5 Best Nursing Covers for Your Style of 2018


Breastfeeding can be one of the best experiences that a mother can go through. It is an innate thing and you cannot deny your baby food when it is hungry. It does not matter where you are; once your baby needs feeding, you have to oblige.

There is no problem breastfeeding in public. Given, you should not mind if people stare when you do it. After all, your baby’s satisfaction should be primary. The question is if you are comfortable baring your bosom for all to look at. This is where nursing covers come in. This article will show what they are, their importance and how to pick out the best ones. The best nursing cover is waiting for you out there.

Reviews of 5 Best Nursing Covers For Breastfeeding Moms 

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1. Kiddo Care Nursing Cover Infinity Nursing Scarf

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This nursing cover is the infinity type. The material is topnotch cotton that is lightweight. Your baby has room to breathe and you can watch it feed. Some have suggested that this is a good candidate for the best nursing cover for plus size.

The best selling point of this choice is that it serves multiple purposes. In fact, it can be used ten different ways apart from as a nursing cover, according to the manufacturer. It can serve as a car-seat cover, blouse, poncho, baby blanket, halter top, shawl, burp cloth, sunshade and so on.


  • You get so many items for the price of one! With this, you do not need to go looking for a burp cloth, car seat cover or a poncho.
  • It could even serve as your best nursing poncho.
  • The material is cotton so it is breathable for your baby and easy for you.
  • It is lightweight therefore easy to carry.
  • It comes in an elegant and beautiful grey color.
  • When you buy one of these, you get a free eBook on baby showers and breastfeeding by email.
  • For a versatile and stylish nursing cover, it is affordable.


The material has no give to it. Because of this, it is kind of restrictive, leaving no room for adjustments. The openings on it are equally big, as some users pointed out. They implied that they felt exposed while using it, defeating the aim.

2. Arrow Nursing Cover with Sewn In Burp Cloth

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Made with a neckline that is rigid, this nursing cover makes eye contact with your baby easy. This rigidity also means your baby is stable during feeding or even if it is sleeping. It comes with a sewn-in burp cloth which makes transitioning from nursing to burping easy. This company makes sure to put this convenience into all its nursing covers. That is why it is a top choice for many mothers.


  • The material is breathable, soft cotton which makes room for air.
  • It is also easy on your baby’s skin without being too light as to wear off quickly.
  • It comes with a perfectly matching carrying pouch as a bonus. This can fit different things, from pads to diapers so no need for an extra bag.
  • The easy transitioning from nursing your baby to burping it in seconds is an addition. You do not have to start removing it before your baby can burp. It is easy to use and light enough to carry. There is no heaviness to it.


  • It does not serve as proper cover for car seats. This means that it can only serve one purpose.
  • Some users found it too big for them. But this feature could make it the best nursing cover for large breasts.

3. Hooter Hiders Premium Cotton Nursing Cover

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This is an extra-large nursing cover with two inner pockets that could hold pads and pacifiers. It is beautifully colored; there is nothing dull about it. The neckline is rigid enough to stay in place but not to hurt. The material has large enough pores to allow for air so your baby can breathe. You know the best part? It can easily carry two babies at once. So do you have twins? This is the best nursing cover for twins.


  • It has a rigid neckline for stability.
  • It is suitable for twins.
  • It is beautifully colored.
  • It comes with two inner pockets, possibly for pads and pacifiers.
  • It is made with flexible and breathable cotton.


  • The color has the tendency to run.

4. Baby Car Seat Cover, Nursing Covers

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This colorful nursing cover is suitable to serve as a car seat and a high chair cover. It can equally be used as a shopping cart cover; its versatility is useful. For the best nursing cover, you may want to get this winner. When it is not in use as a breastfeeding cover, you could convert it deftly into a blanket. It could also work as a canopy cover when strolling with your baby.

It is made from soft polyester which is breathable and elastic. Its elasticity means that it can stretch to different sizes, making room for every baby weight and size. Its softness provides comfort for your baby, making it easy to lull it to sleep. Furthermore, it does not choke or cause abrasions on your baby’s skin as well as yours.


  • It is made from soft polyester, breathable and elastic.
  • It can stretch to different sizes for easy accommodation.
  • It is versatile, serving as a nursing cover as well as car seat and high chair cover.
  • It comes with a free bag to carry it about or store it.


  • For larger individuals, this cover may be a bit constricting. It does not offer adequate space for moving around.

5. High Quality Breastfeeding Nursing and Baby Car Seat Cover

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While strolling or sitting in the park with your baby, this is the ideal nursing cover. It filters sunrays and keeps bugs from biting. Your baby is comfortable and well protected with this cover. Even when you use it as a baby car seat cover, it fits tightly to prevent mishaps.

The material is super soft and allows for adequate airflow, especially on hot days. It is also elastic so that it can sit snugly over your baby without being uncomfortable. It offers privacy for you to feed your baby in peace and without intrusion. Even though it is soft, it does not tear quickly, neither does it fade. You get great use out of it.

Its versatility is convenient. It works comfortably as a car seat cover, stroller, high chair and shopping cart cover. Not only does this cut costs, it saves time and is handy. All in one place, you have five necessary accessories with you. Little else can beat this.


  • It offers adequate cover for your baby in the outdoors.
  • Its elasticity affords it space to fit snugly over your baby without getting uncomfortable.
  • It provides good privacy for feeding your baby.
  • Its material is soft and breathable.
  • It is versatile; works as nursing, car seat, stroller, high chair and shopping cart covers.


  • It may be limited in the types of people it is suitable for. This is because some users have complained of it fitting too tightly to be comfortable.

What Are Nursing Covers?

They are not complex things but as simple as ABC. Nursing covers are cloths which are fashioned in such a way to hide your bosom. They are best used when breastfeeding or pumping milk into a bottle publicly. Nobody needs to know your private business. Gone are the days when women had no choice but to bare themselves. With nursing covers, breastfeeding can be stylish yet convenient.

Are Wearable Nursing Covers Important?

The importance of nursing covers depends on who is asking. Some women do not care if


people stare at them openly while they breastfeed. Yet another group of women do care and find themselves looking for privacy every time the need arises. It can be such a task and sometimes, such women may not find the privacy they need.

You see, some people just become hostile toward you while some others could be terribly embarrassed at the sight. It seems like a brave thing to openly breastfeed but taking other people’s feelings into consideration is a good thing. It goes a long way. Even before nursing covers came into the picture, women had been improvising for the sake of decency. But that method has not always been convenient for everyone.

Hence, the invention of nursing covers. They are made to be classy yet practical. They are made to fit any occasion, any outfit and every body type. However, their importance is up to the individual. There is no right or wrong with breastfeeding publicly so they are not compulsory. Nursing covers are made for those who consider them necessary.

What to Consider while Getting a Baby Nursing Cover?

You cannot get this wrong while choosing. First of all, consider that you are going to be covering a human being, above all else. Your baby has to have enough ventilation and this has to be the primary focus. Whichever you pick out, let it give room for the comfort of your baby.

Then let your choice serve its purpose. There is no sense in making a purchase that ends up being useless to you. The whole point of the invention is to give you some privacy while feeding your baby. So your choice must be comfortable for your baby and cover you properly.

You also have to consider seasons. The best nursing cover for summer may be useless to you in the winter due to warmth. Again, the size of your baby could matter. The best nursing cover for a big kid may swallow a smaller kid. But this is not an item that has to be used every day, anyway, so you may not have to be particular about these factors.

3 Nursing Covers Patterns

There are 3 dominant types that are available:

  • The Infinity type: This can serve both as an infinity neck scarf and as a nursing cover due to the sizable material. Typically, the material is light with breathable pores for your baby to be comfortable. But it does not give room for your baby to be visible for all to see, along with your bosom.
  • The Poncho type: This type is made to look like a ponchos, popular style back in the ‘70s. But the material is not the same because the typical poncho is thick. It is made to be secure so that it doesn’t come off easily. It also covers you properly so that your baby and your ‘ahem’ remain hidden.
  • The Apron type: Even though this type does not usually come with enough material, it is the simplest to use. Just like an apron, you put its strap on your neck. It gives your baby room to breathe while giving you space to see it while feeding.

Now that we’ve given you a quick overview on nursing covers, let’s give you quick reviews on our top picks…

Our Favorite Choice for Breastfeeding Covers

Well, we would have to go with the Kiddo Care Nursing Cover Infinity Nursing Scarf. This one is super elegant and is one, out of many, that can work as a blouse. The color suits all tastes and the material is so smooth and soothing. It fits in perfectly with your wardrobe.

More than these, it can be used ten different ways, cutting costs for you. It is also super convenient; you do not have to stress yourself anymore. When worn as a blouse, people may not even know you are breastfeeding. This offers extra privacy wherever you may be. It may not be such a bad idea to use it as my best friend nursing pillow cover.

What is the best nursing cover? You wear the shoes so you know what you need better than anyone else. You alone can decide which is best for you. Nobody else can make this choice for you. Just work with the basic parameters like the size of your baby, the season and the like. With these, you will not go wrong with your choice, at the end.

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