10 of the Best Toys for Newborn Boys and Girls In 2018


Newborn babies don’t show much interest in baby toys, regardless of the how colorful or noisy they might be. However, fast forward a few weeks, and they’ll definitely want to grab a newborn baby toy to play with to their heart’s content. As your baby starts developing his or her senses, they tend to become more alert. They start noticing bright colors and enjoy listening to music.

Apart from that, these newborn toys come in handy to help develop your baby’s minds. You can get many newborn learning toys that are both fun and teach your kids something new. If you’re expecting your first baby and you’re clueless about which toys to get, I have compiled a list of the best newborn toys for you.

Ten Best Newborn Toys in 2018

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1. Kick and Play Piano Gym

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This all-rounder newborn toy allows a baby to enjoy in many ways. This toy includes five hanging activity toys, a large mirror, and a cozy mat made from premium polyester material. In addition, this toy has two modes of sounds that the baby can enjoy. You can either select classical baby music to play for several minutes or allow the baby to kick the notes to produce music of their own. The activity toys can also be used as teethers while sitting.


  • Up to 15 minutes of music
  • Five activity toys
  • Baby can play, sit, or nap with this toy


  • The mirror is of poor quality
  • The frame can come apart

2. Baby Einstein Bendy Ball

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This friendly caterpillar face ball is perfect for tiny newborn baby hands to play with. Babies can easily bend it and shake it to enjoy the jingling rattle. It has many holes which babies can use to maintain a firm grip. In addition, the weight of this product is also relatively less, so you don’t have to worry about your infant facing problems playing with it. This easy to clean ball is also a great teether that babies can chew on.


  • BPA free and easy to clean
  • Newborn learning toy
  • Tiny hands can easily grab it


  • Screws holding on to the product may be dangerous if one gets loose
  • Holes of the toy are quite big, and hands can get stuck in them

3. Octoplush Plush Toy

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One of the best newborn plush toys you can gift your baby. This fluffy and soft octopus plays in three different languages. This newborn musical toy plays soft music with every touch the baby makes on its different hands. Kids can even cuddle with this toy and hug it while sleeping. The size of this toy is perfect for babies that are three months and older.


  • Each leg has a different design
  • Attractive and bright color
  • Fluffy and cozy to cuddle with


  • The necktie can come off easily
  • Stains can be hard to remove

4. Manhattan Winkel Rattle

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One of the first toys that moms should get for their babies are teethers. Teething can be very painful, but with good teething toys, the pain can be reduced. The Manhattan Winkel rattle teaches the baby to use both hands to hold and chew on. It’s made out of BPA free material and is safe to play with for babies aged 0-24 months. Even though this toy is simple, the attractive colors and rattle noise makes babies hold on to it for hours.


  • Soft and colorful
  • Promotes clutching and playing with both hands
  • Teether plus rattle toy


  • Can’t submerge in water

5. Fifi The Firefly

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This newborn girl’s toy is made from multiple fabrics that enhance the touch awareness of a baby. Your child can learn about different shapes and colors, and listen to music with this adorable toy. You can attach this toy to a stroller or carrier to keep it near the baby at all times.

In addition, this product is also a good teether for an infant to bite on. Rings in the tail create a clanking noise which the baby will adore. The wings have many different textures to keep your kid occupied for hours.


  • High quality with colorful textures
  • You can attach it anywhere with a clip


  • You can’t wash it in a machine
  • The size may be too big for younger kids.

6. Honey Bee First Rattle

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This is the best first rattle to give to your baby since it is soft. This toy is multi-textured and multi-colored and it’s also a teether for babies to soothe their gums with. Though this item may look simple, it’s suitable for newborn infants who are eager to chew on stuff and play.

This sensory toy will enhance your baby’s sense of touch. It’s soft, fluffy and adorable. The unique shape helps babies keep a hold of it for more extended periods of time.


  • Soft and colorful material
  • Can be used as a teething toy


  • Somewhat overpriced
  • You can’t wash it in a machine

7. Sassy Developmental Bumpy Ball

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This is a must-have toy for all babies. The high contrast colors help the infant focus more on the ball. With many chunky sides on the ball, babies learn how to grasp and hold something with both hands. This toy will undoubtedly boost your child’s motor skills.

In addition, this toy also makes a gentle rattle sound for babies to enjoy playing with it even more. This toy is also a tremendous teething option as the material is completely safe.


  • Multi-textured and colorful
  • Safe for chewing and teething
  • Easy to hold and the rattle sound keeps babies focused


  • Due to plastic on the toy, you can’t wash it in a machine

8. Bead Buddy Giraffe

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Infants love rattles that are colorful and soft. This giraffe toy is made from various fabrics and textures to boost your baby’s tactile development. It also encourages babies to think and learn how to start talking. Soft textures will make it easy for the baby to cuddle with it while taking a nap. The vibrant pattern can also help stimulate the baby’s visual capacity.


  • Rattling colored balls
  • Soft textures
  • Perfect size


  • The toy may be too heavy for young infants
  • Stitching can come undone

9. Clip Clop Activity Rattle

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Babies love colorful animal toys that they can squeeze and shake to make noise. This blue horse creates a variety of sounds every time it gets banged on something or shaken. This product is made from 100% polyester and can be used for multiple playing activities. In addition, it’s safe for babies to chew on with beads, ears, and a bow made from non-toxic material. Babies can hug this cozy toy while sleeping.


  • Many activities
  • Perfect size to play with and hug
  • Various surfaces for teething


  • It may hurt the baby if banged on the head
  • You can’t wash it in a machine

10. Wishtime 8pcs Rattle and Teether Set

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If you are merely looking for a package that is filled with many exciting and high-quality newborn toys, then it’s better to get this eight pieces set. It’s perfect for babies up to 12 months of age. All the pieces are made from eco-friendly ABS material and are completely non-toxic. They are colorful, and you can also store them in the freezer after washing them with warm water.


  • All in one set
  • Easy to clean and waterproof
  • Made from safe material


  • Toys are too simplistic looking
  • Size of the toys is small, so they can get lost easily

Which Type of Toys Should Babies Play With?

Usually, babies are fascinated by playing with mostly household items like spoons and plastic food containers. Therefore, going for toys isn’t an absolute necessity. However, all parents wish to provide their children with the best, so you can get a few toys for newborn development. If you are looking for the best toys, they should be colorful and made with great textures. Because infants love taking everything in their mouth, you need to make sure the toy is non-toxic and safe to chew on.

Things to Consider When Selecting the Perfect Toys

What the Toy is Made Of

The first thing almost every mom checks on the back of toy is what it is made from. Since babies have a habit of chewing on just about anything, parents need to take care and only buy toys which are made from non-toxic material.

How Does The Toy Contribute in Enhancing Skills

Nowadays, many toys come with multiple activities that boost your baby’s skills and promote healthy development. It’s preferable to look for such products so that your baby can benefit from them. Playing isn’t the only important thing—toys that develop skills and enhance senses are what you should be looking for.

Do the Toys Make Sounds

The baby will only focus on a toy if it’s either physically appealing or if it makes different noises. Even when babies are just a few months old, they need to hear many sounds and music to enhance their listening skills.

However, you need to make sure that the noise a toy produces isn’t too loud or frightening. It should be soft music or melodies that soothe or entertain the baby. Most of the time, soft music will make your baby fall asleep within minutes.

How Can You Clean the Toy

Infants are vulnerable to germs and harmful bacteria more than adults are. Therefore, parents need to make sure all toys are kept clean because babies have a habit of trying to chew on everything they have in their hands. Many toys like plastic or silicone teethers can be washed in dishwashers.

However, if you plan on getting toys that require batteries, then it won’t be so easy for you to clean them. Such toys can only be wiped with a wet cloth. Therefore, it’s better to stick to toys that you can wash and keep your precious baby safe from harmful germs.

When Should I Buy Newborn Toys?

Many parents that are expecting their first child are overprotective and avoid purchasing

newborn baby and the toy

toys to keep the baby safe. However, that’s not a smart thing to do, as newborn toys are a great way to enhance your kid’s mental and physical abilities. It’s true that many toys require parental guidance, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy any!

You’ll find many safe and popular toys for infants that don’t require any parental guidance at all. Most of them are teethers that the baby can chew on for hours without causing you any trouble.

In addition, you can use bigger toys while you are nearby the baby and keep an eye on them. Therefore, you can buy newborn toys the moment your baby enters this world. For further assistance, always read the instructions on the packaging of the toy to see the age limits that can play with it.

Should I Buy New or Used Toys

Buy New or Used Toys

Parents opt for used toys to save money as they know that infants will eventually get bored of a particular toy. However, it’s always preferred to purchase new ones to avoid any risk of harmful germs from one baby infecting another. Even if you wash a used toy, it’s still a risk!

On the other hand, toys that you keep in your place are maintained and cleaned by yourself. If your babies get bored of them, you can always safely repack them and store them for your next child.

Our Top Pick for Newborn Toys

Out of the lot, our favorite toy is the kick and play gym. This toy is cute as well as useful, as it can keep your infant occupied for hours with various activities. Above all, with every kick the baby makes they’ll hear a new sound, which will encourage them to move their feet more. They can also enjoy the variety of activity toys hanging from it while laying on the cozy mat. Sleep, play, and repeat, thats all the baby has to do with this toy!


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