Best Push Toys for Toddlers to Learn to Walk


With the continuous rise in the impact and influence of technology nowadays, it is totally understandable that digital and interactive toys are also increasing in popularity. However, despite the rise of digital and interactive toys, several parents continue to choose traditional toys over digital ones as traditional toys enhance creativity and aid development of children’s motor skills. When looking for suitable toys for babies that are already developing leg strength and have started moving around autonomously, we always recommend the best push/pull toys.

They superbly combine physical movements, imagination, and interaction, creating awesome playtimes without hindering a kid’s development. They are must-halves because they can aid your child’s development in ways more than one. Everyone knows how much little kids, particularly toddlers, love push walkers. Actually, these toys aren’t just for kids who are just beginning to walk. Before a child can learn how to walk, he needs to be trained on confidence, strength, and balance, and push toys are sure to help them enhance their motor skills.

Pull/push toys are repeatedly recommended by toy experts and child development psychologists for the development and optimum growth of kids in their first 3 years. Therefore, choosing the best pull/push toys for your kid is vital in helping him maximize his potential fully. So, if you are a new parent looking for the best pull toys for your kid, you are in the right page. Here, we have reviewed some of the best pull/push toys in the market, and we also provided a buying guide which could help you reach the best decision.

Our Top Picks for Best Push Toys

So as to aid your buying decision and increase your knowledge about push walkers toys, we have reviewed some of the best push toys on the market below.

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1. Melissa & Doug Chomp and Clack Alligator Wooden Push Toy

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Made of high-quality wood and finished with a wonderful shiny, safe finish, the Melissa and Doug Deluxe Chomp and Clack Alligator is a brilliantly constructed push toy that coordinates a few learning exercises for your little solder. Measuring 15 inches in height, this excellent push toy includes a wide and strong base, with the back wheels being larger than the front wheels. As a result of this, the Chomp and Clack has superior stability and mobility. Besides, the base has a low center of gravity, making it very stable overall.

The captivating thing about this excellent push toy is that whenever it is pushed by your kid, three charming alligators interchangeably open and close their long noses making clacking sound and a chomping motion. Also, you will find a straight bar above the alligators’ backs, which fill in as the spinners’ holder. The 3 spinners on the toy are decorated with bright insects such as a dragonfly, a ladybug, and a butterfly. In addition, the wheels of the toy are decorated with vibrant fishes.


  • Outstanding craftsmanship.
  • Made of wood.
  • Charming activities.
  • Enhances fine motor skills.
  • Boosts exploration.


  • Can lean backward.
  • The wheels of the toy have low clearance.

2. Hape Wonder Walker Push and Pull Toddler Walking Toy

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Sharing a similar construction with the Chomp & Clack Push Toy, the Hape Wonder Walker is an extremely one of a kind and amazing pull and push baby walking toy. However, rather than adopting a design featuring animals like the Chomp and Clack Push Toy, the Wonder Walker opted for geometric with circles, gear shapes, and other incredible shapes. There is a very durable wooden box at the base of the pull and push toy and there are two panels at the sides for learning activities. The square shaped stage is made of high-quality wood, gotten from very economical forests, making the feel of the item more eco-friendly.

The stage itself is excellent since its design has a very low center of gravity, ensuring your kid will not be tumbling over whenever he/she spins with the Wonder Walker. Besides, there is a storage compartment on the Hape Walking Toy where your kid can store several of his or her items.  Also, the product features wooden wheels that are rubber coated so that they don’t destroy or leave scrape marks on the floor of your home. One panel features revolving gears which are going to help stimulate your kid’s sense of imagination, like a mechanic performing an assortment of checks on vehicles.


  • Features a wooden construction.
  • Features colored spinning balls, spinning gears, and moving knobs.
  • Aids development of fine motor skills
  • Stimulates mental development


  • Adult assembly is required
  • Difficult to steer

3. Little Tikes Shopping Cart

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This excellent Little Tikes Shopping Cart resembles a mini shopping cart and may be that is why it has been named as one of the most popular toy shopping carts on the market. With the tip of the serving as the handle bar, the base serves as the chassis for its wide, but small four wheels. Little Tikes is a company that is known for making incredible products aid learning for children, and this excellent toy shopping cart is no exception. This cart, as simple as it might look will enable children to make use of their imagination to devise awesome plays involving the cart.

In addition, one of the best things about this toy shopping cart is that it comes with varieties of innovations such as extra storage room just below the profound basket. Your kid can make use of this as a secret storage space to store all of his/her belongings. Just like the real shopping carts in supermarkets and grocery stores, the basket features a fold-down seat. It shouldn’t be a problem at all to take a Teddy along. This shopping cart from Little Tikes is a simple and plain toy made basically for pretend play, so it comes with no decorative lights and no songs to hear.


  • Looks like a real shopping cart
  • Aids the development of motor skill
  • Stimulates the development of social skill
  • Boosts gross motor skills


  • Wheels aren’t apt for earlier walkers
  • Hard to assemble

4. Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics Corn Popper

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The Brilliant Basics Corn Popper is viewed as a standout amongst the best instruments for alluring little kids to begin and ace walking. The Corn Popper, designed like a vacuum cleaner or a lawn mower, features a very clear dome that is loaded with beautiful balls of various sizes.  As your baby walks, a component on this excellent toy revolves, sending these beautiful balls against the internal surface of the dome. For so many reasons, this is one of the most popular toys for toddlers.

The balls’ different colors are useful in improving your child’s visual tracking as his/her eyes will be fixated on multiple colored balls simultaneously. The arm and handle of the Corn Popper are adjustable so that any kid will be able to push it, regardless of his or her size. The two large wheels enable the toy to be pushed easily, albeit it isn’t as steady as a push toy with four wheels. Nevertheless, the Corn Popper is an excellent tool for little toddlers.


  • Features clear dome with bursting balls
  • Designed to give stability to beginning walkers
  • Aids development of fine motor skill
  • Boosts mental development
  • Stimulates cognitive skill


  • Suitable for carpet use only
  • Wheels provide no traction
  • Hard design

5. Hape Galloping Zebras Toddler Wooden Push and Pull Toy

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The Hape Galloping Zebras is one of the most well-balanced and stable push toys on the market that are built particularly for little children. There are 2 wonderful zebras that are connected to the front wheels axle, so when they rotate, the animals imitate the galloping movement of these delightful animals. However, the more important thing is that the Galloping Zebras’ design is very well-balanced and sturdy that it can provide enough support for a beginning walker to stand up, and then get to a walking position.

The galloping and nodding action of the Zebras provide the adequate motivation beginning walkers need to proceed with the steps they have started until the time the muscles of their legs are adequately strong to support the whole of their body in a synchronized walking movement and in a standing position. From one wheel tip to another, this incredible toy measures a whole 11 x 11, providing it with a very steady base and an incredible platform for young walkers. This great toy from Hape is made from kid-safe and eco-friendly materials to match its great abilities to enhance kids’ strength, balance, and coordination.


  • Features a wooden base, 4 wheels, and a handle
  • Galloping zebras are activated by pushing walker
  • Aids fine motor skills
  • Encourages emotional development
  • Enhances mental development skills


  • Base can incline forward if you pace excessive weight on handle.
  • Bolts in base require constant check.

Benefits of Push Toys

Everybody knows pull/push toys help toddlers that are just learning to walk. But besides teaching how to walk, what are the other benefits of pull/push toys? Read on to find out.

 They Improve Motor Skills

Your kid is having the thought of movement for the first time, and at this stage, you need to support your kid by providing him/her with a pull or push toy. It aids the development of their motor skills and gives them a sense of movement and coordination. The higher the help these toys are able to give your child, the quicker he/she will be able to develop his/her motor skills.

They Develop Imaginationbenefits of push toys

Everybody loves their babies to be curious and imaginative, and these pull/push toys are one of the best ways to simulate their imagination. They help your baby to establish some skills like self-esteem and lifting a leg whilst balancing on the other.

They Aid Learning

The majority of contemporary push toys feature built-in features and accessories that help your kid to learn and play with new things. The minds of children are rejuvenated with these toys.

Things to Consider When Buying a Pull/Push Toy

When buying a pull toy for your baby, you might want to purchase a product that suits your baby perfectly. There are also different styles and brands that you will have to choose from. Other things to consider will include the following:

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Comfort is always one of the first considerations when buying any children products, or even products for adults. Opt for adjustable models and those with cup holders and also snack trays. This is important as your child would enjoy having a bite while playing around.


Like every other baby product, it is vital to ensure that the pull/push toy comes with a warranty protection so that you will be able to get a replacement or refund if it becomes faulty or damaged. Make sure that you read the warranty thoroughly before paying for the toy.

Safety Features

With toddlers being the users of these products, safety is always one of the most important consideration you must make. Does the pull toy have a wide or strong base to protect your kid from tumbling? Can the speed settings be changed? Does it feature anti-slip pads? You must check for all these features when buying a pull/push toy for toddlers.

Our Top Pick for Push Toys

best push toys

Regardless of the advancement in technology we have experienced and are going to experience, there are just some things we can’t do away with, and among them are pull/push toys. The importance of these toys can’t be overemphasized as they help little kids to learn how to work. Besides, they enhance balance and coordination of little kids while providing a variety of other developmental advantages as well.

If you are looking for the best pull/push toy for your kid, you can’t possibly find better ones than the ones we have reviewed above. These toys are so incredible that we had a very difficult time choosing a favorite. However, despite the excellence of other toys in our list, we believe the award winning Hape Wonder Walker Push and Pull Toddler Walking Toy just edges them a bit. With a varieties of excellent features and great stability, finding a better pull/push toy than this product from Hape is almost impossible.

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