5 Best Sunscreen for Face (2018 Reviews)


Summer is around the corner and everyone would soon be scrambling for a place in the sun. While we know that the sun is the source of Vitamin D, excessive exposure to the sun is risky.

Does this now mean we should stay indoors all the time? We say an emphatic NO! That’s not even possible because you have to go out for one thing or the other. So how do we strike a balance? You protect yourself and loved ones from sun damage by the following:

  1. Always apply sunscreen– Ensure that you make a habit of wearing sunscreen daily and look for the best sunscreen for face. This is important because your face is the most exposed part of your body.
  2. Endeavour not be outdoors between 10am and 3.pm – This is the time when the UV rays that cause sun damage are most active.
  3. Wear clothes that are protective– if you must be outdoors in the sun, ensure that your clothing would protect you from sun burn. Slacks, hats with wide brims and long sleeves are good examples.
  4. Wear protective glasses– Look for and always wear sunglasses that filter the ultra violet rays of the sun.

That said; we shall be discussing about sunscreens; the importance of sunscreens, the best sunscreen for face, best sunscreen for oily face, best sunscreen for men’s face and best sunscreen for face under makeup. This review is all about helping you determine the best sunscreen for your face.

Product Reviews

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1. Coppertone Defend & Care Oil Free Face Sunscreen 

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About the Product

This is an oil-free sunscreen that protects your face from up to 98% of the damage done by the UV rays of the sun. It is guaranteed to protect your face without clogging your skin or causing allergic breakouts. It is water resistant and can last over 80 minutes of sweat, heat and water. After 80 minutes, you’ll need to reapply if you’ll continue to stay outdoors. Some users rate is as the best face sunscreen for oily skin.  

Furthermore, the level of SPF puts it in the category of the best sunscreen for face spf 50. This means that it provides fifty times more protection against sun damage as against when you aren’t wearing any sunscreen.

Features of this product

This product has a list of features that make customers swear by it but we’ll discuss just a few:

  1. Oil Free– This feature allows you to apply it without feeling greasy, leaving a smooth and silky feel to your face. This makes it ideal for people with oily skin. Some people with oily face would hitherto not want to add extra oil to the face and for this reason have avoided sunscreens. However this formula presents an ideal solution to that dilemma.
  2. Fragrance Free– Some people are allergic to fragrances and try as much as possible to avoid strong odor. This formula has no smell; which makes it comfortable for the wearer. It also allows you to combine it with any of your beauty products without it clashing with your preferred fragrance.
  3. Water Resistant– You can go about your daily activity; be it errands, work or play for at least 80 minutes after application. That’s how long it would protect your face until you’ll need another application.
  4. Hypoallergenic– It has been tested for allergies. This ensures that the user does not experience break outs or have any other adverse effect from its use.
  5. 98% Protection from sun damage– This product gives you a high level of protection that ensures reduced risk of skin cancer. You can go about your daily activity; rest assured that you are protected.


This product comes with many benefits but once again let’s just list a few of them. They include:

  1. It does not clog skin pores – This product provides a wide spectrum of protection from ultraviolet rays of the sun without clogging the pores.  You are assured of protection that allows your skin to breathe.
  2. No side effects– Due to the hypoallergenic features, users are assured of the absence of negative side effects.  No breakouts or other allergic reactions.
  3. Provides appropriate maintenance for the skin–   It leaves user with vibrant skin that’s healthy and looks it. You also get that smooth and silky feeling all day long.
  4. Comes in a pack of one dozen– This is a convenience pack that lasts a long time. It gives you time to replenish before it finishes.


No matter how good a product is, the truth is that there’s always room for improvement.  One complaint runs through most customer reviews for this product. That’s the fact that it leaves a white residue after application; some say that with persistent rubbing in, it disappears and some say that no matter how you apply, it doesn’t. So summary is:  It leaves a white residue after application.

2. La Roche-Posay Anthelios 60 Face Sunscreen

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About the Product

This facial sunscreen is a product of La Roche-Posay. It has been in the business of UV protection research for more than fifteen years. La Roche-Posay’s dedication to improving UV protection has endeared it to many dermatologists all over the world. Its products are trusted and vouched for by professionals. Made with a broad spectrum SPF 60 protection, this sunscreen is manufactured with the Cell-Ox Shield technology with antioxidants. The combination of UVA and UVB filters provide advanced protection and the anti oxidants helps to fight free radicals.  These features put it in the category of best sunscreen for face and sensitive skin and best face sunscreen for acne prone skin.

Features of this product

This product has many more great features and they include:

  1. Made with toxin free ingredients– Manufacturers of cosmetics have been known to use chemicals  such as paraben to preserve their products or to achieve quicker results. This product contains no such chemicals. All ingredients used are non-toxic.
  2. Does not clog skin pores– While it provides very effective protection, there are no particles that can penetrate the skin and clog it. It washes off easily with cleanser and water.
  3. Tested for allergies– It passed through several tests to ensure that it is hypoallergenic.  No contraindication for users with allergic proclivities.
  4. Dermatologist tested– It is also tested and certified by dermatologist; many users have testified to it being recommended to them by their dermatologist.
  5. Fragrance free– The fact that it has no smell makes it easy and comfortable to use as part of your daily beauty routine.  This ensures that it doesn’t clash with any of your fragrances or irritate you.
  6. Matte Finish – This can double as your makeup primer which makes it one of the best sunscreen for face under makeup.


Just like any sunscreen that’s worth its salt, this sunscreen is packed with benefits but we’ll just list a few of them:

  1. It helps reduce the risk of skin cancer– The antioxidant properties help to fight free radicals that cause skin cancer. Constant use of this sunscreen therefore helps to reduce the risk of skin cancer.
  2. It helps to visibly reduce the appearance of sun damage– The constant use of this sunscreen would ensure that the skin doesn’t show signs of sun damage. This is especially true for those with skin that had already been sun-damaged.
  3. It is appropriate for use under makeup– You don’t have to worry about how it’ll look with your makeup. It works just fine with whatever makeup you want to apply.
  4. Suitable for most skin types – It’s a great product for normal to combination type skin. Combination skin is a condition where one has oily forehead, nose and chin and relatively dry cheeks. This sunscreen is formulated to work for such skin.


A large percentage of verified users had a lot of good things to say about this product. However, some people had this one complaint; that the product got white and somehow messy on the face in a hot environment. This may mean that you should apply sparingly or rub in very thoroughly especially if being used under makeup.

3. Neutrogena Age Shield Face Oil-Free Sunscreen

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About the Product

The Neutrogena Age Shield Face Sunscreen SPF 110 is a product of one of the topmost dermatologists recognized and recommended sun care brand. It is not just a sunscreen but it’s recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation as one of the most potent wide range sun protection. This advanced sun protection solution provides the skin with six layers deep protection from UVA rays that damage the skin  and also make it age fast.

This Neutrogena sunscreen boasts of the helioplex technology that is guaranteed to provide unbeatable photostable UVA and UVB defense. It fits right in the category of best physical sunscreen for face.

Features of this product

If you are looking for a product that can qualify as best drugstore sunscreen for face, this is it. Why? Because it has many more great features that have been tested and approved by dermatologists. These features include the following:

  1. Photostable– This means that the UV protection won’t disintegrate under strong UV rays. This, therefore, provides you with superior protection no matter the level of exposure (This doesn’t mean you have to stay out in the sun longer than necessary, though).
  2. Oil free– This makes it suitable for oily skins and wouldn’t bring discomfort to the user.
  3. PABA free– Though a widely used ingredient in sunscreens, this products doesn’t contain it. This is due to the fact that some people have been known to be allergic to it. Therefore, for consumer safety, every ingredient in this product is hypoallergenic.
  4. Helps to fight sun-induced damage from free radicals– With constant use of this product and other protective measures, you can reduce the risk of skin cancer.


The Neutrogena Age Shield Face Sunscreen SPF 110 comes with a lot of benefits but we shall list only a few of them

  1. It conditions and hydrates the skin– The lightweight lotion is absorbed fast into the skin without a greasy feel and the conditioners help to keep the skin hydrated.
  2. Protects the skin from free radicals – This reduces the risk of skin cancer.
  3. Keeps the face looking healthy and young – The anti-aging properties ensure that the skin continues to glow and look healthy and young.


This is a great sunscreen as testified to by many users. However, some customers have complained that although it is oil free, they still get the greasy feeling when they use it. Oh well, guess you can’t have it all.

4. Beauty by Earth Facial Sunscreen SPF 20

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About the Product

This sunscreen by Beauty By Earth has been described as a mineral sunscreen lotion that’s suitable for daily use. Made of natural and vegan ingredients, it is in the class of best mineral sunscreen for face. Some users consider it the best organic sunscreen for face. The composition of ingredients used makes it suitable for the whole family. Furthermore, if you are looking for the best sunscreen for men’s face, reach for this great product.

Features of this product

This product that’s made with your best interest at heart is one of the best natural sunscreen for face and is loaded with many great features. They include the following:

  1. Made with toxin free ingredients– It does not contain gluten, GMOs or Soy. It is formulated with purely vegan ingredients to ensure the highest level of protection without side effects.
  2. Contains Zinc Oxide– This helps to heal epidermal wounds, infections, burns, skin oiliness rashes and acne.  It protects against UVA and UVB rays and prevents sun burns and the appearance of irritation and photo-aging. If you are looking for the best zinc oxide sunscreen for face, this is the product for you.
  3. Anti aging properties– It protects the skin from sun damage and prevents the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the face.
  4. Non Comedogenic– It does not block the skin pores and prevents the breakout of acnes and spots.
  5. Matte finish– You can use it as a primer for your make up and it leaves you with a glow without the greasy feeling.
  6. Recommended by The American Academy of Pediatrics– As summer draws near, you can be sure that the kids must run wild in the outdoors. This product would come in handy for all the summer activities.


  1. Environmentally safe product– The composition of this sunscreen allows you to wear it with confidence. You are assured of protection without any adverse side effect on the environment.
  2. Safe for the whole family– This feature makes it a money saver because you don’t have to look for a different product for your kids. This one sunscreen serves the whole family.
  3. Suitable for all skin types– in addition to point number two, it is suitable for all skin types.  Sensitive skin, oily skin, dry skin and combination skin; every member of the family is covered!
  4. Keeps skin hydrated and healthy– Gives you a healthy and young looking face because the conditioners constantly hydrate and revitalize your skin.


Testimonials abound of how great this product is but there are two things that customers have complained about:

  1. Price – A number of customers have complained that it’s quite pricey. Guess this is so because of the environmentally safe, non toxic and cruelty free ingredients used.
  2. It’s not fragrance free – Some people have complained that the smell is a bit strong for them. Again we feel this is to be expected from a vegan product.

All in all the above have not proven to be a deal breaker for a majority of consumers.

5. Coola Suncare Mineral Face Sunscreen

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About the Product

The Coola Suncare Mineral Face Sunscreen is a certified product that won the Best Suncare award and the Best Launchpad award in 2014. It is specially formulated to help you nourish and protect your skin from sun damage. Some consider it the best mineral sunscreen for face or the best tinted sunscreen for face. This sunscreen is made with vegan ingredients that are cruelty free; this means that no animal was tortured or killed to get the raw materials.

Features of this product

This all-natural product comes packed with many great features that include the following:

  1. No nano-sized particles– This means that there is nothing in the sunscreen that would penetrate and clog your skin pores. All the sunscreen does is sit on your face and provide adequate protection.
  2. Contains no preservatives– Most preservatives used in cosmetics and beauty products are chemicals. The lack of preservatives ensures that your product is toxin free.
  3. Matte Finish Tinted– This gives your face , a matte finish that smoothes out the fine lines and wrinkles. This makes it suitable for use under your makeup.
  4. Age defying properties– The organic antioxidant-infused ingredients help to keep you face looking healthy and young.


  1. Made with all natural ingredients– This ensures that your face is adequately protected without any adverse side effects.
  2. Hydrates and moisturizes the skin– The ingredients that are used keep the face hydrated and moisturized. They help to rejuvenate and restore the glow to your face.
  3. Restores and soothes damaged skin– If you have already suffered sun damage, this sunscreen can help heal the burn and restore your skin.
  4. Suitable for sensitive skins – This is a great product for people who have sensitive skin because it is hypoallergenic, toxin free and purely natural.


The all- natural ingredients of this product make it a hit with consumers. But there is one downside noted by many of them.  This is the fact that it is not as tinted as expected. However, they still testify that it is a good product.


If you paid close attention to all the features and benefits of these products, you would have learnt the following:

  • The importance of sunscreen
  • How to protect your skin from sun damage
  • The different types of sunscreens for different skin types
  • How to determine the best sunscreen for your skin type.

Now that you are armed with this knowledge, you can go ahead and determine which sunscreen is the best for you.


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