The Greatest Books of All Time for Your Children (2-15)


Many children were growing up along with the books, and I honestly doubt that there is a child who hasn’t heard of at least one fairy tale or a child story at the earliest childhood. From all my heart, I recommend you several classic tales. Read them to your baby when she goes to bed. Read them to your child during the whole childhood. Encourage your child to read them on her own. Fairy tales and child stories will help your child to be a healthy and happy person one day.

Great Fairy Tale Books for 2-5 Year-Old-Children

Fairy tales which you should read to your baby – before she begins to read them again by her own


Officially, Charles Perrault wrote the most popular version of ‘Cinderella’ in 17th-century. We know that these days there are a huge number of traditional variants of this fairy tale including Chinese version from a 9th-century AD and ancient Egypt’s story ‘The Girl with the Rose Red Slippers’. Also, countless modern tales are inspired by this incredible fairy tale such as Walt Disney’s cartoon, the novel and the movie ‘Ella Enchanted’, and the blockbuster movie ‘Pretty Woman’.

It is a story about the nice girl which kind and honest heart is stronger than all the evil and jealousy in the world. She lives with her wicked step-mother and two jealous step-sisters who force her to work hard all day long. She manages to finish all obligations only thanks to the good fairy that helps her. In the end, she deserves the deep love of a beautiful prince. Let your child thoroughly enjoy such a wonderful tale. Thanks to this fairy tale, your little one will learn that kindness is a great power. She can see that she shouldn’t give up believing in her dreams and that love will happen when she least expects it.

Little Red Riding Hood

All-Time Best Books for Toddlers

Little Red Riding Hood is a pretty modern heroine. I suppose that the original intention of this tale was to warn children to be obeyed and to follow parent’s directions. Anyway, a rebellious girl went to her grandmother’s home with clear instructions to use the forest path. She ignored mother’s advice and enjoyed walking through the forest when a wolf spotted her. The beast ate her Grandma and waited for the girl in the house.

The end of this fairy tale is different depending on a version. French version from 17th-century said that the wolf gobbled the girl up. In many other versions in Europe, China, US, or Japan, a ranger saved her at the last minute. There is also a version that the wolf ate both grandma and the girl, but the ranger stabbed the beast and saved them. In any case, this is the beautiful and instructive tale appropriate for children of all ages.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Snow White is a princess who runs away from the evil queen, gets into the woods, and meets seven dwarfs there. Many generations have enjoyed this extraordinary tale written by Brothers Grimm. But, this fairy tale started to be world-renowned after Walt Disney had made it as his first animated full-length cartoon. I haven’t met any kid who doesn’t love this tender story. Thanks to this fairy tale, children can learn that life is better in with good friends, that someone is always there to help them, and that goodness will help them beat all the misfortunes.

Sleeping Beauty

All-Time Best Books for Toddlers

Meet the beautiful princess who pricked her finger on a spindle and fell down dead on her 16th birthday because a wicked fairy had cursed her. Her century-long snooze could break only a prince who needed to kiss a beauty. This fairy tale was written in Iceland during 13th-century, but we could find it all across Europe and even in The Arabian Nights. Russian composer Tchaikovsky wrote the Sleeping Beauty ballet in 1890. When your child grows up, you can go to the opera together and enjoy her favorite fairy tale in an ‘adult’ version.

Thanks to this fairy tale, kids will learn that they need to be very cautious with strangers and that their bravery in life will lead to a reward as it happens to a persistent prince. Plus, reading that tale to your little one, you will show her that the family is the most significant support for her.

Beauty and the Beast

What a story! The beautiful Belle decided to live with a beast in order to save her daddy’s life. In the beginning, she afraid of the Beast, but her goodness helped him unearth his human side. It is initially a French story, but today it is one of the most popular fairy tales in the world. There is also a beautiful Disney’s cartoon version which can help even younger children to enjoy this incredible tale.

Thanks to Belle, your kid will learn a few valuable lessons. First, she will reveal the importance of the family. Second, she will understand that being a vain person is not a good choice in life. Third, your child will see that she always needs to stand up for her moral values and to avoid being the biggest enemy to herself. And, the most important, she will understand that the true value of every person is inside her soul.

Books for Toddlers (Up to 5 Years Old)

Are You My Mother?, P.D. Eastman

It is a simple illustrated story for a child who already knows to read on her own or with your help. Your kid will surely enjoy the gentle story about a baby bird who tries to find its mother on a long journey. Every time a little bird meets someone, it asks a question – ‘Are You My Mom?’

The primary goal of the book is to encourage your kid to love books and make her wants to go on reading. You can ask your child to explain why confused baby bird always gets the answer ‘No’ every single time when it asks a question ‘Are you my mom?’ to various animals. This compelling book is an excellent teaching tool for a kid who starts to learn reading. Try it!

White Fang, Jack London

I can only say – it’s a fantastic novel. The main character is a wild wolf-dog who lives during the 1890s in the Northwest Territories and Yukon Territory in Canada. Reading a book, your child will travel with White Fang to his domestication.

This book is a unique opportunity for your kid to familiarize with a wild world and to explore how animals view humans. Through this story, every kid will get an excellent lesson about loyalty, redemption morality, and trust. You can start reading this book to your kid or let her learn letters and take it as one of the first books which she will read by herself.

Where the Wild Things Are, Maurice Sendak

best books for toddler

Your child will deeply enjoy this beautifully illustrated book full of monsters, hilarious scariness, and mischief. The author wrote this book about his own childhood in Brooklyn. On one interesting and fun way, he described his relationship with parents. Believe or not, we are talking about a book written half a century ago which is one of the dearest children’s books these days. Moreover, it has inspired an opera and an excellent movie.

It’s a story of only 338 words about a Max, the boy who dressed a wolf costume and made a chaos in the house. Therefore he was sent to bed without supper. During the night he sailed to an island where only beasts inhabited. He was hailed as the king of the ‘Wild Things’, but very soon started to feel lonely. Coming back to his home, the boy discovered a hot supper waiting for him. Loving this book, children will learn to eat whatever they want, even ‘inedible’ things and to try to keep their innocence as long as possible. Also, they can learn to embrace getting older. It’s so natural.

Baby Faces, By DK Books

This book is perfect for young toddlers. You can read your kid aloud, show her various photos in the book, and encourage her to learn how to recognize expressions, colors, and shapes. Your child will easily learn differences between sleepy face, happy face, sad face, or silly one. Well, thanks to this amazing book, she will learn much, much more than that.

Sparkly title and double-page are designed for babies up to six months. This book will stimulate interaction between a baby and her mom and help with boosting social IQ of your kid. After looking at all the baby-faces in the book, you can encourage your kid to make a happy face when a smiling baby appears or to make a sleepy face with a sleepy baby on the photo.

How I Became a Pirate, Melinda Long

It is a fantastic book for your toddler that will bring her on the voyage where she doesn’t need to go to sleep at a particular bedtime and can eat whatever she wants, even in bed. She will live with dear pirates, go on a journey all around an ocean, and enjoy a grand life. Big WOW for every kid!

But, on this journey kids can’t read, can’t play with grandmas, and there are no moms to kiss them for good night. Thanks to little Jeremy (the main character), your kid will learn that things are not what they look at first sight. For every child, their home is the best place for living. Plus, this is an amusing and funny book with great colors. Your kid will enjoy.

Ballet Cat: The Totally Secret, Bob Shea

The easy and simple vocabulary using in this book is perfect for early readers. Your kid will enjoy a story of a pony and a cat who try to decide what to play that day. During reading, your little one will learn how to express her desires and to avoid compromising a friendship at the same time.

Books for 6-8-Year-Old Children

The Dragon Princess, E.D. Baker

It is actually a modern fairy tale but for older toddlers. Your kid will enjoy the story of Millie, an unusual cursed princess and her best friends – a wizard, a troll, and a vampire. They save imprisoned dragons and fight with polar bears on their way to the Frozen North and the Blue Witch who can remove the curse.  Oh, yes. I’ve almost forgotten, when this princess gets angry, she turns into a wild green fire-breathing dragon! Enjoy this imaginative story of friendship, love and a struggle of a girl who has a will to achieve her own goal in life. If you ask me, it’s the excellent lesson for your kid.

Black Beauty, Anna Sewell

best books for children


Let your kid read this classic tale about a horse and its point of view. It’s an excellent way for your kid to learn about other creatures’ consideration and relationships. After enjoying the book, you can watch an excellent and touchy film adaptation of this 1877 classic novel together.

This beautiful horse spent its early life happy. Traveling all over the country during its life, it tasted people’s cruelty and bitterness as well as tenderness and kindness. I believe that this famous tale will teach your kid how important is to be a kind and good human being, and how she needs to treat other people and animals in her life.

Winnie: The True Story of the Bear Who Inspired Winnie-the-Pooh, Sally M. Walker, and Jonathan D. Voss

Harry Colebourn was a vet and a Canadian soldier. When he saw that people wanted to sale a cute baby bear, he decided to buy it and take care of it. Baby bear got a name Winnie (short for Winnipeg). After that day, Winnie followed Harry everywhere and became the regiment’s mascot. While he was in a battle, Winnie lived at the London Zoo.

This heartwarming story is the real tale of the bear that really existed and inspired a well-known tale of the Winnie the Pooh. Your kid has an incredible opportunity to learn about compassion, love, and friendship in a unique and enchanting way.

Little Prince, Antoine De Saint-Exupery

This moral allegory is the most translated French book in the history of literature. It is a gentle tale of a little boy who decides to leave his own safe, tiny planet and to travel the universe. At one point he even arrives at Earth.

All the time this little boy discusses a system of values and the importance of looking beyond the surface. The little Prince will give your child an incredible piece of advice how to avoid hiding her true feelings because it can cost her all important things in life. This book is ‘must read’ for both children and parents. Once you read this book, you will return to it, again and again, the whole your life.

Happy Birthday, Moon, Frank Asch

Moon-bear was born in May. He suddenly discovered that he shared his birthday with the moon and decided to give his ‘nighttime friend’ something special for a birthday’s present. But, there was a dilemma, what to buy the moon? This book is a perfect choice for preschoolers. They will find an explanation what real friendship is and what the point of birthdays is. Plus they can get basic knowledge about science.

Harold and the Purple Crayon, By Crockett Johnson

During one ordinary night, Harold and his trusty purple crayon started their walk in the moonlight, and suddenly they fell into a circus. Using his imagination and a crayon, the boy drew a landscape full of excitement. Throughout this book, your kid will learn, on a colorful and fun way, how to control her own destiny, set a goal in life, to be creative, and even how to solve problems in life.

Books for 8-12-Year-Old Children

Matilda, Roald Dahl

Books for 8-12-Year-Old Children


It is the Dahl’s last full-length book. Reading it, young readers will enjoy an unforgettable tale about Matilda, a five-and-a-half-year-old girl who is too good to be real. All problems in life she solves reading Dickens. Even though she’s a teacher’s pet and super-nerd, her classmates love her. At the other hand, she has two self-centered parents and a school principal who doesn’t love her. But, her patience and intelligence help her manages to overcome all the problems.

Matilda will teach your kid how to treat people with respect, using a good moral. Also, your child will get a lesson about believing in herself when no one else does and how to stand up for what she believes.

How to Train your Dragon: How to Fight a Dragon’s Fury, Cressida Cowell

All books from the ‘How to train your dragon’ series are excellent. It is the last (twelfth) book which belongs to this series. It discovers to your child what occurs at the end of the war between humans and dragons. After so many adventures, your dearest one will find out what happens to the dragons.

This fantastic book will teach your kid to be herself because the best way in life is to accept who you are. Reading this book, your child will learn the importance of searching for the truth, working with nature, and be courageous.

To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee

This unforgettable novel is a story about a childhood in a Southern town, and racial tensions through the eyes of one sweet six-year-old girl. Defending a black man accused of rape, Scout’s father teaches her and her friends about the prejudiced treatment of African-Americans in the US.

Your child will discover the roots of human behavior reading this fantastic book. She will find out differences between people’s kindness, innocence, cruelty, and hatred at the same time. Unbelievable, but Mrs. Lee honestly believed that this masterpiece of American literature she wrote was just a simple love story.

Books for 12+ -Year-Old Children

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain

The crucial value of this book is a wonderfully imaginative description of an adventure of a boy along the Mississippi River. It’s an excellent story with unforgettable characters and a quest for freedom. Huckleberry Finn gives children the important lessons. He let them understand how some accepted moral values of a society can be wrong if we are not careful enough. Your child can learn the importance of individual conscience as a high valued guide in life.

Daddy-Long-Legs, Jean Webster

Books for 12+ -Year-Old Children


Let your teenager read this gentle story of eighteen-year-old orphan Jerusha Abbott. Knowing that a mysterious millionaire pays her education, she starts to pretend that she has a ‘family’ like every other kid. Her beloved ‘Daddy-Long-Legs’ is the only father she has ever had. Unfortunately, her ‘dad’ chooses to be anonymous. Jerusha sends him numerous letters about her progress in school, her everyday life, and strong desire to meet him. This popular modern-day tale is a tender story about the power of awakening love and shows us how important the family is in the life of every child.

The Diary of Anne Frank, Anne Frank

Millions of people have already read this book, and it’s translated into 55 languages. Can you imagine the life of this thirteen-old-girl who was forced to spend her young life in the attic, and to write a diary about her emotions, love, and the strong will for life instead to live as a free human being?

This book is probably the most terrible documents of the 20th century and humankind cruelty, but also a deep reminder that the human spirit is indestructible. Escaping the cruelty of Nazi occupiers, Anne and her family hid in an Amsterdam building for two long years. This book is actually her diary as a record of that shameful and hard time.

Recommend this book to your teenager and let her knows what the real value of freedom is. Through this story, your child will learn to have the courage to be what she really is. She will see that it’s crucial for her to never give up on her dreams regardless of circumstances. After all these years, Anne teaches every child that people are good underneath the surface, that life is beautiful, and that everyone needs to be happy thinking of all the beauty around.

It is the truth that there is ‘Too Many Books and Too Little Time’. Teach your child that books are a real value in life and that reading will enrich her soul and mind. The man is not wealthy if he has a lot of money. The truly rich man is the one who has read a lot of books during his lifetime.

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