Best Robot Toys: How to Select It for Your Toddlers (2018 Buying Guide)


Robot toys have been around for years, but around a decade ago, we would only witness models with just a few flash lights and maybe a series of bloops and beeps. Well, not anymore. We now have more sophisticated robot toys with expressive personalities designed to adapt to your kid. From cool dancing models to self-learning robots, you’ll definitely find a cool robot for all attention spans and ages.

If you are looking for the best robot toys for kids, whether the fun ones to introduce your kids to electronic or programming skills, or just simple ones to amuse them, you will find a great option of models right here. We have reviewed a number of robot toys, guiding your through their benefits and downsides to ensure you get the perfect fit. Read on and see it for yourself!

Top 10 Best Robot Toys for Kids on Amazon in 2018

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1.Sphero Star Wars BB-8 Droid

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Star wars is one of the most watched movies gaining popularity globally among the young and the old. For years now, the franchise continues to produce characters that are very much loveable with many of them being robots. Can you relate with any of your favorite character from the movie? Well, today we have the BB-8 droid robot featured for the first time in the movie, Force awakens.

If your child happens to be a fan of this film series, today you can surprise them with albeit, a much smaller version of the BB-8 original robot. Though the robot toy comes in a much smaller size, don’t let it get into your head.

This robot toy is suitable for children of 8 years and above.


  • waterproof
  • Comes with a induction charging stand which provides a battery life of up to 1 hour
  • You can use gestures to command the droid provided you get the Force Band
  • Very user friendly and comes with an elegant finish
  • The droid can go exploring on its own while you use the patrol on the app
  • The app Drive lets you control the app as if you were using a joy stick
  • You can record and listen to holographic messages


  • Takes your child a considerable amount of time to be able to easily command and control the droid.

2.WowWee Miposaur

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Movies provide great opportunities for both the toy business and the consumers too. Jurassic world id just but one of the many movies that provides a goldmine for the toy business. Its characters especially the dinosaurs provide great toy characters for kids be it toy robots or even toy dolls. Miposaur just happened to be the lucky one benefiting from this movie.

Are you and your child robot enthusiast? The Miposaur, one of the most interactive robot toys of all time comes with great features that you or your child can enjoy. The most fascinating thing about this it is that it comes packed with three different moods. Angry, Curious and also excited. Whether y0ou are taking a walk, or dancing, Miposaur will be your greatest toy companionship.

This robot toy is suitable for children of 8 – 15 years


  • Voice recognition control
  • Path tracing
  • Gestures recognition controls.
  • Compatible with iPhone 4s to 6s plus
  • Compatible with most android devices.
  • It is perfect for both the young and the older kids
  • You child will love controlling the toy remotely
  • It’s a win-win situation; you get to introduce your child to robotics as they also have fun
  • It comes with different mods like the chase, feed and also dance


  • Sometimes the hand gestures will fail to work properly.

3.OWI 14-in-1 Solar Robot

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One of the major problems with toy robots is that they can be limiting. At first your little one might be very enthusiastic about having the new toy, but with time, they get pretty accustomed to it and eventually get bored. Well isn’t that the case?

Not with OWI 14-in-1 Solar Robot. With this toy robot, your little one can get to creatively model 14 different robots. They experience with this toy is thus new every time they chose a different robot mode. How exciting is that? Worried about the limiting batteries? Well, worry not because with the OWL Solar Robot, that is now a thing of the past. It works fully on solar power whatever the mode your child prefers best.

This robot toy is suitable for children of 8 – 15 years


  • What can you expect from OWL Solar Robot?
  • Works completely on solar robot
  • Can be transformed into 14 different modes
  • Comes with two building levels, the beginner and also experienced levels
  • Improves cognitive skills like creativity as your child learns to assemble the different modes


  • Does not come with remote control it thus makes it difficult operating it remotely.

4.WowWee MiP Robot

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Wondering what to get your kids to keep them actively engaged. It’s always very touching seeing kids spend hours and hours getting creative and entertained by small toys. MiP is a just one of those toys that will keep your kids actively involved for hours. Gaining popularity amongst girls, this humanoid comes with a wide range loveable features that make it one of the most ideal Robot toys for girls.

MiP is amongst the most fascinating remote controlled robot toys. Why? Because of its ability to perform tasks that are programed into its system, it can perform movements as well as exhibit some particular behaviours and lastly because it can navigate around your house.

This robot toy is suitable for children of 8 – 15 years


  • It comes with a highly responsive inbuilt program that allows you to creatively give it more behaviors
  • It can follow objects around
  • Comes with hand gestures control
  • Very easy to develop a personality
  • It can react to noises in the environment, thanks to its sound detection system
  • Free app makes it easy to control it remotely.


  • Despite the fact that this robot toy is very cool and fascinating, it is likely that kids will get bored very fast due to the limited things it can do

5.Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends RC Transforming Bat Bot

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Fond of Batman movies? Well then this robot toy will definitely fascinate you the more. Most kids love this film and its character, especially the boys, and in many instances, boys love toys that they can use to imitate the movie characters while playing with them. So if you are looking for the perfect fighting robot toy, then this will definitely do.

Imaginext DC Super Friends RC Transforming Bat Bot takes after the character Batman from the famous Batman cartoon and film. At a height of about 11 inches high, this Bat bot is capable of transforming into a bat tank.  In the package, you can expect to find a batman figure, several disks and also radio control unit.

This robot toy is suitable for children of 3 – 7 years


  • Made for both the younger and older kids
  • Provides a good collection for kids who love collecting toys
  • Comes with over 100 sounds that your kids will definitely love
  • Can be controlled through remote providing for forward, backward and side movements
  • Cool lights on the eyes and fire vents
  • The pop up arm blaster activates sounds and also lights.


  • Other than the great collection of sounds it comes with, this toy is very limiting as it only provides for shooting disks and moving it around.

6.Wonder Workshop Dash Robot

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Dash Robot is one fully functional robot by the wonder workshop which is also compatible with the Lego brick systems.

What’s to love about this robot toy? Well the sooner you will be able to get you child programing the robot, the faster you both will be able to indulge yourselves in all the fun. The robot toy can walk, dance run and as well, be able to respond to voice commands. How cool is that? The best part is, this Dash robot is able to avoid obstacles along the way.

This robot toy is suitable for children of 8 years upwards


  • It has garnered several awards as one of the most innovative robot toys of all time
  • You can use your iPhone or smartphone to program this robot to do several things.
  • It can move, dance, make a variety of sounds, light up and even more exciting avoid obstacles
  • Easy programing tutorials
  • No assembly or batteries required.
  • Awards:
    • National Parenting Gold 2015
    • Time to Play Magazine 2015
    • Opening Minds Innovation for Schools
    • ISTE Best of Show for Schools
    • Holiday Most Wanted List


  • The programming apps are not free and have to be purchased online from Google play.

7.Ozobot Programmable Robot Toy Starter Pack

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Looking for something cute and adorable for young kids yet very challenging for your fast growing little one? Ozobot Programmable Robot Toy Starter Pack is purposefully made for both the younger and older kids to build an army of miniature robots. The starter pack allows your child to creatively build from scratch several miniature robots that they can use to play with around.

The most amazing thing about this small and unique robots is that when programmed, they can exhibit such behaviors as, dancing, jumping and running. Your child will definitely be fascinated watching all the robots dancing and running all over the house like little minions come to life.

This robot toy is suitable for children of 6 – 15 years


  • Very cute and very user friendly
  • Challenging for elder kids
  • Best for introduction to programming
  • Free downloadable apps for playing games with
  • Recommended for use in the class room too


  • The robots prove to be quite a challenge working properly in most instances but when they do work, they provide for unlimited fun.

8.Robo Fish (Robo Shark/Gray)

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If your kids love playing in the pool a lot, then it’s only fair that you get them something that is equally compatible with water. We are talking about the Robo Fish (Robo Shark/Gray). This robust shark robot will swim in water just like a real shark. It will work the magic your kids have never experienced before. We think it’s among the coolest robot shark toys ever made. Why? Follow through.

This Robo fish is created using advanced technology that makes it possible for it to move under water without getting damaged. The robot operates on button batteries size LR44 with a continuous operating time of 120 minutes giving your kids maximum aqua fun. Sit back and relax as you bask and watch your young ones display their expertise even as they chase and chased by the harmless shark.

This robot toy is suitable for children of 18 years upwards


  • It measures H: 200 W: 65 D: 55(mm) which is large enough to play with
  • Comes in grey color mimicking a real shark
  • Comes with a maximum battery operating time of 2hrs for maximum fun
  • Of Lightweight for your kids to lift. 3.2 ounces


  • Age limit is to high preventing younger kids from indulging in the fun

9.Vinmax Swimming Robot Fish Activated in Water Magical Electronic Toy Kids Children Gift

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Thinking of the best gift to give to your baby? Perhaps something special that will keep them actively engaged and fascinated? We have the solution for you. Vinmax swimming robot fish. This robot fish will provide an unprecedented surprise for your loved ones. How is this? Well, let’s just say that this small robot fish will work just about anywhere. Put them in a jar full of water and they will swim. Put them in a bathtub and they will do just fine, better yet throw them into the pool and they will work magic.

Vinmax swimming robot fish come in a wide range of colors, providing ample room for choice. The package comes with 4 packed robot fish with each coming with 2 button batteries inside them. They come in a very small size measuring about 7.5 x 1.8 x 3.5cm.

This robot toy is suitable for children of 1 – 12 years


  • Made of high quality material and are thus durable and very reliable
  • Comes in a very colorful style
  • Swimming mode include varying from fast-medium-slow
  • Works well just about anywhere where there’s a substantial amount of water
  • Look like the real fish. This is as good as any robot fishcan get


  • The small button batteries die out pretty fast, however with a packet of such batteries you should be good to go.

10.Catnew Cute Vintage Mechanical Clockwork Wind Up Metal Walking Robot Toy Children Kids Gift

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Toy robots can be expensive and some of them may not live up to your expectations, but Catnew Cute Vintage Mechanical Clockwork is an option to consider. Coming with that vintage look, this robot toy is not only affordable, but also requires little to none maintenance and also very easy to operate even for a one year old kid.

The most amazing thing about this toy robot is dual purpose, acting as a toy and also a collectible even for adults who like keeping collectibles. This toy features a robot style and at the same time clockwork. It is very light and small measuring about 4.92″ x 2.36″ x 1.57″. It also comes with a stunning vintage look. It is one of those funny and attractive vintage robot toys that may not mean much but definitely worth having or even keeping as a collectible.

This robot toy is suitable for children of 4 years upwards.


  • Very funny and appealing look
  • Simple in nature
  • Moveable arms with a spring on the head
  • Unique functionality including walking and shaking
  • Is a perfect collectible
  • Hardly any maintenance required


  • Limited functionality

How to Choose the Best Robot Toys for Kids: 3 Factors to Consider

choose the Best Robot Toys

Today, there are dozens and dozens of robot toys out there in the market. So, how do you tell them apart? How do you know what to look for so that you don’t end up buying something that is not appropriate for your kids?

It is very imperative that you carefully consider a few factors that are crucial to getting the most suitable toys for your kids. Therefore, we have compiled a few factors that we think will work best for you. Mind you, these are the same factors that we considered while compiling the list of the best robot toys for your children.


When buying toys of any kind, Age is one of the most important factors. How is this? Age affects the choice of any toy in two ways.

Toys especially robot toys are designed with age of your child in mind. There are made in such a way that they target a child’s both mental and physical development in accordance to the level of their age. Toys that are too easy to assemble and pose no challenge reduce the mental development of your child while those that pose a challenge to them increase the mental and physical development rate.

  • Age of your child.

Buying robot toys that are not appropriate for your child’s age may pose different challenges to them. One of them being safety and also the way they respond to these toys. Toys meant for older children are made in such a way that they will deliver the expected results and the vice versa. Toys are made with relevance to age of children. For example, buying the Robo Fish (Robo Shark/Gray) which is made for kids over 18 years of age for 5 year old will present both safety and relevance challenges.


Just like any other toy, robot toys do wear out after a period of use, but they wear out faster especially if they are of poor quality. Kids are known to be very rough especially on their toys and that’s their nature. Therefore toys are made in such a way that they can be able to withstand occasional abuse with regular use for longer service. Be sure that when you are buying toy robots, you go for those with sturdy and durable materials.

Safety Features.

Quality craftsmanship comes with necessary safety features and that parents need to be aware of whenever buying any toys. Nevertheless it is imperative that you observe the minimum age requirements while purchasing robot toys for your children.


Robot toys are mostly priced depending on the features that they offer and also the age appropriateness. This is so because with advanced age, comes advanced features. When it comes to purchasing of toy robots, you will always get what you pay for, so go for safety, quality and also age appropriateness.

Which is the Best Robot Toys for Your Kids?

Kids, both boys and girls are encouraged to play with toys like the robots which teach universal skills such as social interaction, analytical skills, critical and creative thinking and also teamwork. Every parent wants their children to grow up in the best way possible and therefore should go an extra mile to make sure they give their kids get the best robot toys for kids that will help them gain these skills. Fortunately for you as parent, you don’t need to spend lumps of money trying to get them the most expensive robot toys. The toys listed above are relatively affordable. Parents must also get actively engaged in guiding their children during the assembly process and also in the operation too.

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