5 Best Musical Baby Toys to Consider in 2018


Babies are naturally anxious to find out about their general surroundings, and of course, there is a lot to learn for them. Every new color, taste, texture, sound, and shape is a new knowledge for them. Providing your toddlers with stimulating and safe baby toys will help them in their quest to learn about their senses. However, have you given it a thought to gift them the best musical baby toys? It is often said that music helps develop children’s cognitive skills. Music is a beautiful language that helps bring your child closers. Regardless of your background or beliefs, you must agree that the beat of music can unite different groups of people.

When it comes to musical baby toys, they help promote a sense of social skills, persistence, relaxing rest and improve their memory. Numerous psychologists advise parents to get musical toys particularly for toddlers and babies. This phase of their lives is the stage when their brains develop. Whatever baby toy you buy at this stage of their lives will have an effect on the growth and success of your child in the future. Research shows that infants who got exposed to music whilst still inside the wombs of their moms grew up to be better intellectually and linguistically than kids who weren’t exposed to music at that stage. As a result of this, scientists believe that music is an extremely vital brain-developing experience.

Babies and toddlers always get fascinated by music and toys. They’ll never become tired of getting new toys, particularly those that have new features. However, among all the sophisticated toys, children have a special preference for musical toys for babies, and there’re varieties of musical baby toys to choose from in the market. A couple of them come with different sorts of musical combinations, colors, and lights, whilst some others provide kids with an option to produce their own sounds. If you are looking to buy a great musical baby toy, you must take the following top-quality 5 musical baby toys we have compiled.

Best Musical Baby Toys Reviews

The best musical toys for babies aren’t always the most expensive ones, but rather those that are most educational and can impact your child in many positive ways. Based on appropriate standards, below are the best musical toys for babies that you will find on the market.

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1.Rhyme and Discover Book

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VTech is often the first name whenever educational children toys are mentioned as they have been around for a lot of years and are known to be very educationally interactive and are very advanced when it comes to technology. The VTech Rhyme and Discover Book is an incredible 6-book wonder with useful three light-up character knobs strategically placed on the tab of every page. This excellent toy comprises of four flexible components that echo with seven popular nursery rhymes and more than twenty baby phrases, sounds, and songs.

Furthermore, the VTech Rhyme and Discover Book comes with very interactive sounds and lights as well, that your baby also will be astonished with its flexible questions that are designed to promote learning and cognitive skills. In general, this is a great musical toy that every parent needs to get for their baby.


The VTech Rhyme and Discover Book is a brilliant book made from plastic that is BPA free. The book’s side tables feature three characters that illuminate for a completely interactive experience. Also, this book comes with seven nursery rhymes and pieces that are movable in the pages alongside twenty songs, phrases, and sounds. When the sounds and lights start, the book also will ask open-ended questions to encourage the development of cognitive skills for your toddler and baby as they continue to learn. This excellent book is totally safe and wipes off easily when play time is completed. Measuring around 6 x 8½ inches, this book is portable enough for the hands of little kids. This great book from VTech is sure to improve your child’s verbal skills, enhance both fine and gross motor skills, and boost parent-child interaction for a lovely learning experience.


  • Interactive learning book
  • Contains seven popular nursery rhymes
  • Promote great verbal skills
  • Encourages parent-child interaction
  • Develops both fine and gross motor skills


  • Plays only half of every nursery rhyme
  • Low highest volume

What We Like About It

Although VTech is well-known for the production of first-class products, the versatility and usefulness of this excellent toy is thought to be a genuine giveaway for its cost. Made of BPA free plastic, the toy is safe to use and also easy to clean. The colorful and large buttons alongside the interactive sounds provide your child with an incredible sensory learning skill. Most importantly, this toy will serve your baby until he or she is 3 years old.

2.Baby Einstein Musical Toy

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If you are looking for the perfect musical toy to help your child improve his or her skills musically, then look no further as the Baby Einstein Musical Toy is the perfect toy for your needs. With a caterpillar-designed grip, this take-along musical toy performs more like a rattle and it is perfect for the tiny hands of your baby. It comes with 7 child-friendly tunes that can be switched easily utilizing a large button. Also, the display of the toy is LED-like and it shines with really brilliant lights to improve the visual perception of your baby while guaranteeing auditory stimulation.


The Baby Einstein Musical Toy is a beautiful BPA-free plastic toy with an easy to grip caterpillar-designed handle. This excellent musical toy comes with 7 classical melodies such as Mozart, Chopin, and a lot more. The tunes can be played by pressing the button at the center. When you press the button and the song begin to play, the musical notes are also illuminated and play according to the sound of the music which makes it look as though they’re dancing along. Little fingers won’t have any problem pressing the buttons as they are large enough and easy to press. The Baby Einstein Musical Toy enhances visual perception, boosts child-parent interaction, and promotes gross motor skills. this is a really beautiful musical toy to integrate your baby to classical tunes.


  • Easy to grip caterpillar handle
  • Comes with 7 classical tunes
  • Boosts visual perception
  • Promotes gross motor skills
  • Enhances child-parent interaction


  • No controls for volume
  • Lights aren’t really bright

What We Like About It

It is small, compact, and can fit in your pocket easily or even the side pocket of your bag. It comes with interactive sounds and lights that can be useful for developing the brain of your baby. Most importantly, it is very easy to grip, particularly with the little hands of a baby.

3.Maracas Musical Toy

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When it comes to playthings and baby toys, Fisher-Price is head and shoulders above everyone else and they are almost untouchable. The Rattle and Rock Maracas Musical Toy is an incredible 3-in-1 device for your little baby. It is a musical instrument, a teether and a rattle, all packaged in a single device. Just like the genuine maracas, this toy comes in 2 per set as well. There is a pom-pom knob with bright balls on one end of the device, and the balls are responsible for rattling and creating the maracas effect. The device’s other end is constructed of chewable material that is ideal for improving tooth eruption.


The Fisher-Price Rattle and Rock Maracas comes with an array of maracas. While one comes with a green body, the other comes with a yellow body. There is a pom-pom button at the bottom of the maracas, which makes it easy for small hands to hold. There are colored beads at the top, and the maracas is shaken, the beads produce an incredible rattling noise that is both fun and entertaining. This great toy is just the perfect size for little babies and help in the development and enhancement of the gross motor skills of children whilst also strengthening sensory skills. This great toy also stimulates hand-eye coordination. In general, the Rattle and Rock Maracas from Fisher-Price is a great toy for any baby.


  • Comes with a set of 2 maracas, one yellow and one green
  • When shaken, colored beads produce fun sounds
  • Help promote gross motor skills
  • Improves sensory skills
  • Enhances hand eye coordination


  • It is hard to clean
  • The noise it makes when shaken isn’t really loud

What We Like About It

This great toy from Fisher-Price has a very simplistic design. The handle is adequate small to be gripped by little hands, and with the colorful beads, this toy is sure to engage your little child. And with the toy also tripling as a teether, this is an incredibly useful toy for any baby.

4.Hug and Tug Musical Bug

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An extremely bright method for acquainting your baby with melodies, the Hug and Tug Musical Bug is similar to the traditional musical toys where a string has to be pulled in order to listen to the melody. Furthermore, as the tune advances, the string ends up back once more. The Hug and Tug has the same principle. When babies pull it to its complete length and let go, it starts playing lovely melodies as the string goes back slowly to its position. The Hug and Tug additionally comes with clacker rings and a peek-a-boo mirror. This will certainly be an exceptionally intriguing bit of interactive musical toy for your child.


The Hug and Tug Musical Bug is a toy that plays music when you pull its strings. This is an awesome musical toy to hand from an activity center, a stroller, or even a seat of a car. When pulling the string is pulled down, it slowly goes back to its original position as the music progresses for a whole 90 seconds. Also, the toy comes with two rings that click together, a peek-a-boo mirror and legs with knots which is great for improving sensory skills. The Hug and Tug Musical Bug is an awesome product to entertain your child wherever you might be. The toy also improves gross motor skills whilst improving visual perception and promoting the development of the brain. This is really a handy toy to put on the car seat of a little one.


  • Features a mirror, knotty legs, and 2 clacker rings
  • Boosts gross motor skills
  • Promotes brain development
  • Enhances visual perception


  • It is not dishwasher safe
  • Short melody

What We Like About It

This toy is colorful and very plush. It is adequately versatile to be hung over a baby’s playpen, car sear, or crib so that the baby will have a lot of time to interact with it.

5.Busy Learners Activity Cube

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The Busy Learners Activity Cube is a great musical toy with very interactive features and keys that light up. If you are looking for a great toy that will grow as your baby grows, there is no going wrong with the Busy Learners Activity Cube. It comes with 25 child-friendly melodies and sings and also special animal sounds. It features motion sensors which activates enticing and fun sounds to motivate your little one to crawl towards it.


The VTech Busy Learners Activity Cube is a great toy that is always ready to provide little ones with enough fun and entertainment. Featuring 5 sides of inspiring exploring and discovery play, this toy is perfect for your little one. It features 4 buttons that illuminate and play animal sounds, say the shapes, and mention animal names. Also, this is an awesome preschool learning toy that comes with fourteen various interactive actives that help in stimulating the promotion of fine motor skills and motivate the baby to sit and play. Also, it features a motion sensor which plays funny sounds when the baby moves the cube around. This takes their attention and can even encourage them to crawl towards the toy. It plays around 25 dissimilar playful melodies to engage babies. Featuring an automatic shut-off, and a modifiable volume control, this great toy is then perfect plaything for your little one.


  • Features 5 sides of fun play
  • Motion sensors play fun sounds
  • Stimulates and boosts fine motor skills
  • Motivates babies to sit up and play
  • Engages and entertains toddlers with different sounds and activities.


  • Music has low volume
  • Requires 2 AA batteries

What We Like About It

The Busy Learners Activity Cube is a toy designed to grow as your baby grows until the age of 3. We especially like the fact that it can motivate little babies to begin crawling and develop their gross motor skills.

How To Choose A Musical Toy For Your Kid

Apart from the fact that musical toys entertain children, they are also great tools for development and learning. However, every toy isn’t created evenly. They vary in different things, including their designs, they music they deliver, and they vary in the purposes they serve. Ensure you choose a musical toy that enables your kid to explore the world of music. Before choosing, ask yourself questions like which one would be best for your child, which one would keep your child engaged continuously for several weeks, or which one comes with several educational benefits. Continue reading to find out the guidelines that you need to keep in mind.

Ensure Its Safety

The first and foremost thing you should take into consideration when buying anything for

Best Musical Baby Toys

your child is the safety of your child. Check the label of the toy to find out about the kind of materials utilized in the manufacturing of the musical toy as you don’t want your kid to be ingesting dangerous substances from toy product. In addition, musical toys with extremely small detachable components may be unsuitable for very little kids because of choking risks. You can make use of a choke tube to determine if the parts of the toy are at the appropriate sizes. If then musical toy fits in the tube, that implies it is extremely small for a little kid.

Ensure It’s Appropriate for the Age of Your Child

Babies love musical toys that they can assemble, disassemble, and reassemble while children of 3 years and above like more complex musical toys, particularly toy instruments. In addition, you should consider buying a musical toy that can grow alongside your child. A good example of this is a music table with removable legs. By doing this, you are purchasing something that your kid will enjoy for an extensive period of time.

Figure Out Its Benefits to Your Kid

Various musical toys for babies come with various education benefits. While some are made to enhance the auditory skills of your child, some are focused several skills such as reciting and counting the alphabet and numbers. Surely, the more skills a toy can teach your child, the better.

Select a Toy that Promotes Work and Play

best musical toys for toddlers

The best musical toys are those that need your kid to explore, be creative, and be inventive. Automated toys aren’t always the best for a developing child as he needs something that will allow him to use his brain at that stage. Opt for musical baby toys that enable your kid to be active whilst simultaneously enjoying the rhythm.

Our Top Pick for Musical Baby Toys 

A toy can be very important in the development and growth of a child. It doesn’t matter whether they’re gaining from the toy or not, but they can learn something particularly positive with a musical toy. You surely move around to pacify your baby from time to time, and there are no better things than a toy with extra features to improve the imaginative skills of a baby.

With 5 excellent musical toys reviewed in this article, our winner is the VTech Rhyme and Discover Book. Its functionalities, features, durability, and the value it gives for money are really impressive, and every child in the world will enjoy having it.

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