An Ultimate Guide to Buy the Best Strollers for Big Kids in 2018


Stroller buying guides often recommend that customers look for the same features when looking to buy a new stroller for their children. Some parents make their choice based on design or style, others look to buy a new stroller solely based on its storage capacity.

Parents and grandparents looking to purchase a new stroller should also consider perhaps choosing a double stroller for twins, or if they have more than one child. The weight of the stroller is important to consider, as it is something that will be in tow for many years, but parents should also consider the weight capacity of their new stroller.

Parents of tall toddlers and toddlers over 50 lbs, as well as parents who want to have a stroller available for their older children should consider this feature especially important. Stroller height, accessories, and age appropriateness are also important factors.

Umbrella StrollersBaby stroller on sunny day

Umbrella strollers come in single designs, as well as designs for twins or two children. Umbrella strollers fold up to become completely compact, easily fitting into smaller cars. They are lightweight and support the child with heavy padded fabric, attached to the frame at the edges.

Those who own umbrella strollers love their portability and find that newer models can support toddlers who are tall or weigh over 50 lbs easily. Older children can also sit in these models comfortably, as many extend back to lie completely flat. Storage in these models is often ample, however, less expensive models with fewer features are widely available.

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Jogging StrollersMother with her baby on jogging stroller in park

Jogging strollers have two wheels at the back and only one wheel at the front. They are designed in this way to provide shock resistance for parents and grandparents who walk or jog often with their strollers.

Some do not recommend a jogging stroller for anyone who does not jog, as they can be heavier than umbrella strollers, however, a heavier stroller can mean a more secure seat for a big or tall kid, and many jogging strollers can accommodate children up to 75 lbs.

The futuristic look of jogging strollers is appealing as well, and most models are easy to maneuver and provide plenty of storage.

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Single VS. Double Strollers

So many parents stress over whether or not they should purchase a double stroller. Optimists say that they love having stroller space for two children, while pessimists insist that double strollers are heavy and difficult to maneuver.Twins in pink double stroller

Parents with twins often choose to purchase a double stroller out of necessity. Many current umbrella and jogger stroller models are available in a double option that can accommodate big and tall toddlers and older children. Customers also have the choice between a side by side model or one that has one child behind another.

Combination Strollers

The days of choosing between Graco and Peg Perego are over. While both of these companies still provide great options for those looking to buy a stroller, many of their models do not accommodate children over 50 lbs. Today there are many more stroller designs to choose from, including the combination strollers.

Combination strollers can change from configurations easily, and some combination strollers offer many different configurations to choose from. This allows parents and grandparents to start with a single stroller, and later turn it into a double.Sets of baby strollers

Some companies make combination strollers that accommodate big and tall kids, and most options have ample storage and are easy to maneuver.

Further research into the post popular and current stroller options for big, tall, and older children provide options that new and expecting mothers love.

Smart Buying Guide for Umbrella Stroller

1. Umbrella Stroller for Tall Kids

The Pockit Stroller by GB may be one of the better choices for anyone looking to buy for a tall toddler or older child. The high seat allows even the tallest children to sit comfortably.

This model also offers  one hand push and two step fold systems for ease of use and will stand on its own when folded. The stroller weighs less than ten pounds in total, making the GB Pockit Stroller the lightest umbrella stroller for tall and older children.

2. Jogging Stroller for Tall KidsLittle girl is pushing her stroller

The Urban Glide stroller made by Thule provides enough leg room for tall or older children, but also offers storage space underneath the seat, and a large canopy. This model is still lightweight at about twenty pounds but offers a more secure and comfortable seat for children over 50 lbs.

The ergonomic handlebar also allows for tall parents and grandparents to push the stroller comfortably. Customers who love this product can also choose to purchase additional accessories.

3. Umbrella Stroller for Big or Older Kids

Maclaren makes an umbrella stroller that includes tons of storage, a huge canopy, and a five point harness. The Triumph stroller allows for multiple seat positions and has a removable seat that is machine washable.

The canopy on this model protects big kids from harmful UVA and UVB rays, as well. This model is also extremely lightweight and comes with a weather resistant cover.

4. Umbrella Stroller for TwinsMother in a park with a double stroller with two kids

The Double Xtra Lightweight Umbrella stroller for twins allows for a total weight of one hundred pounds, though the stroller itself folds up compact, and weighs only around sixteen pounds. Storage room underneath the stroller is ample due to the side by side design, and each seat has its own individual canopy.

Cup holders are included for kids and parents, as well. Zoe, the company who makes the stroller, also offers a lifetime warranty on the wheels and guarantees to repair or replace them free of charge, so parents and grandparents of big, tall, and older children can rest assured in their investment.

5. Combination Stroller for Big Kids

The Baby Jogger City Select claims to be the best combination stroller for ‘families on the grow’. This model is slightly heavier than the others, but can convert easily from a single stroller for babies under six months, to a double stroller for a big kid and a baby, and back to a single stroller for big, tall, or older children. The stroller can easily support one child that weighs over 50 lbs, or two children up to 50 lbs each.

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Looking for the Best Umbrella Stroller

For those looking to purchase a new stroller or travel system, it is important to first look at lifestyle. Jogging strollers are a great choice for those who need to accommodate a big, tall or older child but are often heavier. Umbrella strollers offer lightweight convenience and portability.

Parents and grandparents of twins require a double stroller, but combination strollers currently available often accommodate every need. Style and design, storage space, accessories, and features should also be considered in comparison to the price.

Rave reviews of these five stroller choices suggest that customers are happy with their purchase, regardless of which model they chose. Perhaps with so many available choices, real reviews from actual customers provide the most insight into the best stroller choice for big, tall and older children.


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