Top 7 Best Potty Training Pants 2018 Reviews


When your baby becomes a toddler and is ready for potty training, that’s the perfect time to introduce pull-ups instead of diapers. We know all the diapers are same, but pull-ups are different. Some of the pull-ups are very good like they are easy to wear, comfortable and do the job well.

When you are introducing pull-ups, you have to consider and look for something very good which have superb absorbency. You can start pull-ups when your toddler is getting potty trained. They are just like underwear, just with more absorbent power like underwear.

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Let’s dig into the reviews to find the best pant for your toddler.

Review of Best Potty Training Pants in 2018

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1. Pampers Easy Ups Training Pants

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The toddler can easily move the Pamper down and up with the stretchable 360º waistband. There will not be any leakage night or day with extra absorbing channels.

The areas where leakage mostly happens is guarded with dual barriers. The Pampers are very soft just like a comfortable underwear of cotton. One can remove the Pampers very easily with the help of easy to tear sides.

The Pampers are very comfortable and easy to use just like an underwear. The stretchable feature is a perfect fit for your child and can easily be moved over the body. Your child can become big by pulling the Pamper down and up with great ease. You can also remove it easily by tearing it from the sides. Moreover, the guarded barrier prevents the leakage while a child moves.

You don’t have to worry about the leakage whether its day or night as they have great absorbing power.  The character theme of hello kitty will create a lot of interest in a child to wear it nicely and it helps a lot in potty training.

2. Pull-ups training pants for girls

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The pull-ups come in specific Disney character theme that your child will love to put on. It’s a great start to potty training and will make it fun and enjoyable. Your toddler will be a big girl as it will move just like underwear. The open sides of the pants are the great feature as in emergency or mishap you can remove them easily and thus change is rapid.

Your child will be potty trained fast as she will never want to fade the graphics which happens once pants become wet. In this way, they will be going to the washroom more often to keep the pants in original colors. Furthermore, the pull-ups from Huggies give extra coverage as they have more padding in the sensitive areas. The pull-ups come in different sizes that can easily fit numerous child based on their size and shape.

Huggies offers the number one training brand pants for kids. We have trained more than 50 million kids with our best potty trainer pants. The pull-ups for girls have an extra absorbing feature which prevents the pants from leakage. The pants are easy to change with the help of open sides. The product comes in two designs, DOC MacGuffins and Minie mouse that every girl loves to wear.

The graphic becomes light when its wet thus helps in getting potty trained well. The pull-ups are very easy to move and fit the child nicely. If are thinking of getting your child potty trained, buy the Huggies pants.  There are various sizes available ranging from 2T to 5T.

3. Pull-ups night training pants for boys

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The Huggies pull-ups are the best choice for boys. The pull-ups come in a Pixar character-toy story which makes the potty training all comfortable and fun. You boy can easily wear them, move them down and up. There are open sides which helps a lot in quick change during the mishap.

You boy will be potty trained soon, as the pants fade when they are wet. Your big boy will never want the graphics to go away and will never do pee and potty in them. Moreover, your boy will not embarrass by leakage as they have extra pads which keep the pull-ups dry for a long time.

The Huggies pull-ups are the perfect fit for different sizes and shapes. Furthermore, these pull-ups make the potty training fun and easy as compared to the diapers. You boy will not get wet at night as they have extra absorbent channels. The pull-ups come in two characters woody and Pixar that your boy will love to wear.

Your boy will also learn about potty training from the wet pull-ups as they become heavy when wet. Furthermore, they are just like underwear and very easy to wear and remove. The open sides also offer fast change even when your boy is busy. The pull-ups are available from 2T to 4T.

4. Dimore toddler training pants 

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Dimore vision is to provide comfort and ease along with fun for kids. The training pants from Dimore are easy in use, perfect in size and cute that your child will love to put on. The Dimore pants are best for potty training and it highlights that your child has become big now.

The material is 100% cotton and thus very comfortable in wearing. The pant offers good stretch and is very easy in wearing. The terry material is waterproof and you can easily wash it and keep it clean.

The training pants are available in different sizes such as small, medium and large. You can pick up the right size according to the size chart. The package includes 5 different pants in different patterns and is warm and thick.

These pants do not have good absorbing properties but will not make the outside trouser wet. They are still more comfortable than diapers and you can easily wash them.

The padded layer doesn’t have great absorbent feature but they are easy to pull down and up. The fun prints are available in the breathable fabric which makes the potty training very comfortable.  You can wash the pants when wet and can use them for multiple time.

5. Toddler potty training pants for girls

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The pants are very comfortable just like an underwear and can easily hold urine without any leakage. Whoever it is not diaper thus needs to be changed after little pee as it doesn’t work like a diaper.

The pants are waterproof with three layers and require fewer cleanups. These pants are very helpful in catching small mishaps. Moreover, the pants are very helpful if your child is ready to move to underwear-unpadded ones.

The pants are very easy to use and your child can easily move them up and down. If the pants get wet, your child can relate to the feeling and they will make sure that it won’t happen again. In this way, your child will be potty trained much faster.

The pants are made of cotton material and are sewn with perfection and precision. You can easily wash them and use them again. We offer lifetime replacement of the product and also your money will be back if no success. Moreover, you can use these pants for other kids as well and can be used once your kid is fully trained. You have to put extra pad during night sleep or long hours use.

6. Baby friend Washable Training Pants TP5-001 

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These girls training pants are very comfortable in wearing just like underwear. These are available with more thin stuff to help the child in potty training. They are not like pull-ups which offer the best coverage for leakage. The child will get wet it some leaked happen however, it can help in small mishaps. The child can move them easily and is best to do transition to underwear.

The designs of the pants are very cute and there is embroidery on them and doesn’t need any iron. TP5-001 pants are quite economical and serve the purpose well. The material of is very comfy and soft.

Furthermore. These are very suitable if your child is getting potty trained, as it can handle the small accidents and make the kids prepare for toilet use.

The nasty diapers are made with fewer chemicals to keep the child happy and healthy. They are not like other diapers which contain chemicals causing skin irritation and allergic issues.

These pants do not contain any plastic oil based which is harmful to baby’s skin. The pants are stretchable and easy to tear up for convenience and ease. These are not bulky and thus child can move freely and easily.

The cloth material is very soft, comfy and gentle with the surroundings of the skin. The material is natural- chlorine free and breathable. The pants are available for 5 to 26 pounds size.

7. MooMoo Baby Potty Training Pants

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Training pants from MOOMOO have an extra pad on the back and front. They are waterproof and water resistant and prevent leakage more than a normal panty. The pants are made of pure cotton and are very comfortable in wearing them.

They are gentle, delicate, breathable and soft, thus much better than a diaper for child’s sensitive skin. The cotton material makes the child aware of wetness and thus enables them to have better control over them.

The 5 layers give extra protection in leakage and prevent the baby rash as well. The product comes in neutral colors which are good for boys and girls as well. The pants are in cute patterns that child will love to wear them. You can wash the pants and use them for a number of times.

Tips for Introducing Pull Ups

When you are introducing pull-ups kids feel the change as they are different from diapers. There is no weight, puffiness, and bulk associated with pull-ups. As a mother or caretaker, you have to introduce them nicely as they help a lot in potty training.

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Following tips should be kept in mind when introducing the best potty training pants in 2018 such as:

Give emphasis to independence: Talk to your kid in a friendly manner that they can dobest potty training pants things independently. They can go to the washroom themselves as they have grown up. This is the right time to highlight the use of pull-ups and how they can be used.

Spotlight awareness: Inform the kids about the change by telling them the feeling of being messy and wet. You can also reward kids when they tell you about the washroom. Mishaps can happen but motivation makes a huge difference.

Practicing pulling: You should make your child learn how to pull it down and up. It can’t happen in seconds, it takes time and patience from our side. You should do it in front of a child and they can manipulate it.

Potty time: The main motive behind the pull-ups is potty training. Tell your child about potty training, that what is this and how pants can be beneficial to them. Additionally, tell them that it’s for a short period of time. Take your child to the washroom after every half an hour and tell them that doing pee and potty in the pants is awful.

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Our First Pick for Potty Training Pants

Among all the products we have discussed above, the best potty training pants best potty training pantsin 2018 are MOMO training pants. They are durable, stretchable, soft and comfortable for your child. The 5 layers give full protection and prevent leakage.

These pants are suitable for both boys and girls. The cute design and patterns are kids favorite. If the pants get dirty, you can wash and use again. The breathable feature prevents the child from the baby rash. The training pants make the child aware of wetness and will help them to develop control thus helping them to be potty trained.



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