Best Red Lipsticks of All Times : Colors, Shades and Trends


It is scarlet fever season and we have caught the bug!

Every woman has that lipstick color that makes her feel great and attractive. And yes, every woman has that color that actually makes her look amazing. But there is one color that never grows old and which suits every woman universally: red.

From time immemorial, red lipsticks have stood out and have been used by many fashion-forward women. From Coco Chanel to Marilyn Munroe, the evolution of red lipsticks has known no bounds. Whether glossy or matte, bright or deep, the choices are numerous. As time goes by, the quality of red lipsticks increases, as well as available choices.

However, it can be such a dilemma making the right choice of a red lipstick, especially for a first timer. The right color, the hue, the finish…it can be confusing. It does not have to be that way, though. We will provide basic guidelines to point you in the right direction later in this piece but before anything else, here’s an overview of our selected red lipsticks…

Product Weight Shade Finish
Lime Crime Velvetines Liquid Lipstick 0.64 ounces Bright Red Matte
Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick 0.8 ounces Rich Red Gloss
L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Shine Lipstick 0.8 ounces Enamel Red Gloss
MAC Matte Lipstick 0.16 ounces Russian Red Semi-Matte
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick 1.6 ounces Classic Red Gloss


Red Lipstick Detailed Reviews 2018

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1.Lime Crime Velvetines Liquid Matte Lipstick

[amazon box=”B00AEYGIR6″ template=”vertical”]

You know how layers add or reveal beauty? That is what this velvetine matte offers you. Made for the bold and daring woman, its hue gets you a second glance. And if you are adventurous, this lipstick is for you. With each layer you apply, the color deepens. You have the option of leaving it light or adding dash after dash till it becomes fiery.

At first application, it give the impression of gloss but it becomes matte pretty quickly. It does not peel, as matte lipsticks are wont to do. It does not cake, either. It is made to stay bright and in place for hours. There are a few other lipsticks that give you the same feel and look as the Velvetine from Lime Crime.

Searching for that long-lasting, stylish and bold look? You have come to the right place with this matte red lipstick. You can hardly go wrong with this look because it sure suits every skin and hair color.


  • Lasts long.
  • Suitable for every skin and hair color.
  • Does not peel or cake.
  • Remains opaque for many hours.
  • Gives you a stylish and bold look.
  • Smells very great.


  • Price is somewhat high.
  • Takes a long time to come off.

2.Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick

[amazon box=”B002LFLQ8W” template=”vertical”]

Ah, the beauty of red! The rich red of this lipstick draws and keeps attention like nothing else will. Go about your day feeling sophisticated and cool with your makeup well complemented by it. Or you could leave off wearing any makeup but this lipstick and still look wow!

If you’re more on the conservative side but would like to try some red lipstick, this would work for you. There is nothing wrong with not being adventurous. We, however, have something for everyone here. The lipstick is not all-in-your-face red but bright enough to get you noticed. It would beautifully suit any occasion, day or night, without looking garish. The hue is fitted comfortably between formal and informal.

The highly-pigmented Maybelline is filled with honey nectar to keep your lips moisturized and sensuous. It is unlike some other lipsticks which scar your lips after use. No, this gives you a velvety look and feel while nourishing them all day long. Beauty no longer has to be pain but gain. Besides, it is the best drugstore red lipstick that would give you just what other designer lipsticks would.

What if you do not have the chance to touch up your lipstick all day? That is actually a nightmare for some women, fretting about how they look. No need to worry about that with this sensational lipstick. It stays on for a long time from first application without having to touch up. Even when you eat, you do not have to worry about smears around your lips or damage to its smoothness. Want to know how to wear red lipstick? Use this sensation.


  • Gives you a cool and sophisticated look.
  • Hue is toned down, not loud.
  • Perfect for the conservative woman.
  • Works for any occasion, both day and night.
  • Made with honey nectar.
  • Stays shining for a long time.
  • Very affordable.


  • Does not suit all skin colors.

3.L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Shine Lipstick

[amazon box=”B074PTXTJ5″ template=”vertical”]

Turn up the gloss, switch up the sass, light up the room with this classic from L’Oreal. The Colour Riche is a favorite with many women because it sits pretty on almost all skin tones. The hue is rich enamel red that radiates beautifully. It gives a confident yet alluring look that gets you through the day.

It applies smoothly and flawlessly, leaving little room for error. Even for the untrained, it is the simplest thing to do. This is because it is almost creamy and feels velvety on the lips. As it glides over them, it leaves behind a dash of one of the prettiest shades of red available. You could hardly go wrong with this choice.

Deeply pigmented, the shine on it stays bright for as long as you have it on, without reapplication. You do not even need any extra gloss to keep it shining. It does not make you look out of place. Instead, the gloss adds to its allure and dependability. It also means it does not dry out quickly, which is always a possibility with lipsticks.

With all the gloss, it is not heavy on the lips. It is light so you do not feel any extra weight. What does it do, instead? It leaves your lips looking fuller, luscious and appealing. You would be sure to get a lot of positive feedback. With it, your red lipstick makeup is good and set to go. And it is a perfect go-to blue collar red lipstick at its fantastic price.


  • Suitable for almost every skin tone.
  • Can be applied without any hitch.
  • Velvety and creamy.
  • Gloss stays on for hours and makes lips look fuller.
  • Gives confidence and allure.


  • Does not moisturize.
  • Some may find it too sticky.

4.MAC Matte Lipstick

[amazon box=”B0006LNKYG” template=”vertical”]

This fabulous semi-matte blue red lipstick is a hit everywhere. This is because of its famous counterparts, Ruby Woo and Riri Woo, which are semi-matte and sensationally red. Unlike traditional matte lipsticks which dry out, this remains semi-dry all day. It does not cake or peel but moisturizes your lips while giving that pop look.

Even though it looks and feels like the matte everyone knows, it takes things up a notch. If you are a fan of matte but would like to try something different, go for this. The feel of matte, plus the beautiful red with bluish undertones, would give you a different but better look.

It remains creamy and soft for as long as you have it on, not just on first application. It glides on smoothly without any hitch, leaving a velvety look to your lips. The red would match all clothing, occasions and mood. There is nothing to brighten your day like a dash of this MAC lipstick.

Make heads turn for you with this lipstick of the stars. Not only would you look great in real life, you’d stand out in photos. If the Ruby Woo is too bright for you, then this is a worthy substitute. It is toned down but not in any less sophisticated way.


  • Looks and feels like matte, only better.
  • Does not dry out.
  • Moisturizes your lips.
  • Bluish undertones.
  • Velvety, creamy and soft.
  • Blends well with makeup.


  • Not great for all skin tones.
  • A bit pricey.
  • Has somewhat of an odor.

5.Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick

[amazon box=”B000W9HDUE” template=”vertical”]

Get an iconic pout with Revlon. The Super Lustrous is a classic red lipstick, closer in hue to an orange red lipstick than any other. Wearing it, you leave your memory with those you meet because it cannot be easily forgotten. It is pigment-rich and filled with moisture which does not allow your lips to dry out quickly. It glides on so smoothly, really creamy and feels like silk. You can go on and on because it just feels great.

The gloss is just the right amount, subtle yet effective. It does not leave you looking odd nor does it feel heavy on your lips. It is one of the lightest rouge a levres you could find. And the red is timeless. It is not one of those shades that fade with time. It will always be in fashion.

Rich in aloe Vera and vitamins like vitamins E and C, the Super Lustrous doesn’t give broken or parched lips. People say that chemicals in lipsticks damage the lips. But that trend has turned and lipsticks like this one only give you fuller lips.

What’s more, it fits right and well into your budget. You get to look like a million bucks on a budget and that is saying something. So do not wonder anymore if you have to break the bank to get this look. It is probably cheaper than the next box of pizza you order.


  • Highly pigmented.
  • Filled with moisture.
  • Smooth, creamy, light and feels like silk.
  • Moderately glossy.
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals.
  • Fits well into your budget.


  • Too dark for some skin tones.
  • Does not stay on for as long as you may like.

How Do You Pick Out the Perfect Red Lipstick?

 Pick Out the Perfect Red Lipstick

Red lips always get you attention and make a statement wherever you go. If you want to be remembered, go with red lips. Thing is, almost every woman secretly likes red lips and has even tried them once or twice. But it takes a bold heart or an adventurous spirit to wear one.

Knowing what suits you and what does not, in this department, is another matter. Unlike nude or even pink lipsticks, which are usually nicer on skin tones, red can be harsh. One of the reasons why women shy away from red lipsticks is that they do not know how to choose. Do they want a brick red lipstick or a blood red lipstick? Red lipsticks can be tricky and if you are not careful, you’ll end up with the wrong look.

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So how do you make sure you pick out the right shade and finish? Here are a few pointers:

  1. Knowing your skin tone is a good pointer: Here is a tip – your skin can be cool, warm or neutral. You can know yours by looking at your inner wrist. If your veins show and are bluish, then your skin is cool. If they are greenish, then your skin is warm. If you cannot determine what color they are, you probably have a neutral skin tone.

If your skin is cool, the best red lipstick for you would be one with a cool undertone. Pick one with pinkish or bluish undertone and it would sit well against your skin. If you cannot determine this, then look for lipsticks with shade names like rose, burgundy, cherry and wine.

If your skin is warm, red lipsticks with warm undertones would suit you. Therefore, choose one with a brown, gold or orange undertone. Such lipsticks would usually have shade names like sunset, fiery, orange or golden. These would help you pick out the right one.

On another note, red lipsticks with cool undertones make your teeth look whiter. Those with warm undertones make your teeth look yellowish or brownish.

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  1. What kind of finish you prefer: Sometimes, you do not have a choice in this department. If you have naturally dry lips, then you cannot use a red lipstick with matte finish. Matte has a drying effect and would only cake and look ugly. So go for a creamy or glossy red lipstick to keep your lips hydrated for longer.

Matte is highly pigmented and gives more of a stained look than any other. Therefore, it lasts longer and does not provide moisture in any way. If you desire a longer-lasting red lips look, matte red lipsticks would be the choice.

If you choose a glossy or cream red lipstick, then you are opting for a shorter red lips time. This is because a creamy red lipstick is less pigmented than matte and has less moisture. This means that the red color on your lips will not last for long. You would need to keep reapplying if you want to maintain that look.

You could go with a sheer red lipstick if you are new to the red lip world. It has very little pigment so the color is barely there. What’s more, it tends to hydrate and moisturize a lot so it is a win-win. But you would have to reapply it over and again because it does not last long.

  1. The occasion matters: Some women always wear red lips and it works for them. However, some occasions demand for a more demure look than others. So how do you know what shade would work with an occasion? If it is formal, you may want to opt for a more muted hue of red. A red apple lipstick would be perfect. It would not draw undue attention and would help you blend. The upside is that this shade would sit well on most skin tones. You may want to try it.

If you are going out for a wedding, a shade of red with more pop would do. Everybody would be trying to outdo everyone else. So why not look your best? A matte lipstick would be great. This is because matte lasts longer so can take your eating and drinking. A cream lipstick would work also if you are ok with constantly reapplying. A red lipstick with orange undertones would make you stand out. Red always makes a statement, more so vibrant red.

For a night out in town, you can go all out. Pull out all the stops. Red lipsticks with warm or cool undertones would work. Go with cream or matte. A dark red matte lipstick would be amazing. It gives you that cool, intriguing, mysterious and adventurous air.

To Apply a Red Lipstick:

 how to Apply a Red Lipstick
  • You need to get your lips exfoliated. Seems like such hard work, right? But it can be as simple as using a child’s toothbrush (they’re usually softer) and gently scrubbing your lips. It serves to remove every dead skin and leave your lips smooth. You’d be happier because your lipstick would apply better when you exfoliate.

There are lip scrubs in drugstores that you can use. Or you could just make one for yourself at home. Mix a little amount of sugar and olive oil to make a scrub. Then, gently rub it on your lips circularly and clean off with a damp cloth. You would be glad you did because you cannot make a statement with flaky lips.

  • You could use a lip balm. This is optional, though. Sure, the balm would hold in the moisture after scrubbing. But some lips are naturally hydrated so would not need the fortification. If you are going to use a gloss or cream red lipstick, then using a balm may not be advisable. Even if you have to use it, let it be minimal and give your lips time to absorb it. Otherwise, the lipstick would slide right off your lips or will not apply evenly.
  • Line your lips. This is important so that the lip color will not strain outside the lip line. Even if it does, you would be able to catch it. Of course, the liner has to be red. Choose one that is as close in color as the shade of red you intend to use. It would help your lipstick last longer than usual. Just trace the edges of your lips as carefully as you can, in the same shape. Then you can apply your red lipstick following the pattern you have drawn with the lip liner.
  • In applying your lipstick, be sure to take your time. With other lip colors, you may get away with a mess but not with red. So for the best look, relax and smooth on the lipstick as precisely as possible. Depending on the type of lip color you are using, the application may differ in order to get the best. For the tube lipstick, direct application to your lips is best, starting from the middle of your upper lip. A brush can be employed in order to make the edges as smooth as possible.

For the liquid red lipstick, it usually comes with an applicator so that would work. It makes applying and smoothing easier. The same goes for a red lip gloss. Keep the color within the lines you drew earlier for a clean and tailored look.

If you use a creamy or glossy red lipstick, blotting would be necessary to even it out. You may want to give your lips a second coating after that. This may give it a more intense look by deepening the red. But if you use matte, that would not be necessary.

Which is Our Favorite Red Lipstick?

From the list above, our favorite is the Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick. The shade can serve for any occasion, day or night. It contains honey nectar, which is more than most other lipsticks can say. It lasts for a long time and if you are conservative, then this is for you. It is creamy but is not heavy on the lips, making it a must-have for every woman.

The best part is that it is readily available in drugstores and supermarkets at an unbelievable price. In fact, it is an all-round perfect makeup accessory. Believe us when we tell you that you want this one. One of the best red lipstick quotes says “Resolve to worry less and rock a red lip.” So, make plans today to go out and buy one.

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