Best Pregnancy Apps Every Mom-to-be Needs in Their Life


Pregnancy can be a daunting experience on both mother and father especially if it’s their first time. It is so stressful that sometimes couples are confused as to what to do.  The key to fully enjoy your pregnancy is to not get stressed out so that your sanity is intact. In order to make it a little easier for you, there are apps that can help you understand what exactly is going on with your baby inside you.

Best Pregnancy Apps for Expecting Moms

1. Pregnancy Weekly Workoutpregnancy weekly workout

Pregnancy Weekly workout is an app that allows you to continue your exercise routine even if you are pregnant. Unlike what some people think, exercising is very important for a healthy baby and a healthy delivery.

There is no need to go to the gym when you can get your weekly workout easily on your phone. Some exercises that you can easily get are yoga, Pilates and strength training to get you ready for the D-Day.

2. Kegel Trainer

Alongside yoga and Pilates, pelvic floor exercises are also very important for your pregnancy. Kegel trainer is specialized to provide you with ten different types of sessions to help you train your body for labor.

Even if you are not able to take out time for these exercises or forget thinking about working out altogether, then you are in luck because this app sends reminders until you are forced to exercise and also can create a timetable for you so that you can incorporate these pelvic floor exercises in your daily routine and get in shape for the delivery.

3. BabyBump Pregnancy Pro

Another well-known app is the BabyBump Pregnancy Pro. It is quite popular among users as it provides information about your baby’s development such as how is your baby growing, measurements of weight as well as belly, a guide for baby names, a countdown for due date and discussion forums where you can discuss your situation with a person with the similar situation.

What’s more?

This app is completely free and does not ask for any charges. It involves many illustrations and also information about your baby’s health. There is also a very exciting feature that can find out the amount of pounds that you are going to gain on the basis of your BMI.

4. My Baby’s Beat Best Pregnancy Apps

This is one of the first app that allows you listen to your baby. This app was opened for public in 2011 and just for 3.99 $ you will be able to hear your baby’s heartbeat. This app should be utilized only after week 30 for better results as the baby will be bigger and more responsiveness.

All you need for this app is to take your iPhone and put in on your belly to look for the heartbeat of your baby.

5. What to Expect App

Does the movie what to Expect when you are expecting ring a bell?

This app contains a lot of information about your baby to be born so that you are ready to welcome the new baby with some prior knowledge. This app is completely free and contains all basic facts and tips for your pregnancy.

This app also allows you to find out your expected date of delivery, pictures of your baby as it grows weekly and basically a platform where you can understand what is happening.

6. Full Term

Full term is an extraordinary app which can easily track your contractions as you are going through labor. If you are planning to do it yourself for example at home then it is easier to use this app and find out how fast or slow you baby is coming out and how much time it will take.

There are also inbuilt graphs that look at the progression of your labor to give you an idea about what is going on.

7. Pregnancy + Best Pregnancy Apps

Pregnancy + is like a pregnant virtual world where you get information about pregnancy regularly, a calculator that counts your kicks in 12 hours or less as well as a visualizer that measures the baby’s size and a place where you can plan your pregnancy as well as your delivery day easily. It is easier to have it on your phone instead of a notebook as you may misplace your notebook.

8. Baby Bump Pregnancy Pro

Are you feeling a little left out being the only pregnant woman on the block? Well there is the BabyBump Pregnancy Pro which gives you access to a whole new community of pregnant women and there are proper discussion forums where you can share your experiences, ask questions to the most expert women and basically be a part of a community and maybe make close friends.

This app I just an all in one as it allows you to schedule doctor’s appointments according to your schedule and also to measure contractions when time of delivery is near. It has a table that will measure how much of pounds you have gained in a week as by a certain time pregnant women start gaining pounds every week. You can also share this information with your doctor as it will be easily seen in the form of a chart.

What’s more?

This app also has a kick counter which counts the number of time your baby kicks in a day.

9. My Pregnancy and Baby Today

My Pregnancy and Baby Today is an app that not only hold your hand throughout your pregnancy but also holds it after your baby is born, in other words it does not leave you like other apps do after the birth of your child.

As it is also a pregnancy app, it provides you with all the information you need about your child during that particular term of pregnancy such as what size your baby is, what shape or position is he currently in an accurate estimate of weeks including a percentage box which shows how far you are in your pregnancy.

It also has an array of videos, forum chat groups where you can communicate with a wider community and make friends and an access to thousands of links on the internet.

Not only this but after your child is born it has a tool which guides you through your child’s first year, suggesting you what to do and what not to do for your child as many people are confused at this time. It also has an array of videos, articles and activities that give you ideas on what you can do to make your child happy. The point is to guide you when you are exhausted emotionally and physically after these nine months.

10. I’m Expecting Pregnancy App & Baby Guide Best Pregnancy Apps

I’m Expecting Pregnancy App and Baby Guide is another community based amazing app that allows you to easily share your experiences through your pregnancy with a huge community. There are proper discussion and forums. You can easily ask questions or discuss your matter and ask women who have been pregnant before to share their experiences and thus ask them for advice.

Apart from a vast community, this app also has an array of articles, videos and tips that you can see for a better information about your pregnancy. Furthermore, this app helps you to determine your delivery date and provides updates regularly about your baby’s growth and what to expect from your pregnancy.

Furthermore, it send notifications such as what is happening to your baby today, how much he measures exactly as well as what you should be feeling right now.

What’s more?

This app also includes a diary through which you can upload your baby bumps and see the difference week by week. You can also share these pictures with the community, with your friends and close ones outside the community or basically just keep them for yourself and your significant other.

11. Positive Pregnancy with Andrew Johnson

Pregnancy can be a pretty overwhelming experience with all the hormones surging in and you naturally getting scary as the due date arrives. The only thing you can try doing is to try to stay positive and this can be with the Positive Pregnancy with Andrew Johnson app that helps you focus and strive towards a pregnancy full of positive vibes.

This app is also useful if you have stress issues and get stressed out pretty quickly on small situations. It can be classified as a mediation program which allows pregnant women to be relaxed and thus listen to the audios in a calm and peaceful manner. If you turn the notification panel, it can remind you if you have forgotten your meditation period and this app can be used at any time of the day whichever time is suitable for your schedule.

The positive vibes that it creates basically allow you to improve your health and well-being, having a regular sleep pattern and to form a bond with your child even before he /she is born. As the saying goes a happy and relaxed mother results in a happy and relaxed baby.

12. Noisli

Many Pregnant women have an irregular sleep pattern mainly because you have another human being growing inside you and as we all know it can be a pretty tiring experience especially if you don’t get enough sleep. There is an array of sounds to choose from depending on your choice. There is wind, rain, white noise, and noises of sea, birds and many more.

When you are done you can easily switch off the sound and get some deep comfortable sleep. You can use this app even after the birth of your child mainly because your child does not let you sleep and this app may be useful during your power naps.

There is also the possibility of sharing this app with your co-workers and friends and use a timer for productivity sessions.

13. Baby Names Best Pregnancy Apps for family

Baby Names is an app that gives an array of baby names to choose for your little one. It is filled with around 30,000 baby names which probably is enough to choose your favorite ones from. For your convenience, you can create lists of names for your child, classify them in order of favorites, popularity and of course gender.

If you want a name with meaning you can also have lists of origin and meaning for a more deeply felt name. Therefore, you and your partner can easily enjoy the experience of deciding names for your child.

14. Who’s Your Daddy?

We have certainly not forgotten dad in this list. Pregnancy can be an exhausting and stressful experience for both the father and the mother emotionally as well as physically. Many men are hesitant to ask questions to their pregnant partner due to their surge of hormones which usually makes them emotional.

This app is a guide for men providing tips and a useful weekly updates to provide with as much information as you need. The information is provided in a satirical funny manner so that men can have a little during this stressful time. It also has a calculator which calculates the number of days to go before the due date as well as a calendar which marks the key important dates.

15. Pregnant Dad Best Pregnancy Apps

Pregnant Dad is an app that has actually won the reader’s choice award for bring the best app on the app store. It has important information that can help dads prepare for the due date depending upon you are having a child, twins or triplets. It provides you news about the growth of your child and to give you an idea of what may be going on in your partner’s womb and to basically survive these stressful nine months with ease as a dad to be.

This app also has a fun element to it such as finding out what zodiac your child may be, so through weeks with the umbilical slider, see who else’s birthday is on the same day as your little born and also share this information with close friends and relatives.


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