5 Best Nail Strengtheners You Can Find in 2018


There are so many steps we take to ensure we look and feel good. We get all sorts of products for the skin and hair. But we forget a very vital part of our overall look and that is our nails. As much as we take detailed care of other areas, we should do the same for our nails.

For some people, they need little attention to their nails to keep it healthy and clean. For others, they need to give it serious attention. If your nails are bad, covering them with fake nails would not solve the problem. And coating them over with the nicest colors would not make it go away, either.

Great-looking nails are underestimated but a lot of people do not pay attention to them. Furthermore, we tend to focus more on our finger nails more than our toe nails and that is understandable. Your hands are more visible than your feet. But eventually, you would have to confront the problem and take care of it, one way or another. When you decide to handle it is up to you. The point is that we have to take better care of our nails than we presently do.

Apart from eating well to get right nutrients for your body, nail strengtheners are another way to have healthy nails. There are natural nail strengtheners, made mostly from naturally-occurring ingredients. However, we cannot say there is a best natural nail strengthener. Most of them would give you great results.

Nowadays, you can find an unbelievable array of nail strengthening products in different formulas. You would hardly know which to term the best nail treatment. Depending on your preference and need, you have an assortment to choose from.

Here is an overview of the nail strengtheners that we’d be reviewing shortly:

  Weight Formula Color
O.P.I Nail Envy Original Nail Strengthener 0.48 ounces Liquid White
Onyx Professional Hard as Hoof Nail Strengthening Cream 2.08 ounces Cream White
Nailtiques Formula 2 Plus Nail Strengthener 0.32 ounces Liquid White
duri Rejuvacote Nail Growth System 0.64 ounces Liquid None
Nail Magic Nail Hardener and Conditioner 3.2 ounces Liquid Pink


Top 5 Nail Strengtheners Product Reviews

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1.P.I Nail Envy Original Nail Strengthener

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Flaky, peeling or weak, your nails have got nothing on this Original nail strengthener. It could fall into the rank of best nail strengthener for peeling nails. It is made with wheat protein which is hydrolyzed, together with calcium to strengthen the nails. It specially targets weakness in nails so that with it, you do not have to fear nail breakage any longer.

It is suitable to be used as a treatment alone or as a base for your nail lacquer. Wearing it alone still makes your nails shiny and beautiful but it lends a stability and protection as a base. However, whichever you choose, it has got you covered.

This particular formula is white but you can also get it in three other colors. Your nail treatment does not have to be boring; color adds sass to it. So treat yourself to the available beautiful colors. Get two benefits for the price of one: color and treatment. It does not get better than this.


  • Strengthens weak nails.
  • Comes in three different shades of pink.
  • Contains calcium for strength and vitality.
  • Can be used as a base for your nail lacquer.


  • Somewhat expensive.

2.Onyx Professional Hard as Hoof Nail Strengthening Cream

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Good enough to be called best nail hardener, this formula contains hydrogenated jojoba oil and coconut scent. The presence of the oil ensures that your nails stay moisturized to prevent dryness. Flakiness does not occur when you use this nail strengthening cream. And the presence of coconut adds to its effectiveness, giving it a great fragrance.

It goes beyond your nails to make your cuticles healthy and strong. You do not find weak or peeling cuticles, which are common with unhealthy or weak nails. Your cuticles grow back into your skin and do not stick out anymore. This gives your nails a nicer and healthier look.

Apart from that, the cream makes your nails grow smoothly and faster than before. As it does this, it also heals every crack, chip or peel that your nails may have. After about a week or two, you would begin to see significant changes. This cream tells you to go Onyx or go home.


  • Lends strength to cuticles and nails.
  • Filled with nutrients and moisture to eliminate dryness and cracking.
  • Enables nails to grow healthier and faster.
  • Perfect as a hand lotion.
  • Produces quick results.


  • Cream may turn out too thick for some users.

3.Nailtiques Formula 2 Plus Nail Strengthener

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For nails that tend to be weak and peel easily, go for this nail strengthener from Nailtiques. It does not just work on the surface but goes deeper than that. It is absorbed into the nails and adds strength to the underlying layer. From the inside, the problem is taken care of and a positive change is seen.

If your nails have refused to grow no matter what you have tried, this formula will handle it. It contains vital protein that will feed the growth capacity of the nails and before you can blink; your nails will start growing. And if you have been growing your nails but they are weak, again this formula will make then strong and grow faster. Just apply it every day and re-apply when necessary as a strengthen nail polish. Your nails will thank you for it.


  • Gives you healthy and strong nails.
  • Takes care of peeling or flaky nails.
  • Contains protein that aids nail growth.
  • Penetrates to underlying layers to work its magic.


  • Bottle is really tiny.

4.duri Rejuvacote Nail Growth System

[amazon box=”B000G33KEO” template=”vertical”]

According to the brand, it is “From dying nails to nails to die for”. Truer words have hardly been spoken. The Rejuvacote takes your nails from wimpy, weak and broken to strong, healthy and shiny. This means that the nutrients in the nail strengthener rejuvenate your nails and bring them back to life.

Whatever is the cause for your weak nails: weather, nature of job or acrylic, this formula will jerk them to health. It is perfect for the job of best nail strengthener after acrylic nails. As it is making them healthy, it is also feeding them with nutrients to make them grow long and strong. Get your nails the tender care they deserve with this tested and trusted nail strengthener.


  • Eliminates nail breaking and peeling.
  • Supplies protein and calcium to promote growth.
  • Strengthens the nails.
  • Gives results with 2 weeks.


  • Does not have a long shelf life.

5.Nail Magic Nail Hardener and Conditioner

[amazon box=”B0015358TE” template=”vertical”]

The beautiful pink nail strengthener has enamel as a base. Easily falling under the category of best nail polish to strengthen nails, it can be used as a base support, worn alone or put on a nail polish. Whichever way you choose to wear it, it is potent enough to have an effect. Unlike some nail strengtheners, any coat of polish does not affect its effectiveness. That is how powerful it is.

Apart from its effectiveness, it can stand as a nail polish. The beautiful hue of pink it comes in makes this possible, coupled with its shiny nature. Nobody has to know you are treating or strengthening your nail when you use this. Nothing about its look gives you away. So relax and enjoy beautiful nails while still looking classy.


  • Can be applied alone, as base support or on top of your nail polish.
  • Makes your nails stronger and healthier.
  • Suitable for use in your home manicure/pedicure routine.
  • Easy to use.


  • Takes a while before results show.
  • Some users found it painful.

Causes of Weak Nails

There are a mind-boggling number of causes of weak or ill nails. Apart from the fact that weak nails can be genetic, you can also get them from eating poorly. When your meals are mostly fast food or just not nutrient-rich, they affect everything including your nails.

Other possible reasons why your nails are weak are constant use of acrylic or gel nails. Over time, even the best nail strengthener after gel nails would not help. These nail strengtheners can only do so much. Cutting down on the artificial ones could go a long way.

Conditions like tuberculosis, unstable thyroid, hepatitis, nail psoriasis and liver cirrhosis could also cause weak or diseased nails. Even though you cannot do anything to help some of these conditions, it is still important to know what they do. They affect even your nails.

Constantly biting your nails or dipping your hands in water could give you nail infection or weaken them. Fungus thrives in dark, wet places and that is the organism that attacks the nails most.  Again, you may not be able to help it but if you can cut down such activities, it would help. The best nail strengthening polish or cream may not work eventually if the nails are too far gone. Knowing these causes would help you avoid pitfalls. In the future, you would appreciate the care you gave to your nails.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Nail Strengthener

a Nail Strengthener

  1. Determine the cause

There are number of causes for weak or diseased nails. Before you buy a nail strengthener, you have to determine the root of the nail problem. Is it an internal or external cause? Lifestyle? Something you are doing wrong, like biting your nails regularly.

When you have known what the cause is, then you can decide what to do. Sometimes, you find people who keep treating bad nails with temporary results. It could be that they have a condition that would not let the nail grow properly. And if they do not tackle that first, the nails will never be healthy. The best nail hardener on the market, or even nail strengthener, can only do so much.

If you are a nail biter, you are doing yourself a world of harm. Biting your nails keeps them wet or damp. Fungus loves such places and it is one of the hardest organisms to get rid of. It would be best to just quit the habit or find a solution that would put you off it.

  1. Hardener or Hydrator?

A nail hardener provides proteins to nails that lack them. These proteins work to bond the weak and broken nails, lending them strength. A hydrator gives moisture to nails to eliminate dryness which leads to cracking and easy breakage.

With this information, you can decide what you need to buy. If your nails are weak and are cracking, they need proteins that only a hardener can provide. If they are dry and break easily, they need to be hydrated and only a hydrator can do that.

You can differentiate by just looking at them. If it’s clear, thin or comes with an applicator, it’s a nail hardener. If it is thick, in a jar or creamy, it is most likely a hydrator. Thing is, a lot of products do not indicate on labels which is which. So you may end up buying a hardener when you really need a hydrator.

  1. Price

The best nail growth and strengthener of your choice may come at a steep price. You alone can decide if it is worth it or if you can afford it. However, you need to have a budget and keep to it. Whether you know it or not, there are really expensive nail strengtheners out there so you have to be prepared.

  1. Return Policy

If your choice does not work, what is the return policy on it? This is one of the reasons you have to choose a store that has a friendly and functioning return policy. Sometimes, you could buy what does not work for you. If you cannot return it, you would be stuck with an item you don’t need and wasted money. Online reviews would be a goldmine for this. Don’t hesitate to check what other people are saying about the product of your choice.

Our Favorite Nail Strengthener

The Onyx Professional Hard as Hoof Nail Strengthening Cream tops the chart for us. Not only does it strengthen, it adds needed moisture to nail and hand. It is suitable as a hand lotion so you do not need extra hand cream with it. It also works on cuticles as much as it does on nails. And it is affordable for its size. So if you are not yet thinking of getting one, you better start now.

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