk to and from school? Or do they spend too much time on the TV during their free time? Well, maybe it’s high time you introduced some alternative fun to these boring experiences. What better way to do this than getting scooters for your kids?

Scooters for toddlers have been in the market for more than once century; they may all look alike from face value, but they have differences. With the various models flooding the market currently, it can be a challenge trying to pick out the best for your toddler. Notably, some scooters may be recommended for teenagers but can still be used by experienced toddlers. As such, we hope to make your shopping process easier by outlining the crucial details about them.

Best scooter for toddler’s comparison table

Name of scooter Dimensions




Number of wheels Recommended age( years)
MICRO SPRITE KICK SCOOTER 13.8 × 3.9 × 36.6 7.55 2 8 +
RAZOR A3 KICK SCOOTER 27.2 × 8.4 × 4.3 7 2 5 +
GLOBBER EVO 3 WHEEL CONVERTIBLE SCOOTER 27 × 21.5 × 11 3.5 3 2 to 5


55 × 22 × 67 3.3 3 1 to 5


18.1 × 4 × 14.2 5 4 1 to 3


12.5 × 2.5 × 11 15 2 13 +


21 × 4.5 × 24 3.3 3 2 to 5
MONGOOSE 12” EXPO SCOOTER 48 × 26.5 × 33 20 2 6 +


Top 10 Scooter Bikes for Toddlers on Amazon Reviews

[amazon table=”30874″]

1.Best all around kick scooter


[amazon box=”B00C5DDUGG” template=”vertical”]

The legendary micro sprite is a pure scooter ideal for the young kids. It is small enough and can handle a weight of 220 pounds when rugged enough. It is a great family “car” because adults can also use it. It has two adjustable handlebars that extend up to 34 inches hence the child’s growth does not limit its usage. It measures only 5.5 pounds, and its wheels are large enough to handle both cracks and bumps easily.

Why we like it

It does not occupy a paramount parking space since it is stored by folding. Its handlebar adjustments make it ideal to be used by many children of different sizes.

2.Best two wheel scooter


[amazon box=”B076FYLGM2″ template=”vertical”]

This is an incredibly sturdy model designed for the children aged 3 years and above. It comes in two colors; blue and pick. It has two polymer wheels at the back which maintain the scooter’s balance and one front wheel used for turning the handlebar. Razor 3 has big and soft foam handlebars that increase comfortability and also ensures that the child retains a confident grip. It’s compact, easy to carry, and its folding mechanism allows you to pack or store without fuss.

Why we like it

Razor A3 has a notable full deck for your child to stand on. The body is covered with a non-slippery material for safety. We recommend this scooter to the starters who want build their balancing before moving on to the faster models.

3.Best 3 wheel scooter:


[amazon box=”B075H13W4R” template=”vertical”]

This sleek model is designed for kids below 6 years. The front set of wheels is broad enough for stability while the back wheel has a powerful brake and a fender. It is an appealing scooter for the young ones as it comes with inbuilt LED lights that are activated by spinning. It has a sturdy ride on seat suitable and a detachable handlebar hence the scooter can merely be used as a push bike sometimes. Globber Evo 3 has a secure lock button that releases the seat when the child is ready.

Why we like it

The adjustable handlebars do not only make the Globber comfortable for the child alone but also for you when pushing the toddler. You can use the scooter as a push bike when you remove the handlebar.

4.Best Scooter Bike For A Toddler:


[amazon box=”B073QPSJ4M” template=”vertical”]

This scooter is designed for the young toddlers below 5 years. It has two wide wheels on the front and one fullback wheel which provide an excellent balancing. The base is placed low enough for the kids and is covered with a non- slippery material for safety purposes. Since most toddlers need additional help from their parents, the scooter comes with an extra attachable seat and O-bar. When the kid is ready, the O bar can be detached and replaced with the regular T bar.

Why we like it

Micro mini 3 in 1 is a simple scooter with a few tools hence easy to ride. We like the fact that it comes with both O and T handlebars. When the child is not stable enough, you can let them use the O handlebar and later detach it when they are ready.

5.Best Sitting Scoter For Toddlers


[amazon box=”B000I44P90″ template=”vertical”]

Razor Pocket Mod is a vintage- toy- designed scooter suitable for teenagers. It stands a capacity of up to 170 pounds which is ideal for the electric scooters. Pocket Mod is one of the latest Razors with a chain based motor. The motor has a twist grip accelerator that goes at a maximum speed of 15mph. When fully charged; it covers 40 miles in 40 minutes. The wheels have a width of 12 inches thus they are sturdy and can absorb the nasty shocks. It has two sealed batteries of 12 volts each.

Why we like it

Razor Pocket Mod has funky looks. The vintage design comes with plenty of amazing colors including Navy, Vapor, Pink, Hot Red, Sweet Pea and Betty. Both genders would enjoy pushing this toy to practice or class.

6.Best Wooden scooter for toddlers-


[amazon box=”B00BHEEHP2″ template=”vertical”]

This four-wheeled wooden scooter is perfectly designed for your child’s speedy escapades. It is simple, rugged yet very beautiful. Hape scoot is designed scooter suitable for kids between 1 and 5 years. It is precisely hand painted and handcrafted to with heirloom quality to stand many riding hours. It is rugged, yet very beautiful. Hape scoot scooter has a weight of 5 pounds but can hold up to a capacity of 120 pounds.

The foot-powered rider is sturdy and easy to use hence it increases both motor skills and confidence in your child. It is made from child safe materials and non-toxic materials.

7.Best Electric scooter


[amazon box=”B00WNM1JPS” template=”vertical”]

This is one of the most potent beasts that is not designed for the small kids. It is used by the teenagers above 13 years and adults. It is a bad, big and chunky scooter that should not be confused with a “kiddy toy.” Although it has a hefty price tag, engineering has been heavily invested in it hence the results of open. It has impressive motor packs that propel the heavy riders at 1000 watts at a speed of 26mph. More to the outstanding speed is a dual suspension, adjustable seat and dual disk brakes.

Why we like it

UberScott 1000W provides a hushed performance. It also allows you to customize your quick ride with a wide variety of colors and options. The scooter is maintenance free thus you don’t have to fiddle with the body or chain alignment.

8.Best Mini scooter


[amazon box=”B07BR3Q2R7″ template=”vertical”]

This is a Swiss-designed surfboard that teaches children how to maintain body balance when riding a scooter. It is designed with high-grade polyurethane and the wide-bodied deck dutifully layered with highly flexible fiberglass. The micro mini original is suitable for the small kids below 6 years, hence, in many cases, adult assistance is required. The dutiful combination provides optimum sturdiness, strength and structural integrity for a smoother ride.

Why we like it

The sturdy 2-front wheel configuration is quite ingenious. It has a low deck that ensures that the toddlers land safely in case they lose balance. It is the best for teaching children how to shift their weight in different direction hence it enhances their balance mechanism.

9.Best Frozen scooter


[amazon box=”B00ODAVOSU” template=”vertical”]

If you have an adventurous child aged 3 and above, this is the ideal scooter for them. The pretty Disney frozen 3- wheel allows little children to share their moments with the coolest sisters ever, Anna and Elsa. Imaginations soar when they start riding on the non-slip value deck. It is decorated with the movie graphics that made these sisters famous. The wheels are made of PVC tyres while the frame is made of steel. The scooter has a handle bag located at the front beneath the handlebars where your little girl can store her favorite treasures while scooting down the sidewalks. The handlebar grips are fluttered with bright streamers.

Why we like it

Huffy preschool scooter has sturdy handlebars that make the small children feel confident as they ride. The Elsa and Anna graphics make the scooter look beautiful and also creates fun for the children who ride with the imagination that they are in the company of the two lovely sisters.

10.Best off-road scooter


[amazon box=”B01KF5B69I” template=”vertical”]

Just like a bicycle, the mongoose seat is dropped down. It has axle pegs that perform all BMX- style tricks and stunts. Both wheels have 12-inch pneumatic tyres suitable for both the smooth and rough surface rides. Mongoose 12″ is designed for the older kids above 6 years since who can drive in the rough terrains. It has a hand-operated brake caliper for safe and efficient stopping. The only drawback is that it’s a bit bulky compared to the others, but they allow the kids learn how to balance well in the rugged surfaces.

Why we like it

Mongoose has tread tyres that safely negotiates rough and paved surfaces. The caliper brakes guarantee enough safety hence the child does not need close monitoring.

Buying Tips when Choosing a Scooter for Your Kids

What could possibly determine what scooters to go for? Well, most parents would consider the safety of their kids while other may see the need to look at other aspect like quality and age recommendation. Scooters come in different materials, styles, price ranges and quality levels. Selecting the right scooter can, therefore, be daunting. However, you need not worry as because we got your back. We have, therefore, put together the most crucial tips to consider when choosing a scooter for your little one.


Most scooters are found in two, three or four wheels. For the more experienced children who have learnt how to balance their body, two wheels are okay for them. For the tolddlers who are still not sturdy enough, there or four wheels are ideal for them because they provide additional stability.

Both the material and size of a scooter wheel make a significant difference when riding on a sidewalk path or over the bumps. A pliable and softer material provides better shock absorption than the larger one. This means that, for the toddlers, you should choose a front wheel with a size of at least 100mm.

To be on the safe side, ensure that the wheels roll smoothly and have a high-quality bearing. If they don’t, the child’s muscles will get worn up easily, and they might lose interest in the game.

Deck height

It’s a life fact that kids will occasionally fall off. The distance between the ground and the deck determines how far they will fall and if they will be injured or not. Another factor about the deck height is that your child will find it a challenge to climb the scoot if the distance is high. So for the toddlers, ensure that you choose a scooter with small deck height.

Protrusions/sharp edges

Most scooters for kids have adjustable handlebars. Whether they are made of aluminum or other materials, the parts of the adjustment mechanism can protrude and injure the child. It’s therefore vital to choose a scooter that does not have any sharp edge.

Hand grips

The hand grips come in either foam or rubber. Rubber grips do not soil easily and are more durable than foam grips. The rubber handgrips wrap around and cover the handlebars entirely hence reducing the need for end plugs. When using foam grips, the handlebars ends are plugged with either metal or plastic which occasionally cause burrs or scratches when they touch the ground. These burrs and scratches can injure the child’s hands.

How Children Benefit from Scooters

Scooters are fun

Scootering is a good way of enjoying the exciting sounds and sights around you as well as getting fresh air. Gliding over pavements brings a sensation that walking alone cannot provide. Get your children scooters to use them in parks and you will notice the non-desirable walking elements like tiredness and sore feet will be reduced.

Develop balance

One of the significant benefits of using a scooter is the balance. A scooter is powered by the kick, but balance propels it. Scooters help kids to know how to balance their weight; hence their upper bodies and muscles are developed.

Build confidence

The kid’s sense of tolerance is increased by the ability to meet small goals such as riding for a specific distance, and this energizes them; eventually increases their confidence level.

Health benefit

Scootering is a physical activity; thus it has health benefits. Physical activities increase heart metabolism, keeps both the veins and arteries clear, strengthens bones, strengthens lungs, and enhances the child’s well being. This leads to a happier and healthier lifestyle!

They teach safety

Just like a skateboard or bike, children will fall while under scooter training. We, therefore, recommend the children to wear protective helmets and gears such as knee and elbow pads. Through the scooter learning process, children can understand why it’s essential to protect their bodies; and the consequences of failing to do so.

Enhance cognitive development

Children enjoy making personal decisions. With Scootering, they get independence and freedom to develop their ideas. Exploring a scooter enables children to explore capabilities and therefore; build their imagination.

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Develop motor and gross skills

All actions that make children use their muscles are called motor skills. Riding scooters are one of them. It helps them to endure, coordinate and gain overall strength. The more the activities the child engages in, the more the motor skills are developed. Motor skills help a kid to balance and steer bikes well in the future.

The Most Important Features of a Scooter

how to choose a Scooter

Brakes– Although some scooters do not have a braking system, most of them either have a rear- wheel foot brake or handbrake. However, whichever scooter you buy for your child, ensure that they don’t leave the house without checking if the brakes are firm. Remember to take the scooter for regular checking services.

Steering- Most scooters for kids have an upright “T” handlebar system while others have a caster scooter- where the child shifts both left and right to steer the scooter. Educate your child how to use it and if they are still young, hold the steers while they are riding to maintain balance.

Wheels- Scooter wheels are designed according to the type of terrain they are meant for. For example, some wheels should be used for indoors and others for outdoors. The bigger wheels provide better stability but require more energy to push. Some scooters for kids use the standard skate; hence it’s easy to upgrade or replace them. The scooters also have different number of wheels, thus you should ask the one will suit your child well.

Battery indicator- The ability of a scooter battery to hold charge determines how you will use it; invest in the one that perfectly matches your needs. When riding, the battery indicator ensures that you don’t get stranded, it is placed on the control panel and cam either be LCD bar or colored light. If your child is aged enough, educate them on how to check the remaining power while riding.

Lights and signals- Scooter lights are essential because they allow you to ride in any weather, and at any time of the day. This means that your schedule is retained in whatever condition. Other lights, like brake and turning signals lights, allows you to ride in the public safely. It is, therefore, crucial to learn how to use them correctly especially when on steep slopes or in busy traffic.

Security Measures for Scooters

It is with no doubt that keeping your scooter away from theft and vandalism is your number one priority. First and foremost, you will require a keyed ignition to keep off the unauthorized users. There are some scooters for kids that come with anti-theft alarms. Just like the standard car alarms, they emit high sounds when tampered with. Always remember to switch it on when you are leaving it unattended.

  • When you buy your child a new scooter, train them on flat grounds as you watch their progress. If they show a positive response, scoot them in the on the rigged grounds and later on the steep surfaces.
  • Educate them to be streetwise and to avoid scooting along pave ways. If they want to scoot along a busy highway, let them ensure that there is no traffic.
  • To minimize injuries, encourage your little one to wear shoes instead of sandals or barefoot when scooting. This will protect their toes from getting stubbed in case they accidentally hit a pavement.
  • If possible, let your kid put on bright clothes before they head for scooting. Bright garments make them visible hence accidents are minimized.
  • Carry out a routine check up on the brakes to ensure that they are firm. Many scooter firms provide replacement parts.

Out Top Pick of Scooter for Toddlers

Micro mini 3-in-1 kick scooter

We found this to be the most suitable scooter for toddlers. It has a set of wide wheels at the front and one at the back for maximum stability. The base is placed low enough for the toddler hence they don’t need assistance once they learn how to balance. The design is simple, with less extra tools; thus it’s easy for your child to get the basics within a short period. Micro mini was among the first scooters to provide a wide range of convenient options; fit for all stages of child development. It has won innovation accolades, and it was selected the parents’ choice and best toy in 2012 at Nuremberg Toy Fair!

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