Top 10 Minecraft Toys That Toddlers Will Love in 2018


With hundreds of communities of passionate players around the world, Minecraft is a sandbox video game where players can explore and interact. It is a game that has an endless universe sprawling with enemies and resources.

Due to the infinite nature of the game, players tend to let their imaginations run wild and amass hours of endless fun in their own worlds, eventually creating a highly-dedicated fanbase that would love to get their hands on anything Minecraft-related.

With that said, children everywhere are looking for the best and coolest Minecraft toys for both boys and girls. Appropriate for kids of all ages, these best Minecraft toys in 2018 will surely put a smile on their faces.

Top 10 Minecraft Toys on Amazon Reviews

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1.Minecraft Creeper 7″ Plush

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As the common saying goes, “keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” That is why it is important to have Creepers close by.

Although they are one of the more common enemies you will stumble upon in the game, you can’t deny that a Creeper plush toy is incredibly adorable. This 7-inch plush toy sports detailed embroidery designs all over its soft and cuddly body.


  • Closely resembles the Creepers found in the game
  • Kids and adults love it


  • It might tear easily
  • The size is quite small for some buyers

2.Mattel Minecraft Periodic Table of Elements

[amazon box=”B013DZOC7U” template=”vertical”]

While the universe of the Minecraft game is virtually endless, it is bound by certain elements – elements that make up the entire game. This set from Mattel includes a whopping 27 blocks of all the elements you can find in the game, such as copper, gold, rock, lava and even diamond.

Each block is an inch in dimensions and are perfectly scaled to other Mattel Minecraft mini-figures.


  • Comes in the perfect size
  • Kids love playing with it


  • Quite pricey

3.LEGO Minecraft The Cave

[amazon box=”B00NW2Q6ZG” template=”vertical”]

Lego comes in with a setting from the game called The Cave. Perfect for children who work with their hands, this set includes a wide variety of blocks to make the scene, a character mini-figure, a zombie mini-figure, a spider and accessories such as a torch, a pickaxe, TNT and a ladder.

This item is especially perfect for fans who are not only into Minecraft, but into Lego as well.


  • Perfect for both boys and girls
  • A great starter set
  • Good quality


  • The Legos could be designed better
  • Some parents say there were missing pieces

4.Minecraft Light-Up Wall Torch

[amazon box=”B00B0FV4FE” template=”vertical”]

Anyone even remotely familiar with the game will instantly recognize this item from afar. The Minecraft Light-Up Wall Torch perfectly resembles the wall torch in the game, a must-have accessory to light up caves, hideouts, homes and every other matter of creation.

This item is an officially licensed product by the game, which adds legitimacy to this collectible. The Light-Up Wall Torch is made of high-quality ABS plastic that is both easy to clean and is safe for children to use and play with.

Requiring three AAA batteries, this item can be placed on top of a table and even hung on walls, although the necessary hardware for hanging is not included.


  • Can be a great nightlight for kids
  • Lasts a long time


  • Some people received a defective item

5.Minecraft Diamond Steve Action Figure

[amazon box=”B00HLV78TW” template=”vertical”]

Diamonds are one of the strongest material in both the real world and in the Minecraft universe. Any Minecraft player will know its value, which means a fan who will receive this Steve action figure wearing a diamond armor will surely be awestruck.

Not only will the action figure have incredible defense with its diamond armor, it will also come with an incredible weapon: a diamond sword. While the sword can be placed in the hands of the action figure, the action figure’s diamond helmet is removable.

The set also comes with one diamond ore block.


  • Strong and durable, it doesn’t fall apart even after hours of playing
  • Great value for money
  • Its colors are vivid


  • Some packages arrived already open

6.LEGO Minecraft The Dungeon

[amazon box=”B00WI0G7GG” template=”vertical”]

Another Lego set, but this one is bigger and includes more figurines. This specific set takes place in a Minecraft dungeon and includes three mini-figures: Steve and two zombies.

This Lego set also comes with a few accessories such as a pickaxe, a chest and a bunch of torches to light the way. The set is unique and it comes with a moveable piece, the spawner, which brings in those pesky zombies.


  • Perfect for kids and adults who love Minecraft and Legos alike


  • This set has a tendency to fall apart easily

7.Minecraft Mini Figure Battle Box The End

[amazon box=”B014D0ZBTM” template=”vertical”]

There are a bunch of enemies in Minecraft like Creepers and zombies, but none are as terrifying as the Ender Dragon.

Slay the beast with this mini-figure set that includes a little Steve wearing a diamond armor and carrying a little bow, the Ender Dragon itself as well as a stand and platform for the dragon. Perfect for displays, this item will make a great gift for any Minecraft fan.


  • Children love it
  • Great addition to anyone’s Minecraft collection
  • Well-made and sturdy


  • Some people had a difficult time fitting the dragon to the beam
  • Quite expensive

8.ThinkGeek Foam Diamond Sword

[amazon box=”B00ENVS2KM” template=”vertical”]

This foam diamond sword from ThinkGeek will make any Minecraft fan happy just to hold it. Perfect for many occasions – from little children playing, to die-hard fans cosplaying in conventions – this foam sword is a life-sized replica of the diamond sword from the game.

Crafted from EVA foam, this little toy will surely handle the use and abuse that comes with slaying enemies of the land.


  • Lightweight and easy to hold
  • The construction is solid and durable
  • High-quality


  • The foam easily gets scarred

9.Mattel Minecraft Transforming Sword & Pickaxe Action Figure

[amazon box=”B01J6HPYFI” template=”vertical”]

In the game, there are two items that are especially important: the pickaxe and the sword. The former is used to mine for ores and other resources needed to create constructs in the game. On the other hand, the latter is used to slay the numerous enemies that spawn to end you.

This makes this toy from Mattel specially amazing for fans, as it can transform from one to another in a matter of seconds.


  • Perfect size for kids
  • 2-in-1 toy
  • Good quality


  • Might not be a suitable toy for really young kids

10.Minecraft Animal 6-pack

[amazon box=”B00DOQCWF8″ template=”vertical”]

This adorable set of animals from the Minecraft game is perfect for any fan, especially the ones that already have separate Minecraft sets. These cute animals can add depth to a set, since these are creatures that are typically found in the game.


  • Can be great as a toy or as decoration
  • Well-made
  • Durable


  • Might get lost easily because they are little Minecraft toys

Buying Guide for Minecraft Toys

Minecraft toys provide endless entertainment for younger and older kids alike. Fans of the game have had endless hours of fun online or watching others play on YouTube. However, now they can have fun in real life too with these Minecraft toys.

There are hundreds of toys out there to choose from though, so which one do you buy?

Things to Consider When Selecting Minecraft Toys

You have many options when it comes to choosing the best Minecraft toy. It can be overwhelming picking just one, but here are a few considerations that will make your decision easier.

Age Range

You’re probably buying for one of your children, or maybe a child of a friend. Regardless, you need to be aware of the age of the child. Even if you think you’ve got the coolest Minecraft toys, it might not fit the age range or interests of your child.

Some toys will have a recommended age range and will not be safe for kids who are below that age. For safety reasons, check the box of your chosen toy before you buy. Minecraft will work best for children who are above the age of two.

Don’t get a toy that’s too advanced for your child. Even if you’re buying Minecraft gifts for 10 year old, you don’t want it to be something that your child cannot understand. This is why the age range of a toy is so important: so that your child knows what they’re playing with.


As with any gift, you want to tailor it specifically to the interests of the person you’re giving it to. If you’re buying Minecraft toys for kids, you need to know what the kid you have in mind likes to play with.

Maybe they like making things, meaning that Minecraft LEGO or papercraft sets might work best. On the other hand, maybe they prefer collecting things or playing games. In that case, action figures might work better.

Education and Learning

Toys can be fun while giving your child something to think about. The best Minecraft toy should be able to provide even young children a way to improve their critical thinking.

Take a look at a Minecraft handbook to find the types of Minecraft toys that will not only be fun, but interesting too. Toys like these will help to improve your child’s psychomotor capabilities while being creative and fun to play with.

Your Budget

As much as you’d like to spend any amount of money on your child, that’s not always possible. This is why Minecraft toys are made to suit a range of budgets. Small figures or craft sets will cost less, but at the high end, you can find Minecraft LEGO sets that are quite expensive. In other words, what you buy really depends on how much you’re able to spend.

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Don’t buy a toy simply because it happens to cost a little bit less. You want your kid to play with their Minecraft toy for a long while, so you don’t want your chosen toy to break too quickly. This is why choosing the brand you buy is important.

There are a few large manufacturers for the most popular Minecraft toys, including LEGO, Mattel and Hot Wheels. A few smaller brands stand out above the rest as well, but if you want a good-quality toy, stick with a brand that you know and trust.


It’s important to buy from a good manufacturer so that you know the toy you’ve chosen is durable. You don’t want your toy to break easily or have any exposed wires or sharp edges. The parts of the toy should be insulated so your child’s play is completely safe.

The Different Types of Minecraft Toys

different types of Minecraft Toys

There’s a huge range of available Minecraft toys out there. You can find one to suit even the pickiest child’s preferences with all the unique Minecraft toys for kids. Here are some of the most common types to help you choose:


Minecraft is all about building with blocks, which is why it’s great in the LEGO format. Find LEGO Minecraft sets in all sizes and shapes and for all age groups too. With the right LEGO set, you can give your child something to occupy him or her for days to come.

Action Figures

If your child likes pretend play, action figures might just be the best option. There’s a large range to choose from, for both girls and boys. Regardless of the gender or age of your child, you can find action figures that will work for them.

Plush Toys

Minecraft-themed plush toys have become much more popular too, featuring all of the characters your child has come to know and love. These soft toys are perfect for younger children and great to collect too.

Tools and Weapons

It’s easy for your child to engage in imaginary play with the toy tools and weapons that are derived right from the game. This includes a sword, pickaxe as well as a bow and arrow.

Let your child play with other siblings or children safely with these tools meant to engage their mind and give them something physical to do.

Play Sets

Little Minecraft toys like play sets feature all sorts of different environments for your child to put their characters in. With so many figures, they have many options to explore their imagination and storytelling capabilities.

Craft Kits

Pick out a Minecraft papercraft kit for your child to use to make selected characters or environments. If they can think of it, they can make it a reality. You might end up having a little fun too, as you help them create new environments and characters for them to engage in.

FAQs about How to Choose the Best Minecraft Toys

Many people wonder where they can get specific Minecraft toys for certain age groups, or for children with specific interests. If you have any questions about Minecraft toys for girls and Minecraft toys for boys, or for children of specific age groups, look here.

Are There Minecraft Toys for Young Children?

Of course, there are. While there are many Minecraft toys that have a minimum age limit due to their small parts, there are also many other toys that will work for toddlers and even babies. This includes the plush toys that are soft and easy to handle.

If you have any doubts about whether a toy will work for your child, check the recommended age range before you make your purchase.

Are There Minecraft Toys Adults Would Like?

Just because you’re older doesn’t mean you can’t love toys. If you like to build, you’ll love one of the LEGO sets and can even collect action figures and plush toys to decorate your home.

Growing up doesn’t mean you can’t still be a kid at heart, as there are plenty of Minecraft toys adults love as well.

Are There Small Minecraft Toys?

You love your children, but let’s admit: all the toys and games inevitably take up a lot of space in your home. Especially if you’re buying for Christmas or a birthday, you may find yourself feeling a little overwhelmed about all the large toys in your home.

That’s why many parents love that there are small Minecraft toys too, such as action figures, card games and craft sets as well. And there is the video shows about the minecraft toys.

Other People’s Choices of Minecraft Toys

As an adult, you might wonder about the appeal of Minecraft. Maybe you’ve seen your son or daughter spending countless hours on the computer, absorbed in their game. It can be worrying to watch your child spend so much time online.

However, you can get your child out of the virtual world and into the real world with Minecraft toys. Many parents actually love these toys, since they are fun for kids while still being safe and educational too.

Out of all the Minecraft toys, here are other people’s opinions on the most popular Minecraft toys.

Minecraft Core Player Survival Pack

Adults and children alike love this mini-action figure set. In the game, you have to do what you can to survive each day and now you can do so too in real life with this survival pack. It includes a mini-figure of Steve, a pickaxe, a bed and a workbench among others.

Just like the game, this set is pixelated as well.

Minecraft Plushies

Plushies are great for children of all ages and gender, especially since there are so many types of toys to choose from. You can pick out a mushroom, ocelot, pig and more. There’s even the Creeper plushies we have mentioned, which make a little noise when you squeeze it.

Let your child use it to have a little fun or give it a little squeeze yourself for stress relief.

Stop-Motion Movie Creator

If your child is interested in movies or just wants to exercise their creative mind, the Stop-Motion Movie Creator is an excellent choice. Let your child make their own stop-motion pictures with this great toy.

It comes with four figures, four backgrounds and fifteen props to help your child display their creativity. The game itself is easy too – your child just needs to create a scene by setting the background, the figures and the accessories.

The free app for your smartphone allows you to help them out too, as they figure out how to engage more efficiently with their creative skills and the future of technology.

Bow and Arrow

In Minecraft, you don’t just have a sword to inflict damage on enemies. In fact, you also have a long-range weapon such as this bow and arrow. This life-size toy is a perfect gift for the Minecraft lover in your life – whether it is a kid or an adult.

Besides being played with, it can also be a used to decorate your home. If you have more than one child, you can buy this toy along with the diamond sword one and your children can play with each other.

Minecraft Light-Up Diamond Ore

As mentioned, diamond is one of the strongest ores in the Minecraft universe. Now, you can have one of your own in real-life too. It can be a perfect nightlight for any child, as this toy can light up. In fact, you can even adjust how bright you want the light to be.

Minecraft Animal Toys

Your child can’t complete their Minecraft world without domestic animal toys. The animals have organs that are removable and replaceable, so your child can create their own sort of animals too.

They can use these toys to learn more about animals and nature itself with some simple play. That is why these are great Minecraft toys for 7 year olds.

Our Number One Pick of Minecraft Toy Is…

We’ve shown you many available Minecraft toys that you can purchase for your child, all of which are fun for different types of children. If you’re looking for a toy that’s perfect for an older child, our top pick is the LEGO Minecraft The Cave.

This is a great Minecraft gift for a 9-year-old who wants to build and create and great for parents who don’t want another large toy taking up space.

The Cave building set includes two mini-figures: Steve and a zombie, along with a spider. Your child can also engage with the waterfall, lavafall, coal, iron, red stone, gold and more, since there are over 249 assorted LEGO accessories.

This set can even be combined with other sets in the series to create your own Minecraft world. Parents love this set due to its small size and find it to be modest, yet inclusive and entertaining.

Children are able to follow the building instructions easily and without any help, allowing them to engage for hours in play. There are a couple of different designs for them to choose from as well.

As long as they’re old enough to handle even small pieces safely, they should be able to enjoy hours of play with The Cave Minecraft toy.


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