10 Best Play Kitchens for Kids (2018 Review)


Don’t ask us why, but kids have an incredible obsession with play kitchens. Just because they are too young to use a real oven or stove doesn’t mean they are not old enough to practice their culinary skills in their own kitchen. We are not talking about the real one; we are talking about a pretend play kitchen that’s designed with all the items contained in a real one.

A play kitchen will undoubtedly offer your little ones all the joys of working in a real kitchen, only that they won’t be exposed to the dangers of the real kitchen tools and equipment. And to help you get the right model for them, we have gone out of our way to do thorough research, narrowing down to the best play kitchen for kids. Check them out.

Choose the Best 10 Kids Play Kitchens

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1.Melissa & Doug Wooden Chef’s Pretend Play Toy Kitchen with “Ice” Cube Dispenser – Charcoal.

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Melisa & Doug is a well-known and reputable company that deals in toys for kids. Their toys are used almost in every home and are well known for their quality yet affordable toy products.

Melisa and Doug wooden chef’s pretend Play toy Kitchen is one that is as close to realistic as it can get. It comes with a ridge with whose upper compartment’s ice cube dispenser dispenses ice cubes. Of course this is just but a toy, so the ice cubes are mimicry of the real frozen ice cubes for your kids to enjoy.

The microwave features a plate that turns and an oven with dials that also turn. More like in real life, Melisa & Doug have also included some storage compartment beneath the sink for your kid’s toys as well as doors that do open and close to make this playset simulate a real life scenario seamlessly.


  • Great detailing on the play set
  • The playset features a grocery checklist
  • The best part: the ice cubes
  • Easy to assemble and roomy for a couple of kids to play in simultaneously
  • Perfect of kids above three years of age


  • May prove to be a challenge setting up due to the many parts involved, however, the benefits of this play set supersedes the complexity of the assembling process.

2.KidKraft Uptown Espresso Kitchen

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Another company that has earned its reputation amongst many households, Kidkraft, is well-known for its fun and engaging toys that focus on the ever growing need for recreational activities for young ones. Kidkraft is a favorite for many, as its toys are not only quality and durable but also cut across different ages of kids. It boasts being the biggest manufacturer of the Best toy kitchen playsets pin the market.

Kids love being busy doing different things here and there. It’s just how they grow up, or should we say fancy? However, this is a good thing and that’s why Kidkraft brings you the Uptown Espresso Kitchen, to keep your kids even busier with something that mimics the real life ahead of them.

Well, there’s lots of great stuff featured in this playset. To begin with, if your kids love pretending to order a take out, then the cordless phone will blow them away with surprise. Another favorite for is the dishwasher, usually hard to come by in other playsets. The towel will come in handy while your kids pretend to clean the dishes.

Much like your normal kitchen, the Uptown Espresso Kitchen features pegs that will aid your little ones in hanging the pots and cups. The stove, oven and the microwave cannot also go unmentioned for a kitchen is never complete without these.


  • The playset features a chalkboard that your kids can use to scribble the menus
  • The playset is wide enough to accommodate several kids at a go
  • Designed to engage kids of both older and younger ages.
  • Comes with an remarkable design and will blend in well with any kitchen
  • Features convenient storage for your little one’ toys.
  • Comes in wide range of colors


  • Particle chalkboard material design used in construction is not very durable. For a longer service, handle with utmost care and caution.
  • Pricey

3.Step2 Lifestyle Fresh Accents Kitchen

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Step 2 specializes in kids home toys that are designed to keep your kids actively engaged and delighted throughout their play time. The company specializes in toys that cut across all ages, themes and also functions. A good example of their unmatched quality in home toys is the Fresh Accents Kitchen, one no doubt, your kids will definitely fall in love with. 

If you are looking for the best way to prepare your kids for a more responsible future then the Fresh Accents Kitchen playset is the perfect solution. This set features 30 toy accessories. The main components being the sink, the fridge and the stove. The set is complemented with upper storage cabinets that are molded in at a convenient height of your kids. A kitchen without a microwave is not a kitchen and that’s why Step 2 have included a miniature microwave in their Kitchen playset.

The add-ons are the most amazing part of this kitchen playset. The microwave, stove and the fridge come with prints of delicious meals imprinted on them. What’s even more, this kitchen features kid sized food toys and also utensils.


  • Easy to assemble parts backed by detailed instructions
  • Delightful accessories that will keep your child actively engaged
  • The cooker makes boiling noises simulating the real life scenario of a stove in action
  • Style meets design in this kitchen playset with a window for imaginative play themes.


  • Requires 4 pieces of AAA batteries that will have to be replaced once in a while.

4.Hape Wood Kids Play Kitchen

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Running out of option for your kid’s kitchen play sets? Hape woods Kids play kitchen is yet another great option to go for. This kitchen playset is one of the many products in kid’s toys that Hape prides in bringing you. Of course at this point you can be sure that Hape is an internationally recognized designer and manufacturer of toys that made to keep your kids glued to the fun.

This playset comes in an elegant purple and wooden design, crafted to mimic the modern kitchen design. It comes with various accessories including the oven, sink, stovetop pans, cooking pots, pepper and salt shakers and other utensils that are imperative to the normal functioning of a play kitchen.

This kitchen playset is designed to aid the children in their organizational skills, work and improve their memory and also the spatial learning. The playset is design with safety standards in mind making it the best wooden play kitchen. It is suitable for kids above the age of 3 years.


  • High quality and elegant stylish look
  • Made with nontoxic wooden materials that are safe for your kids.
  • Boosts the cognitive skills like the memory capacity, organizational skills and also spatial learning.
  • Quality guaranteed
  • Comes with a full refund if not satisfied.


  • Utensils not included in the accessories therefore incurring more cost. However this is a negligible setback as the quality assurance and the benefits outweigh the cost of getting a few more utensils.

5.Step2 Heart of The Home Kitchen Playset

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There are those companies that are just out there to make childhood experience seamless and very interactive. Step 2 is one of those. Bringing you a very detailed and yet impressive kitchen playset, Step to has set the pace for the rest of the players in the industry.

The Heart of The Home Kitchen Playset is made purposefully for those kids who fancy playing with stuffed animals. How is this? The set comes with feeding bowls and also a miniature bed for your little one’s pet. The kitchen playset runs on small size batteries. That means that the stove lights when in use making the cooking experience come to life.  The set also comes with wide selection of accessories topping up to 40 toys. A grocery list is included in the design and also a picture frame for sliding in a family photo making this kitchen truly feel homely. If you are looking for the best play kitchen for toddlers, then this one is for you.


  • Comes in an interactive and realistic design with up to 4o accessory toys
  • Features a wipe off board on the pretend fridge
  • Plenty of storage in the cabinets and storage space
  • Realistic sounds mimicking the real life kitchen experience
  • Deep farmhouse kitchen sink integrates fun with sense of responsibility as kids pretend to wash dishes.


  • Very pricey

6.KidKraft Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen with Lights & Sounds, Brown/White

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Kidkraft has just revolutionized the kitchen experience for the kids with their Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen, one of the Top rated playsets in the market. This Play kitchen is made to detail with lights and sound that mimic the everyday activity in the kitchen. The kitchen comes to you in Brown and also white color.

Kidkraft features the essentials of a modern kitchen; an oven, cooktop burners, microwave, washing machine and a refrigerator with an icebox not forgetting the silver sink with removable faucet and rotating taps. The appliances come in a sleek silver/platinum finish. The doors to all the appliances do open and close as they should providing sufficient storage space for the accessory toys. The knobs click and turn whilst the burners and icebox lights and makes sounds. The playset also features a cordless phone.

If you are looking for the biggest toy kitchen, an interactive one packed with great experience for your adorable one, then the Ultimate Corner Play Kitchen is no exception.


  • Convenient storage space in the oven, washing machine, and also the microwave.
  • Made from quality, durable wooden material.
  • Knobs click and turn and cooktops light and make sounds for a realistic experience.
  • Elegant style enhanced by the granite style countertop


  • The microwave and the drier do not make any sounds like the rest of the appliances which leaves lots of space for improvement in this kitchen playset.

7.Step2 Best Chef’s Toy Kitchen Playset

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Looking into improving your kid’s social skills as well as maximize on fun activities? For sure we have something that will meet all these needs in one. The best Chefs Toy Kitchen Playset is a fun hub that promotes interactive play while at the same time encouraging the development your toddler’s social skills. How good is that? The Kitchen playset comes in a unique design complemented with fresh color palette. Both you and your little will definitely fall in love with this toy.

The Best Chef’s Toy Kitchen Playset features interactive oven whose door opens and knobs that rotate, a cooktop stove with sounds and lights, sink with a faucet and movable taps, ample working space on the counter and a pass through window. The kitchen playset comes with ample 25 accessory set including utensils and foods.


  • Features ample storage space including hooks for hanging utensils, recycle bin
  • Cooktop stove features sounds and lights for a more realistic experience
  • Plenty of accessory set
  • Ample size for use by several kids


  • Holes drilled in for assembly vary in size, some of them being too small hence hampering with the assembly process.

8.Teamson Kids – Little Chef Wooden Toy Play Kitchen with Accessories

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Looking for a natural look that will blend in well with your home even as the kids kick it in with their friends? Are you conscious of what you bring into your home? You can still plan your home even with your kid’s toys in mind without feeling like you have to accommodate toys that do not naturally fit in with the look of the house. Little Chef Wooden Toy Play Kitchen comes with a natural wooden feel and texture that blends in well with any kitchen that houses a natural wooden texture. The best thing about it is that you can opt to go for the retro option that comes with yellow and blue color.

This Kitchen playset comes with wooden accessories which are very safe for your child. The variety of fruits and vegetables that are included in the set along with the utensils and the cordless phone just complement the whole toy kitchen. The doors to the oven, microwave and the cabinet all open and close much like the your kitchen. The dials on the appliances rotate adding life to the toy. To climax the experience, the clock at the apex of the toy just does it all.


  • The sink and faucet to the toy is detachable make the cleaning process much more easily.
  • The wooden material used to make the toy is very user friendly and nontoxic.
  • The toy naturally blends in well with kitchens that have a wooden feel.
  • Easy to assembly with a maximum assembly time of 30 minutes.
  • Safe for toddlers of age 3 upwards.


  • Due to the small size of the kitchen, it poses quite a challenge gluing the different parts together.

9.KidKraft Vintage Kitchen in Blue

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Most Kitchen playset will do come in unisex themes for purposes of gender equality especially if you have children from both sexes. But what happens if you want one whose theme suits just a particular sex? If you have girls and you are looking for a kitchen playset whose theme supports the female gender then KidKraft Vintage Kitchen in Blue will suit you well.

This playset comes in a rich blue color with silver finishing on various handles and metal surfaces. The Vintage kitchen in blue features a double burner cooktop with close to real silver grill, an oven, refrigerator, microwave and also storage cabinets. The kitchen playset also features a silver sink whose faucets faucet knobs rotate. The doors to the cabinets, microwave, oven and also refrigerator all open and close simulating real life kitchen experience. The playset also comes with accessories such as utensils necessary for kitchen activities.


  • The Kitchen playset measures 33” h x 13” w x 35.70” tall which is large enough to support two or more kids
  • Modelled to suit children of pages 3years and above
  • Features convenient storage space below and above the sink
  • Stylish, vivid design color and also artwork
  • Comes with detailed assembly instructions


  • Not very durable

10.Naomi Home Kids Gourmet Kitchen Set, Espresso

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Looking for an impressively well done kitchen f0r your little one? Naomi Home Kids Gourmet Kitchen Set will impress you. This Kitchen playset comes in an elegant style with different components well designed and fit to make sure your little ones has the time of their lives cooking up fun in the kitchen. The style of the playset mimics the modern interior style of living with details observed every inch.

The kitchen is complemented by a set of kitchen appliances including the oven, four burner cooktop, a stylish well done sink, a dishwasher a refrigerator with an icebox and also a microwave. All appliances come with opening and closing doors including the storage cabinet. The kitchen finishing is out of this world. A bright espresso color complemented with back splash tiles mosaic graphics that just blend in excellently with the silver finishing on handles and cooktops.

Naomi Home Kids Gourmet Kitchen Set, Espresso is one of the best Wood play kitchen for young ones that is precisely made with a touch of style, and class to match the modern kitchen so that your little ones can have an autonomously fun experience. 


  • Realistic design complemented by the rotating knobs, four burner system, sliding rack in the oven and also sees through glass on oven door.
  • Chrome faucet is removable and has knobs that can turn.
  • Ample storage on the shelf under the microwave and inside the appliances.
  • Cool graphics on the appliance giving them life
  • Paper towel/towel bar.
  • Freezer with whiteboard for notes
  • Suitable for ages 3 and above.
  • Made from high quality wood


  • Does not come with accessories despite the high price, however, you can get the accessories at cheap price from the local toy store.

Getting the Best Deal: Key Pointers to a Good Kitchen Playset

Material component.

Some kitchen playsets are made of combined materials like plastic, wood and metal while others will come with all natural materials like wood. All options are good and will serve well, but the difference will come in when considering durability and ease of use and cleaning the surfaces.

Again factors like aesthetics will also be affected by the kind of material used. Whichever material you choose to settle for, be sure that it will serve you and your adorable little ones considerably long before you can thing of purchasing another. Be sure to go for high quality materials and playsets with easy to clean surfaces.

Aesthetical & Ergonomic Considerations.

how to get a Good Kitchen Playset

Before you go ahead and dive deep into your loaded pockets, have you considered where you will place the kitchen playset? These Playsets come in varying size and shapes and even colors for that matter. Have reserved a play area for your kids where the playset can fit right in without interfering with the other household furniture?

Chances are that, if you go ahead and purchase a kitchen playset without considering where it will land, you might end up buying something too large to fit right in with the space available. Also some of the kitchen playsets are also brightly colored and hence if placed in a space with contrasting colors, there may result an unappealing appearance. So if you decide to buy one, then be sure to consider your taste.


While most of the Kitchen playsets will come with a handful of accessories for your kids to make use of, other playsets will come with the kitchen only. Accessories like food toys and utensils can and will cost you if you forget to check whether they are provided for during purchase. Be sure that you get a full package that your kids will enjoy, lest you find yourself rushing back to the store and spending an extra dime.

Choose the Best Play Kitchen 

All said and done, you have the final say! Research is good because it keeps you in the loop with what is out there in the market. But at the end of it all, you will only be buying a single kitchen, so be sure that you get something that complements you and your little ones taste.  Not only will a perfect choice of a Kitchen playset blend in autonomously but also allure your tiny tot.

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