10 Best Swaddle Blankets to Keep Baby Safe, Comfy & Warm (2018)


It can be very difficult to find a swaddle blanket for your baby that is not only cute, but also comfortable and secure.

Many companies seem to focus on design and while we love a cute design and recognize the importance of it, having a soft blanket your baby will like is just as important.

There is seemingly an endless amount of options when it comes to baby blankets, so it is really not easy to choose one. Since it is so difficult, we have accumulated a list of the best swaddle blankets in 2018 that can be used for your baby or given as a gift.

10 of the Best Swaddle Blankets on Amazon in 2018

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1.Amazing Baby Swaddle Studio Muslin Blankets

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This swaddle blanket comes in incredible prints as well as a breathable fabric, which can be used as a photo background, nursing cover, stroller sun shield, burp cloth, or a baby swaddle blanket.

We love this multi-purpose blanket because it is not only attractive, but it is also extremely versatile!


  • The blankets are very large, which is perfect for growing babies
  • Comes in unique, cute designs
  • These are extremely versatile, as they function more than just swaddle blankets


  • The designs are unique and some people are not a fan

2.Hudson Baby Muslin Swaddle Blankets, Foxes

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Blankets are something that babies become very attached to. That is why if there is going to be a blanket around for a long time, make sure it’s in a cute design like this one. We love the cute designs, breathable fabric, the affordability and the versatility of these blankets.


  • Very cute designs
  • More affordable than other competing blankets
  • The blanket can be used as more than just a swaddle blanket


  • Some people find them not to be as soft as other products

3.Swaddle Blanket, Adjustable Infant Baby Wrap

[amazon box=”B01I1WGMJ6″ template=”vertical”]

This swaddle blanket takes away the struggle of having to fold the blanket yourself by offering it in a pre-wrapped shape. This makes it snug to all babies, with a universal fit that makes them all feel safe and comfortable.

We love this blanket for its pre-wrapped, sleeping bag-like shape and its adjustability to fit all babies.


  • It is already pre-wrapped in a swaddle blanket shape so you do not have to deal with folding the blanket every time
  • Babies who can sneak out of self-wrapped swaddle blankets will stay secure in this one


  • Only comes in one size and shape, which makes it not that versatile
  • Though adjustable, it does not necessarily provide a perfect fit

4.BaeBae Goods Swaddle Blankets for Infant

[amazon box=”B078M75DDB” template=”vertical”]

If you are looking for a cute, pre-wrapped baby swaddle blanket, this is the perfect choice for you. The designs are adorable and unisex, making it a perfect gift for any and every baby.


  • Cute designs in a comfortable fabric
  • Pre-wrapped, secure swaddle blanket


  • Only comes in one size
  • Only serves one function – as a swaddle blanket

5.Premium Organic Muslin Swaddle Blankets

[amazon box=”B073DT8X2H” template=”vertical”]

This is the perfect choice for baby muslin swaddle blankets. The large-scale size and soft fabric make for an extremely long-lasting blanket – one that will be around as your baby grows up.

We love the versatility of this blanket, as it can be wrapped into any shape and used for a variety of purposes. As a matter of fact, it can be used as a nursing cover, stroller sun shield, burp cloth, or its intended purpose, a baby swaddle blanket.


  • Large scale blanket that comes in cute designs in a breathable fabric
  • Comes in a square shape, so it is extremely versatile


  • You do have to wrap these yourself, which can be somewhat difficult
  • It may be less secure, especially for babies who move around a lot

6.COVATOR Super Soft Bamboo Muslin Baby Swaddle Blankets

[amazon box=”B0756YG57Z” template=”vertical”]

The biggest problem most people have with baby blankets is that they are never as soft as they claim to be. However, this one is different. We love the unique combo of 70% viscose from bamboo mixed with the 30% muslin.

As a result, this format makes it get softer with every wash.


  • The material is as soft as promised
  • Comes in cute designs
  • Durable to multiple washes


  • You have to wrap your baby yourself

7.Tosnail Muslin Baby Swaddle Blankets

[amazon box=”B06Y3WWL2J” template=”vertical”]

This is a great choice for a soft, comfortable muslin baby swaddle blanket. The quality of these cannot be denied and the black and white designs are not only timeless for your baby, but are attractive enough to be on your bed.


  • Super cute, unisex, black and white designs
  • Made large with extra room to swaddle your baby


  • Some have found that it shrinks in the wash

8.Baby Muslin Swaddle Blankets by WeePrinces

[amazon box=”B075F9VNN5″ template=”vertical”]

For a hypoallergenic blanket that is also soft and made of muslin, look no further than the one by WeePrinces. This blanket is the perfect choice if you want to be conscious of what is in your blanket, as the material is free from toxic substances and is SGS-approved.


  • Safe, non-toxic material that is perfect for any baby


  • You have to wrap your baby yourself, which can be difficult for some

9.Organic Muslin Bamboo Swaddle Blanket

[amazon box=”B078YF3B29″ template=”vertical”]

This blanket is made of 100% bamboo, making it breathable, durable and soft. We love the large size, cute designs and soft fabric this blanket comes in.


  • Super soft, durable fabric
  • Made entirely of bamboo
  • Comes in a rectangular shape, which can be used for a variety of different purposes


  • Some people found that the blanket had an odor before washing

10.Newborn Baby Swaddle Blanket and Headband Value Set

[amazon box=”B071V8141D” template=”vertical”]

This blanket is the perfect choice for a baby girl swaddle blanket. The adorable floral design of the blanket, which also comes with a matching headband, will yield a lot of compliments and serve as a perfect look for your baby.

We love how stylish your baby will look, all while feeling safe and secure in their swaddle blanket.


  • Super cute design on the blanket
  • It has a matching headband


  • Some people found the blanket to not be very soft

What are the Benefits of Swaddling Your Baby?

Soothing Your Child

When you swaddle your baby, you wrap them tightly to mimic the feeling of being in the womb. This provides your child with a sense of security, helping them fall asleep faster and be less fussy.

You may also be able to reduce sleep reflux, a familiar condition in babies that causes them to wake up often in the middle of the night. Keep in mind that babies tend to cry a little more at first when you start swaddling them, but this does not mean that they hate the swaddle.

In fact, the swaddle provides a foundation for other forms of soothing techniques to build upon.

Limiting Movement

You’ll also limit their hand movement, lowering the chances of the baby scratching themselves with their quickly growing nails. Limiting movement rather than letting their arms move wildly ensures better motor skill coordination as well.

This makes swaddling especially helpful for premature babies.

Sleeping Position and Safety

baby sleeping

The best baby swaddle blanket will help your child maintain a healthy sleeping position too. Of course, the blanket cannot be too tight, but a secure wrap helps to reduce movement and possible injury, including SIDS when your baby begins to move more.

As a parent, you’ll love swaddling too. If your baby can sleep, that means more time for you to sleep as well.

7 Things to Consider when Buying the Best Swaddle Blankets for Your Baby


You want to give your baby a sense of security when you swaddle them. This means that they shouldn’t be able to wiggle free during the night. Not only will this help your baby sleep, but it will give you peace of mind too.

Form of Blanket

Pre-formed blankets can be a big help when it comes to swaddling your baby. You don’t need to try and shape them over your fussy baby. Instead, you just have to wrap up your child quickly and tightly.

Size of the Blanket

You might want to pick out a small blanket, since your baby is so small. However, think about the future usage of your swaddling blanket. Babies grow quickly, so look for adjustable swaddle blankets that can be used over time.

If the blanket is too tight at any age, it will be uncomfortable to your baby, although one that’s too large can be dangerous if it covers any part of your baby’s face.

The Material

This may seem obvious, but you want a soft blanket for your baby. Many parents prefer soft cotton that will help soothe your baby to sleep. Baby muslin swaddle blankets are equally good too, offering some breathing room to avoid overheating.

Functional Design

Yes, you can choose an adorable design, but make sure that any design you choose is functional for your child. The best blankets allow kids to sleep with their hands upright in the most comfortable way. Your child should also have enough room to turn around.

Check to see that there’s some sort of fastening device on the blanket too. You can choose from Velcro, zippers and tie strings. Each one can be used depending on which one works best for you.

Ease of Use

As a new parent, you don’t need a complicated swaddle blanket that’s hard to figure out. Get something that’s easy to use yet still has a secure design. This is why many parents get blankets that are pre-shaped.


Of course, you have to keep price in mind. You want your child to have only the very best, but you can’t break the bank buying one. All swaddle blankets perform the same purpose, so in the end, price doesn’t necessarily matter.

The Different Types of Swaddle Blankets

Best Swaddle Blankets

Swaddle Pods

These are the simplest swaddle blankets you can buy. They are shaped like a peanut, which you can use to contain the baby like a cocoon. The baby can freely move their arms and legs while remaining very secure.

Sleep Sacks

This type of swaddling blanket is a wearable type, made with a detachable swaddling piece. They’re made in a variety of sizes, making them great for both newborns and infants.

Even toddlers can use this blanket, since the swaddling piece can be removed when you no longer need it.

Miracle Blankets

These are the easiest types of blankets to use, mostly because they guide parents through the entire swaddling process. You don’t need to concern yourself over all the pouches and straps. It’s a plus that this sort of blanket is manufactured in all kinds of designs too.

Regular Swaddle Blankets

When you think of a swaddle blanket, you’ll probably think of these. They’re normal, rectangular blankets that can be used for many purposes as your baby gets older. Just check to make sure that all of these blankets regulate heat for your child, depending on the weather.

How Do I Use a Swaddle Blanket?

Burp Cloth

Swaddle blankets that are a little larger in size can easily be used as a burp cloth, since they provide coverage. The soft fabric will keep your child comfortable until they’re finished and will be perfect for wiping up spills.


You’d like your child to get some moving and exploring done here and there. You won’t want to set them down just anywhere, so use your swaddle blanket as a perfectly soft play area. Let them rest and play while you keep an eye on them.

Nursing Cover

Use your swaddle blanket to cover yourself while you nurse. A good fabric will help prevent both the baby and you from overheating while you’re nursing. Great blankets give you a private and comfortable space while you’re feeding too.

Stroller Cover

Going out for a day with your baby is always fun, although it might be a little hot outside. Use your swaddle blanket to create a shady place for your baby, or a place free of stimulation for them to sleep in. The right blanket will provide both safety and good airflow.

Changing Table

Things get messy when you have a baby. That’s simply a fact of life, but that’s why you’ll want a blanket that’s durable and soft too. This makes the blanket a perfect cover for changing tables, whether you’re in your home or in public. The video shows how to use a swaddle blanket.

How Do I Clean a Swaddle Blanket?

Washing Your Blanket

Just like any blanket, start simply by reading the instruction labels sewn onto the inside. Check to see if you need to wash the blanket in warm or cold water.

If it doesn’t make a difference, it’s best to wash in warm water to remove some of the oilier components that tend to stick to these blankets.


Many parents like to use detergents that do not contain harsh chemicals. This ensures that your baby will not develop any rashes or skin irritation when you return the blanket to them.

Babies with allergies benefit more from these types of detergents too, although you can wash with a normal detergent if you find that your baby isn’t sensitive to it.

Fabric Softener

When it comes to drying your swaddle blanket, you may not want to use fabric softener. Many of these softeners have chemicals to make the smell fragrant and soften the fabric. But again, you can test your child’s individual sensitivity with each use.

If there are no allergic reactions within a week, your child is likely safe.

FAQs about Choosing the Best Swaddle Blankets

When Do I Stop Swaddling My Baby?

Best Swaddle Blankets for babies

Swaddling works well for the first three months of your baby’s life, since in that time, your baby is likely to startle themselves awake. After the baby’s startle reflex stops, you can wean them off of wrapping.

Start the process gradually by first wrapping with one arm out, then introduce a sleeping bag as a replacement to swaddling. Think whether your baby rolls too; swaddling is not safe if your baby moves around a lot and sleeps on their stomach.

If your baby wants to roll onto their stomach, you need to either choose a swaddle blanket that keeps them on their back or stop wrapping altogether.

Can I Swaddle with My Baby’s Arms by Their Sides?

Swaddling with the baby’s arms down is usually the best option, since it remains more secure. You also reduce the risk of the wrapping coming undone and covering your baby’s face. This method works well for reducing SIDS and improving breastfeeding success.

If your baby really sleeps better with their arms up above their head, look for specific swaddle blankets that allow them to do that safely.

Can Swaddling Cause Overheating?

Swaddling is very unlikely to cause overheating in your baby. Just be sure to consider all the layers on your baby though. If they’re wearing clothing, a wrap and another blanket, they might be too hot.

You can always check though. Slide your hand onto your baby’s chest or neck. It should be warm rather than hot or sweaty. Just make sure that your baby’s head is uncovered at all times.

My Baby Cries When Swaddled!

If you have a crier, it doesn’t mean that your baby necessarily dislikes being swaddled. Often, they’re too young to really know that they dislike it. Many babies simply cry because they’re overtired or aren’t used to it. Babies often sleep much better with the swaddle supporting them.

Unwrapped Babies?

If your child keeps coming unwrapped, the blanket is either too small or doesn’t stretch enough. Your technique might not be right either. Make sure your technique is correct before you worry about your baby wiggling free.

Can Swaddling Cause Slick Hips or Hip Problems?

In some cases, swaddling can increase problems with your baby’s hips. This is generally when your baby is wrapped too tightly and all leg movement has been restricted.

To prevent hip issues, don’t force your baby’s legs to be straight and make sure to use fabric that has a little stretch. Keep the legs loose to allow some movement.

The Opinions of Other Parents for Buying Swaddle Blankets

Halo SleepSack Swaddle

This little sack makes swaddling easy. All you have to do is zip up your baby and attach the Velcro. Since it zips too, diaper changes are easy during the night. This style is looser around the legs, providing your baby with more options to move safely and securely.

The color makes them perfect baby girl swaddle blankets.

Kadee Baby Swaddle Blanket

These blankets are not only organic but are easy to use for multiple purposes. This makes them a practical option for parents who already have so many things for their baby. The size makes them great for both small and larger babies, while the fabric is easy to wash too.

The Swaddle Blanket We Like the Best Is…

There are many amazing swaddle blankets out there, so many that it might make your head spin. After looking at all the options, we found a few wonderful ones, but our preferred option is the Hudson Muslin Swaddle Blanket.

This blanket is made with 100% cotton, meaning that it’s soft, versatile and safe too. The extra-large design makes it perfect, since it will grow with your baby, something parents definitely love.

The breathable and soft fabric make it a wonderful option for all babies. Parents are glad that it’s not too expensive either. No matter which blanket you pick out though, swaddling is a great way to get your fussy baby to relax and get some rest.

Choose a blanket that will work best for you and your baby so that both of you can get a wonderful night’s sleep.

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