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No family is complete without a shadow box or two. But why are shadow boxes so important you may ask? Well, what better way to keep all your family treasures and keepsakes at the center of your heart and your family than to keep them in a shadow box? Instead of leaving them to languish in the dark shadows of the attic, why not think up shadow box ideas?  Well, if you were already on that train, then it means that you’re ready for our article today. Today, our article is replete with information on shadow boxes and how to make the best choice.

Now, before we get into the nitty gritty of today’s matter, we thought you could check out our quick comparison table. If you’re in a rush for time, then quickly check out the table to get the highlight of the most important features of each of our shadow boxes up for review.

PS: This review does not contain reviews on Hobby Lobby Shadow boxes or Collectors Museum Shadpe Box Frames. However, these are both great shadow box brands you could also check out.

Top Rated Shadow Box Reviews

[amazon table=”31368″]

  Application Dimensions Mount Attachments Surface Treatment
DisplayGifts Military Military Top: 20.5 x 10.25 x 2.5 inches

Bottom: 20.25 x 11.1 x 1.5 inches

Wall / counter top Pin to foam back.

Also comes with Velcro for attaching patches without pins.

DisplayGifts Sport Jersey Display Case Jersey 31.25 x 23.25 x 1.5 inches Wall mount Hanger (included) and pin board Black
Studio Decor General 9 x 9 x 1 inches Wall mount Pin to fabric Navy blue
Qualtry Wedding wine corks 16.25 x 8.5 inches Wall / counter top Hole at the top for slipping corks through Crawford Design
Americanflat General 11 x 14 x 2 inches Wall / Counter top Pin Black

1. DisplayGifts Military Memorial Shadow Box 

[amazon box=”B002NZIQSI” template=”vertical”]

Those who defend our nation with their lives deserve to be held in the highest regard. So, even as they get the special treatment that they deserve at airports and other public spaces, it’s a far more honorable idea to honor them at home. This is why we included this military shadow box. It’s ideal for displaying all the memorabilia from the times of the ex-military in the house – dead or alive.

This shadow box display case for military men is built with exceptional quality. It’s got a hardwood frame with a mahogany finish which makes the shadow box both elegant and very durable. Now, this shadow box comes with two halves – a top half that’s triangular and a bottom part that’s rectangular. Also, the lens is glass, it’s not cheap plastic. This shadow box can take the ex-military’s insignia, certificates, medals, ribbons, unit crest and whatnot. In addition, this box shadow also comes with space for a 5 by 9 foot flag, properly folded, of course. And you don’t even have to assemble anything. It comes ready to work as it’s  a one-piece frame. Lastly, you can choose to set this down if you have the space or you could hang it too if you have the wall space.

PS: This makes a wonderful gift idea for that special family with an ex-military. “Connive” with someone to have you put in all the treasures and gift it to the family or the next of kin. There won’t be a single dry eye in the room and neither you nor your gift will be forgotten in a long time.


  • Can accommodate 5 x 9 foot flag


  • Shadow box for military keepsakes.
  • Large enough to accommodate 5 by 9 foot flag.
  • Bottom half comes with enough space for lots of keepsakes.
  • Comes with self-stick Velcro to place patches that don’t come with pins.
  • Lens is made of real glass.
  • Frame made of hard wood and mahogany finish.
  • Comes as one piece. No need for assembly.


  • Although this box contains the 5 by 9 foot flag quite nicely, it does tend to cause the box to budge slightly at the back. You could try using some tape behind the frame to relieve the pressure.

2. DisplayGifts Sport Jersey Display Case Shadow Box

[amazon box=”B00A0UWWWE” template=”vertical”]

Next up, check out this large shadow box from DisplayGifts, we featured this specially for the fans we have among us. Everyone is a fan of something or another, right? Might be a football team, a basketball team, a particular rock band, your favorite writer, whatever. Large shadow box frames are a perfect way to store those original jerseys and tees. And we’ve got just the one – the DisplayGifts Sport Jersey Display Case Shadow Box! Yeah the name of the box suggests that it was made to display jerseys but who says it must be jerseys? You can display other non-jersey tees. So, from jerseys to that tee shirt that your idol signed for you, you can display them right here. You could even make your own hall of fame and display all the jerseys and tees of your favorite players, singers, musician, whomever! Awesome!

Alright to how exactly this shadow box works… There are two ways to display your favorite tee in this box. In this package, you’ll find pins as well as a hanger. Now, how you choose to display depends on the size of your jersey or tee. If it’s a normal sized shirt, then you can just display it on the hanger included in the package. Otherwise, you’d have to fold the shirt properly and use the pins instead. Either way, the important thing is that the number, name or autograph is brandished very prominently.

Now, here’s one thing about some of these large shadow box frames, when left in direct contact with UV, the shirt inside tends to get discolored. This is not what you want. So, we’re happy to announce that this shadow box comes with a lockable door (keeps unwanted visitors out). But even better, it comes with a 98% UV protection. Your shirt is going to hang in there looking their best for a long time to come.

As for quality, this is one high-end looking product. It’s made of solid wood so it’s pretty sturdy and durable. And to ensure that you maintain this baby well, DisplayGifts includes cleaning instructions. Installation is also pretty easy and will take you 15 minutes max to get your box up and proud. So, who’s your GOAT? It’s time to say it loud and proud with this beautiful shadow box!


  • Door comes with UV protection to prevent jersey discoloration.
  • Doors come lockable.


  • Large shadow box frame for displaying jerseys and autographed tees.
  • Comes with hanger and pins for displaying shirt.
  • Made from solid wood.
  • Installation is easy and fast.


  • Taking off the film from the Plexiglas is tough!

3. Studio Décor Heavy Duty Wood Frame Shadow Box Display Case

[amazon box=”B07DNQFSS7″ template=”vertical”]

The Studio Décor frames are well known in the industry as a standard of quality and beauty. From picture frames to shadow boxes, Studio Décor sure does a mean job with these items. It’s no wonder that products from this brand sell out very fast across many etail platforms.

Now to why we love this particular shadow box frame from Studio Décor… Our number one reason is in the name. This is a heavy duty shadow box, so, you already know that this frame will last a very long time. This isn’t something that would crack just because you dared to set it down on the counter for a second. The design of this frame is also pretty simple. It comes with a single solid color on the frame – navy blue, creating a simple yet elegant look. Although Studio Décor carries larger sizes, this one is just moderately sized. If you don’t have way too many things to display, this is perfect as it will take them conveniently. If you have more stuff though, then there’s a larger size you can order.

Now, unlike the other shadow boxes we have been reviewing, this is more like an all-purpose shadow box. So, it’s not specially for the military or sports jerseys. This one can store practically anything from graduation pictures, to ticket stubs, to medals, to baby bonnets, to wedding photos.

You attach your stuff by pinning them to the fabric on the inside. And then there’s a glass covering in the front to protect your stuff from the dust. This does not require assembly and is also available in many other color options (some of which are already sold out).


  • Perfect for all kinds of keepsakes


  • Heavy duty shadow box.
  • Simple and elegant frame.
  • All-purpose shadow box – can be used to display all kinds of keepsakes.
  • No assembly required.


  • Could be deeper.

4. Qualtry Personalized Wine Cork Shadow Box Display

[amazon box=”B07CJY8H3X” template=”vertical”]

Our reviews are almost coming to an end and we have seen a lot of shadow boxes so far. We’ve come from the heart-wrenching military shadow box to the adrenaline-pumping sport jersey shadow box, to the all-purpose shadow box. To keep things interesting, we decided to throw in decorative shadow boxes. And that’s why we have this wine cork shadow box display from Qualtry. If you’re planning a wedding soon, here’s a very nice way to create lasting memories from that event. It might be a once-in-a-lifetime event but no one says you can’t talk about it every day afterwards!

Wine cork display frames make clever gift ideas. They are slightly out of the norm and form a more personal way for your guests to become a part of your big day. If you’ve never seen this done before, it’s actually quite simple. Each of your guest brings a wine cork, preferably with a personalized message to you written on it. And then they throw it into your wine cork box through the hole cut on top. Simple. You can see how this forms an interesting point in your wedding, don’t you?

You’d agree that for this wine cork display idea to work, you’d need to get a deep shadow box. For other kinds of memorabilia, you can easily pin them to the cushion, you can’t do that with wine corks. So the stuff has to be large and deep and that’s what you get in the Qualtry Personalized Wine Cork Shadow Box Display. And how about the nice customization that comes with it? Yeah, you can actually customize your name (or whatever else you want) on the box at no extra cost to you. Pretty awesome, right?

Finally, you can choose to keep this at your bar or you could also hang it on the wall too. There are wall brackets installed at the back.


  • Customizable
  • Names are engraved using UV ink so they stay on forever


  • Comes as a wine cork shadow box – perfect as a gift idea for weddings, anniversary, and showers.
  • Deep and large enough to accommodate enough wine corks.
  • Customization is done with UV ink so it never fades.
  • No installation needed.


  • Some large wine corks might not be able to pass through the hole on top.

5. Americanflat Shadow Box Frame 

[amazon box=”B0753JTSPQ” template=”vertical”]

So, to end this review, we are featuring a very affordable model from Americanflat. Everyone might not be able to able to spend a lot of dollars on shadow box frames, but then there are some pretty sweet deals on shadow box frames, if you look well. And you don’t even have to look. We’ve done the looking for you! We already picked out something for you and that’s this Americanflat Shadow Box Frame.

For its decent price, this shadow box comes as very high quality. It comes made of solid wood with clear glass to protect and display your keepsakes. There are 6 silver pins included to hold each of your mementos safely on the cushion of your shadow box. In fact, they work both as shadow boxes and as picture frames which makes it a fantastic value purchase. They don’t require any assembly at all and you can easily hang it on the wall with the sawtooth hangers you find at the back. Or, if you prefer, you could just place it on your preferred counter top.

For those who need a budget item, it hardly gets better than this amazing, versatile shadow box frame from Americanflat. It’s perfect for storing any memorabilia and it also doubles as a shadow box as well as a picture frame.


  • Versatile – can work as shadow box and picture frame


  • Very affordable.
  • Value purchase – works as both shadow box and picture frame.
  • Quality materials.
  • No assembly required.


  • Could be a little deeper.

Tips To Decorating Your Space With Your Shadow BoxesDecorating Your Space With Your Shadow Boxes

Well, in the first place, a shadow box is a box made of wood and glass and used to display all kinds of objects, and keepsakes. And there are several ways people use shadow boxes to make your space come alive.

Here are some tips to help…

  1. Pick a theme and combine different sized shadow boxes with different shapes to create an interesting gallery.
  2. Next, go for a color that complements your home décor. If you have a beach-styled house, for instance, you can try shadow boxes that come with corals, sea shells and such. A thin metal frame is also a great idea.
  3. If you’re using your shadow boxes in your baby’s nursery room, there are some ideas you could try. You can use some shadow boxes to show off their pretty toys. Also, don’t forget to get shadow boxes that complement the primary décor of the nursery.
  4. It’s not compulsory to hang your shadow box on the wall. Try other more interesting spots like your fireplace mantel, a shelf, or maybe even your desk.
  5. You can also display shadow boxes in your kitchen with the more traditional styled shadow boxes. A number of them don’t come with a glass front but they come with really nice wooden frames.

Other People’s Opinion about Shadow BoxShadow Box

The Qualtry Personalized Wine Cork Shadow Box Display received a lot of love from customers around. It’s cute and interesting and makes a very thoughtful and creative wedding present. Although the hole was sometimes too small for some large wine corks, the general consensus on this guy is that it is amazing.

Another shadow box to receive a ton of love is the Americanflat Shadow Box Frame. The fact that it’s affordable and yet doubles as a picture frame completely steals hearts.

And the DisplayGifts Military Memorial Shadow Box? So many testimonials of wet eyes in the room when this shadow box made its way to the receiver’s hands… Apparently, it was an instant hit with many customers and their families.

Choose the Best Shadow BoxAmericanflat Shadow Box Frame

It’s hard to make a choice but we will go for the Americanflat Shadow Box Frame. We chose this one over the others for very practical reasons. One, it is very affordable. Two, it isn’t specific, so it can be used for all kinds of memorabilia. And more importantly, it’s a value item. You get a picture frame and a shadow box for the price of one. Awesome deal!


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