6 Best Water Tables for Kids & Toddlers in 2018


When we were little kids, we were all discouraged by our parents from playing with water. However, reverse is the case nowadays, and thanks to the latest findings in learning, specialists are encouraging parents nowadays to allow their little kids to play with water and have fun with it. Allowing them to play with water a little while bathing is a great opportunity. However, there are actually water tables that have been specifically made for kids nowadays, and with the best water tables for kids, your child will get to enjoy more leisure time with water.

Water tables for kids are explicitly designed to offer a mess-free and cost-effective to enable your little ones enjoy a bit of sensual play. A water table for kids will be a great addition to the outdoor play area of your kids due to the fact that it will allow them to play with water and sand without you needing to use a lot of water or pump up a pool. Also, a water table for kids is very easy to clean, which makes it a trouble-free way to allow your kids have some exciting water time.

Generally, playing with water is a healthy and fun activity for children. Most essentially, this sort of play promotes learning in many developmental areas such as math, science, and even language. However, these tables will be used by kids, therefore you need to carry out a proper background check before opting for one as kids tend to be rough with everything. Here, we have reviewed some of the best water tables for kids on the market, and we have also included a buying guide that will help you reach your decision quicker.

Reviews of the Best Water Tables for Kids

Everybody knows little children love playing with water, but rather than going through the stress of taking your kids to the beach or community pool every day, you can just buy a water table for them. There are so many makes and models of water tables in the market, and below are just some of the best ones you can easily get.

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1. Step2 Naturally Playful Sand Table

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The Step2 Naturally Playful Sand Table is not really a water table, yet it offers several hours of sensual play. As implied by its name, this is a sand table, which means your kid can spend several hours building sand palaces and other carvings while becoming acquainted with the texture of the material that can also be manipulated by them. The most impressive thing about this sand table is that it is very portable and very hygienic. Owing to the fact that the table comes with a lid and is raised from the ground, it will be difficult for animals to get to it. It can easily be moved around, which makes it an excellent outdoor play set.

In addition, your little ones can use water in the sand table as well. Be that as it may, it is fairly shallow, so your little ones might be unable to do many things with it. Also, the play set comes with accessories that are best utilized with sand, which means you might have to purchase extra plastic toys in the event that you want your kids to use it as a water table.

2. Step2 Spill & Splash Seaway Water Tabl

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The Step2 Spill and Splash Seaway Water Table is an appealing water table that will attract your kids to play with water. Consequently, a lot of children around the world love the Step2 Spill & Splash Seaway Water Table and love to play with it because of its fun details. Every addition definitely can entice and get your kid engaged in some water splashing activities. The Spill & Splash Seaway Water Table, molded after tidepools, it made of 2 layered “pool.” It features waterways that’ll coordinate spills of water from the upper level to the lower level, allowing you to make a little waterfall.

Furthermore, the play table comes with some amazing accessories. Apart from a very useful umbrella that will help protect your child from the scorching sun, it as well comes with 3 water scoopers, a diving board, a catapult, 2 swimmers, 2 toy fishes to play with, and two starfish platform. All these put together will get your kid engaged for several hours without getting bored. Besides, this play table is capable of holding as much as 2.2 gallons of water. However, it comes with no drain, so it may be a bit stressful to get rid of the water. Also, it comes with no cover as well, so it can be quite challenging if you want to put sand in.

3. Step2 Rain Showers Water Table Playset

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Regarded by TTPM as one of the Most Wanted Summer Toys of 2018, the Step2 Rain Showers Water Table Playset is another incredible water table on this rundown of ours. Amazingly, this excellent pay set comes with a lot of fun and entertaining attachments that your kid will never lack things to play with. Since it has a rain shower theme, it features an upper level that produces a waterfall and rain when children pour water in it. The play set also comes with a couple more fun attachments such as a catapult and water wheel so your kid will have a lot of explorations to do in this play table.

However, despite how fun, entertaining, and popular this water table is, it is unfortunately not suitable for sand. The height of the upper level will allow tiny particles to get to the eyelevel of your little one, which will most likely allow sand to get into the eyes of your child. With all of the activities it offers, though, it will still be a fun outdoor play center, especially during summer.

4. Little Tikes Sandy Waterpark Play Table

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If you are looking for a water table that doesn’t look much disorderly, then the Little Tikes Sandy Lagoon Waterpark Play Table might be the ideal option for you. This excellent play table does not have too many attachments in different parts, which gives it a more appealing look and makes it a lot less distracting for little kids. Also, it has a very adorable water park theme which will certainly get your kid engaged for a long period of time. When it comes to the design, this play table is undoubtedly one of the best options on the market. Its primary attachment is placed at the middle of the product, which means it won’t obstruct your kid from accessing any part. While there are 2 other attachments located at the water basin area, they are fairly small and definitely won’t eat up much space.

While the real attachments may be insignificant as per looks, they provide a lot of fun. Actually, the focal attachment is a funnel, a tower with 2 slides, and a device that pours water. It also make the unit more fun as the tunnel means your kid can play more with the water and the swimmer figures. The smaller attachments are a diving board, and a bucket pourer, which give your little kid one more component to include in his sensory or pretend play time. In addition, many parents love the size of this water table. It is well capable of holding as much as four gallons of water and as much as fifty pounds of sand. It is reasonably big and it is sure to allow a couple of kids to have fun simultaneously.

5. ECR4Kids Assorted Colors Water Table

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At first glance, the ECR4Kids Assorted Colors Water table may not look like a table exactly, but we have included in in our rundown since it is capable of getting the job done superbly. This excellent water table is ideal for people who like modular designs as this excellent table can be extended to provide more storage or more basins in the event that you wish to utilize it that way.

However, the outstanding thing about this water table is its very durable and sturdy legs. This can truly go up against a great deal of weight without clasping. Regardless of whether your children get a kick out of the chance to use things roughly, we are pretty sure this table will be able to endure their abuse, guaranteeing several years of use. This play table is available in 2 to 10 stations, which means you can easily personalize it to your taste. You can put sand and water in separate sinks or add more sensory materials and stations to give more assortment to your little one’s tactile playtimes.

6. Little Tikes Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark Play table

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The last but not the least water table on our list is the Little Tikes Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark Play Table. The play set is extremely compact and one parent can even move it around easily. Also, the product is designed through the Rotomoulding process. The meaning of this is that the play set has double strength, is more resistant to cold or heat and is capable of sustaining sudden impacts. This guarantees the durability of the product for kids and particularly of those weak parts over which kids climb, step and play.

Furthermore, this water table comes with five squirting balls and is capable of holding a whooping seven gallons of water, which makes it a perfect water table for big kids. The center tower comes with a funnel in which kids can pour water and drop the balls and watch them spiral down into the water. Also, it features a mini Ferris wheel which can take out balls and water from the water. These activities help the child in developing his motor skills. The recommended age for this product is between two to six years.

What Is a Water Table for kids?

A water and sand table for kids is essentially a play table that has individual compartments for water and sand. These tables are essentially productive places where your child can have the opportunity to start something really awesome. Kids’ imagination and creativity broadens whilst playing on water tables. The objective of the entire thing is to educate your youngster to be creative and create things on his own.

However, nobody would want this sort of thing to be inside their home, which means a water table is best placed outside. These water tables can be very simple or they can come with many decorations also. However, they are not really expensive to buy, which is really great.

Benefits of Water Tables

Using a water table is one the several ways parents can encourage their children to learn through play. Water tables are very educational and they come with many benefits, which make them a really great investment.

Enhance Hand-Eye Coordinationwater table for kids

Little kids who play with water tables have different approaches to enhance their eye-hand coordination. One instance is when they pour water from one bowl to another. While this activity may appear to be very straightforward for older kids, it is a very difficult and challenging game for toddlers. To do this, careful use of eyes and hands will be required to pour water from one container to another with the smallest spill possible.

Help Widen Vocabulary

Play provides kids with a perfect opportunity or setting to build up their vocabulary. There are various kinds of toys that advance this idea and among them are the water and sand play tables. Water and sand tables are toys that excellently help enhance the vocabulary of little children whilst giving them unforgettable experiences. Playing with water table toys and accessories, children will have the chance to learn new words from their friends, have fun, and most importantly, get wet. That is on account of the fact that a conversation is always a part of children’s games.

Help Develop Cooperation and Social Skills

Water tables provide an ideal opportunity for kids to come together and play. Thus, they start to understand the value of cooperation and friendship. While your child plays with his or her friends, he or she gets to learn cooperation skills when sharing water table accessories such as funnels and cups. Also, your kid will learn about teamwork in filling the table with sand or water or lifting buckets.

Improve Creativity

The best water and sand tables for little kids help improve children’s creativity. While doing these activities, you may see your kid only lifting buckets or pouring water, but for the young kids, the water or sand table might have turned to a big island or a massive ocean packed with aquatic creatures through their own imaginations. With these play tables, young kids get to build and discover their own imaginations.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Water Table

If you are looking to buy the best water table for your kid, there is a lot of factors you must take into consideration. Some of them are size, durability and ease of maintenance, among other factors.

Buying a water table guide


The size is probably the first consideration you must make when buying a water table as you would like to have a play table that will fit in your patio area or backyard comfortably. In the event that you have a limited space, ensure you look for water tables with a bit smaller dimensions that will allow your kids to easily maneuver around the chosen area.

Ensure you steer clear of a table that is too large as it may consume a lot of space in your backyard, but you shouldn’t go for something too small either as it’s going to deny your kid the adequate space to play.

Tools and Toys

How fun and entertaining a play table will be is determined by the number of tools and toys it has. Before picking a mode, ensure it has sufficient tools such as cups, shovel, slides, miniature animals, revolving or rotating pieces and more. All these tools and toys can be really educative for your kid. Toddlers are extremely fast in learning, and these tools and toys will help them reach their potentials.

Number of Kids

Also, before buying a water table, you must consider the number of kids you have in your home. Besides, you must consider if your kids often have their friends over since the friends might want to play with the table as well. Keep these numbers in mind when in search of the best water table for your kids as you want a model that will easily accommodate the number of children that want to play with it.

Water Capacity

Another factor you must take into consideration is the water capacity of the water table. While some smaller models can only hold water of one gallon, there are some bigger models that can hold as much as 6 or more gallons in many play sections. You should definitely think about this since you will be the one to fill up the water table with water, and not your kids.

Extra Features

Based on the model of the water table, there could be a lot of extra features to engage your kids for a long period of time. Several water tables come with toys and accessories included like figurines, strainers, buckets and more. Other common features include slides, catapult diving, water spinners and lazy rivers. Most parents also like to consider extra convenience features like an umbrella that would shield their child from the sun during the summer days.

Ease of Maintenance

Maintaining these play tables can be very difficult. Of course, kids won’t take care of the table, which makes it your duty. Therefore, keep the ease of maintenance in mind when buying a water table for your kid. The table ought to feature a plug that opens to a withdrawal line. So you can just empty the table up by pulling out the plug when kids are done playing. The sand chamber, however, doesn’t need a treatment like that.


Also, the play table is to be hung around by kids and that is why you must check for durability before buying a play table as kids can be rough. Likewise, a play table’s place is outside, and you need to look for one that can endure the torment of the sun and the rain. You should ensure the play table you are choosing is capable of withstanding the sun and the rain and rough use from your kids.

Our Top Pick for Water Table

Getting the right water table for your kids can provide them with several hours of fun and also improve their cognitive and sensory skills. Therefore, go on and pick the best water table for kids from our rundown and watch as it will bring a great amount of joy to your children. However, ensure you read out buying guide and check the necessary factors before opting for a water table for kids.

All the products featured on this list are excellent and are sure to offer your child several hours of playtime. However, there is one of them that stands head and shoulders above the rest and its name is the Little Tikes Spiralin’ Seas Waterpark Play Table. It is very durable, very compact, cold and heat resistant, comes with 5 squirting balls, and can also has a water capacity of 7 gallons, which is one of the largest on our list.

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