12 of The Best Postpartum Depression Quotes


If you are struggling with Postpartum Depression or you are taking care of a mum or dad with PPD, we have compiled a list of quotes that will uplift your mood and give you an extra internal pus  h to keep going strong.

a) “The very damaging, frightening part of postpartum is the lack of perspective and the       lack of priority and understanding what is really important.”             – Brooke Shields

b) “Being a new mother is supposed to be the happiest time of your life, but postpartum depression and anxiety strip that away for a time, but trust that it will not last forever.”                                                                                                               – Judy Dippel

c) “Postpartum depression makes a woman feel like she is in the grip of something dreaded and dark, and it’s scary. . . but she’s likely ashamed to admit it because she can’t explain it!”                                                                                                    – Judy Dippel

d) “Do I wish I had never endured postpartum depression? Absolutely. But to deny the experience is to deny who I am.”                                          –  Bryce Dallas Howard

e) It’s such a misunderstood time. There’s an expectation that you have this bubbly baby and should be happy, but reality is, it’s extremely hard work. The baby cries. It’s completely needy. Your needs go to the bottom of the list. It’s hard, especially without support. When people expect you to be happy all the time, that’s rough.

                                                                                               – Unknown author

f) “If only you could sense how important you are to the lives of those you meet; how important you can be to people you may never even dream of. There is something of yourself that you leave at every meeting with another person.”

                                                                                              – Unknown author

g) “You have beaten me to the core, the little spirit from my heart you tore. I am choking, I cannot survive anymore. This nightmare is impossible to endure. But as powerful and strong you think you can be, I am stronger than you regard me. And when I say I give up it’s YOU talking PPD. So, I will show you at last I will be free.”      – Kathy Davis, a warrior of postpartum depression

h)There is a hole that sits within my chest and I cannot quite explain for it’s just there and I’m not exactly sure when it came. Some days it’s black and hollow and others it’s not just there. I want to love each moment as I watch you grow, but some days I can’t find the energy. I don’t want to feel broken and I don’t want them to think that just because I have this hole I sit on the brink.”                                                            – Caitlyn Blake

i) “Where does my heart go when I’m so angry because it isn’t here loving my son, it is somewhere else and I just can’t quite reach it. My brain tricks me into thinking how dare he cry, but he’s just a baby and he’s telling me ‘momma I need you,’ which these ears fail to hear with all the screaming”                                                       – Melissa Hoos

j) “Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections but instantly set about remedying them — every day begin the task anew.”                                              – Saint Francis de Sales

k) “It will get better and it will get worse. As so long as you have a beating heart in your chest, the sun will come up tomorrow and you will get to try again.”

                                                                                             – Jamie Lynn Hutchings

l) “The roller coaster of emotions was sometimes really hard. The downs were tough. But, the ups were pretty wonderful sometimes the littlest things give me such joy. The first time my baby smiled at me, like really smiled at me because of something I had done, was so incredible. I thought it was the best feeling I would ever have. Then last week, my baby laughed for the first time this incredible little chuckle.”                    – Unknown author



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