What You Need to Know when Looking for Mirror Magnification?


You probably have noticed that makeup mirrors usually have two sides and each side will have a different level of magnification. The magnifications can range from 5x to 15x magnification. The higher the magnification, the smaller your field of view will get. It makes sense that because the higher magnifications have the smaller viewing fields, they are not really recommended for applying makeup. What you get is distorted vision, and you are not able to view your entire face.

What Is the Best Magnification for Makeup Mirror?

It Allows You to Get Up Real Close and Personal

With a magnification mirror, you will be able to notice those small hairs that need plucking that you might not really have seen with the naked eye. These types of mirrors allow you to apply your makeup with careful precision – think of your eyeliner being 100% accurate. You get to see areas on your face that in a normal mirror without magnification you might not have noticed. Even though you can hold a magnification mirror in your hand, most are designed for counter use. Some of them are able to be attached to the wall and the magnification works simply with a touch of your hand. They give you the confidence to apply makeup evenly and professionally with no blunders or shocks as you step out into the day and you realize you actually look like a clown because the lighting was all wrong and you could not see properly!

The Level You Choose Depends On Your Eyesight

The magnification degree that you choose will depend on what your comfort levels are and your preferences. People with normal vision usually opt for the 3-5 x magnification but if your vision is deteriorating and weak, people have been known to choose the magnification that is between 10-15 times.

The magnification will also depend on which manufacturer you choose to supply your makeup mirror. You will find that some are better than other makes. This is an important factor to think about because some inferior mirrors will give you a distorted image of yourself. Good mirrors with good magnifications are made using special processes and also high-quality material and this is what will add to the price – but it is worth it if you want to get top quality results.

Most make up mirrors are two-sided but you also can decide on a one-sided one with a magnifying mirror as well. The part that does not have the double-sided mirror is the part that usually gets mounted to the wall or attached to your regular mirror.

Makeup Routine & Style Will Determine Mirror Magnification

There are some mirrors that come with a small magnification mirror which is attached to the bottom of the normal mirror face. Or you can decide if you prefer the single or dual-sided mirror. Your style of applying your make up will also be part of your choice. Most people seem to like the dual-sided ones best, preferably the ones that come with one magnified side and one non-magnified side. Then you get the magnification you need and flip over to the other side for a normal face view.

Where you use your mirror will also depend on the magnification levels. Is your mirror going to hang on a wall? Will it be it on your dressing table? If the mirror is meant to be hung on the wall, you might need a higher magnification level so that you can see yourself from quite a good distance away. But if it’s going to be on your dressing table top, then the magnification need not be as high. It is important that you take the location of your mirror into account when deciding on magnification levels.

Makeup Mirror 5x, 10x to 15x Magnification

Mirrors with 5x magnification mean they have a 1.5″ field of view – a mirror with 10x magnificent means you will get a 0.5” field of view. As mentioned above, the higher levels of magnification have the smaller fields of view and are not recommended for makeup usage. You also won’t be able to view your entire face.

Your eyesight will also depend on what level you choose. Magnification mirrors were specially designed for those people who have problems with their vision. If you are a wearer of glasses, you will understand that you need to remove your glasses when you apply your makeup and that is where the magnification mirror comes into play. It acts as your glasses and allows you to see your face clearly, helping you to apply your make up easily and effectively. It is actually imperative that you have magnification.

If you do not suffer from any visual problems, or you wear contact lenses, then the 5x magnification mirror would be a good choice for you. You will be able to get a good and close look at your face and the image won’t be distorted either. Neither will the 5x magnification be so magnified that you will be horrified for instance at your large pores or those grey strands that you didn’t know existed before!

Choose the Right Magnification for You

It is believed that many women don’t use vanity dressing tables anymore like in days gone by. Today, with many woman opting for a natural look, they might not be so desperate to buy a magnifying mirror, and especially if they still have young and fresh looking faces. But even so, there are millions of young women out there who swear by their make-up, and the different personalities they can ‘create’ by the sheer wonders of makeup. But truth is, the older women get, the more they realize how important a magnification mirror with a light and a good chair are. Many older women claim that when they have bought a magnifying mirror and applied their make-up, they were so shocked to see what they were actually MISSING all along! Be calm, and don’t let your magnifying mirror show you up for what you really are!


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