6 Best Motherhood Maternity Clothing for Pregnant Moms 2018


Maternity clothing can be an exciting prospect with the promise of a stylish nine months ahead. Think it through and you’ll have a lot of questions popping up, such as which styles will look good with your growing bulge of joy? What pieces do you need to purchase for a comfortable pregnancy? What can you do to avoid spending outrageous sums on clothing you’ll only need for a few months? And how can your partner and friends help out? Picking up maternity cloths for pregnant women is not an easy task.

In this article, we’ll be offering some of the best tips to cover for your maternity clothing needs. Plus, we’ll show how you can buy the top selling brands and maternity items you need to make your pregnancy experience both comfortable and stylish, without breaking the bank.

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6 Best Kinds of Clothes We Choose for Pregnant Moms

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1.Belly Bands

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A lot of women find belly bands indispensable during pregnancy. This genius but straightforward item is basically a stretchy fabric band, which overlaps the top of your unzipped or low-slung skirts, jeans or pants, thus holding them up while leaving enough room for your growing belly.

This Woman’s Maternity Everyday Bellaband from Ingrid and Isabel can be worn folded down to hold up unbuttoned jeans and pants during pre-pregnancy, or worn full-panel to stop maternity pants falling down when you’re well and truly pregnant.

The band is also ideal as a transition into your pre-pregnancy jeans after you’ve given birth, and for smoothing your belly coverage while nursing. With an average of 4,3 from 5 stars from over 1,600 customer reviews, this is one belly band that has provided heaps of comfort for a heck of a lot of moms-to-be, and well after.

2.New Bras

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Tender, swelling, breasts can be one of the first signs you’re expecting. Your bust can grow a cup size or more over the next nine months and pretty soon you’ll need larger, and more supportive bras.

But don’t rush out and buy a bunch of new bras before your baby arrives because your bust size will very probably change again. Just a couple of bras that fit well and have a little space to grow with your pregnancy are more than enough. And as it’s not uncommon for a pregnant woman’s breasts to feel uncomfortable at night, you may want to consider a sleeping bra that provides light support and helps you get the good night’s sleep you need now more than ever.

Gratlin Women’s Seamless Nursing Bra is made from soft, smooth polyamide and spandex and provides wireless comfort and seamless support along with a unique stretch that hugs across the body. The full drop-down cups offer easy access to hungry babes, and the tightly knitted underband gives practical support and ample comfort for hours of wear. Crowned with 4,5 stars from 164 satisfied customer reviews Gratlin comes in sizes from XS-32A to XL-42D.

3.Designer Jeans

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During the early stages of your pregnancy, you’ll probably be able to get away with wearing your regular jeans and pants and using a belly band will buy you even more time.

But four to five months in and you should be thinking about investing in a couple of pairs of maternity pants and jeans with comfortable stretchy-waists. Fortunately, several labels are now making maternity jeans that allow you to be pregnant and still feel fashionable, cute and comfortable, all at the same time.

Ag Secret Fit Belly Legging Ankle Medium Wash Maternity Jeans are a super comfortable mix of cotton and spandex and will stretch to make sure you’re showing off the best shape you can be during your pregnancy. These timeless, stylish jeans are made in the USA and topped the bestseller list with glowing reviews.

4.Feminine Shirts

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Pregnancy indeed calls for comfortable clothes, but it can also be an excellent opportunity to play up your feminine side. Lots of moms-to-be love to wear florals, ruffles–with girlie touches and colors to compliment their pregnancy glow. Shirts with longer hemlines at the front will cover your expanding belly while ample room on top caters to your shoulders and growing bust.

The Halife Women Lace Splicing Long Sleeve Tunic Top Blouse is a gorgeous concoction of all things feminine and motherly. With its soft and comfortable loose fit, this flowy top is made of 95% cotton and is breathable, lovely and warm to touch. Backed by solid reviews this perfect feminine top comes at a price that won’t put you into labor sooner than you expected!

5.Maternity Clothing Layers

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Both your body’s core temperature and the weather will fluctuate during the time of your pregnancy. As the months pass by, you’ll probably feel frequently warmer than usual, so it’s a good idea to keep yourself comfortable by layering your clothing. And if you’re in the habit of wearing your regular jackets, blazers, and cardigans unbuttoned, you should consider buying value maternity T-shirts or stretch tank tops to wear underneath.

This Cami Tank Top from HOFISH doubles up as a seamless nursing bra with pads and a clasp in front for natural and easy breastfeeding. Made from 92% Nylon and 8% Spandex it is 100% breathable as well as offers full-coverage support. The discrete bra design means you can wear it as a vest, as pajamas at home, or with an outfit when you go out. 4,5-star reviews from 263 happy customers make this the go-to tank top for moms-to-be, from early pregnancy through to the second trimester, and on through late and perinatal pregnancy.

6.Exercise Clothes

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Don’t be afraid to go ahead and slip into your baggy yoga pants on casual days. Any kind of stretchy, breathable tank top or soft, comfy T, cozy zip-up hoodies and broken-in sports bras are great to use as maternity clothes on your day off. You’re pregnant, remember, and you should be enjoying this time as much as possible. And no one said you have to be as put together as usual.

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Beachcoco Maternity Fold Over Lounge Pants are excellent value for money, and they provide all the soft, stretch comfort you need during your more casual days of pregnancy. As a go-to basic for any kind of gentle stretching exercises or simply for lounging around in the den, these sporty pants come away with 4,5-star reviews all across the board. This product is a firm favorite with the sporty mom-to-be.

How to Buy Maternity Clothing

Of course, you can spend hours dragging your new mom-to-be shape around stores like Target, H&M, and Forever 21. But there is a more convenient way. And who doesn’t love convenience? Buying maternity clothes online has never been easier. With just a click of the mouse, you can find inexpensive, trendy, and plus-size maternity clothing at a price that suits your budget.

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How Do Maternity Sizes Work?

In general, maternity sizes work just the same as your non-maternity clothing. If you’re a ‘small’ in regular clothes, you’ll be a ‘small’ in maternity clothes too. The same goes for numbers; a size eight regular is a size eight maternity. If you buy designer jeans with, for example, a 28-inch waist before you were expecting, you will also buy 28-inch jeans when you’re pregnant; it’s just that the designers have created a special ‘maternity size 28 inches.’

It’s important you don’t fall into the trap of buying non-maternity clothes that are merely one or two numbers bigger than your usual size. You’ll end up with poorly fitting clothes that are nowhere near as flattering as correctly designed maternity wears. Plus, with time non-maternity clothing is bound to get uncomfortable.

What Does a Maternity Wardrobe Contain?

Some clothing items are true ‘must-haves’ during pregnancy. In fact, they can go a long way to improving comfort while giving you the chance to keep looking trendy and fashionable as your shape changes.

Maternity shirts and dresses, for example, are extremely popular with moms-to-be because they flow away from the belly and come with a seam right under the bust which means there’s plenty of room for your expanding midsection.

Family and Friends Can Help Out With Maternity Clothing Too

It’s easy to find all the comfortable and fashionable maternity clothing for pregnant women online. You’ll also find cheap and cute maternity clothing too. But don’t forget to seek the help of friends and family. Let’s talk about your partner’s clothes, for example. His roomy button-down shirts and baggy boxers are ideal to wear around the house or even sleep in when your maternity stuff is in the laundry. And  maybe it’s not a great idea to wear his flannel shirt to a business meeting; you can always get away with a plain or white dress shirt to compliment your outfit.

And remember there’s absolutely nothing wrong with asking a friend who has given birth recently to keep a hold of their maternity clothing for you to borrow when the time comes. Most moms are only too happy to see their old maternity clothes go to a new home, particularly when they’re done with having kids of their own.

And as a new mom, you might be surprised how quickly you become a fan of hand-me-downs, and before you know it, you’ll be collecting your own clothes to pass on later, or to swap with a friend who is also pregnant.

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