Best 6 Kids Toy Vacuums on the Market: Let Your Kids Have Fun


For most people, vacuuming is not a fun chore, but we have to do it to keep our houses spotlessly clean. For kids, well, it’s not just a chore; it’s a fun activity that imitates our movement. We can’t blame them – kids love to do the things that grown-ups do. But hey, there’s no chance you’d give your little one your real vacuum cleaner to do the chore, right?

Well, you don’t have to, because there are toy vacuums that are designed to look like the real ones that will excite your kids as they help you vacuum your house. If you want the best toy vacuum, there are quite a number of options available in the market. Here are some that we came across during our research. Your little ones will love them!

Top 6 Toy Vacuums for Kids on Amazon Reviews

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1.CASDON Dyson Ball Vacuum

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Kids love imitating what they see their parents do. This is one of the most common informal way kids learn and acquire certain virtues and values. Well, if your child loves pretending to vacuum, just as they see you do, then it is a high time that you get them toy dyson vacuums. Our first pick on this list is Dyson Ball Vacuum by CADSON, one of the leading toy companies in the market.

What’s great about it?

This vacuum toy comes with an authentic feel and look and better yet with both a full size of a vacuum and with sounds. However, this toy vacuum comes without the same power of an actual vacuum cleaner. The vacuums power head works just as good in picking up small debris lying on the floor. It features a dustbin on the rear side that can be used for storing the dirt before disposal.

Not only does your child get to help in cleaning the house in their small capacity, they also get to enjoy the fascinating cyclone motion of the colored little balls in the clear plastic chamber. When the vacuum chamber is turned on, the balls dance around as they are subjected to cyclone motion. This cyclone motion is particularly very educative in teaching kids how the vacuum operates.

This Dyson vacuum is suitable for kids of ages 3 years to 9 years.


  • Comes with true to life vacuum sounds
  • Height and weight together with the sounds provide a seamless experience
  • Clear plastic chamber with balls in motion provide  a fascinating experience for toddlers
  • Authentic design with vivid and attractive colors
  • Real suction from the bottom of the vacuum


  • Although the on-off button is hard to find and batteries pose quite some challenge while installing, this Dyson vacuum is the best toy vacuum y0u can gift a child.

2.Disney Minnie Bowtique Vacuum

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Looking for a themed Toy Dyson vacuums? Then you are in the right place. The Disney Minnie Bowtique is one of a kind, Pink Minnie mouse themed toy vacuum which would definitely be of great appeal to any young girl. Kids love Disney and all the fuss that comes along with it and Disney Minnie just used that opportunity to their advantage to bring you the best girl’s Dyson toy vacuum.

What’s great about it?

This marvel of a vacuum toy comes in a pink Minnie mouse theme with a Minnie ribbon attached to its body giving it a signature girlish look and feel. The vacuum toy features a clear plastic vacuum chamber that contains pink balls that are set to cyclone motion like that of a tornado when the vacuum power is turned on. This is bound to be the greatest feature that causes fascination to kids. This Dyson vacuum comes with realistic vacuums that just do the magic for the kids when they are playing vacuuming pretence.

Suitable for kids between ages 3 – 6 years


  • Comes in an elegant Minnie mouse theme
  • Features a clear vacuum chamber with small pink balls that swirl when turned on
  • Features realistic vacuum sounds for dyson vacuums.
  • Features a twinkling bowl that lights the way as your child does the pretend cleaning


  • Does not have a suction feature of the normal Dyson, however the small pink balls does the magic in keeping the kids well engaged and imaginative in their play.

3.CASDON Dyson DC14

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This is the second of CADSONS Toy hoover vacuums that we have chosen to feature on our list of the best toy vacuums for toddlers due to their exceptional quality and dedication portrayed in the way they have crafted the Dyson DC14.

What’s great about it?

The Dyson DC14 is a real vacuum replica coming with a sanction feature on the bottom of the vacuum that can be sued to suction small beads and also strips of waste paper lying on the floor. Much like the CASDON Dyson Ball Vacuum on top of the list, the Dyson DC14 also features a clear vacuum chamber that contains colored balls which swirl around in a cyclone motion when the toy vacuum is switched on. This creates such an interesting sight for kids while also creating a learning opportunity for the kids to learn how the vacuum works.

This DC14 is suitable for kids of ages 3 – 8 years.


  • Features realistic vacuum sounds
  • Suction feature on the bottom can be used to pick up lightweight materials like papers
  • Convenience height of inches and also size suitable for your kid


  • Does not have an interactive color design suitable for kids

4.Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Vacuum

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Laugh & Learn vacuum comes with a toddler friendly design and also vibrant colors that will no doubt attract your tiny tot. This vacuum’s design is made such in a way that it stimulates sight and sound making toddlers particularly glued to it for fun, laughter and fascination. However, it’s not the looks that give this Laugh & Learn vacuum toy credit, rather, its features.

What’s great about it?

Other than the overall design of the whole piece, this toy vacuum comes with a whole collection of 3o sounds, songs and also tunes. It also features phrases that your toddler will find particularly helpful during their initial stages of learning to speak. Within a short period of time, your child will not only be able to sing to several tunes and songs, but also be able to speak, improving his overall development.

Suitable for kids of 1-3 years of age.


  • Toddler friendly design
  • Incorporation of phrases, songs and also tunes
  • Colorful theme
  • Features three levels of play  offering fresh songs, sounds and also phrases
  • Easy to use with a push the vacuum to activate sounds feature


  • The vacuum does not stand on its own land therefore posing quite a great challenge for the toddler picking it up all the time.

5.CASDON Little Henry Vacuum

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Little Henry Vacuum may seem significantly small in size but nevertheless, it comes with a number of very delightful features, all for your kids to enjoy. This drum shaped toy vacuum is one of our favorite Dirt devil toy vacuums, not only because of its elegant small size design with harmoniously contrasting colors, but also because of its exclusive features.

What’s great about it!

Little Henry comes with a suction power, strong enough to suction little debris on the floor like lightweight papers. Its T-shaped nozzle makes it possible to hover around large surface areas simulating the real experience of vacuum cleaning. This vacuum toy cleaner is powered by batteries. The clear tube in which the little debris is stored provides a vortex-like motion creating a secondary source of fascination for your kids. The vacuum toy also comes alongside it with a dustpan and a brush which create a realistic experience for the toddlers. They too can be stored inside the drum.

Suitable for kids ages 3 to 8 years.


  • Features powerful suction power for collecting small debris
  • The hose, cord and brush and dust pan provide a close to reality experience for the kids
  • Very appealing design
  • Ample storage space for accessories


  • Does not come with vacuum sounds hence creating a negative gap.

6.VTech Vacuum Push Toy hoover vacuums

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VTech Vacuum Push Toy features a very vivid color scheme of green, blue, white and orange which will catch your toddler’s attention in no time. This vacuum toy uses a different mechanism of suctioning small, soft edged blocks as compared to other toy hoover vacuums.

What’s great about it?

This Toy features a suction power head hence it can suction the soft edged balls that come along with it from the floor of the house. Its cyclone motion that is evidently smaller than that of the other vacuums and also much different than other vacuum toys, but it can be seen through the clear plastic chamber. The vacuum toy comes with several’ sound effects, songs and also tunes incorporated into it that can be used as a learning point for your toddler.

Suitable for toddlers of ages 1 – 3 years


  • Wheels make mobility around the house very smooth
  • Features a clear plastic vacuum
  • Features vacuum sounds, sing along songs and also tunes
  • easy to handle
  • Can also be used as walking aid for kids learning to walk


  • Mobility is tampered with especially on carpeted floors, however, works pretty well on plain floors

Benefits of Vacuum Toys on Child Growth and Development

Vacuum toys pose a tremendous number of benefits to the cognitive development of toddlers in many ways, as they are also helpful in the recovery process of children who suffer from sensory processing disorders.

In many occasions, kids who suffer from this disorder tend to appear very defensive and also hypersensitive to abrupt sounds that come from machines and gadgets like vacuum cleaners, flushing of the toilets, washing machines and even hair dryers which are used every day in the household.

The use of a vacuum toy can help such a child get used to the sounds that are incorporated in the toy and which mimic the actual vacuum cleaner rendering them tolerant to such sounds. In many circumstances, such kids will throw tantrums when those abrupt sounds are turned on or off. Encouraging them to use such toys that train their minds to adapt to such sounds or noises fastens the recovery Vacuum Toys

Other benefits that come along include but are not limited to the following:

  • Development of physical skills: playing demands physical movements which go a long way in improving the physical skills of your child. Whether it is running just dressing in costumes. Learning how to operate the toy vacuums by turning on and off, pushing forward or even pulling backwards and also cutting up pieces of paper to be suction plays an important role in their gross physical skills development.
  • Mental/Cognitive skills development: mental skills development is a guarantee when your kids learn how to play with toy Vacuums. How is this possible? Well let’s just say that the cause and effect relationship is one of the major lessons they can learn from this engaging toys. The pressing of the power button and the consequent turning on of the vacuum toy is one major point of learning how the cause and effect relationship works. Cleaning up the house and earning the parents commendation is yet another.
  • Social skills development: Ever watched your kids take turn in pushing the oy carts, or even vacuum toys if you own one? Well, this demands a level of social skills. Kids learn to share their toys taking turns in pushing and pulling their vacuum toys which in turn impacts positively in the overall growth of their social skills.

The investment of this wonderful toy vacuums is well worth the learning process of your toddlers, so be sure to grab one of the best vacuum toys for kids listed above.

Choose the Best Toy Vacuum for Your Child

It is good to also keep in mind that even the best of vacuum toys have their downside as much as they have very outstanding benefits. This may include kids putting in their mouths small accessories like beads which could end up choking them. It is imperative that you be nearby as they indulge in the fun so that you can supervise their involvement and keep them from harm.

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