7 Best Swim Diapers for Summer in 2018


Its summer time and you are planning to venture in swimming to cool off the heat and have fun. However, as you need a proper swimming costume, your baby will need swim diapers so that they don’t mess the pool or beach which renders a shutdown! Babies and youth need to enjoy the water without any hiccups. So, it is a good measure to make sure that your kid is not the reason why everyone flies out of the pool screaming.

There are various types of swim diapers depending on the use and who is wearing as we will see in the best swim diapers review and guide. In general, this kind of diapers have no sodium polyacrylate (water crystals) like the regular disposable diapers which mean they can’t absorb liquids. Absorption would make them inflate once in the water, and they won’t be able to hold after that.

NB: Before we look at the details below, you need to know how swim diapers work. The sole purpose of a swim diaper is to contain the bowel products and prevent them from getting into the water. So, don’t buy it with the notion that it will make the baby not to pee.

In this guide, we reveal the following:

  • Swim diapers products table
  • Best swim diapers product reviews
  • Swim diapers buying guide
  • Parents’ opinion about swim diapers
  • Our favorite pick

Swim Diapers Products Table

Product Name Recommended for Use type Amazon rating
My Pool Pal Swim-Sters Adult youth reusable 4.4/5.0
Swimmates disposable adult swim diapers Adult youth disposable 4.4/5.0
i play Baby and toddler reusable 4.2/5.0
ALVABABY swim diapers baby and toddler reusable 4.1/5.0
Huggies Little Swimmers Baby and toddler Disposable 4.0/5.0
Pampers Splashers Baby and toddler disposable 3.9/5.0
Keifer adult swim diaper Adult youth reusable 2.7/5.0

Best 7 Swim Diapers Product Reviews

In the reviews below, we have categorized our selected products according to who will be using. We have the primary distinction of disposable swim diapers and the reusable counterparts, and under each category, we have baby swim diapers and adult options too. Now, have a look at our review of the best swim diapers to look for in 2018. If you already have a choice but don’t know what exactly to look for, you can skip to the guide below.

[amazon table=”27230″]

1.Disposable swim diapers reviews

Pampers Splashers and Huggies Little Swimmers

[amazon box=”B004CK97EO” template=”vertical”]

[amazon box=”B01LE3DHG0″ template=”vertical”]

These are two common disposable swim diapers that you will find, and they have almost the same features if not all to serve one purpose, hold the pee until you get the kid out of the water and discard it after use. So, if you are not a frequenter to the swimming pools or the beach, here is an easy disposable option for the baby to get a dip once in a while as you potty train them. One thing worth mentioning is that they need to be changed more often than a regular diaper but while in the pool, they give your baby the freedom to kick while enjoying the pool.

Both Pampers Splashers and Huggies Little Swimmers provide special swimming pants consisting of materials that do not swell when the baby is in water. On the other hand, as they splash water around, the happy hour can turn to discomfort since the diaper may get clogged up and bulky in the end. Nevertheless, they are made to maintain their shapes not to mention that they will still contain the pee and prevent an accident from happening.

There are many sizes to choose from depending on which age and weight your child is in not forgetting the putting on and removal deployed mechanisms. You can get a pull-up design, Velcro straps and others that you can open on the sides. Each parent going for a disposable swimming diaper knows what to choose when it comes to the wearing method based on previous experience and keeping the mess from getting out. One more thing, we care about the looks on our kids. So, there are a variety of colors and patterns to go sweet on your kid and avoid embarrassing comments.

You need to note that various designs of both brands have the specifications that make them water bound. So, look at the sizing and anything else descriptions avail so that you have a vivid idea of what you are going for.

You need to watch out though

Various reasons may make you or a friend to advice against going for the disposable options. Some talk about diaper rash, others leaking and the fact that you need to keep changing among other issues. While they might be right, what you need to watch out for is the leaking possibility. Since nothing is guaranteed here, you need to take some precautions. A swimming teacher once advised us to wear the swim diaper under the swimming suit. This way, the diaper will be able to contain the contents until you instruct for a change.

What parents say

“When you are busy, and your child is all over the pool, it takes a second for everyone to notice the mess and evacuate before you even know what is happening. Disposable swim diapers save the situation and give your child ample time to play. If you are not used to going to the pool, disposables are the best baby swim diapers to go for and avoid the washing afterward.”

2. Disposable adult swim diapers

Swimmates Disposable Adult Swim Diapers

[amazon box=”B00KY3YVH6″ template=”vertical”]

Older children especially those venturing into teenage may at one point need a swim diaper due to various reasons. That is why Swimmates is there as a unisex swimwear that you can purchase for your ten-year-old or so son or daughter to be used only once and discard after that.

It is also made for bowel containment which is made possible by the Kufguards and the inner leg cuffs. To make sure it fits well after wearing, the rear waistline is elastic supporting the waist panel. It also becomes easy when pulling up and down. Wearing it under the swimming garment is also okay as it perfectly hides while underneath to avoid an awkward swelling display. After swimming, removal is easy through the use of tear-away side seams.

What parents say

“This is a lifesaver in the pool water if you have an autistic child who is still mastering the potty. It works well under the swimming costume so children requiring one before going into the water can enjoy the summer and give you time to breathe.”

3.Reusable baby swim diapers

i play swim diapers

[amazon box=”B01N6KXK46″ template=”vertical”]

i play brand has been around for the last 20 years building a tolerable if not the best collection of swim diapers and suits for all baby sizes. What makes the individual products stand out is due to the three-layer protection that doesn’t give room for diaper leaks.

Which style, pattern or color do you prefer? i play is never short of what you can choose from if you and kid(s) need a bowel holding every other weekend while on the beach or in the pool. Are you afraid you won’t get one for your girl or boy? Both sexes are covered. So, all fashionista parents can now breathe since the variety is too broad to lack a final decision.

The snap opening and closing action on the side does not only make it adorable but also comfortable to wear and pull off. After swimming is over and the child has had a number one and two while in the water, the layered protection composing the 100% polyester creation makes sure there is no leakage until it’s finally time for a change and moving to the next activity. You can place it in the machine when washing since the specifications also allow it plus it will ease the cleaning protocol for you, as you might have guessed.

Getting the right size

One thing though, you need to be aware of the sizing since you might not get the correct details from the source. Here are the dimensions that you can rely on:

  • 4T: 38-46 lbs.
  • 3T: 30-37 lbs.
  • XL: 25-30 lbs.
  • L: 22-25 lbs.
  • M: 18-22 lbs.
  • S: 10-18 lbs.

What parents say

“Every time I need a new swimming diaper for my boy, I switch to a bigger i play size. Since I landed on my first purchase, the quality always disagrees by not leaking even after a number 2. The snaps on the side make it easy to put on and remove the diaper. Back to holding ability, it is so great such that you don’t need a diaper under it; it’s not even needed as per the manufacturer instructions and from experience too. You can wait until fun in the water is over then go on and change the baby before you leave. It’s a must-have if you are in the pool now and then during summer.”

4. ALVABABY reusable swim diapers

[amazon box=”B06ZZCJDXZ” template=”vertical”]

If you are familiar with the ‘all-in-one cloth diapers’ phrase, then you have an idea of how a one-size swimming diaper would look like. The ALVABABY design incorporates a sequence of snaps on the front part which allows you to alter the diaper according to your baby’s size. The waist fits any kid between 8.6”-15.7” and will stretch to about 23.6” – a feature that guarantees the longevity of this swim diaper until he or she outgrows it. So, your baby can use it from the time of purchase if they fit the previously specified waist range to when they achieve nearly 25 pounds.

Babies grow fast, don’t they? So, to keep up with the pace and avoid too much searching of the next summer swim diaper, this one is adjustable enough to allow the added weight and size and save you some cash in the future.

Any features worth mentioning?

ALVABABY reusable swim diaper has four different styles to choose from. To keep the child’s mess contained until they get out of the water, the outer covering is made of 100% nylon while the polyester mesh occupies the inner part. It is a cute one-size-fits-all design that is machine washable after use.

What parents say

“ALVABABY is worth recommending. I used it on my 3-month old daughter (who is breastfeeding by the way) and was very nervous since it was the first time. Well, as expected, she did poop a whole lot of content, but nothing slipped out of this swim diaper. Now that it has fully accomplished its purpose, I will be recommending if anyone is looking for a better swim diaper option.”

5.Adult reusable swim diapers

My Pool Pal Swim-Sters Reusable Youth Swim Diaper

[amazon box=”B00Y1CQ6DI” template=”vertical”]

Another one for the adults is the Swim-Sters which swimming pool instructors have recommended since 1992. If you or your youthful kid has bowel incontinence, this reusable swim diaper will hold until swimming is over thanks to the nylon, spandex and polyester combination that creates a breathable covering. It perfectly fits if you pick the required size making it a perfect alternative under a swimming costume. Are you worried that it will get bulky once in water? This one does not hold liquids, so the fun is not interrupted.

After use, washing can be done using the machine or hands and hang to dry. That’s it. Customers also have an option to choose customized options from the available choices.

What parents say

“After buying this for our 12-year-old son, he enjoyed using the diaper in the pool since it fits well and you couldn’t see them under the swimming shorts. One thing worth mentioning is that they don’t leave stretch marks after use. He only uses them once in school, and the teachers have no problem. Overall, it offers great protection and comfort.”

6.Kiefer Adult Swim Diaper

[amazon box=”B00QVCXZOE” template=”vertical”]

Keifer is one of the options that older youths and others in need of a reusable swim diaper can go for when eyeing for the summer swimming and cool off. The material that gives it the quality of being washable and used later is the polyester lining that is also resistant to stains. It is a cool swimming diaper that one can wear without a swimming suit or under one.

The sizing is somehow off

Another attractive feature about it is that it doesn’t absorb water like the standard diapers. There is, however, one thing about the sizing. Customers who have previously bought the product have complained about ordering your size and getting something that you struggle to fit in. It can be very embarrassing after purchasing so to avoid that, consider ordering a larger size than what you are specifying.

What parents say

“Many reviews have mentioned about size being way off so, order one size up, and you’ll be okay. On the other hand, it is the only flaw for this swim diaper. It is awesome when wearing and does not show any signs of presence when under the swimming trunk. Since it is unisex specified, male users might feel uncomfortable since there is no much room for their anatomy. To sum it up, it is a worthy purchase that one can look forward to buying again.”

Swim Diapers Buying Guide

After looking at the reviews above, there are other some things you need to consider before going for the ultimate choice. Here is a guide to show you how to go about the selection.

What are the different types of swim diapers?

Swim diapers, whether meant for the baby or an adult, are categorized as either disposable or reusable. Let us see what each classification contains.

Disposable swim diapers

Swim Diapers buying guide

They consist of one-time use swim diapers that you a baby or an adult youth can use while in water. They look like a typical diaper, but they have the ability not to hold water, i.e., for the quality ones.

The legs entry points are all cuffed, making it easy for the user to move their legs and still hold the waste until it’s time to change. The good thing about them is that after using, you can discard it in the dustbin and use another when the time comes. You don’t need to carry anything after that. If you are not a regular swimmer, a disposable option sounds like a great plan.

Now, you need to be aware of cheaper options that circulate in the market. While they save your money, the output leaves much room for improvement. If you look at customer reviews, they reveal much sagging among other worst scenarios. If you choose only to pick Pampers Splashers or Huggies, everything should be okay.

These diapers are designed to trap poop and restrict it from getting into the water and not to absorb the contents. So, it is advisable to only use them while in the pool area and not prior or after.

Here are the general advantages and disadvantages of using disposable swim diapers.


  • It is an excellent choice if you don’t often go swimming.
  • Does not need maintenance. Throw away after use


  • Not good if you are swimming now and then.
  • One-time use only

Reusable swim diapers

Some call them cloth swim diapers since they are made of fabric and will look like the usual bathing costume. If you love nature and look forward to conserving it, then you will enjoy the aspect of swimming and washing afterward. You will also save on the amount of money spent on buying disposable substitutes if swimming is almost a daily activity during summer.

Reusable swimming diapers are made of fabric that is softer on the skin when compared to the disposable ones. Many parents have complained about rashes after using the disposable options. If that is the case with your kid, then reusable swim diapers become the best choice.

One thing though, if you have to use the reusable types, then know that you will be shopping every other summer since your child is growing. On the other and, our reviews also cover options that can go through the years, so you are never short of ideas.

Advantages of reusable swim diapers

  • They are reusable which is good if your kid is a swimming addict.
  • Cheaper than buying many disposable swim diapers
  • Eco-friendly
  • No rashes and suitable for sensitive skin


  • Frequent washing – not proper if you don’t like it
  • Choosing the right size can be a tricky affair

Who is the winner between disposable and reusable swimming diapers?

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Now. Like we said earlier, it’s all about how you frequent you swim plus any other issue that you may have with the individual categories. Here are the two main scenarios to judge from:

  • Casual swimming:If it’s a once or twice activity, you can use recommended disposables. It will be cheaper, and you also don’t have to wash.
  • Vigorous swimming:Do you want to get in the water almost every time you see an opportunity? Then stick to reusable ones and thank us later. Lots of cash will be saved, and they all have a cute design.

There are pool and beach rules to follow

All pools have rules to follow and some private beaches too. When it comes to what you need to wear, some pools restrict any kid that is not potty trained. Other instructors would recommend having a swimming costume over the swim diaper while some have no problem if you arrived with a choice they prefer. So, check what your pool rules say and act from that point.

Sometimes, the rules might appear strict, but you have to know the safety reasons before understanding why they demand so much. A study done by the Diseases Control and Prevention team concluded that about 60% of the tested public pools had E. Coli.

Where does this contamination come from? Poop that slipped in the water if you guessed right. If you have a sick child who has diarrhea, it is best to keep him or her out of the swimming pool. First, it is embarrassing to see the content in water plus the pool will shut down for a thorough clean-up exercise. So, avoid taking a sick child in the water or else, all fingers will be pointing to ‘that mum.’

If you feel like hitting the comment box after reading this because of the staunch warning, think of the safety reasons first. The rules might appear obvious, but E. Coli is more problematic than agitation due to general regulations.

Swim diaper features to look out for

Now, after knowing the different types of swim diapers available, what are some of the features do you need to check before deciding your pick?

swimming diaper buying guide

Getting the correct size

In general, swim diapers should be tighter than the regular ones. A tight fitting makes sure that the bowel contents remain in the diaper and with no chances of slipping into the water. Be careful about the size you choose. Tighter than usual swim diapers tend to be uncomfortable when worn. If it leaves some marks on the wearer’s skin, then consider a less tight swimming diaper. On the other hand, if it is loose, there will be nothing to hold as they swim.

The constructing material

Toddlers are excited while in the water meaning they will be everywhere. If the diaper is not smooth on the skin, then expect to deal with some rashes. It is the worst thing especially when it comes to baby’s appearance so, work to avoid it. Most of the swim diapers available will boast of having a polyester weaving while cheaper models consider nylon. If you are dealing with a baby who has sensitive skin, always choose polyester over nylon.

Swim diaper security measures

There are various to wear a diaper depending on the integrated design. Each style has its advantages and disadvantages based on how well you handle each wearing and removal tasks.

Pull up

This form of wearing resembles how you wear regular underwear. The baby will step into the swim diaper before pulling it up. If it has an elastic waist, then that will keep it on as the baby moves around. The act of pulling up is much easier than the rest, but the same cannot be said when removing. You have to remove it from your ‘always moving’ baby as you balance the poop to avoid falling off.


After the baby wears this or a youth, secure the swim diaper by wrapping it around the waist and using the snaps to hold. Apart from being tight on the baby as expected, removing is also easy if it is already filled especially if the baby had a number 2. The only disadvantage is that it will be difficult to clip if the snaps are exposed to sand particles.


After wrapping the swim diaper on the waist, a Velcro strap is used to secure the diaper from being loose or falling. The best thing about a Velcro is that you will adjust according to the baby’s waist and this avoids too loose or too tight situations.

However, the Velcro can cause rashes if it comes into contact with the skin and begins to scratch for a long duration.

Easy to clean

If you chose a reusable swim diaper, you could clean it by using hands or the machine. The most important thing is to carefully read the washing instructions before throwing it into the wash cycle. If it says no machine, do not attempt to do it otherwise, you will destroy the fabric. On the other hand, machine specification makes it easier to clean when compared to hand washing.

Do you really need a swimming diaper?

swimming diaper buying guide

For the kids, our answer is yes; you do need a swim diaper. Some of the choices out there are cute to stand on their own, and by this, I mean wearing without a swimming suit.  Others will need a swimming suit since the appearance can be quite embarrassing especially for the disposable swim diapers.

For the youth, if your child is having bowel containing issues, a swim diaper would be the best recommendation to rectify the situation and render clean and safe swimming time. Most of them are designed to fit well under the suit so consider one that also approves on the appearance side apart from the bowel containment specification.

Parents’ Opinion about Swim Diapers

There is no guarantee that a swim diaper will be 100% efficient regardless of whether it is reusable or disposable. Despite the horror stories that you will hear from the experienced moms and dads out there, swim diapers save the day if your child wants to run around all day in the water, you just need to monitor them and change when the need arises. Some of the diapers around have indicators to tell when it’s time for checkup and evacuation procedure. If you have one that tells you what is happening, that’s much better than waiting until other raise the alarm for you.

Our Favorite Pick

Well, after going through each of the reviews above, we have two choices for the disposable and reusable swim diapers. As for the disposables, Huggies and Pampers Splashers win the day if you want something to throw away after use.

For the reusable options, i play wins the case due to the variety of options available to choose. They have specialized in creating swim diapers for the last twenty years, and their reputation is something worth applause. From various sizes to different wearing modes, you are never short of options with i play.

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