7 Best Smart Thermostats: Reviews and Buying Guide in 2018


If you ask the experts, they will tell you that, to keep your house warm at all times and within the temperature range you like, you’ll need a thermostat. And they’re right. What is a thermostat? It is a component that senses the temperature of physical systems and carries out actions that ensure that the system has its temperature maintained at a desired point. Air conditioning and home heating systems are fantastic inventions but here’s the catch. With air conditioning producing the same degree of cold for long periods, the room is bound to get colder and temperatures are bound to drop as time goes on. It’s also the same for heating systems. However, with thermostat, you can ensure that your house stays at a desired temperature at all times. Warm remains warm even after long periods, and cool remains cool for as long as you want it.

But what are smart thermostats?

Smart thermostats are referred to as smart because they have the amazing ability to learn. If you’ve ever seen a thermostat wifi enabled, then you’ve seen a smart thermostat. Smart thermostats use Wi-Fi connectivity to learn all your temperature choices throughout the day and create schedules accordingly. With a smart thermostat, you do not have to go through the stress of regulating the temperature of your cooling or heating systems manually. The thermostat simply does that itself after taking instructions from you. It can even do that when you’re far away from home.

And that’s why today we bring you a comprehensive review of the best smart home thermostats. This took us hours of hard work and research, but here we are. In our wi-fi thermostat reviews today, you’ll find our 8 favorite Wi-Fi thermostats and a buying guide to help you choose the best one for you in your peculiar situation.

But first, here’s a quick comparison table; a quick overview of our top picks for those who might be in a hurry.

Top Smart Thermostats on Amazon Reviews

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1.Aprilaire Wi-Fi Thermostat:

[amazon box=”B01DSDK0M8″ template=”vertical”]

And so, we begin our smart thermostat reviews with the Aprilaire Wi-fi Thermostat. Not the most popular brand out there, but it sure knows it’s stuff.

At a decent price, the Aprilare Wi-fi thermostat is one of the most pocket-friendly devices of its kind. It works well when integrated with Alexa and as such responds to her voice commands. However, unlike most of the other smart thermostats out there, this is not touchscreen. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Well, we say depending on the situation, it can be either. It can be bad because, obviously, we live in a world of touchscreen smartphones and tablets. Everyone is so used to touching screens these days. However, even touchscreens have some disadvantages. Sometimes it’s difficult to navigate with wet hands, in this case the Aprilaire Wi-fi Thermostat’s alternative buttons thrives.

If you still prefer the comfort of touching screens instead, this smart thermostat offers you an app on IOS and Android that you can use as a remote control. We think this is a good option because you are provided with the best of both worlds, buttons and touchscreen functions. It also comes with a 4.5 LCD display. Text is easy to read because it is displayed in a digital fashion and only important details are shown. Plus, it is also high contrast for easy visibility even from afar. This thermostat is easily programmable, almost the best programmable thermostat. It also allows for event-based air cleaning.


  • It is affordable.
  • Button function and touchscreen function (with smartphone app).
  • Digital display with only important information.
  • High contrast for easy visibility.


  • Digital display might be boring to some people.
  • Because of its retro look, it might not be a great wall decoration.
  • Needs a common wire for power.

2.Lennox iComfort Smart Touchscreen Thermostat:

[amazon box=”B07BKMRR5S” template=”vertical”]

Still on our thermostat reviews, we bring the Lennox iComfort next. This device is a really cool new age Wi-Fi thermostat. It comes in a really sleek and beautiful design. Its black front color and silver backing also add up to make it a beautiful wall design. Just like it’s clearly stated in its name, this thermostat is completely touchscreen which makes navigation easier. It also features a “smart away” mode. What does this mode do? Well, the Lennox iComfort is to be synched to a smartphone. It will receive location information about this smartphone. Once it notices the smartphone leave the house, the cooling and heating systems are regulated to power-saving mode. Because Lennox had its customers in mind, it thought it fit to install this mode on this smart thermostat to help them save on energy bills. Keeping the temp in the house conducive can be quite energy-consuming. The more energy consumed, the greater your energy bills and who wants that? Now, not only does this energy-saving device save you some cash, it also protects our mother earth.

And there’s more…

Away mode: Unlike traditional home-depot thermostat, this also comes with a “one-touch away mode”. What this does is that it allows you to set the temperature of your home even while you’re away. This can come in handy if you’re really cold and you don’t want to come into a cold house. You can preheat for 15 minutes before you get home and open the door to warmth.

Schedule 1Q Technology: This technology used in the Lennox iComfort enables you to program your thermostat only once. After the first time of programming, if you happen to change routine, the thermostat will automatically adapt to that too to match the new routine.

Humidity Control: If you live in areas that get really dry, you’ll need to have humidifiers at home. Most other thermostats only work with temperature devices, after all that’s what they’re primarily made for. However, the Lennox iComfort goes on to work with a host of humidifiers out there. It offers 100% humidity control and helps you to keep the level of moisture in the air at its optimum.

And there are even email alerts as well, including many other features.

Now, expectedly, because of its many functions, this thermostat isn’t the gentlest on the pocket. One thing we can tell you for free, though, is that this would be worth your every penny.


  • Beautiful and sleek design.
  • Smart, easy to use, away mode.
  • One-time programming.
  • Works with humidifiers.
  • Sends you email alerts and reminders.


  • It is quite expensive.

3.Bosch BCC100 Wi-Fi thermostat:

[amazon box=”B073XHD8BB” template=”vertical”]

This thermostat is priced decently which is a small price to pay when compared to the functionalities you’ll be getting. So, what functionalities would you be getting? Firstly, the Bosch BCC100 connects to Wi-Fi easily and uses that internet access to perform some functions. Things like programming and updating of the software need internet access. However, fear not if you do not have constant internet. This thermostat is also fully functional without internet access. If you live in areas where internet connection can get poor sometimes or you simply don’t have a home Wi-Fi, you should get this thermostat. Most other thermostats out there need to constantly be online for them to function at all but this doesn’t.

Again, this thermostat comes with a full 5-inch color display. It is also touchscreen and allows for scheduling to keep the temperature in your home optimum at every point in time. It is compatible with heat pumps as well, including cooling systems and humidifiers too. However, unlike the product mentioned earlier, it doesn’t work with a lot of humidifiers. It only works with a 1-wire inner powered humidifier or 24VAC.

It is powered using a c-wire (common wire). Please, note that this does not support two-wire systems. However, if you do have a two-wire system, there are other external products that allow you to use the c-wire, they do not come with this product though.


  • Fully functional without internet access.
  • Full color display.
  • Works with some humidifiers.


  • Doesn’t support two-wire systems power option.

4.Emerson Sensi Thermostat:

[amazon box=”B01N3CEUDH” template=”vertical”]

The first noticeable feature about this device is its display. It’s in HD, so everything is as clear as day. It is also fully touchscreen, with color display and a back glow. This thermostat takes scheduling to a whole new level. Unlike thermostats that feature simple schedules of 24 hours at most, this thermostat can schedule a whole week! Seven whole days! This schedule is extremely flexible and easy to program. Do you want to be heated up on Monday morning and chilled back on Friday evenings? The Emerson Sensi is your best bet.

It is compatible with HVAC systems in most houses and requires a c-wire for power. It was also designed easy enough so that you can easily install the device on your own. That is why you can see that it’s completely illuminated and navigation is extremely easy. It features an app on both IOS and Android. And this app can be used as a remote control for this smart thermostat. Also, the Sensi app comes with an instruction manual on how to set this up. Again, it features an alert system that tells you when temperature or humidity levels in the home are beginning to get extreme, whether extremely low or high.

One very famous reason a lot of people love this thermostat is because it can be easily integrated with Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Google assistant and Wink smart home platforms. While most other thermostats are only accessible using Alexa, this one is accessible by a lot of others. This is very important because you might already have a smart home platform that you love and changing that would not be very easy. Well, with this, you do not have to change your preference. You can simply run it on any smart home platform at all. The only thing you might need is to check for how to integrate it but one thing is for sure – it is achievable.


  • It can be integrated into any smart home platform.
  • It features an alert system for when temperature becomes extreme.
  • Features an Android and IOS app for remote control and manual
  • Really easy to install.
  • Full HD, color, touchscreen display.
  • One-week scheduling.


  • The mobile app only works on phones with IOS 10 and above and Android 4.2 and above.
  • Geofencing feature in android app only works for 5.0 and above.

5.Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat:

[amazon box=”B07DVM84B6″ template=”vertical”]

We’re still on our wifi thermostat reviews, and right now, we’re reviewing the Honeywell Wi-Fi Thermostat. The Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat is an easy to install thermostat. Also, it easily fits into your lifestyle without any hassle. It is easily programmable. And if you don’t want to program it, it can and will easily adapt its settings to suit your lifestyle. If you leave it to self-program, it will increase or reduce the temperature exactly the way you’ve been doing it for a while because it has been integrated with machine learning. Isn’t that so cool?

You can control it from wherever you are with your tablet or smartphone once it’s online. All you need to do to control the thermostat is to use the app as a remote. However, if you’re offline, don’t worry too much. It is touchscreen and the screen has been designed to provide easy navigation.


  • You don’t need to program it, it will learn overtime.
  • You can access it from an app on your smartphone or tablet.
  • It is easy to set up and install.
  • Display is plain black and white.


  • The app doesn’t work without internet connection.
  • It doesn’t come with any alert systems.
  • Display is plain black and white.

PS: If you read carefully, you might have noticed that the colors of the display were both mentioned as a pro and a con. This is because the black and white display is effective, so some people think it’s enough. However, some other people would think that it’s boring and unattractive. So, it’s really a matter of preference, so you choose for yourself whether its a pro or a con.

6.First Alert Onelink Wi-Fi Touchscreen Thermostat:

[amazon box=”B00R6S1TX6″ template=”vertical”]

The First Alert Onelink Wi-Fi touchscreen Thermostat is a Wi-Fi thermostat that can be connected to your smartphone while your smartphone serves as the remote. This thermostat features a beautiful display with background cloud images that represent the current temperature of the room per time. It can show a staggering amount of about a hundred pictures as its background display!

So, this is one thermostat that can easily double as an ornament too. With 100 pictures sliding on the background, this is one show-piece you would love to watch.

It is easily programmable too so you can maximize energy usage and comfort. Also, the energy usage feature shows the amount of power that has been consumed over a period of seven days too. This way, you can monitor your energy consumption and make necessary adjustments if need be.


  • Beautiful display with 100 different background pictures.
  • Easily programmable.
  • Energy usage feature that measures the amount of power used in a week.


  • Works with Alexa only and not other smart home platforms.

7.Lux GEO-BL Wi-Fi Thermostat:

[amazon box=”B010PTKWOE” template=”vertical”]

This thermostat comes in a design that is more similar to normal thermostats and at under $100 is the most affordable you’ll find of its quality. This helps to make the switch from normal thermostats to smart thermostats seamless and easy. Like normal thermostats, it is easy to install. You can even install it horizontally or vertically. Also, unlike most other thermostats, it features three different power options. There is a battery only option, a micro-usb connection and a direct system power option (c-wire).

It also comes with an IOS app and an Android app for easy access. This app supports geofencing with easy features that show “back” and “away” settings for increased comfort and power savings.


  • Its design makes it really easy to operate because it’s just like a normal thermostat.
  • It provides different power options.
  • App supports geofencing.
  • Can be set up horizontally or vertically.
  • Comes with 2 lithium batteries.
  • Very inexpensive.


  • Doesn’t have a flamboyant design or display.

How To Choose The Best Smart Thermostat

When it comes to choosing the best thermostat, there are a few things you’ll need to look out for:

Best Smart Thermostat
  1. Installation and Nest Thermostat Wiring

When looking for a smart thermostat, you’ll need to get one that is easy to set up. Do well to check that there is a manufacturer’s do-it-yourself installation manual. Without a proper manual, the installation process would be very hectic.

You should always check if it uses a C-wire or not. Most thermostats out there use a c-wire. However, there are a few that do not and instead use an R-wire. Some of these r wires have been known to cause problems for some HVAC systems. So, be warned.

  1. Remote Access

This helps you to control the thermostat even from a distance. It enables you to maintain a particular temperature in your home from wherever you are. Most of the time, smart thermostats use an app on your smartphone to do this.

  1. Integration Into Smart-Home Platforms

While most of these smart thermostats can be controlled by smartphones and tablets, not all of them can be easily integrated into other smart home platforms besides Alexa. So, although most of them will integrate easily with the Alexa home system, you might prefer to use Apple or Google instead. And if this is the case, you might have to search further to find those that allow connection to your preferred smart home platform.

  1. User Interface

Smart thermostats need to have well lit user interfaces. However, no matter how beautiful, make sure that it is easy to navigate.

Others Opinions for Choosing the Best Smart Thermostats

Everyone loves the Emerson Sensi thermostat. In fact, in most Wi-Fi thermostat reviews, they are considered the best smart thermostat Amazon carries. They love it because it isn’t only beautiful, it is also extremely functional and affordable. It takes scheduling to a whole new level and you can program your scheduling for as many as 7 days. And, of course, most people can’t get over the fact that this also connects to other digital assistants as well.

The Lux GEO-BL Wi-Fi Thermostat is also another favorite of many customers. It doesn’t hurt that this device is quite affordable. And it isn’t just about the affordability, this thermostat is also a friend of the digital noobs. Some folks seem to have a difficulty making the transition from the conventional thermostats into their smart counterparts. So, they are quite happy that there’s actually device for them that makes the switch much easier for them.

Our Favorite Smart Thermostat

As much as the Emerson Sensi thermostat is a great smart thermostat, our favorite has to be the Lennox iComfort Smart touchscreen thermostat. First of all, it comes in a very sleek and beautiful design. But that’s not all, the different features this thing possesses makes it the best for us. It connects to your smartphone and allows you to remotely control your thermostat from anywhere at all. Plus you also receive email alerts as well informing you about updates with your thermostat.


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