Best Shopping Cart Covers to Buy for Your Kids (2018)


Have you ever seen your loving kids toying and playing with nasty shopping carts’ handles? How are you prepared to protect them from contacting germs and infections from those pushcarts? Great moms with super caring attitudes always consider using shopping cart covers for maximum protection of these unsuspecting children.

Shopping cart covers are ideal for toddlers that can sit upright by themselves while riding comfortably in the cart.  It is an undeniable fact that these shopping carts can carry various germs and bacteria, which could make your child sick. People touch and push the handles of these carts with their hands, and that is an easy way for transferring infections and diseases from one person to another.

Most times, people can purchase some leaky packages that may leave bloodstains, drops of water, juices, beverages, and other things that can pollute the cart. This could introduce viruses and bacteria such as salmonella and e.coli on it, thereby exposing your kid to these disease-causing organisms.

Another reason to choose a shopping cart cover is the conditions of the seats, which have no padding to provide comfort for your kids riding on it. They are made of metals. However, if you decide to get a shopping cart cover, you would enhance the safety of your child, as it is made with straps that can hold your child safely on the cart.

Now, there are two types of baby shopping cart covers made to protect your child from falling off while you move around shopping and to protect him from contacting infections.

2 Types of Baby Shopping Cart Covers

Basic Cart Coverings

Basic cart coverings are low-end cart covers that have no padding. This type of shopping cart cover for baby is made of pure cotton fabric. It is only valuable as a protective covering for your child while he is on the cart. The seat is not comfortable to be sat upon for a longer time, although, you can get it at an affordable price.

Padded Cart Coverings

Padded cart coverings are known as high-end covers. The shopping cart seat cover is stuffed with a comfortable fabric that your baby can enjoy for a long time. In most cases, these covers have secure straps to hold children tight on the cart while the parents are touring round buying various commodities. They also have toys to keep the baby busy during the ride. Additionally, you will find pockets that can hold carry some stuff like phones and other belongings for easy carriage.

Let us check some of the various shopping cart cover patterns available on the market such as Infantino shopping cart cover, boppy shopping cart cover, skip hop shopping cart cover, Kids N’ Such Cover, and Lakeson cover.

5 Best Baby Shopping Cart Covers You Could Choose

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1.Infantino Shopping Cart Cover

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This baby shopping cart cover is made of one hundred percent polyester fiber. It has a safety harness belt attached to the cart to hold the baby firmly while you shop around.  Infantino shopping cart cover provides complete coverage for your kid, and it can be used as a shopping cart and high chair cover. You can pick your kid’s favorite toys along with you since the cover has two toy loops and a teether to keep your toddler comfy as he rides on the cart. Moreover, you can quickly refresh your baby with some of his favorite drinks or juices because there is a sippy cup strap to hold the packs and other bottles during the shopping spree.


  • Infantino shopping cart cover has a teether and two toy loops for his toys to keep your child entertained and comfortable while you shop around.
  • It is made with one hundred percent polyester fiber.
  • There is a safety harness belt attached to the cart for protecting your baby from falling.
  • You can easily wipe and wash it too.
  • The cover is foldable for easy carriage.


  • No hand slits on the cover to go with the push bar of the shopping cart

Why Should We Choose Infantino Shopping Cart Cover

We should choose the Infantino shopping cart cover because it is foldable and can serve as a shopping cart and high chair cover.  Moreover, it has a teether and two toy loops with sippy cup strap for keeping his toys and drinks for his refreshments respectively.

Other People’s Opinion

Other people’s opinion concerning this 2-in-1 high-end cover are as follows:

“Best one I’ve found so far” by Z-Mom

“Fits all carts and great product” by Amazon Customer

“Really cute and useful” by Ivy

2.Boppy Shopping Cart Cover

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Boppy Shopping Cart Cover is made of cotton, polyester, and polyester fill. This exclusive cover has a large size and suitable for shopping carts and high restaurant chairs of all sizes. Your baby will enjoy his ride in the cart, as he plays along with the plush crinkle toy added to the cover.

This machine washable fabric has an integrated safety strap for keeping your child firm and secure on the cart. Moreover, there is a slide line system made to keep his toys handy and within his easy reach.


  • The cover is made with extra padding and toys are attached to make the child comfortable and entertained while on the go, for shopping with mom.
  • Boppy Shopping Cart Cover provides 360° coverage for your child, and it can fit various sizes of baby shopping carts.
  • Suitable for high restaurant chairs and it has a two-point safety strap for keeping the baby safe.
  • This is easy care and machine washable fabric.
  • It has a patented sideline system for putting your kid’s toys.


  • This cover is not secure on a Target shopping cart because the buckle does not fit the plastic squares.
  • It is not too comfortable on high chairs.

Why Should We Choose Boppy Shopping Cart Cover

One good reason why we should choose this baby shopping cart cover is that it provides 360-degree protection for your baby and suitable for various shopping carts.

Other People’s Opinion

Other persons have these opinions like:

“Great for cold/flu season” by Christina Top contributor

“Baby is satisfied” by Heather D.

“Just what we needed! (And Yes, fits Target carts!) by Ashley Scott

3.Skip Hop Shopping Cart Cover

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Do you want to protect your little ones from germ-infested cart’s handles? Skip Hop Shopping Cart Cover can keep your child from touching and gnawing on nasty carts’ handles. It is a completely padded seat with leg openings for enhanced comfort. This shopping cart seat cover has two front loops where you can hang your baby’s toys. You will find a built-in stretchy pouch that can enable you to fold the seat cover neatly and carry it along with you quickly.

Skip Hop Shopping Cart Cover is compact, machine washable, and suitable for restaurant-style high chairs. There is a seat belt with a clip, which you can use in securing your baby firmly to avoid falls.


  • It is a machine washable baby shopping carts’ cover with extra soft fabric.
  • Skip Hop Shopping Cart Cover is compact, as it can fold easily into a built-in stretchy pouch.
  • There is a seat belt with a clip made to hold your baby securely during the shopping ride.
  • Suitable for most shopping carts and restaurant-style high chairs.


  • This shopping cart cover is not suitable for the plastic carts at Target.

Why Should We Choose Skip Hop Shopping Cart Cover

We should choose this shopping cart cover for the baby because it is compact and folds easily into a built-in stretchy pouch. Again, it has a seat belt with a clip that can hold your child firmly on the cart throughout your shopping time.

Other People’s Opinion

Here are other people’s opinions about Skip Hop Shopping Cart Cover:

“Splendid” by Eden Goltry

“I love the design of this cover, and it’s super …” by Stacy

“Wish I purchased sooner” by thewoodsnest

4.Kids N’ Such Cover – Nursing Cover, Car Seat Canopy, Shopping Cart, High Chair, Stroller and Carseat Covers for Girls

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Kids N’ Such Cover is a multipurpose shopping cart seat cover with the most excellent quality fabric. It is suitable for shopping cart and high chair cover, car seat canopy, changing mat, blanket, scarf, and many other uses.  Moreover, you can provide 360 degrees protection for your baby from germs and infections, rain, wind, bugs, and other insects.

This stylish cover with modern designs is soft, safe, and comfortable for your baby to use. You can enjoy one hundred percent money back guarantee if you purchase this product and notice any fault with it.


  • This is a versatile shopping cart seat cover with soft and stretchy fabric.
  • It provides 360 degrees protection from bright lights, wind, rain, insects, germs, and infections.
  • You will enjoy 100% money back guarantee by purchasing this cover.
  • Kids N’ Such Cover is breathable and wearable by moms during breastfeeding in public places.


  • It is too tight for nursing moms to wear for breastfeeding in public places.

Why Should We Choose Kids N’ Such Cover

We should love this cover because it has multi-purpose uses such as car seat canopy, high chair cover, nursing scarf, baby play mat, nursing cover, baby blanket, and more.

Other People’s Opinion

Other people’s opinions include

“Beautiful, useful,  and perfect” by lemonadeandsunshine

“Too tight for nursing” by Chelsea Bass

“Perfect carseat/breastfeeding cover” by Amazon Customer

5.Lakeson Cover – Baby Car Seat Cover, Nursing Cover for Breastfeeding Moms, Grocery Cart Cover, 4 in 1 Multi Use…

[amazon box=”B06VVVW3SR” template=”vertical”]

This shopping cart cover is made of high-quality stretchy fabric designed to provide one hundred percent protection from sunlight, storms, rains, snow, and other inclement weather conditions. Lakeson Cover is made for multipurpose uses and ideal as nursing covers for breastfeeding moms, high chair covers, shopping cart covers, and even scarfs.

There are modern, trendy patterns, and fashionable colors suitable for boys, girls, and even for neuter genders. You can quickly slip this cover over your head and begin to nurse your baby anywhere, even in public places.


  • It is ideal to be used as baby shower gift perfection.
  • Lakeson Cover is versatile, fashionable, and stretchy.
  • Thisbaby shopping cart cover provides one hundred percent protection for your child in unfriendly weather conditions.


  • This baby shopping cart cover has a little funny and disgusting smell.
  • It is not durable as the stitching comes loose after a short while.

Why Should We Choose Lakeson Cover

You should choose this shopping cart cover because it is versatile, fashionable, and stretchy. Furthermore, it provides greater protection for your toddlers from unfriendly weather elements.

Other People’s Opinion

Here are other people’s opinions concerning Lakeson Cover:

“Great for newborn daughter” by Krissy

“Beautiful, very soft cover” by Amazon Customer

“Great quality, great price, great product” by Deborah Hollins

How to Choose the Best Shopping Cart Cover

Before, you decide to pick a good shopping cart cover; here are a few things to consider.

Good Straps and Pads

Does it have good straps and pads? Belts and straps are one of the useful features of a high-end cover with a padded seat for the comfort of your baby. These shopping cart seat covers are attached to the cart to protect your child in case of sudden falls while you are busy making decisions on what to buy or not.

Reliability and Durability

Best Shopping Cart Covers to Buy for Your Kids (2018)

Choose a baby shopping cart cover that is reliable and durable. The reason is that your child can be picking at the fabric and this can cause it to be loosed and spoiled quickly. Again, the cover will be scraping against the cart and other items. Therefore, ensure that it can last for some time, after many uses.


The shopping cart seat cover must be affordable, even if it is a high-end cover with a padded seat. You do not have to spend fortunes before getting a superior cover that can protect your child while you shop around.

Comfortability during Shopping

Ensure that the shopping cart is comfortable for the baby during your shopping spree. Most covers come with toys and other things to keep the child entertained, but remember that the seat is hard and made of metals. Therefore, do not spend much time shopping and abandon the child there.

Nice Colors

Colorful and cute looking cart covers are ideal for your baby. You may decide to pick a pink colored cover for your daughter or other cool colors that can be suitable for both genders.

Our First Pick for You

Our First Pick for You

After reviewing all these high-quality shopping carts covers, our first pick is Infantino shopping cart cover. It is made of one hundred percent polyester fiber and has a safety harness belt connected to the shopping cart to enhance your child’s safety and comfort.  It is also useful as a shopping cart and high chair cover. You will find two toy loops for hanging your kid’s favorite toys and a teether for your little one to be biting and chewing instead of dirty shopping cats’ handles.


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