6 Best Pink Lipsticks in 2018


If all you rock is a red lipstick, season in, season out, you’re missing out on striking new looks that could change your life. Yeah, we said “change your life”. Pink lipsticks are a fantastic way to break out from the stereotype red and still look totally hot and fashion compliant. And with the wide array of shades pink lippies come in, there are tons of looks you can steal. That said; there are some pink lipsticks you must not be caught dead sporting. And there are some that you just must have. This review compiles different shades of pink lipsticks that would look good on anyone. And not just anyone, they’d look good on your pocket too!

Check out this table to compare the main features of our favorite pink lipsticks in 2018.

Shade finish types
Nars Semi-Matte Lipstick Schiap Semi-matte lipstick
Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain Cute Pink matte lipstick
Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick – Mauve Matte Mauve pink matte lipstick
Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Moisturizing Lipstick Nile Nude satin lipstick
Mac Matte Lipstick Whirl Dirty Rose matte lipstick
Anastasia Beverly Hills Matte Lipstick Muted Peach matte lipstick


Top Pink Lipsticks You will Like

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1.NARS Semi-mattte Lipstick – Schiap:

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Turn heads and make a bold statement with this hot pink lipstick from NARS. It’s got that edge that only a shocking pink shade can give. Guaranteed, this pink lippie will look good on anyone. It’s why it’s one of our favorite pink lippies today. This is more of a matte lipstick for those who are asking. So, expect that classic matte finish from this product. And for those who fear dehydration, you can rest easy. It does dry out, yeah. But rather than pass up on this amazing lippie, why not apply a lip balm first before the lipstick? It’s a win win! You rock the hot matte look and your lips don’t have to suffer for it. It’s the right way to wear a matte lipstick (and lipsticks in general) anyway, so…

Anyway, moving on…  The lipstick stays pretty long after application, eliminating the need to often retouch. So, it’s perfect for work, for a night out, a dinner, date night… anything, really. Don’t miss out on this nourishing pink lippie from NARS!

What We Like About It: We love how this lipstick easily fits almost any woman. Plus, it stays true to color and remains on the lips long after application. You won’t always have the time to retouch. And let’s face it, retouching your make up every other hour is enervating to say the least.

What We Don’t Like About It: This lipstick is very matte not semi-matte as advertised. The manufacturers should correct that. It does tend to dry the lips out so be sure to apply a lip balm before using the lipstick.

2.Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain:

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So, next up on our list of hottest pink lippies of 2018, we have this cute baby pink lipstick from Sephora Collection. In fact, the manufacturers call this the “cute pink” shade. It’s actually a lip stain, not a lip stick. So, you’re guaranteed a long wear. The texture of this lippie is really lovely. It begins as a somewhat creamy stain. That is, when you first apply it, it feels somewhat creamy on your lips. And then, afterwards, it dries to give that beautiful, silky, satin finish. The stain is lightweight so it doesn’t look too heavy. It’s just perfectly simple, soft, and comfy to rock.

What We Like About It: Sephora Collection always gets its colors right on any lippie at all.  And it did so with this lip stain. Lovely texture and color for those times you want to go for a more demure look. Plus, it’s lightweight. You hardly know anything is there, yet you’d be popping and looking one hundred!

What We Didn’t Like About It: There was an isolated complaint of the lipstick being a little glittery. Apparently, the customer didn’t like that.

3.Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick – Mauve Matte:

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We move on to a mauve pink lipstick this time. Mauve tends towards the darker shade of pink which is good news. Many women fear rocking pink because they feel it’s too bright. A mauve lipstick solves that problem since it’s a little darker. So, if rocking hot pink worries you, you might want to try this mauve pink lipstick. It has a lush feel and also importantly, it’s very lightweight. One of those kinds of lipsticks you wear and you hardly feel it’s there at all. So, this way you can let yourself loosen up a bit and enjoy yourself without being so conscious of your makeup. We highly recommend this matte lipstick because it spreads evenly. No breaking lines and all that after application. This is especially so when you apply a lip balm first though… and it isn’t just about slaying. This lippie takes care of your lips well. It moisturizes and nourishes them so your lips still shine with or without lipstick.

What We Like About It: If you’re looking for a great everyday lipstick, get this lippie. The color and tone of this lipstick are cool yet striking enough to be noticed. Something you should be gunning for in everyday lipsticks.

What We Didn’t Like About It: Ladies who do not like matte lipsticks might prefer something less dry.

4.Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Moisturizing Lipstick:

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Few brands take care of your lips like Burt’s Bees. So, naturally, it would be an aberration for us to complete this list without an inclusion from this great brand. This time we include its nude pink lipstick. This is your best move if you’re looking to shoot for a simple, sweet, natural look. This Burt’s Bees natural pink lipstick comes with a creamy texture and a satin finish. And you can trust Burt Bee’s to keep your lips moisturized even with a satin finish. Leaving your lips uncared for and dehydrated is the fastest route to unattractive lips. With a formulation containing beeswax, raspberry seed oil, Moringa oil, and Vitamin E (all natural ingredients), this lippie is guaranteed to get you looking gorgeous without compromising your lip health.

What We Like About It: The most impressive quality about this pink nude lipstick from Burt’s Bees is its formulation. All ingredients in this lipstick are completely natural as you’d expect from Burt’s Bees. If there’s any lippie that we’re sure would pamper your lips, it’s this one.

What We Didn’t Like About It: Some customers experienced a bit of flaking and patching with the use of this lipstick. This is probably due to the Shea butter contained in the lipstick.

5.Mac Matte Lipstick Whirl:

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Another great way to rock pink lips is to go for a rose pink lipstick. And here’s the best of the best we could find. Of course it’s from Mac, so expect nothing but quality. The shade is actually more of a dark rose. So, if you’re not one to love bright pink lipstick, this is something you should definitely try. It’s still pink but it’s dark enough to not be too glaring. So, if you don’t want to go bold, this Mac pink lipstick is the one for you.

What We Like About It: When we think Mac, we think premium quality. You can never go wrong with a Mac lipstick. It screams quality, and that’s why we love it.

What We Didn’t Like About It: The actual color of this lipstick is a bit darker than what is advertised. So, do take note.

6.Anastasia Beverly Hills Matte Lipstick – Muted Peach:

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We round this off with a peachy pink lipstick from Anastasia Beverly Hills. This lippie comes with a smooth matte finish for that polished look. It will look good on anyone, even dark skinned ladies. Customers agree that the lipstick stays on for a very long time. And it sure won’t get smudged after eating or drinking. It’s a beautiful shade of pink you sure want to have in your beauty bag.

What We Like About It: This peach shade of pink is completely charming. We love the fact that it works for nearly all skin tones. Dark ladies are not exempted from trying out this beautiful shade of pink too.

What We Didn’t Like About It: Customers found the lipstick to be a little too dry and a little darker than advertised.

7 Pink Lipstick Hacks Every Girl Must Know

best pink lipsticks
  1. Try an Ombre: Ombre has the effect of focusing the light on the part of your pout that’s fullest. This gives the illusion of bigger, fuller lips.
  2. Mix! Some of us never find that perfect shade of pink. Instead of giving up, why not try missing different shades till you land on “the one”?
  3. TryCoral Pink Lipstick: No one can go wrong in coral. Because of its caramel undertone, coral has the reputation of having a universal appeal.
  4. Pair with natural eye makeup: For the naturalistas, bright lips might be a turn off for you. To tone things down a bit, you could try a natural eye makeup.
  5. Dark Skinned? Try Berry Shades: Nude, milky shades would only look dull against your skin. Choose a shade with more vibrancy.
  6. Mauve pink for Pale Skin: Going with a 90’s mauve lipstick is best for people with pale or cool skin tones. It doesn’t overwhelm the skin and you look great at the end.
  7. Opposites for the Win! If you have a yellow undertone, then you should be thinking dark pink lipstick. Something along the blue-based fuchsia should help. And to keep from looking too washed out, why not try transferring some of that color to your cheeks? It might sound a little crazy but hey, it’s a hack after all.

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Our top 5 tips for Picking the Perfect Pink Lipstick

Perfect Pink Lipstick

  1. Know your Skin Tone: You should always have this information at the back of your mind. It’s the basis for every fashion-related choice you’ll make. And there are five main complexions: light, fair, medium, tan, and deep.
  • Fair: Think light pink lipstick, coral, peach, and nude pink.
  • Medium:Rose pink, berry, and mauve lipstick.
  • Tan:Coral, deep pink.
  • Dark:Plum
  1. Know your Skin Undertone: There are three types, cool, warm, and neutral undertone. Your undertone should guide what shade you pick. A cool-toned complexion should go with lavender, magenta, purple-toned pink, blue-toned hot pink, and rosy pink. While warmer tones should think peach, corals, nude pinks, orange-toned pink, peach pink.
  2. Know the Shape of your Lips: If your lips are top heavy, apply a brighter shade on the bottom lip and a slightly darker shade on the top lip. Bottom heavy lips can work with any shade that works with their tone. Just try to put a bit of nude in the centre of your upper lip. If your lips are asymmetrical, then you’ll need a lip liner.
  1. Know the Size of your Lips: If thin, avoid flashy lipsticks or anything dark. It will make your lips look thinner. If plump, go for a darker shade. You don’t want anything too light or too glossy.
  1. Know the Color of your Teeth:If your pearly whites are actually white, then you’re in the clear. If, on the other hand, your teeth are yellow, avoid browns and purples.

How Does Other People Choose the Best Pink Lipstick

Loads of people loved the Burt’s Bees lipstick even though some complained of chapping after a while. Well, it’s probably because of the Shea butter it contains, though. Aside that, it’s a fabulous pink lipstick and customers agree.

The Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick – Mauve Matte is the unanimously agreed everyday pink lipstick. Most customers swear by this lipstick as a go-to fave of all time.

Our Favorite Pink Lipstick

And our winner is the NARS Semi-mattte Lipstick – Schiap. It’s the best pink lipstick on our countdown. And we love the way it looks great on almost every woman. Plus, it’s relatively affordable and the quality is one hundred!

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