Best Teething Toys for Your Baby in 2018


It’s pretty common for babies to get their hands and mouth on almost anything while they are teething. Usually, this phase begins at the age of 4-6 months and can last until about two years. However, some kids may experience this sooner or later, and few might not go through any of the typical symptoms at all.

Besides giving them more time, attention, and affection, the best way to ease off their pain and help them get past this phase is by handing them some of the best teething toys you can find. Teething toys for babies can be used in many ways, but the primary reason is to apply pressure to the gums, which reduces the pain caused by teeth erupting. Take a look at some of the best teething toys you can get for your adorable baby.

Reviews of the Best Teething Toys 2018

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1. Teething Rings Pack of 4

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These rings are considered the best due to their shape and colorful aspect. The colors will surely catch the eye of any curious baby. The form of the rings also helps infants keep firm hold while chewing on them. The variety of texture on these rings is also a plus point, because depending on your baby’s gums, they might respond differently to different textures.

All moms are guaranteed to adore this silicone product as it is non-toxic, BPA free, phthalate free, and is available in different eye-catchy colors. All you need to do is slide two on each wrist of your baby so that they’ll also have them close by to bite on.


  • Easy for babies to hold on to
  • Dishwasher safe
  • An e-book is included in the package that shares tips on teething


  • Somewhat over-priced
  • The size may be too big for smaller babies

2. Silicone Nuby Teether

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Silicone products are best for babies going through teething. As long as the product isn’t made out of toxic chemicals, you can buy it for your kid to chew on and relax their gums.

This is a great baby teething chew toy that mothers can carry in their diaper bags. It is made out of silicone, which is the perfect material to help relax your baby’s gums without causing any damage. On one end you can find a soft bristle that the baby will love to chew on. The whole teether has many textures on it, which means your infant can explore as he or she pleases.


  • Package includes a case which keeps the teether clean
  • Low priced
  • The ring shape makes it easier to grab on to


  • Size is a slightly huge for those getting their primary teeth
  • Pet’s fur and hair may easily get on it

3. Bebe Gum Massagers

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This product is one of the best teething toys for a 3 month old baby. The reason is that babies that are close to three months of age start showing a keen interest in people’s food. Though they aren’t old enough to experience how real cookies taste, chewing on fake ones may satisfy their curiosity.

The pair comes with one soft and one hard piece. Both can be used, as babies will prefer chewing on a different type of cookie depending on the pain and condition of their gums. These cookies have a unique gum massaging feature as each ridge or pattern on it has a different soothing effect.


  • Textured teether that massages baby’s gums
  • Can be attached to strollers
  • Cookie shape will attract babies to take a bite


  • You should only use the cord to clip cookies while you’re around

4. iPhone Silicone Toddler Toy

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If your baby has grown enough to be called a toddler, you should buy a more durable and heavy duty teether. Toddlers these days are highly attracted to phones. Therefore, this iPhone toy is perfect to make them think that they have their very own iPhone! Also, toddlers will continue chewing on this teether to improve their gums and soothe their pain while they’re at it. You can easily clean it, just by rinsing it. The big size is perfect for older babies to hold on to and fit into their mouths.


  • May help in keeping your toddler off your real phone
  • Easy to hold
  • It has many ridges in it; the toddler can chew wherever they wish to


  • No sound and only one color may not attract your toddler for long
  • A bit pricey

5. Vulli Sophie la Girafe

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Infants love the sight of animals just about everywhere. This giraffe teether will surely attract babies—as both a toy and way to soothe their aching gums! This product is phthalates and BPA free, made out of 100% rubber. The soft texture of this toy makes it a perfect teether to relax your baby’s sore gums.


  • Eye-catching bright colors
  • Numerous textures for a better experience


  • You can’t wash it in a dishwasher

6. Baby Banana Infant Training Toothbrush and Teether

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A banana shaped teether perfect for toddlers and infants. The color yellow is always bright and appealing, and you can even freeze it to make it cold. This is one of the best baby teething toys made in the USA, and the silicone material used is non-toxic. The curved handle makes for an easy grip, and you can wash it in your dishwasher.


  • Soft for chewing
  • Non-toxic silicone
  • Available in a variety of colors


  • Babies may accidently stick the brush in their eyes

7. Classic Baby Beads

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The best wooden baby teething toys in this list are the manhattan toy beads. These beads are connected to each other with elastic and are colorfully appealing to babies. Moms can relax about the source of the colors of these beads, as they are water-based and non-toxic.

These beads can also be used as a noisy toy, because when the baby pulls or twists the elastic, it will create a clanking sound. In addition, you don’t need to worry about the beads chipping, so your kids can chew on them to reduce pain in their gums to their heart’s content.


  • Chemical free and made from natural wood
  • Attractive colors
  • Beads are big so no risk of babies choking on them


  • It might hurt the baby if they whack it on their face accidentally
  • Heavy for babies to hold

8. Biubee 5 Pack Baby Fruit Teether Toy

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A great teether to cool down your babies in scorching summers. You can freeze all five of the teethers that come in the pack to make them cold enough to soothe. This product is made from silicone and is FDA approved. The no-slip grip on the handles of these fruit teethers enhance grip, and the various textures will give the baby a different experience from each one.


  • The pack of five is affordable
  • Each teether has a different texture
  • Freezer and dishwasher safe


  • Thin handles are hard to hold for infants
  • Size of teether may not be ideal

9. Nuby Ice Gel Teether Keys

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These teether keys have been around for many years. The keys are both colorful and have different textures. In addition, they are both hard and soft so the baby can enjoy both, according to preference. These long keys can reach to both the middle and front teeth. Infants find it easier to hold the ring and you can even place it in a refrigerator to make the keys cold.


  • It can be cooled in a refrigerator
  • Affordable
  • Different textures on each key


  • Hard to clean
  • Parents have faced the problem of leaking with this product

10. Rattle and Teether Set

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Lastly, you can get your hands on the full collection of rattles and teethers. This set is especially suitable for those babies that are picky and like playing with various toys at once. These teething toys for a 2 month baby are made with BPA free ABS plastic. This set also includes an adorable baby bottle! This portable set can be taken on trips whenever you plan on going for your next vacation.


  • A wide-ranging variety of toys
  • Babies will enjoy noisy toys
  • Many toys for a low price


  • Too much noise can be incovenient for caretakers
  • Rough edges may harm the baby

When Should I Introduce Teething Toys?

Usually, babies start getting teething pain from the age of 4-6 months, sometimes even weeks before that. However, we prefer you to introduce it at the age of two months. That way, you wouldn’t have to rush to buy some when the pain starts unexpectedly. As a parent, it’s better to be prepared before time, and you’ll be less stressed if you preplan everything.

How to Find the Best Teething Toy?

With many types of teething toys available in the market, it’s pretty evident that many

Find the Best Teething Toy

parents get lost in choosing the right one for their baby. However, you can take a look at the following factors to narrow down your search for the best teething toys.

How Easy They are to Hold:

There’s no point in handing a toy to your baby if they can’t even hold on to it. Therefore, it’s preferable to choose the one with rings as babies can easily get a grip on them. Straight handles, on the other hand, have higher chances of slipping from their grasp.

How Heavy Is the Teething Toy

You need to avoid getting big toys as babies like shaking everything they grab. Chances are, they might smack it on their head, and if it weighs a lot, you’ll have a crying baby on your hands to deal with.

What is the Teething Toy Made Out Of

Most mothers just can’t watch their gorgeous baby chew on plastic that is made out of harmful materials. However, many teething toys are made out of safe plastic. Also, moms can also go for toys that are made out of natural wood or silicone.

If the Teething Toy Makes Noise

Teething toys can be some sort of rattle, or may even create a squeaky noise every time the baby bites it. These noises may bring a quick smile or laugh on your infant’s face, but may be annoying for you after a while. If you can’t tolerate the extra noise, you’ll have to skip the rattling and squeaking teething toys.

Whether You Can Clip Them On Your Baby’s Clothes

best teething toy for baby

Babies have a habit of throwing toys almost everywhere. This habit may drive you crazy every time you hear them cry because one of their toys fell. In addition, you wouldn’t want germs to get on these toys every time they get thrown on the floor. Therefore, many teething toys come with attachment cords that can be used to clip them on either your kid’s clothes or their stroller.

My Personal Favorite Teething Toy

If I was looking for the best teething toys for my infant, my choice would be the pack of four teether rings. These rings are perfect for the little one to hold onto and chew on various textures. They have all the qualities of an ideal teether every parent looks for. Also, they are even made out of non-toxic material and come in attractive colors.

These rings don’t have any gel or liquid in them as well. There are strong chances that your baby may potentially poke a hole in such teethers. Another aspect I love about this teether is that you can easily wash them just by placing them in your dishwasher. No noise, no chances of hurting your babies—this product is simplistic and perfectly made just for one cause, and that’s teething.

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