Best Lego Duplo for Your Kids in 2018


The LEGO Duplo sets are the most recent releases from the legendary LEGO company that has brought to us some of the most entertaining, engaging and fun educational toys on the market.

Included in the sets, among many others, is the LEGO Duplo fire station, LEGO Duplo Batman, LEGO Duplo Cars and LEGO Duplo fire truck.

Through these different sets, your toddler will get the opportunity to learn more about the world around them, including different shapes, colors and objects that are easy to identify in everyday life.

These sets will provide your kids with hours of fun and you can either play with them or take this time to complete other tasks around the house. To find out more about the best LEGO Duplo in 2018, read on below.

Top 10 Lego Duplo on Amazon in 2018

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1.LEGO DUPLO Large Playground Brick Box

[amazon box=”B075M96T8V” template=”vertical”]

This LEGO Duplo Deluxe box of fun comes with a colorful assortment of creative toys. There are 71 pieces in the box, including the imaginative treehouse with a slide, two characters, a bouncy car ride, a windmill swing area and more.

This set is a great way for your kids to recreate the joy of being in the playground during days when they’re homebound due to weather or whatever reason. It encourages the development of fine motor skills, while sparking your child’s creativity and imagination.


  • The pieces fit together seamlessly
  • Great for both boys and girls
  • Durable
  • Colorful
  • Promotes creativity and fine motor skill development


  • This set is quite costly, considering the number of pieces that you get

2.LEGO DUPLO All-in-One-Box-of-Fun

[amazon box=”B00IANUGI0″ template=”vertical”]

This box features a collection of fun toys and infinite possibilities for your little one. Not only can they use the pieces in this set to build a colorful toy house, but also a dog figure, a boy figure and even a cute little truck.

This is a great starter set with only 65 pieces and we absolutely love the fact that it offers limitless choices in terms of the objects that your child can create. It’s a great way to stimulate your little girl or boy’s imagination, all while improving their counting skills.

Help cultivate your young child’s creativity with this set, which comes with cute little items that are just perfect for the tiny hands of a 1 or 2-year old.


  • Promotes fine motor skills
  • Teaches kids how to count
  • Unlimited creativity


  • Doesn’t contain any large pieces, only small ones

3.LEGO DUPLO My First Number Train

[amazon box=”B01KMUUQVK” template=”vertical”]

The LEGO Duplo Train is a great way to teach preschoolers how to count while engaging their imagination. It’s super easy to assemble with less than 5 pieces, but the colors and details of each piece make it a very special “first” set and it’s a great gift idea.

The best part about it is that the train design makes it a fun activity for the both of you, as you can get involved too by making train sounds as you encourage your little one to finish assembling the pieces together.


  • Teaches small kids how to count
  • Affordable price point
  • Brightly colored


  • It only contains a few pieces for two wagons
  • It tends to come apart easily

4.LEGO DUPLO Town Truck & Tracked Excavator

[amazon box=”B01CU9WL5A” template=”vertical”]

The LEGO Duplo tow truck is one mean machine and your little boy or girl will absolutely love putting it together and playing with it afterwards. The best part is that it even comes with a truck driver, construction worker, street signs and working tools for the driver.

We love the thoughtfulness and the attention-to-detail of this set, which comes complete with two appropriately-outfitted characters with tools that’ll make your child feel as if they’re on a real construction site.

This fantastic set promotes gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination and cognitive development. Not only that, but this truck is sized perfectly for deft little hands and it’s super engaging and fun to play with.


  • Easy to build
  • Attention to detail
  • The truck has flexibility of movement
  • Ideal for gross motor development


  • No complaints here!

5.LEGO DUPLO Super Heroes Spider Man & Hulk Adventures

[amazon box=”B075NRZ1HY” template=”vertical”]

Your child will enjoy oodles of fun with some of the most popular action figures in the Marvel Universe, including Spider-Man, the Hulk and Sandman. The great thing about this set is that it comes with nice extras that apply to each character and there’s a total of 38 pieces in each set.

Your little one will finally get to race Spider-Man on his or her motorbike or play in Hulk’s lab. There’s even sand bricks to bring the sandman to life!

Without a doubt, this set is an ideal gift for superhero-crazy little boys and girls. Not only do they stay in place, but they’re highly durable as well, which means that you can pass them on to the next generation of kids.


  • Features popular Marvel characters and their accessories
  • The pieces are perfect for little children’s dexterous fingers
  • Straightforward instructions
  • Durable


  • The small pieces may not be suitable for 1 ½-year olds, which is the recommended starting age

6.LEGO DUPLO Disney Junior Mickey & Friends Beach House

[amazon box=”B01CU9WIJE” template=”vertical”]

This LEGO Duplo Mickey Mouse set comes with a super cool beach house, Mickey Mouse himself and his two friends, Donald Duck and Goofy.

This is an awesome toy to give to kids when they’re not watching Mickey Mouse Club, so that they can create their own adventures with the characters they love. In addition, this 48-piece set is great at stimulating the imagination.

Because the beach house can be assembled in about 5 different ways, your child can come up with all sorts of stories on what Mickey and his friends got up to on their vacation at the beach club house.

The attention to detail on this set is amazing – the toilet even comes with a sink and potty and kids absolutely love it. We just wish there were more pieces, otherwise, it’s great fun for little kids.


  • The pieces are perfect for little hands
  • Comes with 3 original Disney characters
  • Promotes creativity and concentration
  • Very detailed


  • It may be a bit costly for the number of pieces you get

7.LEGO DUPLO DC Comics Super Heroes Batman Batcave Challenge

[amazon box=”B01KMUUQMO” template=”vertical”]

If your little boy or girl is vocal about wanting to be Batman and considers riding the Batmobile their ultimate dream, then he or she will totally love the LEGO Duplo Batman set.

It comes complete with the Batcave, Batmobile, Batcycle, a jail, a canon and even a screen control zone – just like in the movies. Not only that, but the set also comes with Batman’s ally Robin as well as Joker and Poison Ivy as the villains. This set is truly complete and comes with very detailed pieces and accessories that come to a whopping total of 73 pieces.

This set provides hours of fun with all the different pieces it comes with and the instructions are easy to follow. As a result, it allows for the creation of multiple scenes.


  • Nice large pieces for small hands
  • You can create many different scenes with this set
  • Two heroes, two villains, plus tons of accessories with each set


  • The pieces seem to be quite limiting, since they don’t allow for the creation of anything that’s not in the instructions

8.LEGO DUPLO Basic Bricks Deluxe

[amazon box=”B000T735AQ” template=”vertical”]

Taking it back to the basics, this LEGO Duplo Basic Bricks set is all your toddler needs to create all types of different shapes and objects according to his or her imagination and creativity. Each set comes with 80 pieces in total and a plethora of different colors.

This set is simple but a lot of fun to play with and it’s the perfect set to buy when you’re still introducing your child to LEGOs. This set is perfect for kindergarten kids and anyone who wants to teach their child fine motor skills while promoting creativity and imagination.


  • Good quality pieces
  • Vibrant colors
  • Can build an endless assortment of design patterns


  • Many customers have complained about the quality of this set, with many saying that they received fakes

9.LEGO DUPLO My First Cars and Trucks

[amazon box=”B017B19LD2″ template=”vertical”]

This set is for the budding car enthusiast and comes with LEGO Duplo cars and truck pieces as well as drivers, passengers and many more vehicle-themed bricks.

When we say that this set is jam-packed, we’re not exaggerating! It is literally filled with stacks of transport-themed bricks that’ll enable your child to create different cars and trucks, passengers and much more for little hands to learn building skills.

This set contains enough pieces to make 3 vehicles, including their drivers, passengers as well as a filling station. It’s a total hit with the 1 to 5-year old crowd and it helps to stimulate the imagination, as children can use the pieces to create other scenes that are not in the instructions.


  • Designed for little hands
  • Promotes building skills
  • Durable
  • Versatile


  • It’s quite pricey

10.LEGO DUPLO My First Farm

[amazon box=”B00NHQH6AG” template=”vertical”]

This cute set is the perfect introduction to farm life and learning about animals in a more “practical” manner. It comes with 26 pieces, which include a sheep, cow, chicken, barn house, two characters and some accessories.

This simple set has lots of potential to keep your child occupied for many hours, as it features cute farm animals, a milking station and other farm-themed accessories that you can later pair with similar sets.

This set is perfect for small children and will help your little one bring the “Old MacDonald” nursery rhyme to life with some of the animals and scenes that they’ll create using these bricks.


  • Easy to put together
  • Perfect for small hands
  • Affordable
  • Detailed


  • No complaints here!

What Are the Different Types of LEGO Duplo?


LEGO Duplo sets are essentially LEGO sets that are interactive and great fun for your children.

The best part?

There is a very large collection of LEGO Duplo sets.

Sets usually have more than one final LEGO object, making these sets more enjoyable than other LEGO toys you can buy if you want to play with separate pieces.

Anything your child dreams of building is possible – a petting zoo, a playground, a LEGO Duplo fire truck, you name it! Let your child’s imagination run free with the vast collection of LEGO Duplo sets they can build.

Instructions will be included in every kit as well, so you and your child can build with ease with the help of the clearly-printed instructions given. On top of that, it’s not a big deal if you make a mistake. Just take the parts you did incorrectly, check the instructions once again and remodel.

Individual Bricks

Don’t let the name deter you: individual bricks are actually also sets for the advancedly creative mind. If your son or daughter has tried their hand and liked the sets but felt like it was too restricting, then individual bricks will be just the perfect fit.

There are a number of options for individual bricks, although less than the normal sets. However, your child can still build whatever comes to mind. Instructions will not be included and your kid will have the freedom to experiment and design at their own free will.

Many experienced LEGO users like to create their own masterpieces, ones that others can’t simply rebuild. That is why creating one of your own with this set will let you set your mark.


The minifigure design stays true to its name: a small figurine of many different popular characters that the kids absolutely adore. The great thing about buying minifigures is that you get a whole bunch of them.

Minifigures are sold in a series. They are specially designed with the movie and cartoon lovers in mind.

If your child is a fan of DC, then they can have their very own LEGO Duplo Batman from The Lego Batman Movie.

If that isn’t your kid’s style, then that’s okay. He or she can get the LEGO Ninjago Movie Series set and have all their favorite characters, including Emmett. Have your little one embark on a magical journey with their great superheroes – fight evil with them and let justice prevail.

The Benefits of Playing with LEGO Duplo

Do as Kids Do

benefits of Playing with LEGO Duplo

As adults, we don’t look at the world the same as children do. For children to develop the most in their early stages of life, they need to learn the best way they should: through interaction.

Getting your child to play with LEGO Duplos will help to enhance their motor skills, coordination and emotional development.

Building Creativity

LEGO Duplo lets little ones create without limits. Anything you can imagine is possible, even for toddlers. Cultivate your child’s sense of creativity with LEGO Duplo bricks and let them build their futures starting from now.

It’s Safe

LEGO Duplo bricks are designed especially with the little ones in mind, so you can set your worries aside when playing with LEGO Duplo. Not only are they high-quality, they’re engineered to be built the size where they aren’t choking hazards and they cause no fuss.

It isn’t every day you get to buy a toy that you don’t have to be aware of all the time.

It’s Easy To Play Together

Because of LEGO Duplo’s simple yet innovative design, it’s very easy for children to play together when having fun with their Duplo sets. You can have two children with different sets mix their toys together and still create a whole, brand-new creation with their merged bricks.

The more children playing together and the more bricks compiled, the more designs and fun for everyone. You can get all the little ones to design their own castle with their compiled pieces.

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What Other Parents Think of Choosing the Best LEGO Duplo

best lego duplo toys

We want to make sure that you get the full LEGO Duplo experience and understand why it’s so great for your kids. That is why you shouldn’t just take it from us, here are the top choices from other people who’ve loved the Duplo set products just as much as we have.

LEGO Duplo Learning

Parents absolutely love this set because other than being very interactive, it teaches heaps to your children, including counting. In other words, your child will still be learning even while they’re playing, which is a win-win.

It’s also usually a hit because it resonates within the children, as it includes a child figure and even a dog. The blocks have both numbers and pictures, so your little one will definitely be able to hone their fine motor skills.

Construction Site

There’s not much more fun to be had when you’re building the builders. This set comes with movable parts like a bulldozer and a crane. Let your toddlers get the whole building experience with this set.

Town Airport

Airplanes might have been considered an impossibility in the past, but now we all know that it’s a great mode of transportation for long journeys. Introduce your children to the whizz of airplanes and flight travels with their very own Duplo airport.

LEGO Duplo Cafe

A great LEGO replication of a cafe where your toddlers can experience running their very own business. Be careful when serving the hot food though, you don’t want it to spill on your customers!

We Choose the LEGO DUPLO All-in-One-Box-of-Fun

Let’s face it, LEGO Duplo has a huge variety of choices when catering to your little ones. However, you might still be confused as to what LEGO Duplo set to buy your kid.

If you haven’t already made a decision or you have but are still on the fence, we highly recommend getting the Lego Duplo All-In-One-Box-of-Fun.

Yes, it’s a mouthful, but that just shows you how much fun is packed into a box. As a matter of fact, even the box itself is another level of fun altogether.

It’s shaped like a LEGO brick and has bricks enough to build multiple Duplo masterpieces, such as a wagon or a house. Not only that, it even features its own figurine and dog.

The possibilities with this set are endless, as your kid can either follow the instructions and build what’s inscribed or go with his or her heart and build as they desire. Yes, your beloved one can do that too with other sets, but not as comprehensively as with this one.

If you’re looking for a set that can do both, this is the one to get. LEGO Duplo didn’t get as far as it has today by creating products that didn’t suit their customers. Truly, with any set you buy, you will be satisfied and probably get more for your little one.

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