Top 5 Nasal Aspirator for Your Little One


Being a mom isn’t a day’s job and few people appreciate that. Fewer still are even aware of all the gross things that moms have to deal with. Pee, poo, and snot. Eww! The disgusting trifecta! Today though, our discussion will have us majoring on the last of the trio, snot.

Babies are always dealing with runny or blocked nostrils at different points in their baby life. Whether they are simply teething, running a fever or battling allergies, you’d have more than your own fair share of snot to deal with. Enter nasal aspirators. They are easy to use and make the job of clearing your baby’s nostrils a lot faster and neater.

We’ve got an array of the best nasal aspirators right here on our reviews. And to make things a lot tidier for you, we’ve tried to make a selection of different kinds for you, because we know there are different kinds of babies. So you’ll find what in our opinion is the best nasal aspirator for newborn, best nasal aspirator for toddler, and even the best nasal aspirator for baby who hates aspirator.

So, if you’re ready, let’s explore!

Type Best For
NoseFrida The Snotsucker Oral Suction Newborn
Noemie Babay Nasal Aspirator Electric nasal aspirator Toddler
Little Martins Electric nasal aspirator Electric nasal aspirator
Boogie Bulb Cleanable Bulb nasal aspirator Hospital grade
Babybubz Boogie Remover Oral suction Painful sinus/baby who hates aspirator


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1.NoseFrida The Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator:

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If you need a nasal aspirator for a newborn, allow us to recommend to you the NoseFrida The SnotSucker. It’s the best nasal aspirator for newborn that we found in our research. In choosing a nasal aspirator, especially for a newborn, you have to be careful to select something that will be gentle on them. Your newborn is still trying to adjust to the world so you have to be gentle.

We feel completely assured about this particular nasal aspirator for your newborn because it was invented and designed by a doctor. As such, it comes with the full approval of pediatricians world over. So, yes you can feel like the great mum you are, knowing that you’re giving your baby only the best, as recommended by the experts.

It’s oral suction powered, which means that you’d have to provide suction with your mouth while administering treatment to your baby. Don’t worry, there’s a disposable filter to ensure that you don’t take a gulp of mucus by mistake. Yeah, ew.

As for your baby’s comfort, the nasal aspirator is made to be non-invasive, that is, it won’t exactly get into your baby’s tender nostrils. Instead, it simply forms a seal outside the affected nostril. This way snot sucking is seamless and comfortable for your little munchkin.

You should be very concerned about the safety of materials that you let around and into your baby. And that’s why we’re glad to announce that this baby snot sucker is made of phthalate and BPA-free materials. You can rest assured that this nasal aspirator is completely safe for your baby.

And, of course, if there was ever anything that needed constant cleaning, a tool like this is. This nasal aspirator is, thankfully, so very easy to clean. It will be safe in your dishwasher. Just ensure that you keep it on the top rack, and you’re good.


  • Disposable filters ensure you don’t swallow the mucus.
  • Easy to clean.
  • You can control how much suction power is delivered.
  • Non-invasive.
  • Free of toxic materials.


It’s a one-size-fits-all which might not be great for some babies.

2.Noemie Baby Nasal Aspirator:

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And at our number two position, we present our best nasal aspirator for toddler on our reviews today. It’s the Noemie Baby Nasal Aspirator. Apparently, it’s fondly called “Banana”. Okay, so let’s see what “Banana” can do besides keeping your baby distracted long enough to get the booger out of his nose.

Unlike our last nasal aspirator that operated by oral suction, this one is an electric nose suction for babies. So, you won’t have to provide suction with your mouth and risk swallowing snot. And even at that, this baby snot remover is destined to give excellent suction. The motor and pump are fantastic, so getting the mucus out of your baby’s nose will be as easy as can be and your baby will be breathing fine in no time flat.

The snot remover itself comes in a compact shape and is really lightweight. So, it makes it very convenient to use. It fits into your palm nicely, and with just one hand, you can get the snot out of your child’s nostrils. All you need do is press a single button along, and that’s all — Single hand operation.

You’re right to want something that’s gentle on your toddler’s nostrils, and this model is. Made of molded silicone, this electric nose aspirator gives a comfortable fit on your baby’s nostril. And to be super sure that you don’t have to cause your baby some discomfort thanks to an ill-fitting nozzle, it comes with two different nozzle sizes. So, worry not, your baby’s sinuses will be just fine. Even the most stubborn boogers will come rushing out without your baby making a peep.

And you know you could even use this for adults? The two different sized nozzles we talked about, apparently, one of them is large enough to fit into an adult’s nostril. So, if ever you need to help yourself with a nasal aspirator for whatever reason, you can quickly borrow your baby’s own. Just remember to thoroughly wash before using it on someone else again, especially your baby. You know babies are very sensitive.

This nasal aspirator is separable. So, for cleaning, you can take it apart and get the parts cleaned. As for the cup into which the mucus lands, that one can (and should) be boiled and sterilized before the next use.

PS: you don’t need to have batteries on hand, it charges with a USB just fine. And PPS: there’s a 90-day money-back guarantee plus a one year warranty as well!


  • Can be operated single handedly.
  • There are two different sized nuzzles for the right fit.
  • All parts of the snot remover can be sanitized, including the part with direct contact with mucus.
  • It’s usable by all ages including adults.


  • You can’t vary the strength of suction. You’ll need to also get replacement filters.

3.Little Martins Battery Operated Aspirator

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Okay, here’s another electric nose aspirator you could try. It’s better than the last one we reviewed, and is, in fact, the best electric nasal aspirator we came across during our research. This one even has a cute elephant drawn on it with a long snout. You can keep baby distracted with that while you busy yourself with the dirty work.

This aspirator is approved by the FDA, so that should give you some confidence in the quality of what you’re getting for your baby. Its body is perfectly molded to give a great fit on your palm as your hold on to it. Plus, it’s really lightweight so you won’t feel like you just survived a workout after using it the first few times.

The nozzles are made of molded silicone so they are gentle on the nostrils and still manage to fit just fine. And to be double sure that you always get a custom fit, there are two nozzles of different sizes included, so you can use the smaller one while your baby is younger and you could also exchange it as your child grows older.

This electric nose cleaner for babies is so easy to use, it can even work with single-hand operation. So, you just hold the nasal aspirator in one hand and push a small button and the dirty job is done. No need to suck with your mouth or anything. Just neat and tidy.

As for cleaning the unit, it comes with a waterproof construction, so don’t be bothered. It can withstand a heavy rinsing. As for the nozzles and the internal cup for collecting the mucus, you can take those apart and have them sterilized before the next use.

It’s battery-operated, so it’s dependable and always on hand when you need it. You can always take it along with you as you travel too. No downtime with charge time. Plus, the motor operates really quietly so you can also use it when baby is asleep.

And yeah, there’s one more thing about this particular unit that makes it such a great buy. It’s like a value purchase. It comes with this really cute baby nail clipper. And this isn’t just some flimsy excuse for a nail clipper that the manufacturers added on for pity’s sake. This one comes with a fold away magnifier, and precisely sharpened blades that will help to keep baby’s nails trimmed and short.


  • Waterproof construction makes for effective cleaning.
  • Great for travel since it is battery-operated.
  • Two different sized nozzles for a great fit.


  • Suction power cannot be varied.

4.BoogieBulb Cleanable Baby Nasal Aspirator:

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So, at the hospital, you were given a bulb syringe to help you get out the snot from your baby’s nasal passage, which is kinda thoughtful of them. But, not to be anyhow, you just can’t be 100% confident in the sanitary conditions of those things. Yes, even though it’s from the hospital. So, if you want something that’s hygienic enough for your baby, something that can easily be cleaned, and something that won’t be welcoming bacteria and mold anytime soon, then you’ll need a replacement soon.

So, if you still want, you could try another hospital grade nasal aspirator. And here’s a really good one that we recommend; the Boogiebulb Cleanable Baby Nasal Aspirator. It’s every inch the hospital grade nasal aspirator you’re probably used to. But it still does one better than the regular nasal aspirator you’re used to, because it is, in fact, cleanable. So, after you’ve drained your baby’s nose successfully, you can take it apart, wash, sterilize, and dry before using it again. And yes, you can use it in your dishwasher too.

One of the biggest reasons this type of nasal aspirator is so popular is because it is so easy to use. All it takes is for you to squeeze the soft rubber and the narrow tip (which fits your baby’s nose just right) will draw the mucus in.

The manufacturers advise that it be used with babies of about 8 to 25 pounds in weight.

The aspirator is completely safe for use. The rubber is high-grade and completely free off phthalate and BPA. You’re not going to get your baby poisoned with low-grade, poisonous rubber while using this nasal aspirator, that’s guaranteed.


  • You can separate the bulb to get it completely and effectively cleaned.
  • It’s safe in the dishwasher.
  • You don’t need to buy additional replacement filters.
  • Prevents the growth of bacteria and mold.


  • You can’t control the suction.
  • You need to keep buying up as your child grows.

5.BabyBubz Baby Booger Remover:

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This is an excellent baby aspirator for babies with sinus infections. Alright, let’s back up a bit. Do babies actually get sinus infections? Brief science lesson: babies do not have their sinus cavities completely developed until they have hit their late teens. In fact, until they are about 1 to 2 years old, an X-ray won’t even pick their sinuses. Still though, it is very possible for them to get an infection. And once there’s an infection, you can trust that it will come with some level of pain, so naturally, babies are averse to aspirators at this point. You’d need something that’s gentle on their noses, and that’s why we recommend the BabyBubz Baby Booger Remover. It’s the best nasal aspirator for baby who hates aspirator.

The reason this nasal aspirator is such a great idea for babies in pain is because it gives you control on how much suction pressure you provide per time. You’ll be providing oral suction with your mouth so you can determine just how much pressure is necessary for the comfort of your baby per time.

This does not operate with batteries which is completely convenient and handy. Also, with the clear design, it’s easy to tell if you’re applying just enough pressure to get the booger out of your baby’s nasal cavities. This baby snot remover is very comfortable. It doesn’t get in too deep, so it almost feels totally non-intrusive for them, especially for those with infected and painful sinuses.


  • You get control over the level of suction applied.
  • You don’t need to purchase replacement filters.
  • It doesn’t go in too deep in the nasal cavity, so it’s comfortable.


  • So many parts to clean and dry.
  • It’s a one-size-fits-all.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Best Nasal Aspirator?

We understand that you may still have a few questions about a nasal aspirator, like which is best. Our guide will help you run through some factors you should consider. Also, we will throw in some extra tips that could help you with using a nasal aspirator. So, let’s get to it.

What is a Nasal Aspirator?

It is a device which you use to suction out mucus from a baby’s nose. When your baby’s nose is so congested s/he can no longer breathe, sleep, or eat properly, then you need a nasal aspirator to get the mucus out. As you know, babies can’t blow their noses on their own, so with nasal aspirators, you can help them decongest their nasal cavities.

Types of Nasal Aspirators

Nasal Aspirator for baby

Bulb Aspirator: This is the traditional hospital grade nasal aspirator you get at the hospital. It works like a turkey baster, and it does not feature some really complicated technology.

  • Electric Aspirator: They are battery-operated, and the battery could be rechargeable or disposable. It’s probably the easiest nasal aspirator to use in the market, since all you need to do is to tap a button and the thing does its job.
  • Oral suction Aspirator: The mode of operation is pretty much spelt out in the name of the aspirator. It works by oral suction, and with the filters included you won’t accidentally swallow the mucus. It’s much gentler than an electric booger remover.

What is the Best Way to Use a Nasal Aspirator?

The best way to use a nasal aspirator is a matter of the type of nasal aspirator you settle for. Some will require oral suction; others will require a push of a button. But whatever method your nasal aspirator requires, you can help the process by using a few drops of saline solution. The reason for the saline solution is to soften the mucus so it can come out of the nose more easily. Here is the video about using baby nasal aspirator.

Do Nasal Aspirators Hurt?

Well, they kinda do, at least a teeny bit. Your baby will surely feel a bit of a discomfort and probably fuss a bit when you use it. However, if you use it properly and only once in a while, you shouldn’t harm your baby with it. But then, keep some of these safety tips in mind…

If you’re using a bulb syringe, you must never squeeze air into your baby’s nostril, it could cause some damage. Squeeze the air out of the bulb first, then you can to use it in your baby’s nose.

Use saline drops only every other day. If you use it for more than four consecutive days, the nasal cavities can dry out and get inflamed. Plus, only use baby-friendly saline drops. Adult saline solutions are bad for babies.

You can only use a baby nasal aspirator at most three times a day or else, your baby’s nasal linings could get dry and irritated.

You must thoroughly clean the nasal aspirator after each use, else it could cause bacterial or fungal growth which can only mean bad news for your baby. The bulb that contains the mucus should be soaked in soapy water for a short time. The soapy water should then be run through the bulb several times, and then after that, you can rinse it in clean water. After this, boil the bulb in water for sterilization purposes.

Electric aspirators should be cleansed according to manufacturers’ instructions.

Features to Look out for in a Nasal Aspirator

a Nasal Aspirator features

Ease of Cleaning: You should look out for a nasal aspirator that is easy to clean.

Something that can get disassembled too, so you can get every part of the aspirator thoroughly cleaned. You should also look out for disposable filters and tips. This will help to keep your nasal aspirator clean so it doesn’t begin to accommodate bacteria and fungi.

Material: Think silicone. It is soft, gentle on the nostril, and is sanitary enough not to harbor the growth of pathogens.

Size of tips: You should go for an aspirator that either comes with different sized nozzles or one that is great for all sizes of nostrils; else you’ll have to purchase a new one constantly as your child grows out of the last one.

Suction power: Congestion and baby tolerance are two factors that vary greatly. You should get a nasal aspirator that allows you vary the suction pressure so you can get out the booger in the most comfortable manner possible.

Other People’s Opinions

So, today on our best nasal aspirator reviews, we have gone over all kinds of nasal aspirators. Now, let’s see what moms are saying about these nasal aspirators.

Busy mums and constant travelers naturally tend to lean towards the best battery operated nasal aspirators they can find. So, you can see why they would go for the Little Martins Battery Operated Aspirator. It’s battery-operated, single-hand operation, and you can just up and travel with it any time.

The more traditional mums will, of course, love the NoseFrida The Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator. The basic reason for this is because it is oral suction. Pressure can always be varied, and it is also very easy to clean too.

And for the moms on a budget, the BoogieBulb Cleanable Baby Nasal Aspirator seems to be the obvious choice. It’s simple, inexpensive, and cleanable.

Our Favorite…

Our best rated nasal baby aspirator is the Noemie Baby Nasal Aspirator. There are so many reasons we love this particular model the most. It’s shaped like a banana to distract your baby. It comes with different nozzle sizes to cater to your kid as s/he grows. It’s also separable so you can easily wash and sanitize the unit and avoid the growth of disease-causing organisms. If this isn’t a totally amazing baby nasal aspirator, we don’t know what is.


  1. In my experience the electric nose aspirator you recommend (the ‘banana’) is not the best choice, the one i bought stopped working after three uses. The quality is very poor and it’s annoying to clean. Mucus gets stuck in the sponge filter which is hard to clean. They do provide about 5/6 spare filters but i’m not sure where you’re supposed to get more when you finish them.
    I used to have a HappyNose aspirator which is way better, has an external snot collector and lasted about 2 years.


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