Family Movie Night? 17 Best Movies for Family Entertainment


Do you want to make your family happy and keep them united? Experts regard family movie entertainment as one of the best ways to keep the entire family happy and united. Are you planning for a family for a family day out? We have carefully made a good selection for the best movies for family entertainment, even if you are planning for a family day out or a movie entertainment night, the collection will be ideal for everyone that may be present. These movies are intriguing, exciting, and capable of keeping everyone glued to their seats whether old or young.

Here is a list of the best movies handpicked for you and your family.

Best Movies to Watch Together on Family Movie Night

1. Finding Nemo

family movie Finding Nemo

How can you find a small fish in a very deep and large ocean? Finding Nemo is an animatronic comedy featuring a clown Fish named Marlin who was committed to finding his son, Nemo. These two characters were forcefully parted on their way to Nemo’s school, a fish school by the Great Barrier Reef.  However, unknown to Marlin was the fact that his son was caught with a net while watching a boat sailing on the surface of the water and taken to an aquarium. Other characters that came to assist him in search for Nemo were a Pelican, a Great White Shark, a Sea Tortoise, and Regal Blue.

2. Frozen

family movie frozen

Can you marry a man you just met? This question evolved as a result of the interaction between Anna, Elsa’s younger sister, and Prince Hans in this film “Frozen”.  The movie stared Elsa, the princess with an inherent magical power capable of conjuring ice. She was able to build a snow castle for Anna. Their parents separated the two sisters when Elsa mistakenly hurt Anna with her mystical powers. After the death of the king and queen in a shipwreck, Elsa was brought to be crowned the new queen. The coronation events brought the two sisters together again. It is also regarded as a magical movie and children respond to such films with awe and rapt attention, although parental guidance is needed.

3. Shrek

family movie shrek

Shrek is a film produced by Mike Meyers and Eddie Murphy using cartoon images. This is a fairy tale featuring Prince Charming and the princess with an intention of teaching the kids that good looks are only skin-deep.  You will enjoy lots of humor and wits although; your kids may not fully understand the meanings of all the superficial imageries and jokes expressed but they will learn ideal cultural traits and behaviors.

4. Monsters, Inc.

Family movie Monsters, Inc.

Do you know monsters believe that children are dangerous and toxic? The monster world is powered by the cumulative screams and shouts of little kids. Sulley and Mike were the featured characters in this movie working at the largest scream-processing workshop in Monstropolis. In this film, monsters were nervous and startled when a young girl wandered into their territory, but Sulley and Mike rescued her back home, although they faced horrifying occurrences on their way. Viewers rate Monsters, Inc. as the best animatronic movie ever produced in history.

5. My Neighbor Totoro

family movie My Neighbor Totoro

My Neighbor Totoro is a classically animated film starring two young girls named Satsuke and Mei. There is a mystical forest occupied by weird and supernatural beings known as Totoros and regarded as a city of refuge.  These two girls met and fell in love with a creature named O Totoro, the king of this city and the oldest and biggest Totoro there. The girls were introduced to the realities of life and existence, as they embarked on a magical adventure with the king, although at this point, their mother was sick and lying in the hospital. It is an evergreen movie with magical and supernatural fantasies aligning with the contemporary world.

6. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

family movie Harry Potter

This legendary film has moments of awe and suspense. Harry, who is an orphan living with his uncle, aunt, and cousin, that is the Dursleys is the featured character in the movie. Mysterious admission letters were being sent to him from a boarding school for young witches called Hogwarts but his uncle kept destroying those notes and prevented him from seeing them. Hagrid, a huge bearded man found these letters and intruded into the family forcing Harry to go over and start his training in wizardry immediately. At school, he met Hermione Granger and Ron Wesley, his best friends and began to learn and perfect his skills in sorcery; therefore, he gained an enviable status in the world of witchcraft and magic. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone is a mystical movie full of witchcraft activities and supernatural machinations.

7. How to Train your Dragon

fmily movie Train your Dragon

This film featured invading dragons on the Viking island of Berk and Hiccup, a young a blacksmith apprentice that discovered that dragons are not killers but pets. This dude has the guts and potential to withstand dragon attack whereas everyone on the island has been taught how to kill a dragon.  His father, the clan chief Stoic the Vast was amazed to learn that his son could capture this deadly Night Fury but instead of killing it, he began to nurture and treat it as a pet.  For his bravery and courage, he was admitted into a dragon-training class to actually learn how to handle these creatures properly. Other characters featured in the movie are Astrid, Ruffnut, Fishleg, Tuffnut, and Snotlout.

8. Charlotte’s Web

family movie Charlotte's Web

This movie was adapted from E.B White’s book titled, “CHARLOTTE’S WEB”, an interesting classic that won the Newbery Award in 1952. The movie stares barnyard animals and Wilbur. Barnyard animals refused to make friends with Wilbur and even to take care of him, although he was chosen to be used to serve humans as dinner meal during Christmas celebration. However, due to his charismatic, pleasant, and loving nature, he was able to win their hearts. Then, a Spider called Charlotte A. Cavatica that usually decorate the doorpost of the barn with her webs determined to save her from being slaughtered at Christmas.

9. James and the Giant Peach

family movie James and the Giant Peach

This movie is an adaptation of a classic tale by Roald Dahl in the book “James and the Giant Peach”.  The main character featured in this film is James, whose parents were killed by a charging rhino descending from the sky. At this point, James lost the hope and promises of a picturesque and an idyllic lifestyle because the parents had planned to take him to New York City. However, he was taken to his aunt’s place where the ladies always threaten to beat him up if he disobeyed them. Moreover, they always told him that the rhino that accidentally killed the father and mother would also locate him. James was able to magically, turn a hardened peach tree into a giant one by dropping a mixture of the beak of a parrot, the gizzard of a pig, three spoonful of sugar, and crocodile tongues spiced with the fingers of a young monkey. After this, he found six ants, which he regarded as his family members in the giant peach tree.

10. Lilo and Stitch

family movie Lilo and Stitch

This exclusive movie featured a young girl named Lilo. In this movie, there was a planet with all kinds of wicked creatures but in a very distant location in outer space. There is a shatterproof destruction device called 626 that is like an awful looking little blue man, invented by a scientist. However, as the scholar was put in detention, the captive creature escaped into another planet called “E-Arth” but a scientist was asked to chase after him and apprehend him using a little storm. 626 masked as a dog when it landed in Hawaii and a little girl adopted him and renamed him Stitch. The new owner began to coach him that a being made for destruction can learn to make and design things as well.

11. The Muppet Movie 

family movie The Muppet Movie 

Kermit the Frog is featured in this movie as he was heard singing a song titled, “The Rainbow Connection” to himself in the swamp. A showbiz agent complimented his singing acumen but due to his unrestrained ambition as he planned to sing in Hollywood, he decided to gather all other Muppet creatures like himself. Other comical characters in the movie are the Great Gonzo, Miss Piggy, Dr. Teeth, the Electricity Mayhem, and the Fozzie Bear.  This great company of singing Muppets finally signed a very big contract that will make them popular and rich in Hollywood.

12. Fly Away Home

family movie Fly Away Home

Fly Away Home is a movie designed for animal lovers and pet owners to stir the zeal and strengthen the will for animal husbandry. The film stared Amy and Tom her father. After the demise of the mother, she wandered through the swamplands close to her new home because she had been sent to her father residing in a new country. She suddenly stumbled on some eggs left by a dead goose and began to nurture them. The goslings began to imitate her actions and even followed her everywhere she was going. She was asked to clasp their wings by the authorities in order to prevent them from migrating but Amy and her father blatantly refused.

13. The Incredibles

family movie the Incredibles

This movie is about a family of heroes and rescuers featuring Bob Parr, Helen, his wife, and their three children named Jack-Jack, Violet and Dash regarded as the world’s strongest and greatest crime fighters. The Incredibles is a hit movie showing how these champions were fighting evil daily and rescuing lives from destruction. Most kids prefer the film for family movie entertainment shows despite the abundance of other kids’ movies inspired by various comic books.  However, parental guidance is required for kids intending to watch this particular movie.

14. The Jungle Book

family movie The Jungle Book

Phil Harris and Louis Prima were the bandleaders stared in this film, as they were offering cool and great vocals, swing, and jazz.  The setting and scenery of the movie were in a jungle full of deadly and dangerous creatures. Featuring the amicable relationship between an orphaned boy and a bear, the Jungle Book narrated this lighthearted encounter with wittiness and fun.

15. The Lego Movie

family movie the Lego Movie

This legendary movie featured Lord Vitruvius known as the noble Master Builder and Lord Business, also regarded as wicked and evil. A battle to save Lego kind ensued between the two key characters as Lord Business decided to use a very harmful weapon called Kragle to control the Lego world. The plan to defeat villainous Lord Business began as Lord Vitruvius foresaw that Special, also referred to as a yellow-faced, the person will overcome the enemy with the help of a “red piece of resistance”. Although, this object was missing but found by Emmet, a construction engineer, on the project site.  He was introduced to the noble Master Builder as the Special that can save these Lego beings from their enemies.

16. The Little Mermaid

family movie The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid is a great movie with good animation and displaying a supernatural connection between humans and sea beings.  This film stared Ariel, a young girl and the daughter of the king of the sea named Triton. In defiance of the warnings of her father, she traveled to the surface of the water, where she met a handsome young man named Prince Eric and desired to marry him. In order to actualize her wishes and fantasies, she made a covenant with Ursula, a villainous sea sorcerer that will help and transform her into a human being.

17. Moana

family movie Moana

This movie stared Moana, the daughter of a Polynesian island chief that was trained to take over leadership from her father.  Whenever the harvest of coconut failed, she would set the sail against her father’s wishes in order to find the departed Maui.  If she finds him, she will send him across the sea to restore anything that was lost or not in order. Additionally, the Maui was coaching her how to be a voyager and way finder according to her natural traits and abilities. Although, she had always been fond of the sea, despite the story the grandmother told her about the demigod, Maui that cursed the islands and took away the supernatural power bequeathing the blessings of nature on humankind.  This traditional power is called “Ancient Heart of Te Fiti”

Are You Preparing for a Family Movie Show?

If you are preparing for a family day out or movie entertainment night, you do not have to worry about the films to watch because choosing ideal films for a family movie entertainment show is a herculean task for most persons. Moreover, we have made a unique collection of films that can add value to everyone present for the shows. These movies are full of wits, fun, and informative to the entire family. Go for an easy pick from our list and enjoy a wonderful timeout with your family.


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