7 Best Beach Towels for Summer (2018 Complete Review)


Bored with the regular, humdrum beach towels you find around? Want to show off your exquisite tastes and endear yourself to everyone you find at the beach? Then it’s time you got yourself a brand new beach towel. Come on, this is the beach, we’ve got to play to win! So, we heard from a teeny bird that there are some pretty amazing deals on beach towels these days. And of course, we had to go a snooping for you! So, yup, it’s all here from circle beach towels, even to minions beach towels! Just get yourself an awesome pair of Ray Bans, look awesome, and check out the 7 absolute best beach towels of 2018.

PS: Just in case you can’t wait to get to your beach adventure… and it’s totally okay… here’s a sneak peek at the major highlights of each of our beach towels on review.

Best Beach Towels Comparison Table

size Thickness colors material
Laguna Plush Beach Towel 70 x 35 inches 630 GSM Red, white and blue 100% cotton
Dock and Bay Microfiber towel Extra Large: 78 x 35 inches

Small: 40 x 20 inches

Not specified Angel pink, Niagara blue, Aurora red, Everglade green 80% polyester, 20% polyamide mix
Ban.do Wish you Were Here Beach Towel 72 x 40 inches Not specified Aloha, Pink (wish you were here), Blue (see you at the pool) Terrycloth
Best Trend Minions Summer 55 x 28 inches 280 GSM Minions Terrycloth
Athaelay Hooded Towel for Kids 24 x 48 inches Not specified Mermaid, Astronaut, Great White Shark, Ballet cotton
Sleepwish Turtle Life Bohemian Beach Blanket 60 x 60 inches Not specified White Microfiber
Meet Beach Towel Paw Patrol 58 x 28 inches Not specified Paw Patrol, Black Panther, Moana, Pokemon cotton


Our Top 7 Picks of the Best Beach Towels You can Buy in 2018

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1.Laguna Beach Textile Co. Plush Cabana Beach Towel:

[amazon box=”B010U6AROM” template=”vertical”]

Sweetheart, you want a beach towel that’s good to your skin for several reasons. One, it won’t leave prints on your skin. Two, it won’t begin to hurt and irritate. Three, the sand on the beach is hot and irritating enough without adding the abuse of a tacky beach towel to it. Yeah, that’s mentioning pain twice but if you’ve ever been through stuff like that before, you’ll know it’s worth it. Anyway, this beach towel is every bit as plush as its name sounds. And how do we know that this towel will treat you well? It’s made of 100% cotton. Your dermatologist will tell you that it hardly gets better than that when taking care of your skin. Also, it’s a very spongy towel too, so it takes in a lot! You think some people internalize things too much? Ha! You haven’t met the Laguna Plush Cabana Beach Towel. But here’s the even more amazing part, this towel weighs next to nothing. Okay, maybe that’s a stretch but let’s do some math. This towel weighs in at 630 grams per meter and yet, it still holds its own beside your plush bathroom towels. You’ve just got to hand it to this towel, don’t you think?

You deserve this beach towel. It’s large. It’s roomy. And it comes in an elegant color combination to match your fashionable personality. “Rumor” has it that this premium quality oversized beach towel goes for a bargain price now. Yeah! We can’t believe it too. Less than two twenty dollar bills for so much quality? Don’t miss out on this deal, guys!


  • Plush feel.
  • Classy design.
  • Oversized beach towel.
  • Soft, thick and spongy.


  • You only get one towel not three as the image might suggest.

2.Dock and Bay Microfiber Towel backpacking Gear:

[amazon box=”B01D5W68A0″ template=”vertical”]

And the deals keep getting hotter and hotter on our reviews. We told you that the deal on that last beach towel was great, right? Wait till you see this one from Dock and Bay. It’s practically a give-away, we tell you. “But hey, what’s the catch?”  Yeah, we thought you might ask that. So, here’s the catch. We’re not going to hoodwink you, sweetie. It’s just not our style. The truth is that this towel is a bit thin being made of microfiber. So, no, it’s not as plush as the one from Laguna. But think about it, what advantage do you think you could get from buying a thin beach towel? Of course, drying time! Have you ever had to lug home a heavy bag of a soggy wet beach towel? Sure, you have. All the adrenaline from the fun time at the beach drains quickly. See why this beach towel could be your best friend?

Aside its amazing drying ability, this towel is also sand-repellent. So, yes, we are saying that we know that the beach is 50% sand and 50% water. But somehow, you’ll manage to get home without getting a grain of sand on you. Of course, we can’t guarantee this if you decide to go and have crazy fun surfing. But hey you get the idea. Now, here are two other really practical reasons we love this particular beach towel. Sorry, make that three. It comes in two different sizes, several colors, and a carrying bag! Because when it comes down to it, after all the initial attraction, these practical features will prove to be real life-savers. You’d have fun. You’d travel light. And you’ll enjoy the beach grit-free, when people said it couldn’t be done. Add all these to the fact that you get this awesome package at a low price, and what do you get? Of course, you get a beach towel that won’t last long in the stores. Just saying…


  • Sand repellent.
  • Comes with carrying pouch.
  • Dries out very quickly.
  • Several colors available.


  • This isn’t a fluffy towel but that’s its biggest strength. It’s lightweight and dries fast.

3.do “Wish You Were Here” Beach Towel:

[amazon box=”B078SBGM6L” template=”vertical”]

Here’s a trick we found to get your significant other dump all and spend the whole day with you at the beach. Step one, get this beach towel. Step two, get out your smartphone and take a great shot of the towel. Step three, send it to them. Step four, smile and pack a picnic basket for two. You know why this works? People love to know that you’re constantly thinking about them. Plus, everyone loves a bit of spontaneity. And guess what you just did? You cleverly delivered on these two innate desires of every individual in one beach towel! And here you were thinking it was just a beach towel. You’re getting yourself quality time with your significant other is what you’re doing, honey. And really, can you price that in cold cash? Nope. But it sure would help if it doesn’t bore a hole into your pocket, anyway. So, it’s a good thing that this packs all the quality it does at such a relatively affordable price.

Now, you’re at the beach. What’s next? Here’s what; a deliciously lush towel to make your time together totally worth it. Now, you can truly enjoy the finer things as long as you want to. You’re not going to want to leave the beach or your beach towel at all. And isn’t that what a time out with your significant other should be about? This oversized terrycloth beach towel makes that possible. Measuring 72 inches by 40 inches, this surely is a towel for two! Go ahead and get it. You know you want it!


  • Unique design with “wish you were here” message printed.
  • Soft and oversized.
  • Available in three different colors with different messages (Aloha, See you at the Pool, and Wish you were Here).


  • A bit on the thin side.

4.Best Trend Minions Summer Beach Towel:

[amazon box=”B0725Q7DFH” template=”vertical”]

Kids love the minions. And come on, you know you love them too. All that yellow amazingness with an unbelievably dumb yet brilliant disposition. You can’t help but love those dudes. And you know that if there’s any set of people who know how to get their aloha on, it sure is the minions.  So, if you love minions, then definitely, you won’t think twice before adding this minions beach towel to your cart. Your kids are going to go totally bonkers for this baby. And all the kids at the beach are going to want to sit with them. It’s the fastest way to make your kids the center of attraction at the beach.

And you know this towel is so good to them. It’s oh so soft because, of course, it’s made of cotton terrycloth. There’s only one downside we see to getting this towel. And that is that you’d have to beg to get your kids off this towel and into the car to get home. They are not going to want to leave. Not after making so many new friends and having such a great time at the beach. But all these would be at what cost to you? We are glad to say that you won’t have to dip your hands into their college funds to get this item.  It’s so affordable. But that’s not all, you also want to know what physical investment you’d have to make. To start with, it weighs next to nothing at 9.9 ounces. And it is machine washable too. If you ask us, this is a pretty awesome deal. Kids are happy. Beach towel is convenient. You get to be the great parent without grunt work. Sounds like a pretty fine idea from where we’re standing. And let’s not forget that you’re getting all these at an unbelievable price too. Get on this minion train fast before everyone else catches on.


  • Adorable kids beach towel.
  • Soft to the feel.


  • It’s a bit on the thin side.

5.Athaelay  Hooded Towel for Girls:

[amazon box=”B072LGGJ8J” template=”vertical”]

Awwnnn… won’t your little princess just look 100% adorable in this cute mermaid beach towel? We know she would. This amazing mermaid beach will make her rival Ariel in cuteness so easily. It’s not too small or too large with its 24 x 48 inches measurement. So, it’s just perfect for your toddler. There’s just enough room for your little munchkin to grow and enjoy the towel till she ages out of it. And yay, there’s a hood too to keep her protected from the cold while relaxing at the beach or by the pool. The towel is pretty well made. It’s tough yet soft. And this is one quality combination you must admit is hard to find around – a beach towel that is soft to touch and yet tough enough to withstand ages of machine washes. In fact, it’s not just about the material itself. The print design is also of excellent quality. It doesn’t fade with time and the towel remains wrinkle-free however you fold. You know that half of the “burden of cuteness” rests on your toddler’s getup, right? Wrinkles, dull colors? We all know they don’t go with cuteness. So do your baby (and yourself a favor). Get yourselves something that would get everyone head over heels for your princess.

Aside this mermaid design, there are other beautiful designs like the astronaut (for your fiercely ambitious munchkin), and the ballet for the ballerina. But even more importantly, we are impressed by the value you get when you buy this towel. Because it’s a multipurpose item, it can serve as quite a number of things. From a pool poncho towel, to a bathrobe, to a beach towel, get this one item and you’d have made an excellent choice.


  • Attractive mermaid design.
  • Ideal size for toddlers.
  • Comes with a large hood.
  • Comes with other adorable designs.
  • Comes with pretty sturdy side plastic snaps to help keep children warm in cooler temperatures.


  • Not super soft.

6.Sleepwish Turtle Life Bohemian Beach Blanket:

[amazon box=”B07DS5TZT8″ template=”vertical”]

Now, this is strictly for those who wish to stand out at the beach. It’s not for everybody. We went in search of the most unique round beach towel we could find for those certain kinds of people. And when we saw this item, we knew we had hit gold. Although a white beach towel, it comes with this beautiful design that gives it its bohemian feel. Nothing says “Aloha” as well as a tropical themed beach blanket. And here’s one that packs a solid punch. It even comes with these beautiful tassels all around to make it more adorable. Good thing this towel is so easy to carry, thanks to its lightweight. Why? Cos a great-looking beach towel is great excuse to always go chilling at the beach. And trust us, you want that excuse. You know how summers can get particularly bothering when you’re indoors all day.

Have you thought about how much better all our lives would be if we didn’t have to deal with wet beach towels every single time we went to the beach? Well, Sleepwish has, hence this item. It dries so fast which is just awesome for several reasons. It makes carrying easier. You get less cranky (carrying a heavy, soppy wet beach towel is enough to get anyone cranky). And fun days remain fun days. Plus, it doesn’t retain sand. So, feel free to rub your sunscreen and get a great tan on a great-looking towel. It would be one of the most amazing sights people would have seen on a beach in a while. Be the one to give it to them. Get this beach towel.


  • Dries very quickly.
  • Circle beach towelwith beautiful design.
  • Also works as yoga mat, or camping blanket.


  • Stains would get noticed easily but are easy to wash though.

7.Meet Beach Towel Paw Patrol Beach Towel:

[amazon box=”B07B42HFTT” template=”vertical”]

And yeah, one more for the kids. Because, we’d do anything for them, right? This time, we’ll get them what all kids are clamoring for these days. A Paw Patrol anything. How about we make it this lovely paw patrol beach towel? It’s so pretty and promises so much fun for the kids. And you know what? It’s so affordable, it’s almost a bargain. It doesn’t come with a hood though, so you might want to give these to the older kids and leave the hooded ones for the toddlers. You know the older kids would rather stay at home than go to the beach with a “kiddie towel”. And that’s why this towel is great for them. It’s quite large for the kids. 58 by 28 inches isn’t small by any means. In fact, standard beach towel size often begins from about 40 inches. So, you see? It’s large enough for your child to share with their sibling or a friend. Although this is paw patrol design, this manufacturer offers other pretty amazing designs as well too. And they are all kid-friendly, attractive, and super durable. Kids can get messy. And you might have to wash the towel more times than you’d care to (It’s machine washable by the way). But knowing that this towel will withstand many sessions of machine washes should put a smile on your face.

PS: We heard there’s a Black Panther beach towel too. We don’t know how long it would remain on sale but for now, it’s still available. Okay bye.


  • Paw patrol beach towel design.
  • Large enough for two young kids.


  • Does not come with hood.
  • A little thin.

How to Choose the Best Beach Towel for you in 5 Steps

Yes, there is a beach towel for everyone. And listed here are our top five easy ways to know which beach towel is perfect for you.

choose the best beach towels for your family
  1. Check out the Size: Beach towels come in different sizes. You don’t want something that’s too small or too big for you. Although oversized beach towelsare a thing, it’s still relative. For instance, a normal sized beach towel for you would be oversized for your kid. So, especially if you aren’t buying the towel to share, go for something more your size. Yeah, the idea is to pick on something your size!
  2. Check out the Color and Design: Because beach towels are more than just towels and are often also used as beach mats, design is now important. How do you like your beach towel? Or even more importantly, what message do you want to send about your personality? Funny and cheerful? Quirky and non-conformist? Manufacturers have gone crazy with colors and designs. You’ll definitely find something that best expresses your kind of person easily.
  3. Check out the Style: There are really no rules about the kind of beach towel you can get. There are so many styles these days, it’s even hard to keep up. You find round beach towels, heart-shaped beach towels, and basically all kinds of styles you can possibly think of.
  4. Check out the Price:Beach towels come with all kinds of price tags. As with items like these, the best idea is to know how much you’re willing to spend and find something that gives you the quality and value you want at that price. (You should remember too that you’d want to get some other beach accessories as well. For instance, you might want to add beach towel clips to hold the towel down on a chair). Count your costs well, though. Some of these beach towels get disgusting and worn out after such a short time. So read reviews and ensure that you make an informed buy. Also, keep in mind that “expensive” isn’t always synonymous with quality.
  5. Check out for Absorbency: An absorbent beach towel is a comfortable beach towel. It will treat your body right. And it will also keep you warm in the cool beach environs. For beach towels that are most absorbent, your best bet would be terry, followed by cotton and velour. Only thing is that none of these dry quickly when compared to the less absorbent microfiber material.

PS: The “Wakanda people” would sure enjoy having a Pendleton beach towel. It’s not on review today, though. But we found their lovely Carribean/African prints very unique and endearing. Check them out! (https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=Pendleton+beach+towel)

How Do Other People Choose the Best Beach Towel?

[Relevance: Best Beach Tent]

The Laguna beach towel was loved by most, although some customers found the towel a tad pricey. Many others thought it was a great deal though, being high quality and all.

Well, the Ban.do “Wish You Were Here” Beach Towel also enjoyed great reviews. But it’s biggest “but” remained the fact that it wasn’t very fluffy. For the price though, many customers had to agree that they had little to complain about.

As for the Athaelay Hooded Towel for Girls, reviews were also great. It’s such a darling item after all. However, one customer felt a little disappointed that she didn’t get the exact same item after ordering two of these. Apparently, she wanted her two girls to have identical beach towels.

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Our Favorite Beach Towel

It was quite a tough decision for us but we had to go with the Laguna Beach Textile Co. Plush Cabana Beach Towel. It just comes with so many positives. It’s oversized, super plush and still manages to be relatively lightweight. Plus, for its low price? That’s pretty generous.

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