Best Kites for Kids to Enjoy Outsides (2018 Review)


Kites are probably one of the oldest toys in the world and for more than a thousand years, they have been educating kids about wind. However, with the invention of complex toys and gadgets in the modern world, kids all over the world have lost interest in reality and in learning how the world works as they have rather turned their interests to the digital reality provided to them on digital toys such as Xbox, PlayStation, and the likes. For this reason, you need to introduce simpler, older toys such as kites for kids into your kid’s toys collection.

For sure, kites are a remarkably fascinating toy that is sure to motivate your kid to play more outside and show them essential things about wind and its varying patterns all through the year. Besides, the kite is an awesome tool that helps connect your kid to history, which helps them to think about the mentalities of ancient kids in different distant societies, basically playing with a similar toy. However, contemporary kites are more magnificent and utilize the latest cutting-edge technologies which can sometimes seem as exciting and innovative as a simple parachute.

In this article, we have picked and organized a couple of the most dynamic kites available on the market, selecting from the extensive range of choices out there to bring you the best flying kites you can get for your child. You can either let your kid select their preferred style from the list, or make it a surprise on their birthday or an occasion. The best kites can help your kids enhance their social skills, like interacting with their friends, and also their mental skills when it comes to judging direction and wind, among others.

Reviews of the Best Kites for Kids

With the recent advance in technology, there has been some sort of advancement in almost everything in the world, including kites. In many ways, modern kites are quite different to the kites we used to fly, and below are some of the best kites on the market today.

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1. aGreatLife Huge Rainbow Kite For Kids

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Coming up as the number one kite on our list is the aGreatLife Rainbow Kite for Kids. This kite is sure to catch the attention of your kids immediately due to it very vivid and bright colors. Also, the appealing design of this kite means it makes it easy to encourage your children to fly it, regardless of whether they know the meaning of kiting or not. But you need to assemble this kite as little tots won’t probably know how to do that.

However, when this kite is properly assembled, your children will surely have a lot of fun flying it around after you must have shown them the fundamentals of kite flying initially. Being the more experienced kite-flyer, you will like the incredible balance of this kite that even little kids can easily control – the kite is neither too heavy, nor too light, which makes controlling it very easy.

In addition, another strong point of this excellent kite from aGreatLife is how launching it in both stiff wind and light breeze is incredibly easy, as your children will be able to fly the kite whenever they feel like, barring thunderstorms and rainstorms. Also, this kite is really stable and it is sure to remain aloft with the least of control.


  • Colorful and bright design.
  • Easy to launch.
  • Easy to control.
  • Encourages little children to take up kiting.


  • The design of this kite may not really impress older kids.

2. Hengda Red Octopus Kite

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While some kites bought at stores need extra assembly before use, the Hengda Red Octopus Kite is totally different. This kite is really impressive as it doesn’t need further assembly and is ready for flight immediately it is out of the box. Your children can take this kite along on their trips to the park. Soon, they will soon tell you about how easy and awesome flying this kite is as launching it into the air is incredibly easy, which is due to its flawlessly balance design.

Even you can fly this kite to see how it’s incredibly light design can hold up against the winds, whist it can as well withstand a couple of crashes and bends. This kite is very durable due to its high quality frame and nylon. However, due to the more complex design of this kite – the round and wide octopus comes to about 3 ft. while the length of its limbs are 4 meters – only children of 10 years and above should be permitted to fly it. Nonetheless, the younger children, will enjoy seeing it ascend.


  • Imaginative design.
  • No assembly required.
  • Balanced feel and look.
  • Easy to launch and control by older children.
  • Enables older kids to sharpen their elementary kite flying skills.


  • More mental and physical skills are required to fly this kite, making it suitable only for older kids.

3. aGreatLife Sweet Ice Cream Kite for Kids

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For children, summertime is all about enjoying kite-flying and relishing in the sweet flavors of ice cream to make the most of the warm sun. There is no better wan of combining the two than allowing your kids to fly the aGreatLife Sweet Ice Cream Kite for kids. This kite has a very imaginative design that makes people smile whenever its launched into the sky, and even gives them a craving for ice cream and chocolate.

However, your kids won’t be attracted to this kite with just its attractive theme and colors. The fiberglass and nylon materials of this kite are sufficiently sturdy and strong to bear the wind, and also the infrequent crashes. In addition, the materials combination has a contribution it the kite’s flawless balance between lightweight and heft quality.


  • The kite has a fun design.
  • Comes with vibrant colors.
  • Easy assembly for older children.
  • Comes with an instruction booklet.
  • Easy to launch into the air.
  • Encourages cooperative play among children.
  • Improves mental and physical skills.


  • Colors can fade after a while.

4. Long Tail Cartoon Fighter Kite

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Kids, boys in particular, are always attracted to airplanes as well as fighter jets due to their fast speeds and sleek shapes. However, since you aren’t buoyant enough to purchase airplanes or even remote-controlled plane toys for them, the next great option you have is the Hengda Long Tail Cartoon Fighter Kite.

Your children will love the prospect of having a kite that resembles a fighter jet, particularly when it is flying slickly in the air, but at a less expensive cost. However, this kite comes with a tail that aids a better control whilst flying, unlike a fighter jet. Nonetheless, when children look at the kite up in the sky, its tail will appear like the vapor trail of a genuine fighter jet. Also, this kite has an incredible balance, making it incredibly easy to fly.


  • Jet-like design.
  • Balanced tail and frame design.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Easy to fly.
  • Promotes children’s imaginative skills.


  • Suitable for older kids only.

5. Imaginesty Fly Big Easy Diamond Rainbow High Flyer

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The Imaginesty Fly Big Easy Diamond Rainbow High Flyer is an excellent kite that is included on this list due to its classically simple design. This kite has a very strong and sturdy fiberglass frame, which gives it a balance of incredible rigidity and flexibility while flying in the sky. With a strong and lightweight fiberglass frame and excellent control, this kite is sure to give you a good value for money.

Also, the manufacturers of this kite claims that it is made with eco-friendly and toxin-free polyester materials. Measuring 20 x 24 inches in its frame when assembled, it measures 7 ft. in its tails. This kite has the standard diamond design, with the 100-foot kite line and long tails at the back, which is appealing to children and adults alike.


  • Classic diamond design.
  • Modern superior materials used.
  • Foldable design for easy storage and transportation.
  • Allows younger children to learn rudimentary kiting skills.


  • The line is quite short in length.

6. Kite Perfect New 2017 Easy Flyer Model

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The Easy Flyer Kite is not really the customary paper and wood kite you used to fly when you were a little kid as it is made with modern superior materials that make it more enjoyable and sturdy in ways more than one. Also, the strong fiberglass frame of this kite makes it strong enough to withstand impact of crashes. It also comes with a 100 feet line for high flying performance.

The 100 feet string is thin, but sturdy, and is enough for younger children. However, if you have older kids who want you to buy a kite that can fly higher, you only need to add more string. The 30 inch classic diamond design of this kite will surely ignite your childhood memories when DIY kites were the standard.


  • Classic form with modern materials.
  • Sturdy and strong fiberglass frame.
  • Comes with 100 feet string.
  • Teaches kids the basics of kiting.


  • Some children who want fanciful shapes may not like its simple design.

Benefits of Flying Kites among Kids

Everyone is aware of the international competition held annually amongst kite flyers. In that completion, everybody gets to display their kites-flying and designing skills for all ages. However, does flying kite have any advantage if you aren’t entering any completion, particularly among kids? Below are some of the advantages of flying kites for children.

Promotes Physical Activity

Perhaps, this is the most essential benefit of flying kites among children. They will at least need to run before launching the kite. Also, they will need to ensure that they have great balance and motor coordination to ensure they will not fall or trip while launching the kites into the air.

Enhance Social Skills

While flying a kite alone it totally possible, the act of kite flying has always been seen as a kind of social activity. By give kids the courage to engage in activities like that, they get the chance to communicate with other kids in their age group and also adults who like flying kites as well. This can go a long way in improving their social interactive skills.

Promotes Creativity

It will be a really nice endeavor for your kid to try to build or create his or her own kite. This can go a long way in enhancing his or her creative skills whilst expanding your child’s imaginative level as well.

Promotes Mindfulness

When we talk about mindfulness, it’s about being aware always of one’s surroundings all the time. Flying kites can help teach kids this concept as they try to launch their kite into the air, be mindful of the change in the direction and speed of the wind, and the existence of obstacles such as rocks, tree stumps, potholes, tress, and a lot more. This improves mindfulness and situational awareness in children.

Things to Consider When Selecting the Best Kites for Kids

Best Kites for Kids

We think it is crucial to consider the options below when looking to buy the best kites for kids. We have thoroughly taken all these options into consideration before picking our top picks for the best kites in our list.

Easy Assembly

While most of these kites don’t need assembly, there are some that do, and when they do, you must think about the length of time the assembly process will require and if some sorts of instructions are given. However, the best kites don’t usually need much assembly time and always provide clear guidelines when required.

Length of Line

Another important consideration you need to make is the length of the line. It is vital to consider the length of the line as this will affect the amount of space needed to fly the kite and will also have an effect on how much control you have over aerial tricks. While the best kites always come with longer lines, various lengths of lines are more ideal for various purposes.


Due to the fact that these kites are used under a great deal of power, you must ensure that they are top quality and will last for a long time. The best kites are always made with the best materials and are sure to last for a lengthy period of time under the nature strain they are made to deal with on each flight.

Our Top Pick

The best kids’ kites are not only about their costs but, more significantly, about the happiness and laughter they can prompt from children and the bond they create amongst families. After all, kiting is an excellent way of spending a lovely day with friends and family so that fresh memories can be created.

Having reviewed 6 of the best kites on the market, our top pick is the aGreatLife Huge Rainbow Kite for Kids. Apart from the fact that this kite is very affordable, it is also easy to launch, stays airborne, and incredibly easy to assemble. Based on general performance, this kite is head and shoulders above the others.


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