8 Best Outdoor Playhouses For the Backyard for Kids 2018


Nowadays, it can be tough to keep your children active, owing to the creation of video games and tablets. However, experts continue to encourage parents to find a way to keep their children active with one hour or more of outdoor activities each day. With the summer around the horizon, it is high time your little tots started playing outside, and that implies it is time for you to begin to think about buying a new outdoor toy for your children to play with. One of the best ways of getting your kids involved in some physical outdoor activities is buy getting them the best outdoor playhouse.

Computers, video games, and television provide our children with all the motivation and encouragement required to remain indoors and almost no reason whatsoever to go outdoors. If you don’t encourage them to play outdoors as a parent, they don’t have any problem spending all their free time indoors. However, child developments experts believe it is essential for kids to play outdoors. In the process, they learn useful life skills, including negotiation, conflict resolution, problem solving, and decision making, making an outdoor playhouse a very important toy for children.

It is hard finding a child that doesn’t like having his or her personal secret den, which makes an outdoor playhouse an excellent purchase for families with little kids. Whether it is plastic, wood or canvas, there are great options to suit everyone on this rundown, and also in all budgets for all ages. While some of our options offer a simple hideout for your kid to allow their creativities and imaginations to soar, others are very sophisticated. Besides, you will also find a very handy buying guide here, which is going to help you reach a better decision, and in record time at that.

Our Top Picks of Best Outdoor Playhouses

From the brands to the materials, there are a lot of factors that make choosing the right outdoor playhouse a tad difficult. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the best outdoor playhouses in the market and we have reviewed them below.

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1.Step2 Clubhouse Climber

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The first playhouse on our rundown is the Step 2 Clubhouse Climber and it an incredible playhouse for little children. Featuring many engaging playtime activities, this playhouse is sure to allow your child to have a great time. It features a double platform which allows kids to crawl and climb whilst playing hide and seek. Also, this platform features a slide on both sides to improve adventure. Also, it features several windows, which allow kids to effectively communicate, even while mounting though the construction. The steering wheel and lookout tower promote imagination. In addition, the playhouse comes with a climbing ladder, which is perfect for infants that are still struggling to pull themselves up. Recommended for kids between the age of 2 and 5, this play structure is sure to improve playtime to produce long-lasting memories.


Within themselves, kids have a natural impulse to crawl, climb, and explore. Parents find themselves barking at them continually to get down from a lofty platform. This outdoor playhouse offers the ideal solution, and allows kids to burn off repressed energy and explore as much as possible. While engaging in this plays, kids get to improve their gross motor skills and get exposed to a very vital component of muscle development.


  • Features a lot of crawling space
  • Promotes social play
  • Features several activity options
  • Improves imaginative play


  • The assembly instructions are difficult to read.

What We Like About It

The quantity of activities coupled with the measure of room offered by this playhouse enables kids to mingle together whilst exploring different kinds of games.

2.Step2 Neat and Tidy II Playhouse

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If you need an extremely great looking, ultra durable, and brilliant playhouse for children you can likewise utilize as a finishing piece in your lawn, emphatically advise you to opt for the Neat and Tidy II. The incredible home for children has a design that enables you to watch out for your kid and also their friends as they play in their playhouse. The beautiful playhouse comes with a couple of furniture and fixture of a contemporary home, like a kitchen faucet, a kitchen table, and a kitchen table. This is really great for extending the imaginative play of your kid. There is also a practical doorbell which features a mailbox so that kids can assume the role of Mr. Postman.

Of course, it comes with doors and windows since it is called a home, even if it is for kids only. But do not expect a huge number of entryways, though. The Neat and Tidy II playhouse features window shutters and a Dutch door to greatly improve pretend play/ also, there are built-in shelves, a wall clock, a telephone, and even a kitchen seat. Besides, cleanup is easy as pie as it features an incorporated floor area finished with drain holes so that spilled water will find a way to evacuate the playhouse.


The Neat and Tidy II Playhouse is an ideal for babies and preschool-aged children due to the fact that it is made to look like a real house. Kids are guaranteed to learn valuable skills like telling the time, cooking ringing a doorbell, and talking over the telephone, as they engage in their pretend play. Also, they can have a lot of fun by playing peek-anpp game through the windows and doors.


  • Very genuinely built
  • Features drainage holes
  • Easy to cleanup and sanitize
  • Can be used inside and outside


  • Requires assembly
  • Assemble takes a lot of time

What We Like About It

The Neat and Tidy is a simple outdoor playhouse for children that comes with all the necessary features for children’s pretend play. It comes with drainage holes which enables you to keep the playhouse clean.

3.Little Tikes Cape Cottage

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The Little Tikes Cape Cottage is a simplistic play house for children that is built to promote and boost children imagination abilities and creativities. Measuring 4 x 3 inches, this children playhouse is perfect for little children. Every child finds the color scheme of the play house a lot appealing, which consequently promotes bonding among siblings. In this playhouse, you will find some shelves where your kids can keep their toys and other valuable things from getting lost. It also encourages kids to be creative with their floor design. They have the chance to put their shelves on the wall in the order that they like. Also, this playhouse comes with some beautiful decals to encourage creativity. These decals enable kids to design and plan their own particular vision. In addition, the playhouse features a swinging door which allows kids to lock their playhouse at night, which instills the significant of caring for one’s belongings in them.


This incredible playhouse looks very much like a real house with fully functioning windows and a mail slot. The design of the playhouse can help kids learn about theories related to growing up and can in the future help them to run their household efficiently. The best way of preparing for practical experiences is by immersing yourself into a scenario you are encountering, and this playhouse enables kids to do that.


  • Quick set-up and very smooth
  • Very lightweight
  • Easy to move
  • Useful for varieties of things
  • Neutral colors enable it to fit in perfectly with most home decors.


  • Plastic is extremely thin
  • Very small

What We Like About It

The minimal features on the Cape Cottage should never be taken as a serious lapse of judgment on the part of Little Tikes. At least, kids will really have to work their imagination to take full advantage of what the Cape Cottage has to offer. This also means that they can customize their toddler playhouse the way they see fit.

4.Buccaneer Play Boat with Pirate Flag

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This beautifully pleasing and brilliantly colored children’s playhouse is built to look like a ship. Featuring 2 platforms whereupon kids can mount and watch their general surroundings, the Buccaneer Play Boat enables children to develop and improve their gross motor skills.  The playhouse features a steering wheel and a flag, designed to look like a real-life ship and promote the utilization of imagination. Kids have the options of having have a quiet sail round the bay or riding to the sea.


A huge advantage that is often overlooked by parents with toddlers is recolor recognition. Since this children playhouse features a varieties of bold and bright colors, it can help children learn color recognition. The entire family can bond by creating a colorful story to aid the reinforcement of the idea of color recognition in toddlers or infants.


  • Highly durable and is sure to last for a lot of years.
  • Can be used outdoors and indoors
  • Suitable for home and daycare use
  • Vibrant and bold colors
  • Allows multiple kids to play at a time


  • The door to the crew cabin doesn’t latch into place

What We Like About It

Little Tikes literally took the name surely. However, with so numerous options for pretend play, this excellent play house from Little Tikes is an inventive and really child-beneficial playhouse.

5.Endless Adventures Tikes Town Playhouse

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Most of the time, kids are always bored due to the fact that they don’t have much to engage themselves in. Their attention span and energy level don’t usually match up to a great day in which they’re excited and engaged. A play house such as the Endless Adventures Playhouse one is an ideal option for kids who’re very active as it comes with numerous sources of fun and entertainment. Firstly, each one of the 4 walls has its individual theme, which is designed to lead kids on an adventure through their own imagination.

There are nets, hoops, and targets to help kids enhance their hand eye coordination while at the same time exploring the sports world. Children can also improve their well-being physically as they involve in a pretend play with their friends, pretending to be a world-winning baseball or basketball team. Besides, the nets can be used for both hockey and soccer.

This playhouse was built to look like many other realistic situations. Built from durable and sturdy plastics, this excellent play house is durable enough to withstand the rigors if the outdoors.


This playhouse provides a variety of options of pretend play for little kids; there are unlimited activities and games that kids can engage in together, to help promote creative, social, and imaginative play. Kids also can learn the significance of support and encouragement whilst learning teamwork and coordination with their playmates.


  • Provides endless fun and entertainment
  • Has a wide range of features for children to learn
  • Incredibly simple to set up
  • Made of sturdy materials that are sure to last
  • Can be used to outdoors and indoors


  • Outside stickers aren’t weather resistant, making them susceptible to sun and rain.

What We Like About It

Little Tikes literally took the name surely. However, with so numerous options for pretend play, this excellent play house from Little Tikes is an inventive and really child-beneficial playhouse.

6.Truedays Playhouse

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This tent and playhouse combo is the perfect plaything for your little adventurer. Made of top-quality material that is both waterproof and durable, the Truedays playhouse is a great present for kids between the ages of 1 and 6. The structure is incredibly lightweight, and when fully assembled, measures around 4 ft in height and between 3 and 4 lbs. The closing straps, coupled with easy setup, allows children to have a feeling of freedom as kids need almost no assistance from adults to play in this playhouse. Measuring around 3 x 5 inches, this playhouse requires a large amount of room and it can accommodate around 4 to 6 kids based on their ages and sizes. The tent also is designed to look like a circus tent, and it is very beautiful and encourages social play and imaginative skills.


This excellent tend and playhouse can offer a lot of convenience to your little ones. In the event that you don’t have much space in your home, the Truedaus Playhouse can be the perfect solution to your space problem. This playhouse is also suitable if you are looking for a plaything that can be carried along on your travels. The tent comes with a travel bag, which makes storing and transporting it very easy. Regardless of where you are, you can rest assured knowing your little one will be shielded from the rain or sun by this tent.


  • Offers a wide range of playing options
  • Its floor is waterproof
  • Highly durable and sturdy
  • Setting up is very easy since it doesn’t require any assembly
  • Comes with a travel bag to easy storage and transportation.


  • A powerful wind can blow it away due to its lightweight structure.

What We Like About It

Even if children will not utilize this for make-believe house play, it can be turned into an credible ball pit for additional fun. However, the most amazing thing about this tent and play house is that it can be connected to some other similar playhouse by purchasing and appending the right tubes.

7.Welcome Home Playhouse

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Designed to look like a lot of the modern homes of today, the Step2 Welcome Home Playhouse is probably the largest playhouse on our rundown. Measuring 66 x 66 x 73 inches, this playhouse is exclusively for homes with large yard as it requires a space of at least 30.2 sq. ft. also, you will need to take the surrounding area into consideration, which gives you an idea of the total amount of space required. Therefore, while this playhouse is highly recommended for children, you should only think about it if you have abundant space in your patio or even inside your home.

Nonetheless, the Welcome Home Playhouse for kids is one of the most practical playhouses we have ever come across. Featuring wide windows, you will be able to watch over your kids easily from anywhere around the yard. It also features some customary windows with shutters alongside a Dutch door and a mat. Besides, it featured a peaky roof decorated with a fanlight to aid the introduction of the idea of energy-efficient rooftops to your children. The playhouse also includes a full kitchen, a table, a cordless phone, a storage cabinet, and a gas range. You will find a really realistic electronic doorbell at the front of the house.


With this practical, contemporary play house, children can learn about real-life situations and skills like cooking meals, storing dishes, gears and stove features, having a conversation over the telephone, and telling time. The interior of this excellent playhouse is really spacious, and it will take your child several years to outgrow the space. It is sufficiently tall to accommodate grown-ups who are 73 inches at most, so it will definitely serve you for years to come. While it doesn’t have an oven or a refrigerator, it is sufficiently spacious to accommodate extra pieces of furniture.


  • One of the largest playhouses on the market
  • Large enough to accommodate multiple children at a time
  • Encourages imaginative and practical skills
  • Built to last for several  years
  • Can comfortably accommodate adults


  • Very heavy

What We Like About It

Although this playhouse requires a larger space than others, it has basically everything. It mimics a real-life home perfectly to encourage efficiency in management skills.

8.Cape Cottage Playhouse

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Are you in search of a very pink playhouse set? Then don’t look past the Princess Cottage Playhouse as it was specifically designed for the young princesses of today. With the walls painted pink and the roof painted in blue, your little girl will instantly fall in love with the Princess Cottage. Actually, this playhouse is very comparable to the to the Cape Cottage Playhouse we reviewed earlier, apart from the fact that the Princess Cottage is primarily designed for little girls.

However, it also comes with a flag holder placed at the door post to create a pretend mail slot. With its brick house exterior, albeit colored pink, this playhouse is very beautiful. It comes with two completely functional doors that are capable of swinging outwards or inwards. It features two windows that are furnished with exquisitely comprehensive white shutters. The roof provide a practical depiction of a modern house.


This Cape Cottage Playhouse is perfect for enhancing the imagination of young princesses. With it’s simple contemporary design, this princess playhouse has enough space for small pieces of furniture such as an elegant princess chair or vanity. The pretend play mail slot is perfect for sending and receiving royal mail. The flag holder can allow for great creativity as your princess designs her own flag and coat of arms to represent her princess cape cottage playhouse.


  • Assembly is easy and fast
  • Very lightweight and easy to transport
  • Encourages social and imaginative skills
  • Ideal playhouse for little girls


  • Very thing plastic

What We Like About It

Without a lot of features, the Princess Cottage Playhouse has a simple-minded design intended to motivate young girls to explore their minds and extend their imagination.

Benefits of Outdoor Playhouses

We must concede that outdoor playhouses are usually costly when put in comparison with other baby toys. However, when you think about the benefits that kids derive when using them to play, you will definitely concur that they are valuable investments.

A lot of studies have validated the following benefits of playing in outdoor playhouses, no matter their style and size.

Encourage Outdoor Play

For a lot of reasons, outdoor play is not really a popular activity amongst toddlers and

kids outdoor playhouse

rudimentary school-age kids, which means they lay emphasis on studying, video games, and indoor play.

With a playhouse, children will be motivated to engage in outdoor plays with their pals, and develop their mental, social, and physical skills in the process. We all know that children who get involved in outdoor plays are more probable to be calmer, happier, and have more ability to handle a more extensive range of problems.

Enhances Kids’ Creative Imagination

A playhouse can be considered as a safe house for your kids, where they can easily engage in a broad assortment of outdoor activities without an excessive amount of parental supervision. In fact, your kids can engage in cooperative and independent play inside their DIY or ready-made playhouses.

Kids have the chance to customize their outdoor playhouses as they like and get involved in an extensive range of activities. In their playhouses, they can drink and eat, read, sleep, and pretend to be kings and queens or princes and princesses. In so doing, they hone their creativities and imagination abilities, and also learn about assuming roles, following procedures, and mingling with others.

Also, a lot of older kids will learn simple skills of negotiating whilst playing in outdoor playhouses as children need to negotiate and settle about who is to take on a role and other similar stuff. It is sufficient to say that playhouses aren’t just big in size, they provide big benefits as well. Children also love them it allows them to be whatever they want to be at different times.

Things to Consider When Selecting the Best Outdoor Playhouse

There are many things you must take into consideration prior to choosing a certain playhouse for your kids. Among those important considerations include:


Ensuring the safety of your kids should be your primary consideration when buying anything for them. In recent years, regulations for toy safety in the UK and the US have gotten a lot stricter. For this reason, it is vital that you stay atop of the new protocols and also any safety recalls for your kids.

A couple of the best playhouses come with a slide, jungle gym or a ladder. These things offer your children a fun way to stay active always, both outdoors and indoors. Indeed, it has a positive impact on your child’s performance academically. However, you should choose an outdoor playhouse with a solid construction, and in the event that it is constructed with plastic, it should be adequately durable after properly assembling it.

Ensure to peruse several reviews of children’s outdoor playhouses before making your purchase, and after you make the purchase, inspect the inside of the playhouse before permitting your children to play in it. Make sure that every industrial safety standard is complied with by the manufacturer.


Also, size is a very crucial consideration to make based on the available space in your

selecting the Best Outdoor Playhouse

garden. Go for a product that is sufficiently large to fit your available space. Don’t choose a playhouse that will take most of the available space that there won’t be any space left to put other things. Besides, take the sort of fun your kid ought to have into consideration. The playhouse should be sufficiently big for your child to happily play.

Furthermore, take a measurement of the area you intend to install the playhouse. By doing so, you are going to get an idea of how big the playhouse you are getting should be. Other considerations you should make when figuring out the playhouse’s size include the likelihood of your children’s friends coming over to play with them in the playhouse. If you don’t have time to monitor them when playing, you should have older children playing with the babies.


Similarly, they are easy to maintain and clean. They can withstand several weather conditions as well. Perhaps one of the impressive features about the plastic types is how it doesn’t require a base to be built on. They can be simply placed on the floor or the grass with a mat to protect the young from dirt. Toddlers aren’t at any risk of splinters with this type of playhouse.

They’re also more suitable for the younger kids. Wooden units, on the other hand, are heavy, but allow other fixtures such as slides, ladders, and swings to be added. It blends superbly with your outdoors and the odds of them wearing and tearing is also very small. In the end, the sort of games your kids play is the determinant here.


Outdoor playhouses are made for young children, which means that you need to monitor them always while playing. As a result of this, you need to buy a product with a large window. Find an outdoor playhouse that features wide and large cut outs, and the windows should be adequately low to allow you to catch a glimpse of what is going on. With that said, a model that has doors and windows that can be open and suit is more suitable.

Accessories and Assembly

If you are looking to motivate your kids to play more, have more fun, and engage in more academic activities, you should get him or her a product with accessories such as a sports wall, a schoolhouse, stoves, mailbox, a kitchen, and doorbells. Make sure that they get adequate space for play regardless of these accessories.

Also, you should consider the requirement of the unit in terms of assembly. While some playhouses come partly assembled, others require a whole setup. It varies according to the material used in its manufacturing. Except you know a lot about DIY, you should choose a model that comes completely assembled.

Our Top Pick Outdoor Playhouse

Outdoor playhouses offer a lot of benefits for both parents and children. For children, they will get to enjoy the superb experience of playing outdoors while parent will rest easy knowing that their kids are still inside their yard. We believe that our top 8 playhouses will have a great contribution to helping you choose the right playhouse for your kids. You should also remember that, based on the age of your kid, different parental supervision levels will be required for the purpose of safety.

The best playhouse on this rundown is the Step2 Neat and Tidy II Playhouse. While other playhouses are great too, this model from Step2 just edges them. With its drainage holes, a make-believe phone, and kitchen seats, this playhouse is very realistically built and durable enough to serve your kids for years.



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