Top 5 Pull Up Diapers for Potty Training


So, your baby is done with regular diapers and has gotten to the stage where s/he needs diaper pull ups. Wow! How time flies! This stage of a baby’s life tends to get very emotional for parents. It’s like their baby is growing up before their very eyes. One moment, you had to constantly be on diaper duty, the next you’re now thinking of potty training diapers. In a crazy way, you’re going to actually miss the disgusting diaper duty.

Anyway, we’ve come to help you the best way we can. Nope, we do not know how to turn back the hands of time so you can get messy with diaper duty again, but we can do you one better. To make transition as seamless as possible for you and your kid, it’s essential that you look out for the best pull ups for toddlers. And, thankfully, we do know where to find those. In fact, our review today is packed full with five of them.

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And that’s not even all, we’re aware that many moms might have questions concerning pull up diapers. New moms especially might have questions about when to use pull up diapers. We will cater to this, as well as some other common questions about pull ups for kids. Just keep reading…

Best used for Gender Reusable or disposable Pros Cons
Pampers Easy Ups Potty training Specific Disposable Attractive design, Easy to use for toddlers, Excellent leak protection Gender specific
GoodNotes Bedtime Pants Nighttime Specific Disposable Excellent leak protection, Absorbs the smell of urine, Very comfy Contains chemicals, Gender specific, A bit bulky
Babyfriend Cloth Diapers Cloth diaper Neutral Reusable Reduced cost long-term, Fantastic elasticity, Eco-friendly Expensive in the short-term, Requires washing
Nature Eco Pull On Pants Natural diapers Neutral Disposable Eco-friendly, Design is streamlined Expensive, Comes with tear away flaps
Huggies Little Movers Small size active baby Specific Disposable Best for active babies, Slim fit design, Fantastic absorbency Gender specific


Best Pull Up Diapers for Potty Training

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1.Pampers Easy Ups Training Pants:

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The best potty training pants should be those that are easy to remove by a toddlers’ naïve hands. This is a primary feature that all potty training diapers must have. Babies do not have strong hands yet, and they are still learning to develop their motor skills. Since the pull ups are to teach them independence, they must be designed in a way that makes it easy for them to pull the diaper on and take them off on their own. Some fun characters the babies are already familiar with won’t hurt either.

So, based on all these we’ve seen, our best potty training diapers would be the Pampers Easy Ups Training Pants. It’s great for boys and for girls as well. And there are lots of fun colors plus babies’ favorite characters to make potty training fun for kids.

The leak protection is amazing, which is important since we don’t want to literally have frequent “accidents” on our hands and around the house. And the way the diapers are designed, a toddler can easily take them down to do their business and pull them back on on their own, in a snap.

The elastic, though flexible is also strong. So, no matter how many times your toddler takes them off during the day, it will still remain snug around them each time they pull up.


  • Its leak protection is awesome.
  • Offers easy manipulation for a toddler’s growing fingers.
  • Attractive design for babies.


  • These are gender-specific pull ups.

2.GoodNites Bedtime Pants:

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When looking for the best pull-ups for nighttime, you know you should be looking for something with a very high rate of absorbency. If you don’t get something of that kind, you could run into problems when your baby begins to wake up at night complaining of wetness. Also, it’s important that, in addition to a high rate of absorbency, the diapers also come with solid elastic around the legs. Why? This will help to prevent leaks except you’d love to wash soiled sheets every single day. But even though you should be gunning for solid elastic, still ensure that it’s a bit flexible so your baby is still comfy while moving around under the sheets.

For the reasons stated above, and from our research, we recommend the GoodNites Bedtime Pants. It’s got all these important features we mentioned and more. For absorbency, does a 5-layer protection sound good to you? How about double leg barriers? Yes, no matter how much fluid your toddler has had all day; these diapers will keep him dry all through the night. In fact, when compared to other products in its category, we found that GoodNites absorbs 20% more wetness. Plus, it even eliminates that urine odor as well thanks to the absorbing chemicals in them.

Lastly, the sides are stretchy so your baby will have a snug fit and a comfortable sleep.


  • Super comfy.
  • Excellent protection from leakage.
  • Absorbs the smell of urine.


  • The use of chemicals might justifiably worry some mums.
  • They are somewhat bulkier than normal pull ups.
  • They are gender-specific.

3.Babyfriend Lovely Baby Cloth Diapers:

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For the green moms, there are loads of green companies springing up everywhere and some of them now offer more natural options for your peace of mind. Cloth pull ups are just like your normal diapers only that they are reusable. But bear in mind, if you didn’t already know, that signing up for cloth pull ups is signing up for work because you’re going to have to wash them. However, you must be careful not to use detergents not recommended by the manufacturers so that you don’t reduce the absorbency of the diaper. Some moms believe that you can reduce the time for potty training by using cloth pull ups instead of regular diaper pull ups, though.

So our best cloth pull ups? That will, of course be these really cute ones from Babyfriend. They are attractive with the beautiful, warm colors and the animal designs behind. They are also completely reusable.

While the outer part of the pull ups is made of pure cotton, the middle layer where all the stuff literally goes down is a blend of cotton (85%) and polyester towel (15%). It’s a very absorbent combo. And for that snug, comfy fit, the elastic at the waist is very gentle yet firm. The elastic also makes it very easy for your toddler to take off and pull back on without needing your assistance. They are just like regular underwear.

Lastly, to avoid leakage, the bottom area is made to be waterproof as well.


  • They are cost-effective since they are reusable.
  • They are environmentally friendly.
  • They are very elastic.


  • They will need to be washed.

4.Nature Babycare Eco Pull-On Pants:

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Natural pull ups are normally more expensive than most other types of diapers. This is because in trying to manufacture diapers that are safe for the environment, manufacturers have to ditch the more common (and less expensive) materials in favor of more eco-friendly (and more expensive) ones. In the end though, you get pull ups that are completely rid of chemicals and consequently safe for baby and mother earth, and also a bit costly.

Nature Babycare Eco Pull-On Pants are natural pull ups that are fantastic for toddlers, especially those with sensitive skin. And they do not contain any form of oil-based plastic which can cause skin irritation for babies whose skins are sensitive.

The pull ups come with flaps on the sides which one can tear away when they need the diaper removed. To us, this is a good and bad thing. It’s good because, if you have a very active child on your hands, there won’t be any chance of these coming down while he moves around. But, if you have an experimenting toddler, get ready, they might just take off the diaper at any time t.

It’s not bulky, even though it’s very absorbent. So, it’s an ideal option for use under any kind of clothing. Plus, the absorbent material is free from chlorine, so you can avoid any form of untoward reaction from your baby’s skin.


  • It has a streamlined design that makes it look like regular underwear.
  • It’s eco-friendly.


  • Not all kids will do great with tear away flaps.

5.Huggies Little Movers Slip-On Pants:

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Small size pull ups are excellent especially for active babies. If you find that your baby is already active very early in life, then these might be the kind of pull ups you want to get them. Usually, this kind of pull ups comes with tailored elastic around the legs and waist to accommodate the baby’s active lifestyle, as well as avoid embarrassing leaks.

And that’s why we recommend the Huggies Little Movers. The name already gives it away. It’s a fantastic option if you’re looking to get something for a very active baby. The diapers are very slim fit, so, by design, they give your baby uninhibited freedom to walk or crawl as often as they choose.

Because these diapers are very elastic, they stretch quite well. So aside supporting all kinds of baby motions, they also make putting on very flexible. That is, you can choose to put it on your baby when s/he is lying or standing.

Very importantly, there’s the Leak Lock feature. This feature makes it possible for the diapers to offer up to 12 hours protection for your baby. So, no leaks.


  • Slim fit design.
  • An ideal option for active babies.
  • Very absorbent.


The diapers are gender-specific.

How to Get the Best Pull Up Diapers (Buying Guide)

There are many facets to this topic, so we will try as much as possible to cover as many areas as we possibly can. We’re sure you’ll get some tips that could help with this new stage you’re getting into with pull up diapers.

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When to Use Pull Up Diapers

There’s no blanket advice as to when to move up to pull up diapers with your baby. Children are different so they will be ready at different times. There is really no pull up diaper age that is set in stone. Loads of mums are confused as well, but one tip might be to observe when your baby starts to show some interest in using the potty. That might just be your cue to move up.

Features to Look Out for in Pull Ups for Kids

pull up diapers for kids

Look out for how the waist is fastened. Some pull ups will come in form of underwear

where you need to step into and step out from. Others will come with fasteners. Underwear-like pull ups are easier for toddlers.

Also, do check out the materials used in making the pull ups. Some manufacturers are more eco-friendly than others and it reflects in the kind of diapers they make.

You should also look out for other features such as the elasticity around the legs, wetness indicator, presence (or absence) of perfumes and dyes, absorbency levels, etc.

In the end, make sure you get something that is particularly suited to your own baby. Avoid taking advice from other mums hook, line, and sinker. It’s not like they don’t mean well, it’s just that babies are different and what works for one might not necessarily work for the other. A good idea might even be to test certain brands before finally settling on one.

How to Use Pull Ups

When diaper training, pull ups chiefly act as back up plans till your baby can fully recognize and understand their bodies’ signs for when they need to go. They are as good for nighttime as they are for daytime. Because pull up diapers are specifically geared towards older kids, they are usually more absorbent. So, most of them can be used for nighttime as well.

Other People’s Opinions


For eco-friendly parents who like to go for all things natural, including organic pull ups,

you can tell what they lean towards. Some favor the Babyfriend Lovely Baby Cloth Diapers while others go for the Nature Babycare Eco Pull-On Pants. Some parents are of the opinion that cloth pull ups are more underwear-like and so may hasten the process of potty training. These ones settle for the Babyfriend Lovely Baby Cloth Diapers. Eco-friendly moms who do not have that much time on their hands, on the other hand, would much rather go for the Nature Babycare Eco Pull-On Pants which they can easily dispose of after use.

Mums with really active babies have found the Huggies Little Movers Slip-On Pants a more preferable option to other pull ups in the market. Because Huggies made them specially for active kids, you can easily see why they will tend towards this particular product.

The Pampers Easy Ups Training Pants has been caught up in the pull ups vs easy ups debate from time immemorial. Still, lots of mothers find these pull up diapers from Pampers an excellent option when awarding the best training underwear. Many mums also advise to include the Pampers nighttime pull ups as an add-on (for overnight use) when purchasing easy ups. Still, there are some who swear by the Huggies pull ups for fitting and leak protection.

But what do we think?

Our Favorite…

Our best pull ups for toddlers for today goes to the Pampers Easy Ups Training Pants. Pull ups are supposed to aid the potty training process and this is what the easy ups do. Hence the reason it takes our first prize. The Pampers Easy Ups are also very attractive and easy to manipulate by a toddler as well. Altogether, we are very impressed by them.

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