8 Best Nude Lipstick You Will Like in 2018


Nude lipstick will take you everywhere, boo! It takes a level of boldness to shun the bold hues and go for the “barely there” shades. No one is saying you should abandon makeup. But there’s something silently sexy about a lady with makeup that’s there but barely there. It just quietly grabs the attention and holds it like a vise till you’re the cynosure of all eyes. Today, we’ve selected our top best picks of nude color lipsticks that would give you that slaying, undeniable look. Check them out, go through our tips on using nude lipsticks, and then go on and slay!

If you can’t spare the time, quickly run through this table and see their features at a glance.

Shade Texture
MAC Nicki Minaj Amplified Crème Lipstick Soft coral-pink, mid-toned creamy pink hue Creamy
Maybelline New York Color Sensational Nude Lipstick Untainted Spice satin
Tom Ford Nude Lip Color – Spanish Pink Spanish Pink Creamy
Dr. Mode Matte Nude Lipstick Set 5 shades Liquid Matte
NYX Cosmetics Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick Mauve Nude Creamy matte
Christian Dior Rouge Nude Lip Blush #169 Grege Creamy Blush/Balm
Too Faced La Crème Color Drenched Naughty Nude, Beige Creamy
Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Shine pink Creamy

What are the Most Popular Nude Lipsticks? 2018 Latest Reviews

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1.MAC Nicki Minaj Amplified Crème Lipstick:

[amazon box=”B075WDGJ1H” template=”vertical”]

You should know that if you get offered a Nicki shade of lipstick, you grab it with both hands. This lippie from Mac is a fantastic shade that makes your lips pop while giving you that Nicki edge that everyone would admire and envy at the same time. It comes in two beautiful shades, the soft coral-pink and the mid-toned creamy pink hue. Two lovely ways to shine! It also gives a superb coverage and a sweet, pouty look! Get it!

What We Like We About It: It’s a Nicki shade with the Nicki edge! Plus, it comes with two awesome shades guaranteed to make you look your best whatever the occasion.

What We Don’t Like About It: Matte lovers might not necessarily love this lipstick. They might prefer something more long lasting.

2.NYX Cosmetics Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick, Soft-Spoken:

[amazon box=”B013GOZB78″ template=”vertical”]

Time to doll up your lips with some NYX Cosmetics goodness! This nude matter lipstick from NYX is one of the best drugstore lipsticks you could ever find. It’s super affordable but the texture of this product is off the hook. The lipstick applies and spreads very easily without any hitch. And at the end, it produces that powerful look that only a matte lipstick can give.  Of course it is waterproof. So expect to keep looking awesome even after such a long day at work. Or even a long evening out with “the one”. *winks*. We know this might be a small bother for some ladies who are afraid of matte lipsticks because of dehydration. Thankfully, that isn’t the case with this lippie. Yes, it does give a matte finish. But it does not over dry your lips. It still keeps it nice, soft and feeling great – velvety if you may.

What We Like About It: Our number one favorite thing about this lipstick is its texture. Matte is a really beautiful finish. But many women run away from it because of its drying effect on the lips. And it does get pretty dry which is never good news. This one’s different, though. While it’s matte, it still gives that velvety texture that makes the product stand out for women. In fact, it’s the one feature many women couldn’t stop talking about.

What We Didn’t Like About It: Well, this particular product does not come in as many shades as some customers would have liked. For us though, the color variations are just beautiful the way they are.

3.Tom Ford Nude Lip Color – Spanish Pink:

[amazon box=”B005MZPXGE” template=”vertical”]

For those opting for a superior nude pink lipstick, you shouldn’t miss the Tom Ford Nude Lip Color. It looks super sweet and will transform you from meh to fab in an instant. But that’s not all about the Tom Ford nude lipstick. This particular product is designed to also ensure that your skin is not just pretty but healthy too. Combining rare and exotic ingredients, the manufacturers have created a wonder product. When you apply this lipstick, you give your lips first class treatment with the hydrating and conditioning abilities of the constituent ingredients. This makes the Tom Ford Nude Lip Color the smart lady’s choice. And of course, with lips that are constantly hydrated and conditioned, you can be sure of many good things. Not just the attention but the confidence that comes from good-looking, healthy lips.

What We Like About It: First of all, it’s a Tom Ford. And if we stopped at that, it would even be enough. The color is superior, the texture is creamy and smooth, and it contains the choicest ingredients. If you don’t like the dry feeling of satin and matte lipsticks, you’d love this product. It keeps your lips feeling hydrated all day long. Plus, there are no foreign substances that could injure your lips. Instead, it even keeps your lips looking and feeling healthy all day long. Arguably the best pink nude lipstick we could find.

What We Didn’t Like It: Well, it’s a tad expensive when compared to most other lipsticks. But hey, the quality is worth every dime spent.

4.Mode Matte Nude Lipstick Set:

[amazon box=”B07B7H2CNF” template=”vertical”]

Okay, so this is the biggest value we found on nude lipsticks during our research. And we’re even more excited to announce that each of these lipsticks are totally popping. No, we didn’t make a mistake. We meant it when we said “each of these lipsticks”. Now, what would you do if we told you that with little, you can get a pack containing 5 different shades of beautiful nude lipsticks? Would you take it? Sure you would. You’re a smart woman. In fact this set comes packaged in a super elegant gift box. So, it makes a fine idea for gifting any beautiful woman you know. What makes it even more awesome is the fact the set also contains a nude lipstick for dark skin. It’s a set for friends!

These come as nude liquid lipsticks. They give a matte finish so they look absolutely stunning. But even more importantly, they last long on your lips. As long as 12 whole hours! The color won’t stick to your cups or spoon (except you eat something greasy, understandably). And they also smell heavenly! Aside being beautiful and all, we place a great premium on your health. And that’s why it’s of importance to us that this lipstick contains natural ingredients that guarantee robust health for your lips with continuous use. But just before you go, here’s the manufacturer’s advice: To give the most beautiful look and most superb feel, be sure to apply some lip balm first. And then you can go on and apply the lipstick and shine.

What We Like About it: This is a value pack lipstick set containing 5 different awesome shades of nudes. And in this pack is also something that works for dark women also. Plus, we love the fact that it contains natural ingredients that keep your lips moisturized and healthy.

What We Didn’t Like About It: It does tend to color a shade slightly darker than advertised.

5.Maybelline New York Color Sensational Nude Lipstick:

[amazon box=”B00IZAWFAU” template=”vertical”]

Here’s another great shade of nude that might suit you. It’s called the untainted spice from Maybelline New York. Aside making you look super fantastic, this lipstick gives a super feel on your lips. The precious oils in the lipstick pamper your lips. So, in the end, you not only look dashing; you feel amazing too. And because Maybelline is committed to your beauty, this lipstick comes in 10 pretty shades. Simply pick anyone that looks amazing on you. And here’s a tip: aim for something a shade darker than your own skin tone. Make your nude come alive. Go with Maybelline!

As for the finish, it’s more of a satin look or you could call it a semi-matte finish. So, yeah, when you apply it, it’s creamy so you can spread it the way you want. And it stays this way for a while till it mattes. Hence the reason it’s a semi-matte. It’s simply one of the best drugstore nude lipsticks we could find. And it smells good too!

What We Like About It: Maybelline brings the nude lipstick alive with its vibrancy. The feel is awesome, the look is super and there are 10 awesome shades to play with. With one swipe, you get a full color so you don’t get the messiness from having to swipe a number of times.

What We Didn’t Like About It: It could stay a bit longer on the lips, though.

6.Christian Dior Rouge Nude Lip Blush:

[amazon box=”B00EE5OEHC” template=”vertical”]

Casual evening out with the girls? Then apply this fantastic nude lip blush from Christian Dior to make the night complete. As you already know, Christian Dior is a household name. Plus, it’s a brand that’s synonymous with quality. For many years now, it has given us some of the best names in fashion. And now, with this lippie, Dior has done it yet again. The lippie gives a very silky smooth application and the color is so soft and yet appealing. The lipstick stays on all day. And because it’s so soft, it keeps your lips hydrated and gives it optimum care. Plus, we even heard that Dior is giving away all the proceeds to charity. What a thoughtful thing to do! So, for every time you swipe, you connect with something bigger than yourself. You can now do something profound simply by looking beautiful. It’s a wonderful reason to splurge on this premium quality lippie, don’t you think?

What We Like About It: It gives a silky smooth feel when applied on the lips. However, it still lasts pretty long. And its shade is completely cute too. Plus, there’s an even much bigger reason to purchase – all proceeds go to charity. Now, you have a bigger reason to look pretty!

What We Didn’t Like About It: it’s a pretty pricey product. But then all proceeds go to charity. So, maybe we could waive it. Nothing is ever too big to give to a good cause.

7.Too Faced La Crème Naughty Nude Lipstick:

[amazon box=”B008BRERPI” template=”vertical”]

We are very impressed with Too Faced’s conscientious efforts to ensure that lipsticks are not just pretty but safe. It’s no news that many manufacturers include dangerous chemicals in their lipsticks that may make you look pretty but are destroying your lips under the surface. This lipstick comes in highly recommended especially because of its constituent ingredients. Each ingredient adds to make your lips hydrated, supple, and healthy. Now to how it shines… This is a beautiful beige shade of nude, so, it’s on the darker end of the spectrum. The texture is quite creamy, so there’s no chance of drying out. Your lips will sure remain hydrated all day. For a cream lipstick, we guess it does last long enough. But of course it can’t be compared to how long a satin or a matte lipstick would last. But hey, the smell is lovely though!

What We Like About It: First off, we can’t but applaud Too Faced’s attention to the health of ladies’ lips worldwide. Next, the texture of this lipstick is amazing. It’s soft, doesn’t dry out, and leaves the lips always feeling moisturized. Plus, it’s also relatively affordable for such a great product.

What We Didn’t Like About It: Well, its texture is also our downer with this product. Why? Because its buttery softness is also reason the product doesn’t stay on for a very long time. So, in essence, what we’re saying is that you should get prepared to apply this lipstick almost every other hour. Otherwise, great product through and through.

8.Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Shine – Pink Cloud

[amazon box=”B00CUGPIYK” template=”vertical”]

For that innocent and sultry look, try this awesome pink nude lipstick. The color is pretty light so it gives a soft appeal and shine. Also, to ensure that your lips are tended to while they focus on being awesome, the manufacturers did something deliberate. They formulated something they call mega-moisturizing seals. These seals are contained in each lipstick and essentially, they help with catering to the lips. So, you can tell that this lipstick is pretty soft. They feel silky and the texture is creamy. This yummy lippie will almost never leave your bag! The lipstick stays true to color from application to fade. Finally we are particularly impressed by the fact that it lasts pretty long. For a creamy lipstick, something you might only need to reapply once is surely a winner. And that’s why we have no problem recommending this fantastic nude lippie for those who need something pure, sweet, and sexy.

What We Liked About It: This is a soft, moisturizing nude lippie with an adorable pink shade. We love its color and the texture, including the fact that it stays true to color from application to fade. Plus, it lasts long too.

What We Didn’t Like About It: It does tend to come out slightly darker than most customers expect. But many customers still swear by it, though.

5 Ways to Nail a Perfect Nude Shade Every Time

best nude lipsticks

Some people think that nudes are specific color shades for a specific set of people. However, this is a very faulty assumption. Anyone can use a nude lippie. The only thing about it is that you’d have to find something that works with your skin tone.

Here are our five top tips for choosing the best nude lipstick for you.

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  1. Consider your Undertone: When you get a nude lipstick, ensure that it flatters your complexion, making you look fresh instead of washed out. If your skin tone is on the lighter side, try picking out a nude lipstick with a speck of pink in its base. As for olive-skinned girls, you’ll do well to avoid nudes in light shades. In fact, anything lighter than your skin is a no no. Some shades you could go for are beige, milk and dark chocolate, berry, and papaya tones.
  2. Consider your lip’s natural color: Now, nude lippies do not only flatter your skin tone, they flatter your lip color as well. Usually, if your lip is naturally pigmented, it might take a while getting just the one. So, here’s a rule of thumb. Try to go for something that’s identical to your lip color. If you can’t get that, go for something a shade lighter than your lip color. Some experts say that a nude lipstick with a hint of peach or gold would work wonders for such ladies.
  3. Prep before you Swipe: Just before you apply your nude lipstick, ensure that you lip is prepped. Applying nude on dry lips always comes out tacky. The lines and dry texture of the lips are emphasized and the lips could look cakey. So, you want to apply a lip balm or scrub first to take care of rough patches. Then apply your nude lipstick. You’ll notice a world of difference.
  4. Consider the Texture: Your lips and your face shouldn’t ever be hard to tell apart. Glossy or matte, whichever texture you favor, get something that works for you. Avoid picking a texture of nude just because it’s in vogue. Instead focus on something you feel comfortable and confident in.
  5. Test before buying: In shopping for a nude lippie, you can’t afford to trust the manufacturers. It might look like it’s the perfect shade in the pack. But, wait till you’ve tried it on. Then, its flaws come out in all their glory. So get your hands dirty. Apply the testers on the back of your hand and use them as a guide to make your final purchasing decision.

And finally, we present you 9 top ways to slay with a nude lip.

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  1. Try a smoky eye: Opting for a pretty heavy smoky eye on a nude lip is a fashion do! To make it even more spectacular, you can choose to make your eyes pop by highlighting the inner corners with a brightly-colored eyeliner. Champagne is an excellent color choice.
  2. Try a cat eye: Cat eyes always rock and even more with a nude lip. You can use dark eyeshadow on your bottom lid and then use a liquid liner (gel is also okay) for the top lid.
  3. Try colored eyeshadow: There’s literally no color of eyeshadow that won’t go with a nude lip. There are no rules for this one. Go crazy!
  4. Try colored eyeliner: If you’re not a big fan of eyeshadow, then you could do something else. If you still like the idea of adding a touch color to pair with your nude lip, then try using a colored eyeliner on the bottom line of your lid instead.
  5. Try a bronze smoke: It gives your eyes that added boldness and depth without being necessarily intense like the black smoky eye. For a perfect finish, try a soft contour by treating your cheekbones to a matte bronzer.
  6. Try big lashes and defined brows: If eye enhancing isn’t your thing, whether shadow or liner, here’s another option. You could enhance just your lashes and brows instead. You could use falsies, or you could use some fiberlash mascara. Either of these would give your lashes a longer look. Then for the brows, strive for a soft finish instead of bold lines.
  7. Try super-defined eyes: The simplest way to give your face that “oomph!” with a nude lip is to give your eyes well defined top and bottom lash lines. And to keep your lashes well defined too with the mascara. If your eyes are small, avoid doing a complete lining. Your eyes would only look smaller. Just keep the lining to the outer corners of your eyes. Your eyes would look bigger and rounder. Using a kohl pencil is best but if your eyes don’t work with a kohl pencil, a pencil gel liner is fine too.
  8. Try a metallic finish: A metallic finish gives a striking look when paired with a nude lip always. Try it!
  9. Try contouring and highlighting: It’s not always about creating a striking eye look all the time, though. Sometimes, with some contouring and highlighting alone, you can still create that va va voom! You could use a warm bronzer on your cheekbones (the under part). And then take a highlighter to the higher parts of your cheeks. This will give your face a sculpted look and a glow that wins! Now you can choose the perfect nude lipsticks from the video.

What Other People Think of the Nude Lipstick

Best Nude Lipstick

Well, the battle between matte and glossy is far from finished as reviews show. A lot of ladies are still on opposing sides as regards which is better, especially for nudes. Loads of dark skinned girls admitted to struggling to find a nude lippie that works for them. However, an olive-skinned customer appeared to find a lipstick buddy in MAC Nicki Minaj Amplified Crème Lipstick.

The Maybelline New York Color Sensational Nude Lipstick, on the other hand, was crowned best drugstore nude lipstick for most.

And as for the Christian Dior Rouge Nude Lip Blush… although pretty pricey, this lipstick still stole the heart of customers on two counts. Especially the cream lipstick lovers, many customers testified to being excited that they finally found a glossy lipstick that lasts. Few other lipsticks on our countdown today could lay claim to that. Also, proceeds are for charity too.

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Our Favorite Nude Lipstick

The NYX Cosmetics Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick, Soft-Spoken takes the crown today. It is affordable and beautiful. But the real reason it’s our winner today is that it gives a little of both worlds – matte and glossy. So while it is long lasting and won’t stick to anything, it still retains this velvety feel. This way, the lipstick is usable by any woman – the glossy lippie woman or the matte lippie woman.

Click here to have more information about the black lipstick and pink lipstick.


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