5 Best Maternity Shoes for Work & Walking (2018 Reviews)


Growing body, especially during pregnancy, is a matter of continuous concern.  It is a vital thing to wear comfortable clothing during this period. This matter includes the need for comfortable shoes as wells.

The weight of your body increases and so the maintenance of balance becomes important.  During pregnancy, heels and stilettos are not good. But, there are some shoes which you can pick from to have a good feeling all along.

To make sure, you have the right collection of shoes for this period, we have gathered and discussed some best maternity shoes for your needs.

Reviews of Most Comfortable Shoes for Pregnant Women

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1. Tom’s women’s classic:

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A canvas material and imported quality shoes specially designed for your maternity needs. These shoes have a synthetic sole with the shaft measurements of about 2.5’’ from the arch. For your easy to put on need, they have easy canvas material which can be worn with a small force.

The shoe has unique design comprised of clean lines. With a very lightweight material, they are available in vibrant colors and prints. The synthetic sole provides you the best grip in every step you take and keeps you perfectly balanced. For further easy fit, they have elastic gore fit technology.


  • The product seems to be durable and the material will last longer.
  • Design of the shoes is great and cute.
  • These shoes are very light and are comfortable for the toe area as well.
  • Ideal for running, walking or jogging as well.


  • The insoles are glued and not sewn perfectly.
  • There is a visible glue hanging out of the canvas material.

Bottom line:

These shoes are a great purchase when you want a cheap yet comfortable footwear for your feet. Not only they are available in colors but prints as well that stand out.

2. Vionic women’s agile kea slip-on:

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Recommended by the top doctor of the world for you maternity days, the slip-on by Vionic is made of mesh material which is made in the USA. With the highly imported quality rubber sole, they guarantee your safety. Keeping your convenience in mind, they have mesh-made upper and detachable textile-covered EVA orthotic insert.

These shoes are made of a firm yet flexible material which are easy to put on and off. This Vionic footwear has Advanced Motion System technology.

With a cushion outsole and breathable upper, they are ideal for your foot comfort. Walk, jog or play with their vibrant colors and prints.


  • These shoes are very light in weight.
  • The shoes are great for flat feet as well.
  • You don’t need any extra inserts. They have theirs enough.
  • The shoes provide cushioning on the heels and make them feel comfortable all day long.
  • They come with great styles and colors of different types.


  • The heel is too wide and you slip every time you move briskly.
  • They have a very little arch support.

Bottom line:

Having a really low price with much positive reviews and qualities, these shoes are great for daily routine as well. With soft imported material, they are a great choice for you.

3. Crocs women’s Swiftwater sandal:

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Another best maternity shoes, crocs sandals are designed for providing the comfort and support. These sandals are made of synthetic material and imported quality rubber is used in its manufacturing. With the rubber sole, they maintain your grip and stability in every direction.

These sandals have an incredibly lightweight. You can wear them in the sun or water because of their croslite foam constructed material. The rubber outsole contains flex grooves for an easier range of motion. With the flexible material, they offer relaxed fit and style side by side. Adding to your ease, they are easy to wash and gets dried up quickly.


  • These shoes are all-purpose stylish and you can wear them every time.
  • Their herringbone grooves provide traction.
  • Roomy and ideal for your swelling feet.
  • These shoes are incredibly light in weight and you can wear them all day long easily.


  • This style is quite wider for some feet.
  • The straps are not adjustable and seem loose sometimes.

Bottom line:

These are the ideal shoes for wearing feet comfort. They can be worn all day long. With an amazingly low price, they are great for making your daily routine chores easy.

4. Propet women’s travel fit side walking shoe:

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Made of textile material with imported quality fabric, Propet’s walking shoes are one of the best maternity shoes for you. Their rubber sole is made of synthetic quality which maintains your grip and stability.

The shaft measurements are low-top’’ from the arch. With a lacing system style, they add to your style needs in a more graceful manner.

These shoes have wider width dimensions suitable for your swelling feet. From the rapidly growing shoe company, these shoes are flexible and able to adjust themselves according to your feet’s need. They have breathable mesh upper which keeps your feet airy in scorching heat.


  • The shoes have cushions to make your feet comfy as you walk.
  • They have the built in the orthopedic sole.
  • Really easy to put on and off.
  • Cute looking shoes with a vast range of colors.
  • They are lightweight and keep your heels pressure free.


  • These may put pressure on feet with a high instep.
  • They sometimes don’t get perfectly fit on the feet in spite of correct size.

Bottom line:

These shoes are great as they are stylish looking yet the price is low too. With a variety of color availability, these are going to be a perfect comfy partner for your feet.

5. Skechers women sports empire fashion sneaker:

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One of the best maternity shoes, Skechers fashion sneakers are made of faux leather which is durable. It is made of an imported quality material which has also a fashion sneaker sole. With a perfect smooth woven fabric which give a smooth and finishing look, they also have smooth faux leather heel overlay panel.

These shoes have padded collar and tongue for an added softness. Also, with reflective panels on heels, you can walk in them during the night as well. The shoes’ upper is interwoven pattern and metallic finish with S logo to enhance their look. Grab one for yourself from a variety of colors.


  • They have a relaxed fit design for an easy on-off.
  • These shoes are very light in weight and have shock absorbing midsole.
  • 1-inch heel to give a good bounce.
  • Air-cooled memory foam for the comfortable insole.
  • Great for people who need orthotic inserts.


  • These are not fitter for narrow feet.
  • The soles pick up every small pebble.

Bottom line:

Ideal for women’s pregnancy time, these shoes are great to walk, jog or play in them. They have highly cushioned comfortable material inside which makes them the best maternity shoes.

Factors to Keep in Mind when Buying Maternity Shoes

best Maternity Shoes

There are lots of maternity shoes available in the market each having its own features. But, what is the things which need to be considered while buying them are important. So, we have collected some buying guides to help you choose the best one for you.

Ø  There are many different parts of the shoes which need to be checked while buying but those which play vital role in maintaining your perfect body posture and balance are;

Insole: insoles are the soles which are inside of the shoes. They are a part of the sole and the foot. They are often used for cushioning and softness. So, a pregnant woman should always buy the one which has better inside cushioning or insoles.

Sole: the sole is the bottom part of your shoe which you place on the surface as you walk. They are usually made of rubber. Such type of shoes should be bought which have better rubber outsoles and seems to be durable.

Upper: this part of the shoe is what actually covers the feet. If you are buying in summers, they should be breathable and airy to keep your feet sweat free. While in winters they should be able to keep your feet warm properly.

Ø  Always try to look for the shoes which have low heels. This thing offers more stability as you walk reducing any chances of falling or misbalancing. Also, they give more support and protection than ballet flats.

Ø  The sole: the sole is a very important part when it comes to buying any type of shoe. While buying shoes for your pregnancy, look for those which have shock absorbing rubber outsoles. They should be able to alleviate the joint discomfort during that period.

Ø  The shoes which you are buying for your pregnancy period should be easy to put on. Otherwise, it is going to be a huge chore to wear them as it can be really difficult to wear them with the weight you would be carrying.

Ø  When going to buy a maternity shoe, purchase the one which is a little bigger than your size. It is because your feet and ankles will swell. Wearing half a size bigger will make you feel comfortable in them.

Ø  Your shoes should be supportive of your ankles and feet so you may not feel pressure on your body as you walk. In this regards, a comfortable insole and upper should be selected.

Best Shoes for Pregnancy-FAQsbest maternity shoes

Some of the most commonly asked questions by women of all ages when they need maternity shoes are;

Q1. Can I wear high heel while pregnant?

The most obvious answer is a no! It is due to your own safety. High heels and stiletto have greater risks of making your body to lose its balance and falling. Your weight is continuously increasing and the center of gravity is changing.

This thing makes you more unstable than in daily routine. If you are going to any party and concerned about the heels, you can always wear other fancy shoes or those with small heels.

Q2. What type of different shoes can we wear while pregnant?

There are some different types of shoes that one can wear during maternity time. These are:

  1. Flats: flats are the best choice when it comes to buying maternity shoes. They are easy to put on and off. Also, those with a good ankle and rubber support would be a blessing.
  2. Flip-flops: you can always slide them without any need to bend. The cheaper ones can provide little arch support. They allow the feet to expand easily.
  3. Boots: boots can be a good choice when it comes to providing warmth in winters but wearing them can give you a tough time.

Q3. Why do I need to change my shoes while pregnant?

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There are many reasons to answer this question but the most important are:

  1. Your body mass is changing, and it is continuously getting weight. This thing is putting pressure on your joints and feet. So, a good footwear will keep them in a comfortable position and will maintain your body posture.
  2. Your feet will grow and swell. And your old shoes might be so tight for you to wear again. So, you need to buy a new pair which is comfortable yet roomy for your feet to grow.
  3. You will be at greater risks of falling. So, choosing those shoes which are down to ground and stable will prevent this risk.

Q4. What are the qualities of a good maternity shoe?

Apart from being comfortable with your feet, a good maternity shoe has the following features:

  1. It is supportive: properly taking care of your ankles and heels while keeping it comfortable are the signs of a good maternity shoe. It should be supportive to your ankles and arches so that joint pain is reduced.
  2. Easy to put on: avoid those laces and joggers which make you frustrated. Pick those shoes which are easy to put on and off. Those shoes which don’t need to bend over to wearing are ideal for a pregnant woman.
  3. Breathable: the shoes should not make your feet to swell more because of their suffocating environment. In summers, they should have mesh or airy fabric to keep your feet cool and sweat free.
  4. Finally, they should be a little bigger than your current size so, they can make room for your swelling feet and its muscles.

Happy Feet Shoes for Pregnancybest maternity shoes 2018

The time of pregnancy requires special care for mothers in every way including diet, lifestyle, clothing, and shoes. Many different types of shoes are available for your ease and convenience. There are sandal, flip-flops, sneakers, and flats for women having maternity time.

So, selecting the right type of shoes is very important and the proper buying guides should be known in advance to grab the right pair. Above are some of the best maternity shoes which you can check and purchase for the affordable price. All of them have various colors and unique patterns which you can choose from to provide a comfortable shoe for your feet.

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