6 Best Portable Kids Swimming Pools to Buy in 2018


Nearly every kid in the world looks forward to summertime, especially when they are on break at school. For kids, summer is the perfect time to relax, unwind, and forget about the strains of school for a short while. One of the activities that school-aged kids usually anticipate is swimming, be it in the beach, in a pool, or even in a lake or river. However, there is no need of waiting for the summer period to provide your children with a much-needed break. You can purchase for them the best kids swimming pool, which they can utilize during the weekends. They can even invite their classmates and friends over for a full and laughter filled weekend.

For younger or smaller kids like preschoolers, infants, and toddlers, the temptation of water can be savored regardless of the season because they aren’t bounded yet by the rulebooks of educational life. What this means is that they can go swimming whenever they want to swim with their personal small swimming pools for kids. Therefore, it isn’t very startling to see many parents rushing to the toy area to have a look at the best kids’ swimming pools they could purchase for their children. Also, there are a lot of parents who turn to kiddies’ pools as a present for their children during their birthdays, Christmas, or New Year.

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Therefore, due to popular demands, we have decided to put together a list of the best swimming pools you can buy for your kids. Regardless of the reasons you are searching for and purchasing an inflatable swimming pool for your kids or somebody else’s children, you will find our list of the best 6 kids’ swimming pools a lot useful. We have also included a buying guide which contains different tips that will help you reach the best decision on the right swimming pool for your kid.

Best Kids Swimming Pools Reviews

The best kiddies’ swimming pools aren’t always the most expensive and costly ones, but the safest and entertaining ones. Below are our picks for the best small swimming pools for kids.

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1.Intex Dinoland Inflatable Play Center

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With a capacity of 74 gallon, the Intex Dinoland Play Center is one of the most brilliant presents you can give to a child for a birthday, Christmas, or New Year. This kiddies’ pool is a very colorful kids swimming pools with slide and it’s arched by a similarly colorful dinosaur. This excellent kids’ pool by Intex can be an excellent water-theme pool for any child particularly if they will be using it during the weekends. Just imagine the amount of fun your kids and their friends will have swimming in this small pool.

The pool comes with a water spray that you can connect to your regular hose to create an incredible fountain effect. Children will just love splashing water at each other with the water spray and they will also love sliding down the padded incline and softly landing on their butts. At about four to 5 inches, the level of the water is thought to be safe with the pool’s wall height at around six inches. This ought to provide maximum safety particularly for younger kids.


The Dinoland Play Center is an incredible pool where children can relax and cool off. This smart kids’ pool has a small water jetting feature which kids will greatly adore. The pool also features a slide for children to slide down into the pool. This kiddies’ pool houses a lot of dino theme park features while will make for several hours of fun for children.


  • Moveable water spraying dino arch
  • Soft slide with cushioned landing
  • Holds as much as 74 gallons
  • Pool wall is 6 inches high


  • Inflating and deflating is difficult.

What We Like About It

The water spray and slide are great additions to this kiddies’ inflatable swimming pool. This pool gives children the chance to have their personal watery playground, apart from just shallow waters.

2. Kid’s Summer Sunset Kiddie Pool


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The next product on our list is the Summer Sunset Kiddies Pool, which is made with the durable hard plastic used in making kiddies’ swimming pools of the past.  For a lot of things, children will adore this excellent small swimming pool. It has a very bright color, completely inflatable, and has cushioned bottom. Also, the pool is measures a diameter of 58 inches and a wall height of 12 inches, which is a perfect size for children. The pool is also fairly economical.


Children will greatly love the glow of this small pool from Summer Sunset. The pool has a colorful design and a very simplistic nature. It looks very much like an orthodox pool and is capable of accommodating multiple children simultaneously. Parents will also love this pool and they can also immerse their feet in the water as they watch their kids swim. This is a kiddies’ pool that children will use for several hours in the summer period and it will also be a great addition to your backyard.


  • Made of sturdy vinyl
  • Adequately large to accommodate multiple children at once
  • Inflating and setting this pool up is incredibly easy
  • Designed to prevent kids from slipping


  • Doesn’t come with a drain plug

What We Like About It

Children will greatly love the glow of this small pool from Summer Sunset. The pool has a colorful design and a very simplistic nature

3. Whale Spray Pool


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Built like a gorgeous glorious whale flipping its huge tail on the sea surface, the Whale Spray Pool is a one of a kind kiddies’ swimming pool that will be loved by any child. While everybody knows Whales blow water from the holes on their heads, the Whale Spray Pool blows water from its own tail. This pool provides a fun and entertaining way for your child to enjoy his break at school. You can also connect the tail spray to a garden hose and you can fill the whale spray with 7-inch depth of water. This ought to help in limiting the occurrence of accidental drowning that frequently happens in pools with high depth. In the event that there is a leak somewhere or the inflatable gets punctured, there is an included repair patch to fix it.


Kids love it when water is spurted at them, which is likely why they are always fascinated by water pistols, and this excellent pool gives them that. This smart pool provides children with a lot of water fun. The tail also provides a shade which can be useful during the hot summer. The little pool is perfect to be enjoyed by multiple kids at the same time.


  • Holds water of around55 gallons
  • Its 7 inches deep
  • Smart tail acts as a water sprayer
  • Tail also provides shade.
  • A repair patch is included in case of leak
  • Produces a soothing fountain sound


  • Tail can begin dropping and deflating after a couple of hours

What We Like About It

The pool has an indigenous design. Children will love the fact that they can spray water at each other.

4. Smiley Giraffe Inflatable Baby Pool

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Measuring just 4 inches in height and 3 inches in depth, the Smiley Giraffe is the ideal pool for small kids particularly if you consider its colorful and lovely design. It comes with 2 inflatable rings which can be easily slotted onto the tail of the giraffe. And if you don’t find that impressive enough, there are varieties of noisemakers that little kids will likely find interesting in the Giraffe. This kiddies’ pool has a capacity of 14 gallon, which is really impressive.


A perfect swimming pool for little children within the age of 1 and 3. The Smiley Giraffe Pool also provides kid with interactive activities, apart from the water fun it’s made for. This small pool has noisemaker that the kids can play with as they have fun inside the pool. The pool is also shallow as its walls are only 4 inches.


  • Kid-friendly attractive features
  • 2 inflatable rings and 2 hanging noise makers
  • Holds water of around 14 gallons despite being just 3 inches deep.
  • Comes with a repair patch in case of leaks


  • Has 4 valve areas you need to inflate for use

What We Like About It

The Smiley Giraffe Inflatable Pool is the perfect birthday gift or summertime present for little children. It has a very colorful design which can help improve children’s cognitive skills whilst giving little tots a chance to have a lot of fun.

5. Mermaid Kingdom Inflatable Play Center


If your kids are fans of Flounder and Ariel, then you can never go wrong with the Mermaid Kingdom Inflatable Play Centre. This small pool is sure to excite your kids since it’s about the Mermaid Kingdom. Furthermore, this kids’ pool come with sea life themes like clams, mermaids, and some other marine creatures. It also comes with a castle which provides a landing for the slide. Children will enjoy sliding on this pool a lot as it’s rained upon constantly by an incorporated sprayer. The kiddies’ pool is capable of accommodating water of around 30 gallons with a wall measuring just 6.5 inches in height, being 5 inches in water depth. The depth ought to be safe enough for little tots so if they even fall down, they can stand up immediately.


This marine theme park is a great fun imaginative pool for your child. Apart from the fact that the mermaid Kingdom will keep your kid cool in the hot summer, it will also provide your kids with fun activities. It features a slide castle a water sprayer, which are both sources of fun for children. As if that wasn’t enough, kids can also play the included ball toss game, which is one of the reasons we rate this kiddies’ pool so highly.


  • Inflatable features like the landing pad and the slide.
  • Built-in sprayer feature
  • Hold water of around 35 gallons despite being just 6.5 inches deep
  • Comes with six plastic balls for toss game


  • Floor can be somewhat slippery when wet.

What We Like About It

The sprinkler is a great addition. However, the most impressive thing about the Mermaid Kingdom Inflatable Pool is the sturdy design and excellent styling which allows it to accommodate around 178 lbs of weight.

6. Sea Turtle Shade Inflatable Baby Pool


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If you are looking for a small kiddies’ pool that can protect your kids from scorching sun of the summer as well, we recommend the Sea Turtle Shade. This extremely simple kids’ pool very similar to other water fun fixture for little kids, just that it has a sea turtle shaped shade. With a diameter of about 40 inches and the wall measuring only 5 inches, this pool is of the perfect size for little kids. It is adequately safe particularly for very little kids.


A very effective way of protecting your kid from the bite of the scorching sun during the summer whilst providing them with a lot of fun. The Sea Turtle Shade Inflatable Pool comes with a fun-filled design with a cute sea turtle at the top providing a much-needed shade. Also, this pool is adequately shallow to be used by little children as the water doesn’t go any higher than 4 inches. Children will surely love the general design of the Turtle Shade Kiddies’ Pool while adults will love its safety features.


  • Made from sturdy vinyl
  • Fun filled design
  • Easy to inflate with a compressor or an air pump
  • Has a diameter of 48 inches


  • Sides and Turtle shade tend to deflate or droop within a few hours.

What We Like About It

While the Turtle Shade may not provide a complete protection against the biting sun, we at least like the fact that the sea turtle design provides kids with added sensory stimulation.

Criteria Used in Evaluating the Best Kids Pool

Children love water a lot and are always fascinated by the prospect of swimming at a very early age. Therefore, one of the best things parents can do for their children is getting them a kiddies’ swimming pool of their own. While selecting the best kids’ swimming pool, below are the criterion we used to come up with the best models you can find on the market.

Motor Skills

Simply flapping in the water can enable a kid to build their arms and legs muscles. Indeed, it has been discovered just moving inside a swimming pool is an excellent kind of exercise or physical therapy or recuperation. In fact, water can make movements to appear to be less difficult but actually causes some resistance it just appears to be easy. Young kids who are still building their muscles and learner appropriate coordination as well will find this a lot beneficial. Swimming in the pool can help them to hone their fine and gross motor skills without seeming to them like they are exercising or working out.

Water Safety

As we already mentioned earlier and essential to emphasize on, children are always

Criteria Used in Evaluating the Best Kids Pool

attracted to water. Therefore, the best thing you can do as a parent is helping the kid to see the fun in water, but it can also be dangerous. A child that has been told at a very young age thing things to do and the things to avoid whilst swimming will know everything on water safety. This is really a valuable lesson a child can learn. Also, a kid can learn swimming and floating whilst swimming in a kiddies’ swimming pool.

Social Interaction

Even if it is only spending some good time with their siblings and parents, a kiddies’ swimming pool is an excellent way for learning social interaction. When they get older and begin interacting with others, swimming at the pool with other kids will provide them with a lot of help. In addition, it is a great way for children to leave the indoors and engage in outdoor activities.

Safe and Non-Toxic

We researched carefully well to select only safe and non-toxic kinds of kids’ swimming pools in our rundown because we are well aware of the significance of making playtime safe also. No parent in the world would want to think of their kid being bare to toxic substances which can likely be present in some particular kinds of plastics. Therefore, when selecting our products, we gathered only the ones that were safe and non-toxic for additional peace of mind.

Our Top Pick Portable Kids Swimming Pool

When the summer comes, the temperatures tend to be very high, thus a need for a cool place to beat the heat. Although the town pool could be fun sometimes, nothing actually beats having a pool of your in your yard. Having reviewed the best kids’ swimming pool on the market comprehensively, we hope you can now make a well-informed decision.

In case you are still confused about the right one to choose for your kid, we recommend the INTEX Dinoland Inflatable Play Center. It has a lot of appealing features like water sprayer, fun slide, and has a very large water capacity. Regardless of how hard to please your kids are, you can’t go wrong with this one.

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