Best 7 Portable High Chairs in 2018


Babies take up a lot of space! And except you’re living in a mansion, you’d have to pull some smarts to be able to fit in every single item your baby needs into your living space. One of the many things vying for attention in your living space is definitely a high chair. And if you’re not smart about what you decide on, your house could literally turn into a military obstacle course fast. Thankfully, there are such things as portable high chairs.

Today, we have on our roundup, seven of the best portable high chairs around that can make space adjustments with your new baby a lot easier. You’d find different styles here from clamp on high chairs, to portable hook on high chairs to tabletop highchairs. However, aside style, you might want to check out other more practical features like if it’s an easy to clean highchair. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves now, aren’t we?

Let’s get to our reviews first. Meet our top seven portable high chairs…

2018 Review of Best 7 Portable High Chairs

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Thickness of table Maximum weight Safety Pros Cons
Guzzie+Guss 201 Perch Up to 3.5 inches 37 pounds Shoulder harness Comes with travel bag,

Polly-cotton seat for easy cleaning,

Rubberized grips

Chair gets messy because tray doesn’t catch bits of stray food.
Inglesina Fast Table Chair Up to 3.5 inches 37 pounds Waist belt Lifted backrest for enhanced support,

Available in 9 different colors,

Easy installation

Doesn’t work with tables with lips
Mountain Buggy Pod 0.8 to 2.2 inches 33 pounds Shoulder harness Available in 3 different colors,

Comes with shoulder harness,

Comes with travel bag,

Chair fabric is machine washable

Won’t work with thick tables, or tables with lips
Phil & Ted Lobster 0.8 to 3.75 inches 37 pounds Shoulder harness Very sleek and attractive,

Fast installation and disassembling,

Comes with a tray

Not good with round tables,

Leg holes are too small

Chicco 360 Up to 5.5 inches 37 pounds Shoulder harness Baby can face any position,

Washable seat pad fabric,

A little heavyweight
Chicco Deluxe Up to 1.5 inches 33 pounds Shoulder harness Very padded and comfy,

Washable seat pad,

Muted colors to go with any decor

Metal parts can rust if not properly dried
Summer Infant SecureSeat Up to 1.5 inches 37 pounds None Affordable,

Doubles as booster seat

Leg holes are narrow,

No shoulder straps

Best Portable High Chairs


1. Guzzie+Guss 201 Perch Table Chair

[amazon box=”B00CIJ8B6Q” template=”vertical”]

We love the Guzzie+Guss 201 Perch Table Chair first of all for its color. Its beautiful aqua color is not only soothing for your baby, it also adds that beautiful touch of live and color to your space that a baby always brings. It’s really comfy too with the way the back of the chair is designed. When your baby leans backward, they are going to have the time of their life. They’ll simply love it!

And this is an easy to clean high chair too. Because it is made of a poly-cotton blend, it means that once it needs a washing, all you’d need to do is to dump it into a washing machine. This saves you time for your baby or some rest, even.

Of course, safety is another factor we cannot compromise on with your baby. This chair comes with a 5-point safety harness to ensure that whatever happens, your child is safe. And because we know what great adventures you have planned for you and your munchkin, we ensured to pick something that folds and packs easily so you can always have your chair on hand.

The versatility of this chair is another of its winning features. It will easily clamp and hold on to any table with a thickness between 0.6 inches and 3.75 inches. So you see, there’s almost no table where this chair isn’t welcome. Even tables with lips! (just ensure that the lip isn’t offset at 2 to 3.5 inches from the edge of the table).


  • It’s an easy to clean high chair, thanks to the poly-cotton blend.
  • Clamps on tables with lips too.
  • Comes with 5-point child harness.
  • Comes with a neat travel bag for convenience.
  • Grips are rubberized which is great for your table.


  • Does not come with a tray, so chair can get pretty messed up in a snap, especially if you’ve got a really messy kid on your hands.

2. Inglesina Fast Table Chair

[amazon box=”B00IOGIM9S” template=”vertical”]

Okay, so this is another great clamp-on baby high chair, this time from Inglesina. To couple this chair to your table, all you need do is twist tight. And you know an amazing thing about it, it will easily clamp on to any table, even one with a 3.5-inch thickness.

We also very much admire the thoughtfulness put into the manufacture of this chair. You know what the manufacturers did? They lifted the backrest and then made the seat very firm so that once your baby sits on it, they would feel their most comfortable. They won’t be able to sit elsewhere during meals, we tell you.

You’d definitely be glad to have made a purchase of, not only an attachable high chair, but one of the best portable high chairs for travel. In fact, to further confirm its portability, the chair comes with its own travel bag tucked neatly underneath the rear pocket. And not just that, it’s also super lightweight as well weighing only 4.2 pounds.

As for cleaning, the cover comes removable which is great news. The only small issue is that it has to be hand washed. But, hey, it’s just one tiny baby chair cover, how tough can that really be, especially with all the positives that the chair already brings to the table?

And talking about positives, you can be sure that this chair will stick with you throughout your baby’s growing years. The maximum weight recommendation for this infant high chair from Inglesina is 37 pounds, so you can bet that your baby is going to be seeing this chair around for a while.


  • There’s a neat little rear pocket into which all your small accessories can be stored.
  • The backrest is lifted which means more comfort for your baby.
  • There are nine different colors to choose from.
  • It comes with a carrying bag for travel convenience.


  • This isn’t a toddler high chair that connects to a table with a lip.
  • A shoulder harness would have been more preferable, but this comes with only a waist belt.

3. Mountain Buggy Pod Clip-On High Chair

[amazon box=”B007AAIEDS” template=”vertical”]

This one is a clip on table high chair with three color options for you to choose from as it suits you. There’s the black, the flint, and the lime. They are all fantastic options depending on your personal preference and the most fitting for your living space.

This chair will easily clamp on almost any table, although it has a narrower table thickness range that it accommodates when compared to the other portable hook on chairs we have reviewed so far. But still, a 0.8 to 2 inch thickness isn’t by any means a poor range. And you know what? It works both as an indoor as well as an outdoor chair.

Let’s talk support now. The chair is framed with aluminum and the backrest is padded. This keeps your chair sturdy while still remaining comfortable for your infant. In fact, this particular chair will conveniently hold a child of up to 33 pounds in weight.  And it doesn’t end there, there’s a shoulder harness to ensure that sudden baby movements do not hurl him/her out of the seat. With this guy, you can rest assured that your child’s safety and stability are in safe hands, or should we say, a safe clamp on high hair.

Since you’re going to be lugging this around a lot, the manufacturers thought it wise to make it lightweight (just 2.2 pounds, next-to-nothing). Also, they thought to make it so foldable. Once you get this seat folded, placing it into any space won’t be a problem, whether it’s your diaper bag or your purse, or any other convenient option at the time, you’re covered.


  • The different color options are definitely a plus for this chair.
  • There’s a shoulder harness, so you can rest assured about the security of your child.
  • It’s easy to clean as the chair cover is machine-washable.
  • The grips are also non-grip, further making the chair really secure on the table.


  • This chair will neither fit on really thick tables nor tables with lips.

4. Phil&Teds Lobster High Chair

[amazon box=”B004854WM0″ template=”vertical”]

We’re still looking at portable high chairs for toddlers, and here’s another fantastic one here on our number four position. Unlike the last one, this one can fit even on really thick tables. In fact any table with a thickness within the range of 0.8 inches and 3.75 inches is a go with this chair. And that’s great news too. The clamps are aluminum which keeps them from rusting. They are also non-slip too, and these two factors together help to protect your child from any untoward risk.

And it’s a super sturdy chair too and will conveniently accommodate any child up to 37 pounds in weight. This means that, depending on the child, the chair is a great choice for a baby between 3 months and 3 years at the most. Your little cherub will be completely safe while sitting in this, as there’s a shoulder harness system to keep them secure.

If you want a heads-turning baby seat that hooks on tables, you can’t afford to miss this one. It comes with that sleek, eye-catching design for that certain kind of sleek mother and baby. And because stylish and dirt don’t go, we need our chair spotless at every time, yeah? That’s correct. So, aside the fact that the chair is quite easy to clean, it also comes with a food tray. You know kids will always be kids (by “kids” we mean messy, you know right), so it’s great that there’s a tray, that’s dish-washable by the way. Now your baby can experiment, and you don’t have to lose peace thinking how his “workspace” will be cleaned up.

And yes, of course, it folds easily into a teeny, lightweight item that you can easily lug around in your purse, or diaper bag.


  • Fashion moms would love the sleek, elegant design of this chair.
  • It setups and packs up pretty quickly and breezily too.
  • It comes with a dish-washable tray that keeps the chair from accidental spills.


  • The leg holes could be a bit wider than they are. It makes it kinda tough getting your baby out of his chair.

5. Chicco 360 Hook-On High Chair

[amazon box=”B01M2A48LS” template=”vertical”]

Wow, this might be one of the best portable baby high seats with the most unique (and convenient) locking system ever. Do you know that this chair comes with the ability to lock in 6 different positions? Know what that means? It means that this chair is no respecter of tables. Whatever kind of table you stumble into, you can be sure that you won’t have a hard time getting your baby to comfortably face you. This is probably our best portable high chair for restaurant because of its versatility. You know you can never know what to expect in any random restaurant, but with this chair, you can always be prepared.

It comes with a serving tray which you just have to snap on to use. The tray can conveniently be washed in your dishwasher so cleaning that up won’t be a problem. Trays are always really thoughtful add-ons, because especially with exceptionally messy kids, chairs without a tray might have to be cleaned daily. And this can quickly become an annoying chore, especially with the thousand other little things you have to do.

This tabletop high chair folds very easily and it even comes with a deluxe bag which you can use to move the chair around as you need to. And did we mention that this is one of the very few hook on table high chairs that will easily clamp on to tables with even 5.5 inches of thickness? And it isn’t just thick tables alone that this chair effortlessly handles, it’s also good with lipped tables as well.

We love this toddler high chair, and we’re sure you would too.


  • Six different lock positions? That’s amazing! Now positioning your baby for your convenience won’t be so difficult anymore.
  • The seat pad is fabric and very washable.
  • It comes with a snap-on tray that’s also dish washer safe.
  • It can hook on really thick tables up to 5.5 inches, as well as lipped tables too.


  • This chair is about the heaviest baby high chair we have on review today at 9 pounds.

6. Chicco Deluxe Travel Seat

[amazon box=”B00ZGFI6UU” template=”vertical”]

This is another toddler high chair from Chicco on our reviews today. In case you didn’t know, Chicco makes some of the best portable high chairs for travel, and we’re sure this one will convince you.

First, it looks absolutely amazing, plush, and comfy. It’s just one of those chairs you see and, immediately, they scream “quality”. The chair is really as comfy as it looks. And for your convenience, the seat pad was made to be removable and washable.

This chair can hook onto almost any kind of table securely, and its ratchet/lock system makes that entirely possible. To keep your table surfaces all shiny and beautiful, attachable high chair or not, the clamps are rubberized. And this isn’t just good for the tables, it’s good for your fingers too so it doesn’t pinch them. That can sure hurt.

Like we mentioned, Chicco makes some of the best travel high chairs that there is, so you should expect that this chair folds completely flat. This is fantastic for storing and traveling as it will not take up so much space in your luggage. And yes ma’am, there is a carry bag with which to keep your seat in as you move around with it.


  • The chair is obviously very well padded so it won’t be uncomfortable for your little munchkin at all.
  • The colors on the chair are muted, so it will most likely fit into almost any space, décor regardless.
  • The seat pad is washable which makes the chair easy to clean.
  • It also comes with a carrying bag.


Shopping for a baby can be very expensive. It’s unbelievable how the little expenses pile up so quickly. So, it’s perfectly understandable if you can’t afford a hook on high chair. What you can do instead is to get the best portable booster you can possibly afford, and we’ve got just the one for you.

The colors on this booster seat are muted, so it can easily fit into any space. It won’t clash with your space décor; that one’s for sure.

It won’t fit on to a table that’s more than 1.5 inches thick but that’s not too much of a problem. Because it’s a booster seat, you can always just use it with a normal chair just like you’d use a booster seat. It’s a really lovely way to improvise and save cash if you’re on a budget. This chair can help you get away without getting one of each (a high chair and a booster seat), if you know how to work around it.

Yes, it comes with a tray, and yes, the tray is removable and dish-washer safe. Whether you’re using at the table, or on a chair, your baby will be able to eat his food conveniently from a tray.

No need to sulk and nix it if you can’t get a portable high chair just yet, here’s a wonderful option that will work just fine. And it supports children of up to 37 pounds too. What more could you possibly ask for?


  • It’s a very affordable option.
  • It will work as both a high chair and a booster seat as well.


  • There are no shoulder straps on this seat.
  • It won’t hook on to tables thicker than 1.5 inches.

What is the Best Portable High Chair?


Portable high chairs come with all kinds of features, some of them are really important. Others are just cool features that you can, frankly, do without. If you want to make your best buy, it’s wise that you decide on the features that are most important to you in any high chair.

best 7 Portable high chairs

Generally though, we will give you our opinion on some important features that the best portable baby high chairs must offer so that you can make a decision. There are seven of them, so let’s get busy.

  • Pockets: Pockets are a nifty add-on option to any high chair. Especially if you’ll be taking the seat with you on vacations or to a restaurant, you can keep little mealtimes necessities in there like spoons, forks, wipes, pacifier, etc.
  • A bag: There should be a carrying bag with which to place your folded clamp on high chair to make lugging more convenient. It’s not only convenient, it’s also hygienic.
  • Removable seat pad: This will help to make cleaning a lot less of a chore since you’ll be able to take it out and wash in the machine once it gets messed up.
  • Color: You want something that goes well with the theme of your space. You don’t want something that creates a garish clash with the décor of your home.
  • More than just a high chair: If you get something that works as a high chair, and say a booster seat, you’ll save money. And it isn’t just money; you’ll also save some living space.
  • Rubberized clamps: You can’t overemphasize the need for rubberized clamps on your attachable high chair. Rubberized clamps will protect the finish of your expensive furniture and protect yours and your baby’s fingers.
  • Weight recommendation: If your baby is a bit on the big side, then you must check out the weight limit on the hook on high chair you’re planning to get. Go for something that has the potential to still hold them in the long run, especially considering their size.

Other People’s Opinions


Phil&Teds Lobster High Chair

The Phil&Teds Lobster High Chair is a fashion high chair, so fashion mums will most likely tend towards this one. Overall, aside its looks, the chair still does pretty good on other counts, so it’s not just a fashion item. It’s actually pretty functional, and is even the safest chair on our reviews today.




Chicco Deluxe Travel Seat

The Chicco Deluxe Travel Seat is easily the best portable high chair for travel that we have. So, frequent travelers would definitely love this chair. It easily fits on picnic and camping tables because of its lock system. And although it is a tad heavier than others, outdoorsy mums tend to love this particular chair best. It’s also our best portable high chair for camping for those who are asking.

That said; this is our own favorite…

Our Favorite


Our favorite is easily the Chicco 360 Hook-On High Chair. Why? This is one chair that can lock at 6 different positions. You can literally place your child anywhere at all and be comfortable. It also comes with a tray and doesn’t mind a table that’s up to 5.5 inches thick. Yes, it is the heaviest chair but with all these amazing features, do you still need some convincing as to why it’s our favorite?

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