7 Best Trampoline for Toddlers and Kids of 2018


Most parents across the world will concur that getting their children active comes with a lot of benefits. In the contemporary world, there is such a large number of lazy activities that children engage in: tablets, TV, video games, and a lot more. A trampoline for children is an awesome way of introducing your child to the great advantages of exercise. So, choosing the best kids trampoline for your children can be an incredible investment, considering the awesome benefits a trampoline offers. It has been shown by research that a kid trampoline can possibly aid kids’ speech development.

Playing with a trampoline is a nice way for children to release some repressed energy, and majority of children will spend several hours jumping and bouncing on a trampoline. Trampolines are suitable for indoors during the winter, while they are perfect for outdoors in the summer. Apart from them being really fun, occupational and physical therapists utilize trampolines to build strength, promote rhythmic bouncing, give proprioceptive input, and get children engaged in an entire-body fun activity.

Ranging from round models to rectangular models, there are various kinds of trampolines for children. When choosing a model for your child, your best bet is selecting an option that will be ideal for their definitive enjoyment and safety. Regardless of whether you are buying a rectangular one or a round one, the most vital factor ought to be safety and the springs’ strength. If you’re looking for the ideal trampoline for your kid, we have put together a list of the best models out there. The trampolines reviewed here have been tested to limit, and they have surely come out in flying colors.

Our Top Picks for Best Kids Trampolines

Trampolines provide a lot of fun and excitement for your children. If you are looking for the right model to buy for your kids, we have reviewed some of the best models below.

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1.The Original Toy Company Fold & Go Trampoline

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If you are shopping for a trampoline for toddlers, the Original Toy Company Fold & Go Trampoline is an awesome option for toddlers. This trampoline can be assembled by parents within in a matter of few minutes, which means your kid won’t miss out on any great time. This 3 ft trampoline is so easy to assemble that all you need to do is screw on the legs and attach the handle.

For additional safety as well, there is a circular pad that appends to the trampoline’s outer ring to protect the feet of your kid from getting trapped in the springs. This is a great toy for kids with special needs because the big handle provides extra steadiness and stability for children to jump. The special folding design enables this trampoline to be very compact and portable, making it one of the most suitable trampolines for indoor use. Measuring 36 X 34 inches and weighing just 13.2 lbs, this trampoline is super compact.

Regardless of its diminutive size, this trampoline can still withstand a large amount of weight. It can hold as much as 150 lbs and is recommended for kids between the ages of 3 and 7. With safety totally in mind in the manufacturing of this trampoline, it adheres to ASTM F963-06 Part 1 and 2 safety standards alongside government toy safety ethics. This kids’ trampoline will probably be used on a daily basis in your home due to its abundance of bounce element, which makes it really fun to use.


  • Suitable for children that have special needs
  • High-quality trampoline
  • Very sturdy and sleek
  • Very easy and quick assembly
  • Can withstand a lot of weight for a trampoline in its category
  • 6 legs for extra stability


  • Robust chemical smell
  • Padding and handle need adjusting and tightening

2.Pure Fun Kids Preschool Jumper: 36″ with Handrail

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The next trampoline one our list is the Pure Fun Kids Preschool Jumper, which is purely designed for several hours of safe bouncing. Perfect for toddlers and children aged 3 to 7, the Pure Fun Kids Jumper is very lightweight, weighting 15 lbs only, making it an awesome choice for the indoors. Measuring 36 x 33 inches, this trampoline is additionally square shaped, which means it is very compact and is the perfect option for preschool jumpers.

Furthermore, the trampoline comes with a cushioning that is easy to grip, which gives children a slip-free and steady grip. Jumping on this trampoline will build the leg muscles and strength of kids. Every parent is guaranteed to love this fun trampoline as it offers loads of fun for their children, and with their safety guaranteed at that. In addition, assembling this trampoline is very easy as it needs to additional tools for assembly. The mesh material covering the springs will give children a lot of joy since it is packed with alphabet fun.

The mesh spring cover comes with various colored shapes, adding an education turn to trampoline jumping. The frame cover of the trampoline is also cushioned to protect your kid in the event of falls. With an ergonomic safety bar attached, little kids can jump on this trampoline while improving their balance and coordination. Also, this trampoline is certified safe for CE, TUV/GS, and ASTM. The trampoline is very durable and firm on the floor.


  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Padded handrail
  • Strong handlebars
  • Great size


  • Difficult to assemble

3.Skywalker Trampolines 60″ Round Seaside Adventure Bouncer

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Every kid in the world loves the Skywalker Trampoline 60 inch Round Seaside Adventure Bouncer as it allows them to jump endlessly in a very safe condition. With its bouncing base measuring 4.9 ft in height and 5 ft in diameter, this trampoline is surely a small trampoline meant for indoors. However, its small and compact nature doesn’t compromise the fun it offers. It has a spring-less design, which features thirty-six elastic bands that allow the minds of parents to be at ease since they don’t need to worry about their children falling over metallic springs.

Allow your child to bounce and jump in a steady condition with the 360degree handle surrounding the round trampoline. As children develop coordination and toughen their muscles, they can jump freely on this trampoline. This kids’ indoor trampoline is built for more than one kid with a general weight capacity of 100 lbs. suitable for kids aged 3 to 7, this trampoline is a nice way of getting your children to burn repressed energy.

This trampoline from Skywalker is both sturdy and made to last for several years. Besides, it adheres to every toy protocol lay down by the American Society for Testing and Materials. Furthermore, the base of the toy is packed with colorful 3D animals such as dolphin, starfish, and whale. Your kid will like jumping from one animal to another as him and his friends play on the trampoline. Also, there is a relief for parents, knowing there is a cushioned enclosure system alongside pole caps securing the net. This trampoline from Skywalker is the ideal combination of fun and safety.


  • Safe to use
  • Perfect fit for toddlers
  • It is very affordable
  • Durable and sturdy


  • Difficult to assemble

4.My First Trampoline 84″ – Toddler Trampoline with Net

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My First Trampoline from Sportspower is a kid trampoline designed for both outdoor and indoor use. This excellent trampoline allows children to have fun all year long since it can be easily moved inside during the cold winter. The breathable mesh enables parents to monitor their children whilst they they’re jumping within the safety enclosure. The springs are durable and they are enclosed with a very thick mat.

With this trampoline from Sportspower, there is no need to worry about the possibility of elastic bands to break after several years of use. Built with materials of high quality, this trampoline is sure to last for years upon years. The enclosure has 3 arches constructed from steel tubes and the frame is also made with galvanized steel. There is a lot of stability to hold a weight of as much as 100 lbs safely, and this trampoline isn’t going to rust.

Toddlers can also enjoy the jumping experience as the recommended ages for My First Trampoline is 3 to 7. Most parents prefer it to be used indoors as the mat can quickly heat up under the sun. Whether you assemble it yourself or you hire professionals, this trampoline will be ready for use under one hour.  All it has is a couple of parts that are required to be joined and your kids will be having a great time within a couple of minutes. As soon as this trampoline is assembled, it is very durable for several hours of utilization. All you need to do is unfasten the netting and your children will be able to climb unto the bouncing mat.


  • 360 degree safety netting
  • All parts are covered with metal
  • High bounce springs
  • Large bouncing area
  • Child-friendly color scheme


  • Assembly requires a substantial amount of time

5.JumpKing Outdoor Trampoline and Safety Net Enclosure

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If you are looking for a trampoline that will give your kids the incredible experience of outdoor jumping, there are not many better options that the JumpKing Outdoor Trampoline, and it sure to be a perfect fit for your yard. With a maximum weight capacity of 200lbs, this toy comes with a lot of bounce factor regardless of the number of jumpers. Designed with patented enclosure system and a durable frame, this 10 foot trampoline is sure to withstand several years of use.

With a child-friendly enclosure zipper, this trampoline can be easily opened and closed by children. Children like to be able to jump up independently and have a great time. The springs of the trampoline are very quiet, making it very enjoyable to see your kids bouncing excitedly without a very annoying screeching sound. Also, assembling this trampoline doesn’t require a long of time and it even comes with an assortment of simple directions. This trampoline can be assembled easily by parents in a matter of one or two hours and kids can use it with or without the enclosure.

With 56 5.5 inch springs, the round bouncing mat is connected to the frame to deliver a regular bounce for kids of various sizes. Also, you don’t have to give yourself a concern over the possibility of the springs exposing since this toy comes with a cushion to put round the bouncing mat’s diameter. For additional stability and safety, the trampoline comes with very durable W-shaped legs. Also, it features steel frame and galvanized springs that are rust-resistant and can withstand all kinds of outdoor rigors. With this excellent trampoline, your kids will never be bored again.


  • Very big in size
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with a net combination
  • Very sturdy frame
  • Rust-resistant steel


  • Ordinary visual appearance
  • Doesn’t have a study feel

6.Ultega Jumper Trampoline with Safety Net

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If you are looking for a large trampoline that can hold as much as 200 lbs at a time, then look no further than the Ultega Jumper Trampoline. With the incredible fun it offers, this toy is set to be your kid’s favorite place for fun and great time with pals. This model can easily be assembled by two people and it will be play-ready in a matter of minutes. You don’t have to look for tools as all the things required for installation comes in the package. All parents have to do is assemble the frame and base and append the bouncing mat with the sixty-four galvanized springs included.

The frame’s height measures 30 inches, making it super easy for children of various sizes to get into the trampoline and jump away. Sometimes, smaller kids require an additional boost, but as soon as they get on the jumping surface, the enclosure features a double zipper. Designed only for outdoor use, the Ultega Jumper Trampoline enables children of 3 years and above to get immense air whilst bouncing. The guide that comes with the trampoline even recommends five jumps for both adults and children to develop agility and balance.

With eight cushioned poles to protect the net, you can rest assured knowing that this trampoline is made for maximum comfort and safety. The bouncing mat’s UV coating keeps it from heating up during the summer so that children can jump on it without getting their feet burned. With double footed steel legs for a steady base, it isn’t difficult to figure out that the manufacturer constructed this model to the highest standard of quality. Children will love the extra protection and super bounciness of this amazing trampoline.


  • Easy to setup
  • Excellent safety features
  • Excellent spring count
  • Features a safety net
  • Sturdy and waterproof.
  • Comes with a two year warranty.
  • UV resistant


  • Too high
  • The net material isn’t strong

7.JumpSport 10′ x 17′ Trampoline with Safety Enclosure

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You might be somewhat surprised to see another product from JumpSport on this list, but don’t be. It is totally deserving of a spot on our rundown. The JumpSport 10 x 17 Trampoline is a rectangular shaped trampoline with a safety enclosure. If you are in search of a large trampoline that has an incredible bounce factor, don’t look further than this model from Jumpsport. It comes with a Staged Bounce tech which on contact triggers 50 percent of the springs and will provide your kid with a lot more excitement and air. Also, this feature promotes a more robust jumping environment.

Jumpsport made this product with safety in mind, so it is built to lessen the risk of injuries. The springs’ cushioning give PVC padding round EPE closed cell foam for extra protection. If you are looking for a trampoline that provides real value for money, it is this one. It also comes with a 10 year warranty, which shows how confident the manufacturer is about it. Your children will be able to flip, bounce, and tumble confidently since there are shock-absorbing poles on the safety enclosure to bounce upon landing.


  • High-quality, thick safety mat.
  • Offers loads of fun for the entire family.
  • Comes with a ladder.
  • Perfect for cheerleaders or gymnast


  • Assembly can be confusing.

Health and Activity Benefits of a Trampoline

Besides the fact that jumping can serve as an awesome substitute for sedimentary activities, bouncing and jumping on the trampoline comes with a lot of benefits. A trampoline is a great way of developing the coordination and balance for toddlers whilst it builds agility and stamina for older children. Toddler trampolines usually come with handle bars which are designed specifically to enhance your kid’s self-confidence and get them ready for autonomous jumping. Bigger models of trampoline are usually made with more bounce element for children to learn various trips and techniques of jumping.

Enhancing their learning ability and special awareness will be a crucial element of your kids’ development whilst they’re taking part in an entertaining activity. For kids who are into sports like snowboarding, gymnastics, or cheerleading, jumping on a trampoline can play a big role in their training. Children blossom from the excitement and stimulation they get from jumping and bouncing on a trampoline. A trampoline is a great way of encouraging your kids to be active.

Different Types of Trampolines

So as to select the best trampoline for your kid, you ought to be familiar with the various kinds of kids’ trampoline on the market. They are:

Round Trampolines

These trampolines are usually found in the patios and are generally utilized for fun


purposes. They are the safest kinds of trampolines because there is an equal circulation of power and the bouncer is pushed towards the middle on the off chance that they get near the edges whilst jumping. The round shape makes all of the springs to stetch evenly around the entire circumference.

Rectangular Trampolines

These types of trampolines are commonly used by professionals and experts. The rectangular shape gives bouncers increased elevation and provides a greater bounce. These types are built with heavy-duty steel to stand the result of such bounces.

Mini Trampolines

Also referred to as rebounders, mini trampolines are specifically designed for indoor utilization. They are sufficiently small to be kept in a cupboard or closet when not being used. These trampolines help in relieving stress from the lower part of the body and the calf muscles usually linked to exercises like running.

So as to choose the right type among these different trampoline types, try to follow the criteria below.

Things to Consider When Selecting the Best Trampoline

The best kids’ trampoline aren’t usually the most costly models and they vary from child to child. What is most vital? Durability, safety, and a bouncing surface that gives safe high rebound for unlimited fun. Before choosing the right trampoline for your kid, there is a couple of factors you must take into consideration.

In-ground or Above-round Trampoline?

In-ground kids’ trampolines are those that are installed in the ground. These types of trampolines are constantly increasing in popularity, owing to the fact that they are safer and more discreet. However, a very deep hole has to be dug for this kind of trampoline, and a proper drainage has to be made as well to avoid rusting. Above-ground trampolines, on the other hand, are easier to install and maintain. However, they involve a lot more safety hazards and can probably be a blemish on the land.

Consider the Size

Different Types of Trampolines

The most prevalent trampoline sizes ( the jumping surface diameter, not the padding and surrounding springs) are 6 feet, 8 feet, 12 feet, and 14 feet, with rectangular and oval model being made in an entire different size sets. As a rule, bigger always means better; larger jumping surface enables kids to perform bigger tricks and also allow several kids to jump simultaneously.

However, be warned that underestimating the amount of space required for a trampoline is very easy. Before buying a trampoline, ensure you take a measurement of the space where you intend to place the trampoline, and also ensure the area is surrounded by Astroturf or grass instead of hard surface, to decrease the injury risk on the off chance that your kid falls off. Besides, ensure there is sufficient space at both sides of the trampoline and ensure it isn’t close to obstacles such as branches.

Consider the Shape

The most popular trampoline shape is round. It is the least expensive to manufacture and the rebound is gentle and light in the center. Hexagonal shapes are really a fun substitute and they provide a similar level of rebound. For those kids that are into gymnastics, a rectangular model will be ideal since they provide the greatest bounce to reach high jumps, whilst oval models are suitable for narrower yards and for several bouncers, as all the jumpers don’t tend to drop towards the center.

Consider the Location

When looking for the right trampoline for your kid, determine whether the trampoline is intended for outdoor or indoor use. Although indoor trampolines usually come in smaller sizes, a larger one is required for the outdoors so that it would resonate properly with the available space and the environment.

Safety Features

There are 2 primary safety features you need to pay a lot of attention. The enclosure is the first one while the second one is the protective springs. An enclosure makes sure that your child doesn’t fall off and get injured. The springs, on the other hand, are there to prevent the kid from hurting his or her fingers on landing or exposed springs.


While this isn’t necessarily important, there are various accessories available out there, and they include ladders to assist children to safely climb in and out of the trampoline, and also anchors and stakes to make sure that the trampoline itself remains firmly in place. In addition, sports equipment is available to bring competition into trampolining, and so that little kids can improve their throwing and pitching accuracy.

Sturdiness and Durability

As regards the trampoline structure, make sure you look for trampolines that have durable legs that are sure to stay in place. Some trampoline models come with W-shaped legs which offer extra steadiness for larger models. Models with netted enclosures usually need extra support to prevent the frame from twisting or shifting while being used. Some trampolines come with reinforced joints or t-sockets that add to the sturdiness of the general structure.

Another important consideration is durability because you want a trampoline that go on for several years, particularly if you’re buying an outdoor model. Many life-extending features of a trampoline include a UV-resistant spring cover and a galvanized steel frame. Coated or galvanized steel is perfect because it is durable enough to withstand different weather conditions.

Recommended Age

It is important for you to consider the ages of your kids before choosing an appropriate trampoline for them. Trampolines that are of smaller sizes are usually recommended for kids aged 3 and above, while there are models that have an age limit like 3 – 7 years old. Several larger trampolines like 12 ft and 15 ft models come with greater age ranges like 6 years and above and aren’t suitable for smaller kids. If you kid is moving towards six years, it’d be more apt to buy a 10 ft model rather than a smaller model that they won’t be able to use again in a couple of years.

When Should I Buy a Trampoline for My Kids?

If you are looking to greatest effect and make sure that your children get the most out of their trampoline, it is crucial to buy the trampoline at the ideal time. There’re several ways of determining the perfect time to buy a trampoline for your child. In this section, we have discussed a couple of factors that you need to take into consideration before going ahead to buy a trampoline for your kids.


It is very important to consider the age of your kids. If they are excessively young, they aren’t likely to be interested in the trampoline at all, not to talk of independently climbing in and out of the trampoline. Likewise, if your kids in their advanced teenage years, and aren’t into gymnastic, they may find a trampoline too childish and the trampoline won’t likely last. The perfect age to buy a trampoline for your child is between four and ten.


Perhaps, your children are not always well behaved, and there is nothing wrong with that;

things to consider when buying it

no one is perfect! But you need to ask yourself if they will responsibly utilize the trampoline. You don’t want to buy a trampoline for your kids if you know they won’t likely obey the essential safety rules. If that sounds like your kids, abort mission to buy the trampoline right away.

Jumping from greater podiums onto the trampoline and doing a double-bounce to jump past the enclosure, are actions you should forbid your kids from doing, no matter the amount of safety features they trampoline has.

Christmas and Birthday

A trampoline can be an ideal Christmas or birthday gift for children at the appropriate age. There’re 2 ways to approach this for a birthday gift.  Either wrap the trampoline up in a paper and involve your kids in the installation, or you set the trampoline up in secret and let it catch them as a surprise on the morning of their birthday or Christmas!


Think about the period of the year when buying your trampoline. If the area where you live gets severely cold during the winter, the children might be less interested in going outside to jump around. Otherwise, if you live in a place that’s prone to extensive periods of storms, rain and burning heat during the summer, jumping on a trampoline might be similarly disconcerting.

To avoid these extreme weathers, and to ensure that your children start enjoying their trampoline immediately, your best bet is to buy your trampoline at the beginning of autumn or spring.

Involve the Kids

You don’t necessarily have to purchase a trampoline for a particular event or occasion. Many times, the best thing is to involve your children in the buying process of the trampoline. By doing this, you will be sure that they will like the trampoline and they will derive an additional delight out of being aware that they were the ones that chose it by themselves.

Our Favorite Trampoline

Trampolines are excellent tools for recreation that you can use to create fun in your home. They become even more entertaining and fun when your kids are very playful and love to bounce and jump around. If you are in search of the perfect model to purchase, the 7 trampolines listed above are the absolute best you can buy for your children. They are bounce, reliable, safe, durable, and very effective.

In the event that you still haven’t been able to reach a decision, we recommend the Skywalker SBT60 Trampolines 60 In. Round Seaside Adventure Bouncer. Its spring-less design makes it very safe for kids, which is the primary concern of most parents. It is also durable and sturdy, and very affordable, on top of all that.

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