My Top 6 Sources for Great Throw Pillows


Life is so much better with cute throw pillows, don’t you think? They just have this way of adding warmth, color, and personality to any living space. And they sure have come a long way too.

From the humdrum throw pillows for couch that we grew up to know to the really spectacular custom throw pillows we find these days.

Today, we are joining the craze for cute throw pillows and that’s why we are bringing to you six of the best decorative throw pillows to your screens.

Already panicking at the thought of making a decision? Don’t worry. We don’t just have cute throw pillows, we also have a fast guide to help you make a decision.

Come on, let’s get to it. But first, a quick look at this comparison table.

  Dimensions Weight Material Filling Color
Pillow Perfect 18.5×11.5×5 inches 1.79*2 pounds Polyester Polyester fiber Black/white polka dot
Brentwood 2073 13x4x18 inches 1.5 pounds Woven chenille Polyester Horizon
Tina’s Home 18x18c3 inches 2 pounds 65% polyester, 35% cotton Down/feather Teal
Rivet Throw Pillow 17x17x3 inches Cotton/polyester Fiber Spice
Cheer Collection 18x18x5 inches 2 pounds Faux fur/microplush Not specified Purple
Brentwood 3438 24x4x24 inches 2.5 pounds Polyester 100% polyester Rio Red


Top 6 Throw Pillows Buying Guide

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1. Pillow Perfect Decorative Black/White Throw Pillows

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Alright, check out these really stylish monochrome throw pillows. We love how they look very unassuming yet silently sophisticated and classy. If you’re going for a sophisticated, modern look in your home, here are a couple of throw pillows that must make it home in your cart. Aside the aesthetics, these pillows come very well made. It’s obvious the quality of work put into each of these pillows. Investing in these will surely not be money down the drain.

We also love the fabric used in making these babies as well… Pretty solid material. And you can tell that they will stand up to almost anything. Feel free to use them as outdoor throw pillows as well because they will fit right in. And one more thing about monochrome? You can hardly go wrong in it. it will go with almost any color in your house. Is your sofa red, yellow, or even green? These black and white throw pillows will definitely make them come alive.

What We Like About Them: These are excellently made throw pillows. And the fabric of choice is of superior quality which means that they will last. The color combination is also totally rad.

What We Didn’t Like About Them: Well, it’s not really a flaw per se (it’s hard to fault these babies), only that some folks might prefer a larger size. But then, it’s just personal preference.

2. Brentwood Originals 2073 Carnival Stripe Toss Pillow

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So, next, we turn to a muted color combination. Check out this throw pillow with its demure earthy tones. It creates a soothing and calming aura in your home, making anyone coming feel at home almost immediately. We love how this pillow looks very high end even though it’s pretty affordable. The colors, the fabric, the workmanship on the pillow, everything screams excellence. It does look like a pillow that will hold its own for many years to come too.

Although this isn’t exactly a large throw pillow, it’s still quite spacious and comfy enough to accommodate your head while watching TV. Whether you’re looking to match a brown couch or a blue rug, you’re sure making a fantastic choice with this throw pillow. In fact, make that a set of these pillows.

What We Liked About It: We loved the earthy tone of this pillow. It’s natural and gives a warm, calm and soothing ambience to any space. The pillow is also somewhat large, at least, large enough to support a head. Plus, the fabric and filling are of high quality. This pillow will definitely be around for a number of years.

What We Didn’t Like About It: Well, we do love this pillow and it is quite durable. However, one or two customers have noticed that the pillow does start to get flattened after several years. But then again, maybe that’s not such a big deal, since you’ll most probably have changed your tastes before then.

3. Tina’s Home Geometric Throw Pillows 

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Down! Yay! Oh the fluffiness! This is one really fluffy throw pillow, we can assure you. Coming with a down/feather insert, you can be sure that your head, hands, are in for a treat. Of course, you shouldn’t forget to fluff up your pillow before using it to get all that fluffy goodness.

Alright moving on from the fluffiness… We love the beautiful teal color of this throw pillow. It’s sweet and cute, and brings this sense of serenity into a space. If you don’t care much for teal, it’s okay. This throw pillow from Tina’s Home comes in so many other color options – including yellow throw pillows. And by many, we mean many. There’s a vast array of colors to run through.

Because this throw pillow isn’t really tough, it’s best to keep it indoors. It won’t be advisable to use them as outdoor throw pillows though, they don’t have the toughness for such a purpose. For maintenance, this pillow comes with a zipper, so you can easily take off the cover and wash as at when due. Please there is no ban on washing throw pillow covers. So, don’t forget to wash from time to time.

What We Liked About It: This is a really beautiful throw pillow and it comes with down filling! This is just fluffiness and what are pillows made for other than to look pretty and feel fluffy?!

What We Didn’t Like About It: This is a really delicate throw pillow and you have to be careful with how you maintain it. For instance, it requires hand washing and not everyone can afford that time.

4. Rivet Mudcloth-Inspired Pillow 

[amazon box=”B074VLRN76″ template=”vertical”]

The very thing that draws you in about this pillow is how it keeps you guessing. It’s not a red throw pillow but you can’t call it orange either and it’s definitely not brown. It’s just in a class of its own. Perhaps, the color that comes closest in describing the color of this throw pillow is rusty. As you can probably tell, this is a pillow for that certain class of people. It’s got this modern yet conservative feel to it. You really can’t box it up into one space. It’s very versatile and will go perfectly with various kinds of personalities, tastes, and living spaces.

There’s no point worrying about the durability of this pillow. It’s just an emotion wasted because a mere look at this pillow will show you that it is made from quality fabric down to the zipper. It works wonders as an outdoor throw pillow. Customers who have tried this return happy campers with tons of testimonials for this one pillow.

What We Like About It: We love the tribal thing that Rivet plays with in the design of this pillow. They are simple and versatile with the ability to blend in with any personality or taste customers might be gunning for.

What We Didn’t Like It: Well, this isn’t a manufacturing flaw or anything. Or maybe it is… Anyway, quite a number of customers had problems with the fact that their pillows were not as advertised when they arrived. This is about the colors though but aside that, this pillow rocks!

5. Cheer Collection Set of 2 Decorative Throw Pillows

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Purple is the color of elegance and royalty. So, you can see why our reviews today will be incomplete without purple throw pillows. And wow, here’s another super soft throw pillow. It is as soft as… we don’t know… as soft as melting chocolate! Lol. This pillow comes with two sides and each of these sides is made with really crazily fluffy material. On one hand, you have the faux fur. And then on the other, you have microplush. Oh we could just drown in all that fluffiness!

Aright, back to work.

Even though these pillows come with a lot of materials that add up to make them soft, it’s amazing how they never shed a strand. Trust us, that’s literally a miracle and one less worry. You already clean up after yourself and several others. It’s no use adding a throw pillow to the mix. Now, one thing to note, these pillows come vacuum sealed so they might require some time to achieve their actual size and fluffiness. But it doesn’t take a very long time either. In barely hours, your pillows should be up and fluffy.

What We Liked About Them: We loved their softness. These babies are really soft and so cozy. Plus, these are purple throw pillows, a fantastic color choice to make your home look elegant and high class.

What We Didn’t Like About Them: Well, we feel like the manufacturers could have made this to be a little chunkier. It does appear to be (and feel) a little too flat for most people’s tastes. Other than that, they are sweet!

6. Brentwood 3438 Crown Chenille Floor Cushion 

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Now, we’re going to wrap up our reviews today with this large throw pillow from Brentwood. It is really large – that is, about 24 inches, which is 2 feet. It works as a fantastic floor pillow and can be used for a very widely varying number of purposes. If you want to, you could use it as arm support, or you could use it for your head when napping. There’s really no limit to what you can use this pillow to do.

Now, that said, there’s a little snafu here. Well, according to the manufacturers, this pillow is made of chenille but we beg to disagree slightly. The pillow feels good against the skin. Nonetheless, it, in no means, has that characteristic chenille softness. But then again, it’s somewhat understandable if you consider the fact that it is also made to be used on the floor as a floor pillow. For something that is expected to be on the floor quite frequently, durability is of the essence. So, it’s understandable how the pillows are a bit tough to the feel.

So, to the decorative function of this pillow. There are several color options to choose from. This particular throw pillow on review is plain and red which makes it quite versatile. You can use it both indoors and outdoors and with almost any home décor theme.

What We Like About It: First of all, this is a large throw pillow and you can hardly go wrong with large throw pillows. Plus, they are also usable as floor pillows as well. tThe color is bold and attractive and it feels comfortable to hold.

What We Didn’t Like About It: Well, we didn’t like how we expected to feel chenille and then ended up feeling something else. The material used for this pillow feels a bit tougher than chenille. So, you might want to watch out for that.

Tips for Creating A Wow Effect in Your Home with Throw PillowsHome with Throw Pillows

There are several ways you can make your home look totally awesome with throw pillows. But first of all, it depends on the kind of look you’re hoping to achieve in your home.

While some people prefer a traditional look, others prefer a more modern look. Whatever look you want, we have a few tips and tricks that could make your home look totally rad with cute throw pillows.

For A Modern LookThrow Pillows For A Traditional Look

  1. Try to use a few, odd numbered pillows like five or three. This is more modern than pairing which is more suited to a traditional style. Also, try to use fewer big pillows than many smaller sized ones.
  2. Try out large sized pillows other small ones. Something between 18 and 24 inches across should be okay. Also, go for pillows that show a solid pattern or a solid color. Oblong shaped pillows are quite unusual and stylish. You could also try that as well.
  3. Fabrics like linen or cotton are best for creating a modern ambience. Try to stay with a limited color palette. But if you’re more artsy and prefer a colorful setting then you can try this well-known tip. Try to use colors already found in an artistic piece in the room.
  4. Trim is more traditional than modern but there’s a way to use it such that it doesn’t detract from the modern ambience you’re trying to create. Just ensure that the trim you use is similar to the primary hue of the pillow.

For A Traditional LookThrow Pillows For A Traditional Look

  1. For a traditional looking space, throw pillows typically come in pairs. Think of having about two or four pillows and arrange them on either side of your sofa. By doing this, you could give your living space a semblance of order and symmetry.
  2. The size of throw pillows to go for depends on the size of your sofa actually. However, for a really stunning look, go for both. Pair large throw pillows with small ones. Actually, go for large square pillows and pair them with small round pillows or square ones.
  3. For choice of fabric, silk and velvet are totally amazing. But if you want to keep things even more lively, why not try an array of textures? You can mix up busy patters with really simple ones, complicated designs with easy ones or a print with solid.
  4. Keep the big trim for the big pillows. It gives them more, you know, oomph! If you go for smaller throw pillows, then try going with way simpler trim. For instance, you could try cord or braid.

To round this off, check out our next sub…

6 Tips to Picking the Best Throw Pillows for Your Room

  1. Consider The Size Of The Pillows: Standard sized pillows (that’s an 18-inch square) for standard size sofas. For a low-back, modern sofa, go with a 16 inch throw pillow. If you want to create a more relaxed ambience though, then go for oversize pillows of about 24 inches.
  2. Consider The Fill: Feather and down will give you the most squishy feel but then again, it’s the costliest. Aside feather-and-down, manufacturers could also use synthetic fills like foam which are less expensive. But then again, they are quite stiffer even though they tend to stay in shape for longer.
  3. Consider Odd Numbers Only: Always go for odd numbers, it makes your space look more artful. You can go for any odd number between 1 and 5. For a chair, go for one pillow. But for a standard sofa (88 inches), then go for 5 or 3 throw pillows.
  4. Consider Creating A Beautiful “Pillowscape”: Go for an easy combo. You could try placing a pair of solid colored throw pillows that contrast nicely with the color of your sofa. Throw in an oblong pillow somewhere at the center. Then you can make your sofa more interesting by adding some “odd” pillows at the sides of the sofa.
  5. Consider The Texture Of Your Pillows: As usual, contrast the texture. So, nubby linen will work with silk and leather upholstery. Or, if you prefer, you can pair shiny pillows with a fuzzy sofa. Well, this last tip is also quite functional so the pillows don’t keep sliding off the seats.
  6. Consider The Entire Space: All your pillows don’t have to match one another but if they relate somehow, it’s fine.

In all, getting throw pillows doesn’t always have to be an expensive venture. If you can’t afford to get the throw pillows Amazon sells just yet, there are plenty tutorials on how to make DIY throw pillows on the internet. It could help you save some money.

Other People’s Opinions about Choosing the Best Throw Pillow

The Brentwood Originals 2073 Carnival Stripe Toss Pillow is a popular throw pillow many customers. People appear to love its large size and it’s a favorite for napping and arm support as well.

Customers have found that their visitors and kids can’t seem to keep their hands off the Cheer Collection Set of 2 Decorative Throw Pillows. And we aren’t so surprised considering how fluffy they are.

Our Top Pick of the Best Throw Pillow

Our number one throw pillow for this review (actually, they are two) is the Pillow Perfect Decorative Black/White Throw Pillows. These pillows are almost perfect. They are affordable, the fabric is durable and their size is just perfect. Plus, they are very easy to maintain as well.


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