10 Best Makeup Set for Kids in 2018


It’s still debatable whether or not getting your daughter her own makeup kit at a young age would make her superficial. However, being superficial later in life can hardly be attributed to a single cause, how much more getting your daughter a toy. Toy or no toy, a child who isn’t properly raised by her parents will end up being superficial.

And for those worrying, pretend makeup set for kids are hardly Mary Kay standards with any chemical that could harm your baby’s gentle skin. Like their tea set and dolls, it just helps them to play pretend. Who knows? You could even be setting your daughter off on an exciting career in the beauty and healthcare industry from now.

To be sure you’re doing that right, you need the best makeup set for kids you can possibly get. Thankfully, you came in right on time because we are about to review our top ten favorite makeup set for kids.

So, without further ado, let’s get to it.

10 Best Makeup Set for Kids in 2018

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1.Glamour Girl Pretend Play Makeup Kit

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Your daughter will really love the Glamour Girl make up kit for so many reasons. It actually looks like a real makeup kit that she sees with the big girls. Yet, it retains that girlish, pink, floral, cuteness that girls just love. She’ll be so engaged with this thing, she’ll hardly remember to disturb you for yours.

The kit comes with 13 items in it – all pretend cosmetics. There’s the bright eye-shadow (four compartments), the pink lip gloss that’s oh so sparkly, two nail polishes, bronzer and blush combo, an applicator, a set of makeup brushes (they’re so soft!), lipstick, foundation and mirror, and a beautiful lip gloss that comes with a wand!

And you know what’s more? All these amazing pieces are housed in a darling little bag that your baby will just love.

Another thing about this kit that we are very happy about is the fact that nothing in it is real. This means that your girl can afford to get as creative as she likes without creating any mess.


  • It’s all pretend, so there’s no mess.
  • The brushes are really soft.
  • The glitters stay on.


  • Some moms had little complaints about their daughters finding it difficult to open the compartments themselves.

2. IQ Toys Kids Washable Makeup Set

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Maybe your daughter has aged out of the pretend makeup window and is already asking for the real deal. A great way to start her off might be this washable makeup set from IQ Toys.

In this kit, you’ll find four blush powders, two lipsticks, two glitter lip glosses, two nail polishes, and three eye shadow powders. All these are stored in a really pretty bag that’s all glittery. Your daughter will love carrying this kit everywhere for sure.

Please, note that all the makeup here are real but they are very washable.

There are different vibrant shades and textures to spark your children’s creativity and give them an awesome playtime. Your baby will also find them useful for other occasions like play dates, a children’s party or princess parties.


  • Your daughter can see the makeup on her face.
  • The makeup is non-toxic.
  • It washes off easily.


  • The nail polish isn’t as easy to wash off.

3. Liberty Imports Petite Girls Heart Shaped Cosmetics Play Set

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If your girl loves hearts, and of course she does, she’s so going to love this play set from Liberty Imports. The makeup palette is heart-shaped and swivels in and out to reveal and close the makeup in it.

In this set, you’ll find glitter makeup (9 different colors), eye shadow, nail polish, blush, lipstick, lip gloss, and of course a makeup set. Just like the last set we reviewed, this also comes with real makeup. It is, of course, washable. And it has also been tested to confirm that it is safe enough to be used by your princess.

There’s hardly anything not to like about this makeup set. Let your daughter give this a try.


  • Cute heart-shaped palette.
  • Colors are soft and non-messy.


  • Feels a bit flimsy.

4. Click N’ Play Pretend Play Cosmetic and Makeup Set

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So, here’s another pretend makeup set for kids we have on review. Although all the items in the kit look very real, they still do not apply on your baby’s face. This is a great idea for toddlers and younger kids who are still quite messy with everything.

The kit comes with blush, a mirror, lip gloss, eye shadow, quality brushes and a cute floral makeup bag. Altogether, every item is safe for child use and will totally spark up your child’s imaginations like nothing else can.


  • Quality, durable makeup pieces.
  • No mess – great for younger kids.


  • Some compacts were a little hard to open.

5. Fashion Angels Makeup Artist Sketch Set

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If you’re still not sold on the idea of getting your princess a makeup kit just yet, then maybe we could reach a small compromise and get her a coloring book instead. Okay, you’re more comfortable with that, so let’s talk about this book. It’s great for kids already showing interest in makeup as it presents a wonderful way to learn different makeup techniques without applying on face.

The kit comes with a palette of 14 colors, 10 colored pencils and sharpener, applicators, and 25 sheets of makeup sketch paper. Also included is a guide for color design to help your daughter with some tips as she experiments with her sketch book. Soon, she’ll even be giving you some professional makeup advice!


  • Great idea for parents who aren’t comfortable with real (or pretend makeup).
  • Guide helps to teach some professional makeup tips.


  • A nice bag to store away the items when not in use would have been really nice.

6. My First Makeup Set Girls Fold Out Makeup Kit

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Here’s another IQ makeup kit for kids. It’s real but safe and washable so the mess created is very minimal. So, what’s in the kit?

In the kit you’ll find eye shadows in 8 different shades of purples, pinks, and blues. There are also four applicators included – two each for blush and eye shadow. Again, you’ll find 6 sticks of lip gloss in fun colors, 4 large blushes in peach and pink shades, plus 8 lip/eye shadows all in their glittery shimmer. All these colors, even though they show on skin, are very safe, so don’t fret.

Lastly, the palette opens on both sides to reveal more makeup, and closing is confirmed by a click sound. And the mirror is protected from scratches with the protective film over it. Get your baby girl this makeup set that’s fit for a princess. She’ll love you for it.


  • Lots of colors and all are safe.
  • Mirror won’t get scratched thanks to the protective film on it.
  • Washes off easily.


A few complaints about durability of the brushes.

7. Joyin Toy All-in-One Girls Makeup Kit

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This is easily one of the cutest kits we have on review today. The makeup pieces aren’t gathered in a bag or something; they are instead stored in different cute animal-shaped jars. There’s the owl-shaped one that contains a pink shimmer powder which can work as an eye shadow or blush. The smaller jars contain shimmer powder too, but this time in juice purple and royal blue colors.

The lip glosses are cupcake-shaped, the lip balms look like emojis and there are double-ended brushes as well as two soft puffs. It’s a fantastic gift idea or even as a party favor. If you’re scared of irritation, then this is not the product to get you worried. The makeup has the approval of the FDA and washes off easily.


  • Unique and attractive packaging.
  • Jars can still serve as cute containers for other stuff when makeup is finished.
  • Makeup is safe and washable.


  • It does not come with a bag to keep all the pieces together in one place when not in use.

8. Little Cosmetics Pretend Makeup Signature Set

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So, here’s another set strictly for imaginative play. It does not contain real make up, so for kids with sensitive skin, or parents who still don’t want their kids trying out makeup just yet, you could try this. It’s really great that the makeup pieces still look amazingly realistic despite the fact that they are fake. Plus, the mirror is shatter-proof, so even if your little munchkin is a klutz, she won’t hurt herself while using this kit.

The pink blush, rose-shimmer glitter pot, fuchsia raspberry lip gloss, and berry sherbet eye shadow are all make-believe. However, not the makeup brushes. They are very real. The bag in which these items are kept is also quite real and will give your daughter a realistic makeup experience.


  • Make-believe set, so no mess.
  • Very realistic looking.
  • Comes with shatter-proof mirror.


The makeup brushes don’t appear very durable.

9. Tokia Washable Cosmetics Set for Girls

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Another glamorous makeup set for your glamorous princess. One thing you’d truly appreciate about this kit is that the makeup comes with a cute glitter bag. This way, you avoid the clutter and everything can be stored away until the next playtime. House is tidy, makeup is findable when needed, everyone is happy.

The shades and texture of the colors in this kit are very vibrant and will open your girl’s imagination a great deal. It contains blush powder, eye shadow powders (5), lipsticks (2), makeup brushes, and applicators. So, you see, there’s more than enough makeup to keep your daughter conveniently engaged and distracted by herself for hours. It’s also great to play with others at play dates, children’s parties, and other kids’ activities.


  • Easy to wash off and non-toxic.
  • Colors are light.


  • Apparently, contrary to what is advertised, you get only one lipstick instead of two.

10. Wonderworld Pretend Pinky Cosmetic Girl Toy Set

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And lastly, we end our reviews with another fantastic pretend makeup set for kids. Your baby sister, niece, daughter or granddaughter will love using this while mimicking you without messing up her face or clothes.

In the kit, you’ll find a mirror, eye shadow, makeup brushes, nail polish, face powder, lipstick, comb, and compact. And all these items are contained in a cute little cosmetic bag to keep everything tidy and similar to the kind they see you use. Expand the horizon of your little princess’ imagination with this kit.


  • This is the only eco-friendly product we have on review.
  • The items themselves are non-toxic as well.


  • Comb isn’t very usable.

How to Choose the Best Makeup Set for Kids?

Best Makeup Set for Kids

There are a number of factors to consider when selecting any kind of toy for your kid because it will ultimately end up on their bodies, and in many cases, their mouths. For this reason, the first thing you want to check out for is the safety of the kit. It must not cause any reaction and must be easy to take off. If none of these clears, please return ASAP.

If you choose to go with pretend makeup, be sure that the plastic used in making the makeup is free of BPA and phthalate as well. In fact, rubberwood or natural wood are much better options due to their eco-friendliness.

Lastly, girls have their favorite cartoon characters. Getting them something that comes with the design of any of the fairy princesses or other cartoon characters will always be a hit. A few popular ideas might be Barbie makeup set for kids, Hello Kitty makeup set, or the Frozen makeup set for kids. Another cool idea we came across was a phone makeup set for kids. Several of the manufacturers in this review also carry the afore-listed types of makeup kits for kids.

Other People’s Opinions

makeup kit for kids

The issue of a makeup kit for kids is one on which many people’s opinions greatly vary. While many want nothing to do with makeup, pretend or not; some are cool with it as long as it doesn’t contain real makeup; while others don’t mind at all whichever way.

We found that some mums who seem skeptical about the whole idea of makeup for kids are much more comfortable with a makeup sketchbook than a makeup kit. Probably the fact that it’s more like drawing than applying makeup appeals to them. The Fashion Angels Makeup Artist Sketch Set went well with most parents of this group.

The makeup kit with real makeup also presents another bone of contention, but we can say that most mums aren’t comfortable with colors that are too bright. In fact, most are happy to see little to no color on their baby’s faces. Aside the mess dark colors create, most mums appeared to be uncomfortable with their daughters looking “too grown up”. Well, none of the makeup kits reviewed here came with dark colors, but most moms seemed to favor the Joyin Toy All-in-One Girls Makeup Kit most. The attractive packaging of the kit scored with most little girls. And if baby is happy, of course, momma is happy too.

Our Top Pick Is…

The Glamour Girl Pretend Play Make up Kit. It’s a quality set, and even though it’s a make believe set, it’s very realistic. It’s a makeup set with bag for kids, so kids being kids, there will be clutter after they finish playing. And that’s why there’s the bag to gather everything back in place so nothing is missing. It’s a pretend set so, no real make up. Furthermore, the plastic used to make the various pieces are safe too.


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