Top 5 Scented Candles That Are Must Haves in 2018


You probably do not know this but scented candles are one of the joys of life. You come home after a long day and all you just want to do is soak in the tub. But what is a soak in the tub without soft music, a little champagne and candles?

Scented candles should be an everyday accessory for any home. This is because we believe that everyone deserves to be blessed with some of the finest scents available. We like to come home to sweet smells, as we are sure you do. It could be from some well-made food in the kitchen or from good smelling candles. It does not matter whether it is top of the price chart or inexpensive. They make a lot of difference to us.

Now, we know you are wondering what the brouhaha could be about. Aren’t they just candles? Not necessarily, they are not. When you get yourself good scented candles, you have the chance of having a great smell in your home every time. That is a luxury many take for granted. As for us, we would not trade our candles for anything else in the world.

We do not know about you but they can be therapeutic for most of us. The best fragrance candles can get you relaxed, coupled with a good long soak in the tub. Apart from that, those made with essential oils can ease stress and anxiety without you even noticing. We’re telling you, they are not just candles anymore.

The quest for the best scented candles, whatever the fragrance, has led you here. The thing about scented candles, though, is that you can make one for yourself. That is why there are many diy scented candles out there. However, if you’d rather buy, we have great choices for you. Because of the wide selection of scented candles, it can get confusing to decide on which you want. So before we get ahead of ourselves, let us take a look at a quick comparison table of those we’ve reviewed on this page…

  Burn Time Fragrance Type of Wax
Chesapeake Bay Mind and Body Scented Candle 50 hours Water Lily Pear Natural Soy
ArtNaturals Scented Candles (6-in-1) 8 hours per candle Variety of scents (Citrine (tropical/citrus), Garnet (sweet pea/spice), Sapphire (honeydew/frankincense), Diamond (peach/Prosecco), Jade (pear/Riesling), and Rosalind (vanilla/sandalwood) Natural Soy and Paraffin
Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Stress Relief Scented Candle About 40 hours Eucalyptus Spearmint Vegetable Blend
Village Candle Balsam Fir Scented Candle About 160 hours Evergreen, Bergamot and Fresh Balsam Food Grade Paraffin
Our Own Candle Company Mmm…Nice Melons About 100 hours Honeydew Melon, Summer Melon and Watermelon Soy and Paraffin

5 Best Scented Candles Buying Guides

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1.Chesapeake Bay Mind and Body Scented Candle

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As cool as cool can get, this amazing scented candle is one of a kind. It is a great blend of fruits and essential oils. This makes it perfect for aromatherapy without being too strong for a long period of use. It slowly but surely spreads its sweet scent throughout a room, keeping it cozy and nice.

The fragrance is oh, so heavenly! It is soft yet strong enough to get attention. With it, you would feel proud to invite friends over because you’d sure get a lot of compliments. It is also a great way to start a conversation; it speaks of class and sophistication. It is, hands down, one of the best smelling candles around. Making this your choice of a scented candle could not be more right.

The flame is contained in a translucent jar, which lets the light out in a muted way. This adds to the overall coziness of the room where it is. The color of the jar also adds its own unique allure and mystery. It does not matter who buys it; it is perfect for any occasion or person.

The lid made from natural wood makes it one of the best items you can gift someone. This is because it adds character to it, with a personal touch. In addition to this, it can burn for up to 50 hours, non-stop. Your home gets to smell amazing for 50 hours. You can hardly go wrong with this sweet scented candle.


  • Made from an amazing blend of fruits and natural oils.
  • Frosted jar adds coziness to the light.
  • Can burn for up to 50 hours.
  • Wooden lid adds a personal touch.
  • Wax is from soy, for healthy burning.


  • Melts too quickly in hot weather.

2.ArtNaturals Scented Candles (6-in-1)

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Looking to have a variety of fragrances with your candles? Then this is the perfect fit for you. ArtNaturals has gifted us, scented candle lovers, with this superb of array of different scents in just one purchase. One pack comes with 6 2-oz candle jars that give you different fragrances. So depending on your mood, you can switch to the fragrance that suits it. You get Citrine (tropical/citrus), Garnet (sweet pea/spice), Sapphire (honeydew/frankincense), Diamond (peach/Prosecco), Jade (pear/Riesling), and Rosalind (vanilla/sandalwood).

It is perfect for aromatherapy because of the essential oils in it. Essential oils have of way of relaxing anyone. Therefore, any scented candle that it worth its price should have some oils in it. And this one does not disappoint. It is very instrumental in helping you unwind after a stressful day. Anyone you have over would appreciate it, too.

The wax is a mixture of soy and paraffin to give a clean and healthy burn, and to make it last. Soy wax takes a longer time to burn than just paraffin. Besides that, it burns cleaner and healthier than paraffin. Therefore, this scented candle is a pure joy to have around. Fragrance and relaxation are tough duo to beat.


  • 6 candles in one pack
  • A variety of scents for different moods, all for the price of one.
  • Each candle can last up to 8 hours.
  • Wax is a mixture of soy and paraffin, for clean burning and longer burning time.
  • Great for aromatherapy.
  • Perfect gift item.


  • Could do with better packaging for shipping.

3.Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Stress Relief Scented Candle

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Stay sharp and winning with the naturally-scented candle from Bath and Body Works, a superb representative of aromatic candles. Believe it when I tell you that it does not choke you. I know you may have had scented candles that had cloying smells. But this does nothing like that. It does not give you a light head from being too overpowering. If anything, it soothes you and keeps your mind as sharp as a tack. The fragrance is long-lasting, great and refreshing.

This fragrance is quickly diffused by the presence of three wicks. Yep, you read right. The single candle comes with three wicks which make it easier for the fresh scent of the candle to spread quickly. You would not have to carry it from corner to corner to spread the fragrance faster. And you would not have to wait too long.

Are you a yoga or meditation enthusiast? Then we do not know how you have not tried this eucalyptus spearmint-scented relaxing candle. It tends to get you to your place of zen quicker than most others. Well, we know all yogis do not burn candle but if you do, we recommend this.

You get to enjoy its natural scent for about 40 hours at a stretch. If you burn at intervals, it would last longer. We would recommend burning at intervals because the scent still permeates the room, even when it is not lighted. Besides, we would not want for this treasure to run out too quickly.

That is not a problem, though, because it does not cost an arm and a leg. So you would have no problem replacing it when you run out. And you can find it easily; who would not want to stock up on such a delight? We know we would.


  • Effective for aromatherapy and relaxation.
  • No cloying or overpowering scent; all natural eucalyptus spearmint.
  • Fragrance last long after burning.
  • Wax is a mixture of vegetables.


  • Wicks are really small.

4.Village Candle Balsam Fir Scented Candle

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A pure and unadulterated mix of balsam, evergreen and bergamot, this scented candle will offer you pure joy. If you are a lover of the outdoors, then this should not be lacking in your home. A good example of pine scented candles, it gives you that feel of the outdoors, without going into the woods. It is fresh and exhilarating.

The fragrance is released faster and smoother because it has two wicks. It soothes you because the wax is partly made of oils which aim to relax you. This does not mean that the wax would burn faster than normal. That is one of its unique qualities. Not only is the wax food grade paraffin, it means that it burns healthy and without soot.

In addition to these, it gives you a burn time of about 160 hours. What more could you ask for? Treat yourself to this amazing scented candle for as long as you desire and at a great price, too.


  • Fresh and woodsy fragrance.
  • Burn time of about 160 hours.
  • Wax is made of food grade paraffin and oils.
  • Pocket friendly.


  • Wick is too small, making light dim.

5.Our Own Candle Company Mmm…Nice Melons

[amazon box=”B004VXAJU8″ template=”vertical”]

This scented candle is a beautiful mélange of 3 melons: watermelon, summer melon and honeydew melon. This mélange is hard to find anywhere else but that is not why you should get it. It is fruity, pleasant and satisfying. What else do you need from your candle? It is suitable for both adults and children.

With a burn time of about 100 hours, you get to enjoy long hours of this unique blend. Even when it is not burning, the scent lingers lightly and pleasantly around the house. It is not heavy so does not choke or make you lightheaded. This is one scented candle you want around you all the time.

It is also perfect as a gift for family, neighbors and friends. Having people over would also not be a bother because you know they would love your home. Let the ones you love or those around you bask in the fruity fragrance you enjoy.


  • A combination of fruity melons gives a very pleasant fragrance.
  • Long burn time.
  • Wax is a healthy mix of soy and paraffin.
  • Perfect as a gift item.


  • Packaging is poor so could get damaged during shipping.

What Do Scented Candles Do For You?

As time goes by, candles are becoming a commonplace item in homes. People no longer see them as just of means of getting light. This is because the gentle light that can come from a burning candle can be really relaxing. A candle light can offer a level of coziness that little else can.

Now, add an alluring scent to the already existing coziness of it and you have an irresistible combination. All your senses partake of the pleasure of having a scented candle around you. Here are few benefits of scented candles:

best Scented Candles

  1. Relaxation

Like we have mentioned before, a pleasant smell has a way of relaxing a person. Nothing puts someone off as coming into a house with an unpleasant smell, no matter how faint. People are more prone to treat you better when your home has a great fragrance. Who would not want that?

  1. Aromatherapy

Some scented candles contain essential oils that are used for aromatherapy. This makes them perfect not only for relaxation but also for healing. For those who appreciate alternative medicine, scented candles can do much more for you than just ease stress. They can help with your psychological wellbeing, too.

  1. Alternative Light Supply

Having unscented candles in your home is good, in the event there is a power outage. But using scented ones in their place would be oh, so much better. You get to make your home look cozy and smell good, all in one fell swoop. Yes, torches and flashlights are great but scented candles are…scented candles. There is no rivalry.

  1. Something for Everyone

Scented candles have a wide array of fragrances to offer. Most of the fragrances that people love have been put into candles. You would hardly believe the types of scented candles that are sitting, waiting for you. From scented beeswax candles to glade scented oil candles, they are ripe for your picking.

Imagine having the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the air all the time, no matter how faint. Some people thrive on coffee so even the smell is pleasure to them. Many others just like the smell of coffee. Well, there is something for you. Coffee scented candles are available for your delight. They are just perfect, without being cloying or overpowering.

There are even Disney scented candles. Some very creative geniuses have captured the very smells of Disney that people love and channeled them into candles. With them, you feel as if you are right where fairytale characters live. If you are huge lover of Disneyworld, these candles have got you covered.

Our Favorite Scented Candle

All the scented candles here are amazing. This is because they were carefully selected so that you would have an idea of what is on offer. But we do have a favorite and that is the ArtNaturals Scented Candle (6-in-1). It comes in a variety of fragrances that are hard to resist. So you do not need to spend extra to get another fragrance from candles. Whatever your mood is, there is something in there for you.

Best of all, it is just right as a gift for anyone. It is not pricey so you can share the love with more than one person. It is also suitable to be used around children as long as they are watched. The fragrance would not be too much for them and each candle can burn for hours. There is just everything right about this scented candle and we like it. So go out there and shop!


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