7 Best Wellington Boots that are Best on the Market in 2018


If you ask us for some of the things we think are absolutely very important in life, we’d say shoes. Yes, shoes. You’ll always need them; anywhere you go and whatever you do. They are so important that we have to have shoes for different seasons, different activities, different places and even different stages of life.

Take the Wellingtons for example. They are made to be waterproof. So, you can use them when it rains or snows, for any activity that has anything to do with water and wear them practically anywhere. This is why your kid needs a pair of Wellington rain boots.

Because there are so many kinds of wellington boots, picking one could be a hassle. So we’ve gathered some of the best kids’ wellington boots and analyzed them. We also have the short version which we’ve put in a table and the not so short one which will come immediately after. You should see both.

Color Material Gender
Crocs Kids’ Handle It Rain Boots Fuchsia, yellow, pink, carnation, cerulean blue, grass green, navy, sea blue, raspberry Synthetic  

Boys and Girls

Bogs Kids’ Waterproof Boots Camo real tree print, green Rubber and Textile Boys and Girls
Lonecone Children’s Waterproof Boots


Puddle-a-saurus dinosaur, intergalactic-cat, white bees, hoot-y boots


Boys and Girls
Kidorable Dinosaur Rain Boots Green Rubber Boys and Girls
Rainbow Daze Kids Rain Boots Army soldier camo, unicorn pink, black outer space, Rubber Boys and Girls
John Deere 1188 Western Boots for Kids Tan camo, brown leather Boys and Girls
Hunter Original Kids Gloss Rain Boots Violet, yellow, black, pink, green, red, navy, blue, orange, fuchsia rubber Boys and Girls

Top Wellington Rain Boots 2018 Reviews

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1.Crocs Kids’ Handle It Rain Boots

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The name Crocs calls to mind quality and excellence and they have brought the very same quality and excellence to their rain boots. The Crocs Handle It Rain Boots are made of croslite material which makes them very comfy. Croslite is also responsible for making the boots odor resistant. What this means is that your kid can practically wear these boots all day long. They take care of two major problems that we always have with shoes; discomfort and the smell (yuck!).

The Crocs Handle It are lightweight so your kid doesn’t feel like they are dragging along dead weight. They can do all the things they love to do like jump and play without being weighed down by boots so heavy. The boots are also quite easy to pull on and off which affords your kid a bit of independence (at least with their shoes). What kid wouldn’t want that?


  • Comfortable and odor resistant.
  • Easy to pull on and off.


  • The brand usually runs small. It is advised that you buy some sizes up.

2.Bogs Kids’ Waterproof Boots

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The Bogs Kids’ Waterproof boots are made of 53% rubber but the soles are completely rubber. This is what makes the boots waterproof. Adding to the fact that they are made of the famous bogs max-wick, these boots are locked in and let absolutely no molecule water in.

The Bogs Kids’ Waterproof boots can provide comfort to the feet that wear them even if the weather is as low as -30 degrees. This is awesome as your kids can wear them to trudge through snow and still be alright. The durafresh bio-technology that was woven into the boots makes them odor resistant. Since your kid will love these, they’ll probably want to wear them all day. It is comforting to know that they won’t smell terribly when they pull them off.


  • Odor resistant.


  • There is the strong smell of chemical that accompanies anew pair.

3.Lonecone Children’s Waterproof Boots

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One of the reasons the Lonecone Children’s Waterproof Boots is awesome is that they come in a wide range of beautiful designs. Whether you are getting them for your boy or your girl, it doesn’t matter. You’ll definitely find something that is just right.

They have a pair of handles – one on each side – which make them super easy to pull on. Your kid can feel independent just because they have a pair of Lonecone waterproof boots. Also, they are super easy to clean. And you’ll love them easy to clean because your kid will love them and will want to wear them every day. All you need do is wipe down and they are good to wear again.

They will fit very nicely in your budget because they aren’t expensive. In fact, they are the least expensive boots on this list and can still give the other boots a run for their money.


  • A wide range of beautiful designs.
  • Handles that help pull them on and off.
  • Easy to wipe down.


  • The handles don’t seem to last.

4.Kidorable Dinosaur Rain Boots

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Kidorable is known for their creativity with shoes. They don’t just make them good, they make them fun. And we can see this fun in the Kidorable Dinosaur Boots. Like what kid doesn’t like dinosaurs, right? These adorable, or should we say Kidorable, boots come designed with the dinosaur teeth, eyes, spine and even tail. The tail serves two purposes; it completes the whole dinosaur feel and is also what your kid will use in pulling the boots up.

The Kidorable Dinosaur Rain Boots also have good traction. This makes them an awesome choice for the rainy season. We know how the rainy season often comes with slippery floors. Getting your kid a pair of boots with good traction will allow them walk about freely without you fearing that they will fall or something.


  • Fun dinosaur design.
  • Good traction.


  • The dinosaur design may rip off faster than you are comfortable with.

5.Rainbow Daze Kids Rain Boots

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The Rainbow Daze Kids Rain Boots are slip free. What it means is that they have good traction and will give your kid a sure footed grip on the ground. So they go ahead to wherever they want to go (more like go where you want them to go) without falling. Slippery floors are not a challenge for these babies.

The boots are highly waterproof and it doesn’t hurt that they come in different beautiful designs. Your kid can stay dry while still not compromising on their sense of style. The Rainbow Daze Kids Rain Boots are great for going anywhere because they are not just boring old waterproof Wellington work boots. They are Wellington boots with style!


  • Slip free.
  • Beautiful designs.


  • You might have to replace the soles sooner than you expect.

6.John Deere 1188 Western Boots for Kids

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These are the only leather wellingtons on our list and we are loving them. These kids John Deere wellington boots have their body made of leather but their sole made of rubber. The leather-rubber combination makes these boots quite solid and able to withstand a lot of wear while still being waterproof. Leather and rubber also mean quite easy to clean. Get them off, wipe them down, get them back on, good to go.

The insides of these kids leather wellington boots are plush so your kid’s feet feel like they are in paradise; a soft and fluffy paradise. No fear of blisters or any form of injury to the feet. It sure doesn’t hurt that they are easy to pull on and off. No assistance needed. They are also not lacking in the looks department. The fact that they are made of leather should be enough explanation.


  • Plush insides.


  • Might be a little bit large for kids with little feet.

7.Hunter Original Kids Gloss Rain Boots

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One thing that makes the Hunter Original kids wellington boots is that they are glossy. Glossy means shiny and shiny means that your kid can see their face in the boots. This might not seem like such a big deal to you but to your kid who is just beginning to understand what reflection is, it is a huge deal. These boots are sure to keep them entertained.

The Hunter wellington boots for kids come in varying heights not just sizes. This allows you an even broader range of options. So, it’s not just about picking the perfect color and size, you also get to pick the height that works for you. You could do mid leg or go as high as the knee. Whatever works for you (by you we mean your kid of course)!


  • Glossy
  • Varying heights.


  • Sizes aren’t always consistent.

Why they are Called Wellingtons

Ever wondered why these waterproof boots are called Wellingtons or Wellies? Some of you might think they were first created by a guy called Wellington, so by general consensus the boots were named after him. However, the story is a little different than that and it doesn’t even really have something to do with a guy called Wellington. Here’s the back story.

So a guy, Arthur Wellesley (yup, not Wellington) was getting tired of the boots they used to wear in those days. We are talking about the 1800s here. The pants that fit the old boots were no longer in vogue and Arthur was getting tired of the fashion disaster and discomfort.

So, he went to his trusted shoemaker and asked him to modify those old boots; add a couple of features that would make them good enough for the pants that were in vogue. The shoemaker did a bang up job and came up with boots that were decent and also waterproof. Those new boots (plus some modern modifications of course) are the Wellingtons we have today.

We just thought to add that Arthur was a Duke of Wellington (the first actually). Now you see why we said the boots weren’t given a person’s name. They were basically given a person’s title. Wellingtons are practically royalty!

Caring For Your Kid’s Wellies

For most wellies, cleaning the outside is the job for a good old rag, some water and maybe a bit of soap. You just basically wipe them down and they are good. For the soles, you’ll need to employ the use of a scrubbing brush. The soles get in contact with the ground and a lot of stuff get stuck on them. So you’ll need to scrub to get them out. That we asked you to scrub does not mean you should use those brushes with hard bristles. Get the ones with soft bristles or better still a toothbrush. That should do just fine.

Cleaning the inside is dependent on the material it is made of. If it is made of the same material as the outside then you can clean it much the same way you clean the outside; wipe down. But you will definitely need soapy water. If the inside is plush, a rag might not do the work and a brush might be overkill, so you could use a sponge (with soapy water of course). Rinse and dry. Do not toss your wellies in the washing machine. It’s a terrible idea.

Wellingtons should always be air dried not sun dried. Most wellingtons are made of rubber and it is never a good idea to expose rubber to direct sunlight. The colors will fade. If your wellingtons aren’t odor resistant, they could smell. If they do, vinegar could help. Not 100% vinegar, dilute it. Make your mixture equal rations of water and vinegar. Spray in the boots and that should do the trick.

How To Buy the Right Wellies for Your Kid

There are many wellingtons and they differ according to activity, seasonal need and so many other factors. So what are the factors you need to bear in mind when shopping for a pair of wellies for your kid?

they are Called Wellingtons
  • Season: All wellies are not created equal. Granted all of them should be waterproof which means they should be good for rainy or wet season. But there are other seasons and you have to be particular about those too. For instance, if you stay in a place where rain is hard to come by, you want to get waterproof boots quite all right but not ones with too much insulation. Your kid’s feet could end up getting too heated. You’d want a lot of insulation, though, if you stay in a place that is constantly cold or you get snow during the winter.
  • Activity: If your toddler is going to come in contact with a lot of mud and stuff or perhaps will help you (well more like not help you) in the garden, knee high boots should be what you get. They will protect your kid’s clothes. Wellingtons are far easier to clean than clothes are. But if the boots are just for walking around, your kid should be OK with a pair of boots that reach mid-leg.
  • Comfort: You should always buy for comfort when you buy shoes of any kind. How do you know if they are comfortable? Well, we can go on and on about features, about plush interiors and all what not but the surest way of deciding which are comfortable is by trying them on. So, when you want to buy your kid a pair of wellies, we know that surprises are good but comfort is better. So maybe you should take your kid with you when you go to buy them. Just to be sure.
  • Traction: Whatever wellies you buy must have good grip on the ground. Wellies are designed to be worn around water and where there is water, there is the risk of someone slipping. So, buy wellies that have good traction and will not send your kid skidding across a slippery floor. It keeps your child safe and gives you peace of mind.
  • Aesthetics: if the boots you choose have ticked all or most of the above mentioned factors, it doesn’t hurt if they are gorgeous, does it? So, go crazy. Check out lovely designs and colors. Your kid will love them (and you) all the more.

Other People’s Opinion about Buying the Best Wellington Boots for Kids

A good number of people love their Crocs Kids’ Handle It Rain Boots and we could say it is because they are lightweight and odor resistant. These two features are convincing enough if you ask us. Although not part of this review, the Kids Brazos Wellington Boots also seem to be well accepted by people. Others who would rather do leather go for the John Deere 1188 Western Boots for Kids and that is so not a terrible choice. There are also those that would prefer something with prints on them like the Dino boots.

So, what do we think?

Our Top Wellington for Your Kids

We love the Crocs Kids’ Handle It Rain Boots. Aside the fact that they are Crocs and are lightweight, the croslite so did it for us. Odor resistant? Who doesn’t love boots the kids can wear for as long as they want and still will not smell? Definitely not us. We so freaking love!

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